Being able to work on your car in your garage can be highly rewarding and, thanks to endless resources online, anyone can carry out basic maintenance work provided you have the right tools and can follow basic instructions. In addition to this, this is also a great way to save money on mechanic’s bills, so it is highly worth investing in a few items so that you can carry out work yourself. Here are a few must-have items.

Full Toolkit

Needless to say, every home mechanic needs a full toolkit filled with quality tools. This should include items like a torque wrench, screwdriver, hammer, pliers, a socket set, wirecutters and more.

Tool Chest

It is vital that you have a safe place to store all of your tools so that you can easily find the right tool when you need it, but also to keep the garage floor neat and tidy. A tool chest can also keep expensive tools safe and secure.

Adjustable Seat

It is likely that you will spend a significant amount of time sitting down when working on a car, so it is important to have a comfortable seat. This should also be adjustable so that you can easily work at different levels.


A solid workbench is the cornerstone of a good home garage as this will provide you with a space to carry out work, store items that need to be quickly found and it can also be used to have a computer so that you can find support online.

Trolley Jack

Often, you will need to lift the vehicle off the ground to carry out work and the only way to properly do this is with a high-quality trolley jack. These make it quick, easy and safe to lift the vehicle so that the underside can be reached.


A creeper makes it quick and easy to reach the underside of the vehicle and much more comfortable than having to crawl under and lay on your back.

Air Compressor

An air compressor is a fantastic piece of equipment to have in the garage because it can serve so many different purposes. Although they can be expensive, they will prove to be highly valuable as they can be used to power air tools, inflate tyres, blow clean and dry tools and much more.


A vise acts like a spare hand and this will be incredibly helpful if you are working by yourself in the garage, plus they are also ideal for applying force or holding something in place.

These are the key pieces of equipment that any amateur mechanic needs to get up and running and will allow you to take on all kinds of maintenance work.

indian railway

Trains have always been a popular and integral part of India. Whether you talk about office goers, students, professionals or traders, they travel by train in their day-to-day life. It might interest you that Indian Railways need reservations on all the classes of travel excluding general class. There are a couple of ways that you can go about making a reservation: online, or in person at some travel agency or counter of Indian Railways booking.

There are different facilities provided by Indian Railways today that can instantly get you information about everything. If you want to know about the seat availability on trains, you can instantly visit their official website, or you can even check the availability through apps. Various options like PNR and live status keep the passengers contented with their experience with railways.

Talking about online reservations, these are carried out mostly through the slow and cumbersome   IRCTC Online Passenger Reservation site. Similarly, there are alternative websites too that can get your booking done. These alternative websites are much user-friendly; though they do charge a service charge and not all the trains are displayed.  The simplest way would be to go to the IRCTC website and register.

Are you doing the counter booking?

In case, you are booking over the counter, print out your reservation form. Just finish the form and take it to a reservation office. Otherwise, you can also obtain a reservation form at the office and finish it there. In case, you are a foreign tourist, try to visit one of International Tourist Bureaus in main cities. These spots are much more efficient, and of course, customer-friendly.

Important points

  • All the reservations, done both over the counter and online, are assigned a ten digit PNR number. In case, you are in RAC or WL line; you can check status of your booking on IRCTC website by clicking on the “PNR Inquiry”, next just enter your number and click on the “Get PNR Status” button.
  • The IRCTC is closed for maintenance every day from 11.30 p.m. to 12.30 a.m. IST.  Services are not available during this time.
  • Cancellations take place quite often right? It is particularly in 24 hours up to the time of departure. In case you are waitlisted, you will have the best chance of fetching a bed in sleeper class as the majority of the beds (and consequently cancellations) are in this particular class.
  • Bookings have to be made as far in advance as possible (up to one hundred twenty days before departure), mainly during the times of busiest travelling. Otherwise, you will have to be prepared to get flexible about your travel times and dates, and of course class of accommodation. You might even find yourself on waitlist, as demand significantly exceeds supply

The bottom line is that railways are progressing at a pace that is commendable. The crowd found in trains volumes the importance of railways in India.  Once you are well-informed about everything, you can make the finest journeys of your life by trains.