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Ruby on Rails has changed web-development with its arrival. Ruby on Rails is a server-side web application framework that provides default structures for a database, web services, and pages. Written in Ruby programming language language, the framework enhances the use of software patterns “don’t-repeat-yourself” and “convention-over-configuration”, the Danish invention became an irreplaceable in creating websites.

Thus every IT-company needs to hire a good freelance Ruby on Rails developer. While you can find more useful information on hiring Ruby on Rails developers in this article, we offer you to check out our top ten tips on the issue.

Before delving into the tips themselves, you should understand that finding a great Ruby on Rails developer is quite a difficult task. First of all, you are most likely going to fight with other companies over the recruit. Secondly, unlike with Java-developers, years of experience are absolutely irrelevant in evaluating the quality of the recruit with Ruby on Rails. Moreover, you must be ready for $100 per hour salary.

  1. Don’t Use Recruitment Agencies

It may sound strange, but searching for Ruby on Rails developers through recruitment agencies is worthless. If you want to find a talented developer, better go searching for them in places where Rails developers meet. If you need to post on job boards, the best choice is to use Ruby Inside job board.

  1. Don’t Steal from Other Companies

While it may seem quite an okay choice, stealing Ruby on Rails developers from other companies makes no sense. If a Ruby on Rails developer is eager to leave one company for another it means that he is unhappy. Regardless of his talent, an unhappy Ruby on Rails developer won’t be a great help.

  1. Don’t Hire Inexperienced Ones

Ruby on Rails is an easy framework that people can get started by simply visiting But that’s not something that you should do. There is no guarantee that a person who got acquainted with Ruby on Rails is going to become a talented developer. Thus, you should stick with developers who have at least a few built projects behind their backs.

  1. Open Sources Contributions

If you want to find a talented Ruby on Rails developer, you shouldn’t neglect checking the open source Rails contributions. You can easily find a talented developer among the contributors of free Rails plugin, or those who fix bugs on Rails itself. These people are definitely no the codes well.

  1. Check Out the Blogs

Every Ruby on Rails developer has a blog. Ask any Ruby on Rails developer and they would show you their favourite Rails blog or newsreader. You can find the best Ruby on Rails freelance developers among the blog contributors.

  1. Forget About the Degree

Certain recruiters like to search for candidates with a degree. When it comes to Ruby on Rails freelance developers, a University degree proves absolutely useless. The vast majority of the best Rails developers have never studied computer science at all.

  1. Avoid Brand-Name Superstar

If you want developer’s commitment to your company, you should avoid brand-name superstars, as they ask for massive salaries and display huge ego, and won’t show much devotion to the assigned projects.

  1. Hire All The Time

Make sure that you have an open developer position. As finding developers is a hard task, you should hire whenever you can.

  1. Have a Good Blog

If you want to attract Ruby on Rails developers, you should have your on Rails with useful posts. There is a great possibility that your next candidate would comment on your post.

  1. Offer Special Compensation

You need to be creative, aside from high salary. Offer your prospective employees MacBooks and fat external screens, as well as free trips to Rails conferences.