Statistically speaking, Colorado Springs averages 243 sunny days per year, with an average temperature of 49 degrees Fahrenheit. However, with an elevation of approximately 6,035 feet above sea level, the dry climate of Southern Colorado often experiences turbulent weather conditions that can have a lasting impact on roads, business, and, more importantly, residential homes.

Temperatures drastically drop from December through March, with a high chance of snowfall. By the time winter sets in, homeowners should have drained their sprinkler system or hired a professional company to blow out the system. Whichever the case, proper maintenance is critical if homeowners intend to protect their investment.

Even though sprinkler systems in Colorado Springs are dormant for roughly three months out of the year, freezing temperatures, high winds, and sudden changes in temperature throughout the calendar year can strain the installation, especially if it’s constructed of bargain brand products.

Once a lawn is established, local Colorado Springs landscaping companies such as Peloquin Sprinklers & Landscaping recommend watering the lawn at least two times per week. Additional watering time is recommended during periods of high heat to avoid stressing the grass. With frequent use from Spring into early Fall, it’s imperative to invest in quality sprinkler heads designed to last decades as opposed to a few years. Simply put, durable sprinkler heads will help homeowners avoid a costly sprinkler repair down the road.

Below, the irrigation specialists at Peloquin Sprinklers review three quality sprinkler heads homeowners should consider before installing their lawn sprinkler system.

  1. Rain Bird

Rabin Bird sprinkler heads go hand-in-hand with reliability. The company designs heads for almost every application and have certainly earned their reputation as a manufacturer of premier irrigation products. Homeowners can choose from classic fan spray to rotating heads, depending on the design of their yard.

If you’re looking to install a brand with trust embedded in its name to fulfill your watering needs, look no further.

  1. Hunter

Hunter Industries, the company behind Hunter irrigation products, is perhaps best known for its rotating sprinkler heads or rotors for short. With careful planning, Hunter can be a more cost-effective approach if you have a strict budget for your sprinkler system installation. Don’t let that fool you, Hunter without a doubt still falls into the quality category.

  1. Weathermatic

An up-and-coming personal favorite of Peloquin Sprinklers and Landscaping, Weathermatic is proving itself to be a real contender in the sprinkler world, especially among environmentally conscious homeowners. Their brand prides itself on water efficiency without sacrificing quality, durability, or reliability.


In a market with boundless options, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the different brands and types of sprinkler heads. However, if you’re a homeowner determined on installing your sprinkler system, Rain Bird, Hunter, and Weathermatic are good places to start. If, on the other hand, you’re still unsure of which sprinkler products to invest in, consider consulting a sprinkler professional to help guide you in the right direction.

About Peloquin Sprinklers & Landscaping:

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