Italy is a vast land with magnificent art, beauty and fashion, tourists find it a place to visit, and establish businesses. As a house owner in Italy, you may wonder what it takes to rent your home for the long-term or short-term.

Therefore, renting your house in Italy is not a simple task to handle for you will have to face the Italian law and a lot of hassle. Starting from registering your rental property, there is a whole lot of stuff to handle.

If you want to know more about handling your income from short term rental in Italy, read this article about Airbnb tax in Italy.

That is having said, with the below post-pandemic tips, you will have all the clue it takes to get started with renting your property. Making your house a rental home as a source of primary income or to generate extra income is easy, as long as you follow some simple guidelines.

With the spread of covid-19 throughout the universe, rental sectors are not left behind as one of the industries affected. Though the spread is slowing down, there are specific measures to be taken to ensure the safety of your clients when they stay at your home.

Some of these measures include:

  • Ensuring there is proper sanitation in the rooms
  • Maintaining high standards of cleanliness.
  • All your guests should provide a covid-19-free certificate to show they are not infected with the virus.
  • Make sure there is social distance even if the members are of good health.

Before checking on the possibilities of renting your property for the long or short term, the house should have the following features:

  •  For a short time, rental, the maximum number of days to host a guest is thirty days.
  • Before renting your property, your guest should sign the contract in person or individual.
  • You must register your property as residential property to be on the safer side of the law.
  • As you will be hosting your guest in your house, there are extra services you should offer like: supplying sheets and linen and also ensuring their premises are clean each day of their stay.

Apart from the above features, you should also the terms of management for your long and short term rentals. A short-term rental is easier to manage than a long time. It is because the cost of booking and operating is low. A tourist can use Airbnb or to book, and the commission they apply is 12% whereas the house owner you pay 3% of the commission, and the rest is applied to your guest.

On the long-term renting of your property, it is the vice versa for the short time renting. Starting with the commission cost, it will be twice, and as the property owner, you should be considerate of the cost as it plays a role in your business plan.

On the payment plan and taxation, that applies to what both parties have agreed. As you rent your property payment will be made to your preference, but on the taxation part, payment should be through traceable means like a bank transfer.

It is easier to rent your property in Italy as long as you adhere to the Italian law on renting properties and ensure you follow all the guidelines before you rent your home. Proper management and accounts will give you more guests in your property, and with the above tips, it becomes easier to rent your property for a long or short term.

Hospital beds whether for home or facility use offer a great way of ensuring that your loved one has the comfort and safety they need as they recover from injury, surgery, or convalesce. However, medical beds are available in different configurations. They also come in different features intended to cater for different individual needs. When it comes to determining whether you should rent or buy a medical bed, there are important things to look at.

Duration of Use 

A patient who had undergone hip joint or some form of abdominal surgery and they are recovering at home or in hospital, they may only need a medical bed for a short duration, let’s say a month or two depending on their response to the surgical procedure. If a patient has a health condition that seems to be progressing or their mobility has severely been impaired, they may need to have a medical bed for a longer period. You need to think of how long a patient will need the bed and make your choice appropriately. You can buy if the individual has to use it for a longer period.

Does It Meet Your Needs? 

Sometimes, you are not sure if the medical bed meets the patients needs and probably want to try it first. Renting an adjustable medical bed may be the right option because it will give you time to find out whether you or a loved one is comfortable using it. Most mobility companies will offer different selections of medical beds for hire at different prices.  The few months you will be using the bed allows you decide whether or not it is the right fit for your needs.  After that you can make your decision to purchase it or opt for another one with different features.

 Resale Value of the Hospital Bed 

You may make a hasty decision to rent a hospital because you think that your patient or you will only be using the bed for short duration. However, what you may not realize is that even when it is used for a short period, there may be an option to sale it later. Consider the value of the bed and how the re-sale process works. If you find that it is difficult to re-sell it, and you are only using it for a limited time, consider renting it. For long term and the possibility of a re-sale, you can think in the lines of buying.  You can look for the value of resold medical beds on eBay listing to see how much they fetch.  

Frequency of Repair and Servicing 

If you are buying a hospital bed, you will meet the cost of repair and maintenance. However, when you rent it, the company that is renting it to you may take charge of the repair and maintenance. You need to look at the service schedule and see if you will have to make repairs any time soon. Take for example, a manual medical bed will rarely require maintenance, however, an electric one that has motors and electrical components may need frequent servicing and repairs.

Again, look at this situation, if there will be maintenance needed for the hospital bed, how inconveniencing is it going to be for the disabled or elderly person? If the company offers on-site servicing, that may sound better than having to ferry the bed to the service location for repair.  Otherwise, if repair and servicing are a problem to you or the user think of renting than buying.

Congratulations! Your business is thriving, your inventory is rising, and client requests are skyrocketing. As a result, your firm has had to utilize forklifts and conveyor belts — however, both need too much floor space, so the time has come for you to contemplate investing in a crane for flexibility.

However, expanded floor space is not the sole reason you should be renting or purchasing a crane. You should additionally be putting your employees’ safety and operational efficiency at the forefront of your decisions.

Here are five more reasons why you should use a permanent onsite crane.

1. It brings efficiency to your material handling.

In utilizing a permanent onsite self-erecting crane or tower crane, you are one-step closer to ensuring complete efficiency in regards to all of your material handling.

As material handling is a critical process in the building and construction industry and a significant cost factor, cranes have a substantial bearing on the momentum of construction and, consequently, on the decrease of material handling costs.

Reflect on the financial benefit at the conclusion of a building project if you are able to reduce the construction time by a minimum of 25% when employing a permanent onsite crane.

2. It will help keep your site organized.

As cranes are responsible for all the heavy lifting on your building site, they significantly lessen the chance of injury to personnel connected with the heavy lifting. A permanent onsite crane additionally aids in keeping the building site clean and orderly, and decreases the risks of people tumbling or falling.

3. It motivates onsite staff.

By presenting a permanent onsite crane, your employees and building personnel can reach a new level of motivation. This is due to the fact that they can primarily focus on the actual construction work, as they are no longer profoundly engaged in the physical task of lifting materials.

Not surprisingly, this propels the momentum of building activity and decreases the threat of physical burnout among your onsite team members.

4. It benefits the neighborhood.

Thanks to noise, traffic congestion and dust, you are probably massively aware of the fact that construction activity can have an adverse impact on the inhabitants of the immediate community.

Narrowing the timeframe of construction also means reducing the length of the nuisance.

Having a crane posted on site rather than have one passing on the street (no matter how infrequently) also lessens traffic congestion and, consequently, the frustration of homeowners. To go one step further, consider opting for electric and emission-free cranes, as these are perfect for keeping the construction noise and pollution to a minimum.

5. It is reasonably priced.

Understandably, the cost will be one of the principal things that you will have to consider before committing to purchasing a permanent on-site crane, or asking yourself “how much does it cost to rent a tower crane?”

Luckily, here is some good news! On average, a self-erecting crane hire can cost as little as the cost of one laborer per week. If you add in the cost of another person (the crane operator), then you have the entire budget for material handling.

Not to state the obvious or anything, but the combination of crane and operator is remarkably fruitful as the lifting crane never gets lethargic and can lift pallets of bricks, reo, sand, formwork (or whatever else you need it to), all day long! Now, that is certainly a beneficial investment!

When appointing a crane supplier, ensure that you are working with a firm that:

  • Provides a broad range of services in-house, including initial consultation
  • Concentrates on customer satisfaction and the delivery of quality products
  • Maintains their core business principles
  • Keeps a lean management structure and a multi-skilled workforce
  • Offers customers a fast backup service and short response time
  • Invests in new products to maintain their technological advantage
  • Prioritizes training the workforce and providing them with a high-quality workplace
  • Has a clear focus on workplace health and safety

Has your firm ever purchased or rented a crane? How did it affect the project you were working on? Let us know in the comments!

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Being a social housing officer not only gives you a stable job, but also provides you with an opportunity to do some good in your life by enabling you to allocate homes to the homeless and needy. And if this profession interests you, then you need to know a few things as to what the job is all about.

Understand The Role

You should have a clear understanding as to what the duties of a housing officer. An officer is usually responsible for checking the needs of the people who are applying for social housing, to keep track of vacant homes, and to allocate such homes to the people with the greatest need. In addition, the officer is also responsible for deciding on the rent of the homes, for collecting such rents at correct times, and to collect the arrears when they become due.

They should also be mentally strong enough to deal with all kinds of anti-social and violent behaviors some tenants might show. In addition, the officers are also required to do a routine inspection of all homes and check them thoroughly to ensure that they are in a good state and have not been damaged in any way. And in case they do see any damage to a house, they must arrange for repairs as soon as possible.

Pick A Good Hiring Agency

The best way to get hired by a good social housing provider is to go through a reputed social housing recruitment agency. Such agencies are always in touch with the numerous housing organizations. As such, you can get your desired job by meeting a single agency rather than having to deal with multiple social landlords.

Have Good Communication Skills

When you become a social housing officer, you will be dealing with a lot of people from diverse backgrounds. These include homeless people who may have even forgotten what it is to have a roof above them, minorities who may feel threatened, abused people who may have to leave their homes under stressful conditions, and so on. As such, it is necessary that you have the communication skills to talk with them in a way that does not offend or hurt them in any way.

Education Qualifications

As far as education is concerned, a few of the employers might expect you to have a degree in a subject matter related to the job. These include degrees in community development, social development, housing etc. And in case you already have work experience related to any of these fields, then the employer will definitely see you more favorably. You should also have good knowledge about the issues tenants may face, like drug abuse, welfare, and so on.