In a crowded, competitive landscape, businesses need to fight tooth and nail for potential customers to take notice. Companies are bombarding consumers with marketing messages on a daily basis, so putting steps in place to make yours stands out has to be your top priority. Here are a few of the most effective ways for your organizations to get noticed and rise above the sea of marketing messages.

Press the Flesh

Nothing beats old-fashioned personal contact to leave a lasting impression. Finding ways to connect with as many potential customers as possible on a direct level is a critical part of success. If you attend trade shows and conferences, you can benefit from reaching more of your potential customers in a shorter space of time, all in one location. Planning is crucial, so ensure that your marketing materials are perfect, invest in some branded promotional products to give away to visitors, and you’ll be on your way to lifting your corporate profile.

Partner with Other Brands

There is nothing wrong with “piggy-backing” off another brand or partnering with them for your benefit. If you can find another brand that has a better presence in your community, find out what you can provide in exchange for their spotlight. Having a mutually beneficial relationship can contribute to growth by association and provide instant credibility.

Alternatively, you can even consider partnering up with another brand to share the financial burden of event sponsorship. If thousands of people see your branding at a huge event, you can benefit from excellent recognition in your community. Even better, if it has live streaming, your business can also benefit from global coverage.

Incentive for Referrals

If your issue is not only building your brand but also your customer base, then offer incentives for referrals. Big companies have hit the jackpot when offering discounts and extras to loyal customers who refer their friends as well.

Dropbox and PayPal, for example, were able to significantly increase their user base by providing monetary benefits as well as extra storage space. While the incentive you offer might be small, it could be enough to get your customers to help you grow.

Humanize Your Brand

When you start a new business, no one knows who you are. If consumers are unsure what you represent and whether they can trust you, how can you expect them to utilize your products and services? You need to add a human touch to your brand. Potential customers will appreciate getting to know the people behind your brand, and you can gradually build up trust. Once you’ve established that connection, the customers will come.

Be Consistent with Branding

When your business is in its infancy, it’s all too easy to make the mistake of establishing several different branding campaigns and hitting the market all at once. The problem with that is, if you’re not using consistent imagery, fonts, and most importantly logos, you aren’t helping yourself to develop that brand recognition you so desperately desire.

Customers can’t familiarize themselves with a brand that doesn’t remain true to its image. Therefore, it’s crucial to get your branding perfect, then hit the market with one plan of attack. Over time, your brand may become as easily recognizable as Nike’s swoosh.  

Building brand recognition doesn’t happen overnight, but it does happen. Take note of these five tips, work hard, hire a professional graphic designer and reap the rewards. While the journey may be long and arduous, it’s all worth it when a color, font, or logo can result in your customers knowing who you are.