A product launch is when a company introduces a new product in the market. You may hold an event to launch the product attended by your target audience and important people in the industry. It is the first time that people will know more about your new offering, which is why you must capture their interest. Here are tips on how to plan for a successful product launch.

  1. Decide on your theme

Having a theme can make the product launch event more fun and memorable for the attendees. Plus, it will also be easier for you to do the planning on the decors and other matters since you follow a specific motif. Consider your audience when deciding on the theme. For instance, a younger audience will enjoy something playful, while a cosy formal event may be more appropriate for professionals. The theme must also relate to the product that you are launching or your brand in general. 

For example, if you are launching new designs of stuffed toys targeting youngsters, a funfair theme will be an excellent idea. You can get all you need for the event from a funfair hire company, from the game booths to the rides. Use the stuffed toys as prizes. 

  1. Select the venue

Choosing the right venue is another thing. It should accommodate the people that will attend the event. Consider the activities involved too. For instance, if you will have funfair rides at the event, you will need a bigger space. It should also be easy for the people to find and convenient to reach, especially for those who are taking public transportation. If you expect guests coming from distant places, a venue near hotels and the airport is an excellent find for their convenience. 

  1. Send invites

There might be specific guests you wish to invite, like partners or other companies you may potentially do business with. Send an invite in advance so they can work on their schedule, and see if they can make it or if they can free their time for the event. 

  1. Prepare entertainment

You want to create a positive experience for your audience, as this will help make them feel good about the product and support it. A boring product launch is your biggest nightmare. Make sure that you prepare something that will keep it lively and entertaining. Game booths where people can play and win prizes is a fantastic idea. Hire a singer or band to play music during the event. People love taking their photos taken. How about hiring a photo booth where they can strike a pose? 

  1. Spread the news about the event

Get the word out there about the event weeks before it takes place. It is to let your target audience know about it, so they can drop by and be part of it. Use social media in advertising the event. Banner ads and flyers will also be helpful.

A successful product launch event can pave the way to the popularity of your new product. You will eventually get more sales because of it. Be sure to plan it properly to get the best result.  



Healthcare products are packaged and stored in different sorts of packages. The various forms of packages will and can determine the overall outcome of the medication stored. It’s important for packaging designers to take into consideration on how their design will impact the entire company. There are certain steps that designers have to go through to make the best design.

The process of package designing
The first phase of the designing process is the sketching stage. Like architecture, package design must be formulated onto paper before the testing can begin. After the designer has sketched up an appropriate model, he/she then has to create the prototype for testing purposes. The final design will then prompt for an agreement with the distributing company.

Artwork – Creating the right logo and imagery

Logo designing is a very meticulous process that involves a lot of keen observation. Before a logo should even be considered; the designer must research the market to find out what type of logos and designs are being used by the competitors. A bland logo design is a sure sign of bad marketing and business for the targeted company.

The logo will make up the face of the company as consumers search the shelves for their necessities. A company may have found the perfect logo design, but what if the design is printed incorrectly? What if the package design has a minor error printed onto the packaging container?

One small mistake could be seen by the consumer, prompting them to believe that the company is incompetent in designing and inefficient in making healthcare products. The visual or graphic inspection should be the top priority before product distribution. Esko and GlobalVision has a range of pre-press inspection tools including artwork inspection.

Facing challenges with text

The text is a critical part of the final packaging design. Patients and consumers abroad will need to read the text to better understand how the product works. A written and printed mistake could possibly confuse, and more detrimentally, deter the potential consumer away from the product for good.

The size, font, and overall format should also be considered before printing text onto the package. The use of hyphens and punctuation marks must be employed with care and caution.

Suppose a small and straightforward error such as this, for example, “Take 12 capsules a day.” When the text actually means, “Take 1-2 capsules a day.” This subtle, yet crucial mistake could cost a company millions of dollars along with the losses of potential consumers. It is also important to double check the spelling in different languages as well.

Barcode Labeling

The FDA (Food, Drugs, and Administration) has imposed a regulation that all products within the market of commerce must abide by labeling their products with a barcode. Each barcode is different and unique and must be printed correctly. An incorrect barcode could lead to counterfeit issues, system tracking unavailability, and a loss of money. The given barcode must be graded and must meet the industry standards after the proper inspection has been implemented.

Emphasizing the importance of package designing

All of the listed challenges above must all come together for a perfect package design. Consumers will appreciate a well-inspected product design more than a box riddled with errors in different directions. Distribution can wait until everything has been inspected and formulated appropriately.