Bollywood has always been in competition with Hollywood in terms of movie production, CGI, and most importantly, the Star actors and actresses. Bollywood is currently one of the biggest Film Production industries in the world. Thanks to the Loyal Bollywood movies fans and the PR Companies that helped every producer to promote the movies and maintain the Stardom of the actors.

Without the PR companies, nothing would have happened in this film-making industry. Back in the days when there were no digital media, the PR companies handled everything through the Word of Mouth and Newspapers. There were no influencers, no blogs, no online or TV advertisements for the movies, but still, they helped Bollywood to reach new heights. If you want to know the reason behind the blockbuster hits in Bollywood and the unprecedented Stardom of the actors, stick with us. In this post, we are sharing detailed information on the ways PR companies played an important part in shaping Bollywood as a MEGA industry and built the Stars.

PR Companies and Their Help to Build Bollywood

A PR company has to handle a lot of things when it comes to the hyper-active industry like Bollywood. The PR operations for the movie promotion might be short-term, but the PR of the Stars is ongoing. So, the companies have to deal with both types of clients and make them popular. Here are a few ways PR companies help the entire film-making industry

#1 – Promotion

PR is not only about maintaining Public Relations. But it also helps you to enhance the relations and promote the films. With the Promotion aspect of the films, the PR firms help the producers to market the film aggressively. As the fate of the film depends on the first two days, the PR firms start aggressive marketing a few days before the actual release. Back in the days, the agencies used to publish posters in the newspapers and also showed the advertisements in the theater itself. Nowadays, everything has switched to the online mode. So, the Promotion is taking the digital angle. With Online advertisements, TV show appearances, and other ways, the agencies are helping Bollywood movies to get Super Hit in Indian markets and also Overseas.

#2 – Content Strategy

Not every film is meant to be a super hit. We’ve seen many movies that were excellent but got flop due to lack of promotion. The lack of a solid content strategy might be the reason behind such cases. The main aim of the PR company is to create a promotion strategy. For the same, they will need solid content for promotion. In the old days, it was only the newspaper advertisements and the posters. Nowadays, the content strategy has to be versatile. The Trailers, Teasers, Motion posters, Physical Posters, Online Advertisements, Celebrity appearances, offline promotion, and many other things are essential for the full-proof promotion. Depending on the environment and the external factors, the PR agency has to modify the strategy to suit the condition. With the proven framework, the agencies do create the content strategy.

#3 – Communication

Communication is the core part of Public Relations. Without Communication, it becomes harder for companies to achieve their goals. For maintaining the Stardom of the actor or actress, the PR companies do communicate with everyone. With the graphical and visual content, they communicate with the audience. With a solid content strategy, they communicate with the influencers. Due to the same, they’ve been helping the Bollywood stars maintaining the Stardom and the producers by promoting their films.