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Opinions are divided on this subject that seems to have been gathering renewed steam since Trump took to the oval office last year. While things have cooled down a bit, it is still early on in Trump’s presidency, things could turn for the Democrats should the Obama’s begin to bang the drums of war.

And with the relative success of her husband, and the Democrats sure to rout a proper voter turnout in 2020, things should not be looking to bleak if she so decided to run for the seat in the white house. A very diplomatic woman, she’s been popular with most prominent politicians from both major parties, and as such have garnered considerable respect and clout in the sphere of politics.

And when even President Elect Donald Trump has previously been seen applauding Michelle on Twitter, which in and of itself is quite a feat and should put her in some sort of record book, one could be excused for thinking she might even do it.

Yet, she has not always been so kind towards Trump in turn, just look at her thoughts on his personality and behavior against women in particular. And just today on Nov 1st 2017 this bombshell dropped.

She finally spoke out about the matter of running for president once and for all back in April 2017, and so people are expecting her to stick to her word and not run her own campaign, since in her words it would be too hard on the family.

Many supporters have been disappointed but understanding about her decision, but  some still hope that once her children are grown older she might rethink her choice. Other’s have called the entire idea for a fantasy, and a popular post on Reddit underlined that.

And looking at her career so far, she’s already achieved a lot, and is still very much active in a number of activities improving the lives of ordinary people. So she deserves some quiet time with her family!