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Italy is best known around the world for their amazing cuisine and their love of soccer. Everyone knows that their food just outright beats the cuisine of most Western countries. Even Italian takeaway is seen as a delicacy and is amazing. With an overwhelming amount of choices these are the dishes that everyone needs to try.

Sicilian green olives

Starting off with a Mediterranean classic is olives. Now Sicilian green olives differ to normal olives and are worth the try. They have a different texture and flavour to other olives and may be the turner for those who aren’t a fan with olives.

Served with olive oil, herbs and garlic, green Sicilian olives are a great appetiser that everyone needs to try.


Arancini are the height of street Italian takeaway food. These little rice balls definitely pack a punch of flavour. Normally stuffed with Bolognese sauce and mozzarella, they are then battered in bread crumbs and deep fried. Accompanied with a pinch of grated parmesan cheese to top it all off.

If bite size isn’t for you either make sure to find yourself a giant Arancino, guaranteed to conquer the mightiest of appetites.

Chili mussels

If you are a fan of seafood and can handle the heat, chili mussels are a must have treat. Best eaten on a cold night, the mussels are sautéed in a tomato sauce that is filled with garlic, chili and a splash of white wine.

When you’ve finished with the mussels usually some artisan bread is provided so that you can finish off all of that delightful sauce.


Handmade gnocchi are a delicacy and a very tasty meal for all tastebuds. Traditionally like pasta, gnocchi is meant to be served as an appetiser. Due to the popularity of both dishes they have made their way as a main course meal for many Western countries.

Gnocchi are pasta/ potato like dumplings that are made from wheat, egg and cheese. They are then cooked in a pot of boiling water like most pastas and served with the desired sauce. Vegetarian sauces to accompany the gnocchi are preferred in the traditional sense normally being a pesto or Napoli variant.

Traditional pizza

No list of great Italian food would be complete without mentioning the Italian takeaway king itself, pizza. This dish has to be the most Westernised Italian dishes out of all the listings here but what people truly need to try is the traditional variant of pizza.

In Italy pizza is meant to have no more than three toppings on it. A handmade base with fresh roma tomato sauce, topping with buffalo mozzarella and fresh basil is sure to change your opinion on what pizza should taste like.


A classic traditional dessert, cannolis are perfect for a restaurant dessert treat. These little heavenly stuffed pastries originated from Sicily and have a staple for Sicilian cuisine. Traditionally stuffed with ricotta, fruits and nuts are sure to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth.

Western countries have adapted the recipe as well, filling them with custard rather than the traditional ricotta. If you aren’t a fan of sweet ricotta then the custard filling is a must try.

Whether you’re looking to travel to Italy or you have a keen cooking skill and want to try something amazing, these are the top Italian foods that everyone must try.

If you can’t squeeze in a quick trip to Italy and don’t have any cooking skills like the most of us, you can always look for these dishes at good Italian restaurants Sydney! It’s time to get eating and be sure to try a wide range of the food on offer.