Pick and pack services are offered by all major logistics businesses. Pick and pack is part of the supply chain management process and it is usually used when particular goods need distribution. A quality pick and pack service can process both small and large amounts of product.

Pick and pack services in Australia will pick the suitable products for each destination then pack them, including a shipping form and invoice.

There are a lot of pick and pack services out there. This makes it even harder to choose the service that is best suited to your business. There are a few things you should always take into consideration before you finalise your pick and pack business.

Listed below are the top 4 things to consider before choosing a pick and pack service:

1. Transferring stock

When you choose a pick and pack service you will probably have to transfer your current stock to the service’s warehouse. So have a think about how that is going to happen. Different systems have varying characteristics in terms of labelling, barcoding and goods inbound.

Ask your potential pick and pack service how they will process the goods coming from your suppliers. Even talking to your suppliers is a good idea. They may be currently working with some pick and pack services and they could offer you some assistance in choosing the right one.

2. Seamless process

The whole point of hiring a pick and pack service is to give you your time back and leave it to the experts. If a pick and pack service cannot seamlessly process your inbound orders and turn them into delivered goods then you would have to seriously question the legitimacy of the business.

You will need to review your order flow to potential providers so they can understand what you are looking for. By doing this you can identify any potential problems such as courier prices too high and products not despatched on time.

3. Shipping options

The pick and pack service will take care of all shipping of your products. You will need to ask them about their shipping options to ensure you (or your customers) don’t get ripped off paying a significantly higher price. As well as this, you want to give your customers as many options as possible for shipping, for example, overnight shipping, trackable shipping, express shipping, etc.

Talk to potential services about the type of shipping options they provide and the specific couriers they use. Some pick and pack services have the ability to optimise their shipping. This could mean that the customer still gets the product in the allotted time but there is a reduction of the incremental shipping costs. Here the courier used will depend on different components such as weight, size and contents.

4. Packing Method

It is important to have a solid understanding of how you want your items to be packed. Every business has their own style and believe their way is the correct method when packing. You will have to be explicit when explaining how you want your items to be packed. There are a lot of things that could potentially go pear shaped if a full explanation isn’t given. You obviously don’t want the products to be damaged or ruined so make sure the pick and pack business understands the type of product you are selling.


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