Many people nowadays have a hobby of adopting pets and loving and caring for them. These pets can include cats, dogs, or even birds. Having pets at home is a great way of having a companion to love, especially for people who live alone at home. People usually keep pets inside their homes, so they have to look after them daily. Caring for your pets can become a hassle if you do not know how to properly do it.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you do some research and get some knowledge of how to take care of a pet, be it a cat or a dog. Pets share a bond with their owners, and if you do not take care of them properly, they can get depressed. The more love you give to it, the happier your pet is going to be and enjoy itself by making your home theirs. Whether you decide to buy cat supplies online or dog food from your local pet store, you have to make the right decision. Today, we are going to share with you some different ways to take care of your pets. These ways are listed as follows:

Feed Your Pet Properly

The most important thing to take into consideration when talking about taking care of your pets is the type of food you decide to feed them. It all depends on the size, age, and requirement of your pet. You must feed your pets high-quality foods containing omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids if you want to ensure they live a long and healthy life. If you have a dog or a cat, consider feeding it meat daily, avoiding raw meat at all costs!

Things to avoid can also include alcohol, chocolate and caffeine. These can cause your pets to have diarrhea, continuous vomiting or even death in some extreme cases. So consider feeding your pets’ good quality clean food if you want them to stay happy and alive for a long time.


Water is an important part of any diet, whether it be for human beings or animals. If you have a dog or a cat, you must give them water daily. If your pets are active and run around the house a lot, they will eventually get thirsty and search for water. The good idea is to keep water at all times in a small bowl and place it in an area where you usually give your pets their food.

If you have fish placed inside an aquarium, you must change the water at least once a week to ensure it is clean and free of any bacteria. If your pets refuse to drink plain water, you should boil some chicken broth to add some flavor. Cats and dogs cannot refuse the smell of chicken and will drink it up in one go. Also, consider adding some electrolytes to the water to keep your pets hydrated at all times.


Exercise is not only beneficial for human beings, but it is also great for your pets. Any form of physical activity will keep your pets healthy and active. If you have cats as pets, you can get a toy and play with them to get them some much-needed exercise. If your cat is lazy and eats all the time, it will tend to get obese and develop diseases.

If you have a dog as a pet, you can take it to the park on a walk or a jog. Your dog will follow your lead. If you walk, it will walk, and if you jog, it will jog alongside you. Not only will the dog be getting some exercise, but you will also be exercising with it. It is great for your pet and you as well.


Healthcare is really important if you want your pets to live a healthy and prosperous life. Just like you need to visit your doctor and dentist every month for a routine checkup, your pets also need the same attention by visiting the veterinarian. Your pets might have certain allergies that you need to avoid flaring up. Only a visit to the veterinarian will make you realize what you need to do to keep your pets allergy-free. The Vet is going to suggest to you what to feed your pets and what not to.

Just like human beings, your pets also need to get vaccinated. If you have pets like cats or dogs, you need to keep them vaccinated to avoid them developing any type of animal-related diseases. Also, getting them vaccinated will avoid you from contracting any type of disease that can be transmitted from animals to human beings. A good practice would be to take your pets to the Vet at least once in every 6 months to get a booster shot.

Proper Grooming

Grooming your pets is great for their overall appearance and health. Everyone wants to pet a dog or a cat that is properly groomed. It is always not necessary to take your pets to a professional grooming service as you can bathe them and take care of them at your home. For more complicated things like cutting their body hair, you will need to get them groomed professionally.

Ticks and lice are something that all pets have, so it is a good idea to spray your pets with anti-lice or tick spray to avoid them getting any and staying in comfort. Nobody wants to be around a dog or a cat that is continuously scratching itself.


Taking care of any kind of pet requires time and dedication. Pets are adorable and loving creatures, and it will give you much heartache if your pets get sick and die. So, to ensure that they live a happy, comfortable and long life, we have shared with you some ways you can take care of them properly. It is a good idea that you consider them if you are thinking of adopting a pet, or even if you already have one.

Online shopping is growing worldwide. Thanks to the internet, everyone has access to purchase anything they want online at their convenience. You can buy anything, from online food delivery services to shopping apps on your phone, shopping is just a matter of clicking and swiping – wherever the user is and whatever time zone they are located. 

Adding to those incredible innovations, online pet stores start to gain much more attention. More pet owners around the globe move towards online shopping for their pets for many other reasons. Here are some excellent reasons why going to a pet shop online is right for you and your pet.

Less Driving, More Time with Our Pets

Using online shopping for your pets will give you more time to spend with them since it will cut away the time you would use to drive to buy food or treats for your pets. It will also keep you from lifting those hefty bags of heavy pet food and supplies. 

Online pet stores will deliver those treats right in front of your doorsteps. It will also be easier for large stocks of orders since online pet stores give an option for bulk orders. Some online pet stores also offer in-home services for your pets like pet grooming and haircut. 

With the use of pet store apps or websites, you can have a better glance for products since searching for treats and supplies will be in one place. You would have a wider selection of products and brands – no need to painstakingly run around the store looking for that giant bag of dog food or a more extended lace for our cat. 

Everything that you could need for your pets is just in one app or website, providing a faster and more accessible way to gather supplies for a broader scope of animal types, even those unusual types.

Better Options for Discounts

A pet shop online conveys an opportunity for users to gain vouchers and discounts for products and services. Other pet online stores provide a weekly or monthly price cut off and promo codes to use, taking advantage of exclusive offers and deals. 

There is also an option to sign up for newsletters and signing up to collect specials offers to gain discounts. Some pet store websites and order apps also offer rebates around 50% up to 100% rebates, depending on the type of promo that they provide.

More Convenient Way to Contact the Store

Online stores for pets offer better ways to communicate with the pet store. Aside from the privilege of contacting the store 24/7, anytime and anywhere, there are a lot more ways to talk to the store for advice and suggestions. Contact centers that handle phone trunk lines, email support during weekends, or chat representatives that we can speak with daily will be able to accommodate any pet owner’s needs. 

It provides an opportunity to be able to search for physical stores near the owner as well as ordering supplies in a more specific time or day. Through the use of online pet stores, it will allow us to obtain products that can only be purchased or ordered outside the country.

The business and economy regularly change, and the lifestyle of the people follows. Pet owners now look for a better opportunity to seek more convenient ways to take care of their pets. Pet shop online gives an option to shop in the most inconvenient times, and through using these kinds of services, it offers more time for pet owners to bond and take care of their pets.

The American Pitbulls Terrier appeared for the first time in Europe, and it’s a combination of English Terriers and English Bulldogs to create a robust, reliable, and hard-working breed. Brought later to the United States, the breed is renamed Staffordshire Terrier to be used primarily for hunting, herding, and even as messengers on the battlefield.

Today, Pitbulls are pets loved by several people for their friendliness and remarkable strength. Most Pitbulls that we receive at the shelter are crossed with other breeds such as Labrador, husky, or boxer. This illustrates the great differences in size, color, and behavior. We cannot confirm the breed of an animal unless we have his Canadian Kennel Club papers. We rely primarily on the physical and behavioral characteristics of the animal to establish its breed.

For my part, my story with Pitbulls began the first day I started working at the shelter. Before working on it, I had never been in contact with Pitbulls. Like many people, I had preconceived ideas about this breed by researching and reading many articles. I imagined these would be threatening dogs, difficult to approach, and delicate to control.

And then I met Spotlight a beautiful black and white dog that we hosted at the shelter. She was incredibly kind and sensitive.

I spent a lot of time with her, and I discovered an extremely intelligent dog that I never came across previously, would be a joke if I tell you I was wearing it home-made dog clothes to see the harmony of intelligence and cuteness on it. She had a thirst for learning and stared at me with extreme intelligence. I always had the impression that she spoke to me with her eyes, conveyed to me her joy at watching me or her sadness to stay in her cage at night. I have never seen a dog take a biscuit more gently than Spotlight. For her, there was nothing better in the world than a hug and massage session. I wholeheartedly would say it was a perfect dog! What a pain to have let her go to her new family.

And now, I was in the camp of the Pitbulls lovers!

A long series of Pitbulls followed at the shelter, and I always got amazed by this intelligent Spotlight breed at each of our meetings. These dogs do not only have a thirst for learning, but they love the company of humans.

At the shelter, the Pitbulls are treated like other dogs, and we always take into consideration their characters and abilities during the evaluations. However, we believe that these dogs can become dangerous under the wrong hands, like all other breeds elsewhere. That is why we are always vigilant when adopting dogs whose stature can cause more damage in case of a bite.

In recent years, the media has portrayed the Pitbulls as killing machines and monsters. It is important to note that these cases do exist, but are exceptions. All races have their peculiarities, and dangerousness does not belong to a race.

The Bottom Line for New Breeders or Adopters

When adopting a dog, we invite future adopters to read about the breed that interests them. Since each dog is unique and has the physical and behavioral characteristics that predominate in it. It is accordingly important to find out whether these features are suitable for our lifestyle or no.

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Owning a pet is a huge responsibility. Only a pet owner understands that having a pet is very similar to having a child. You obviously want your furry pet to live as long as possible. It requires much dedication and commitment to keep your pet healthy make him live long. Here are some quick tips to keep your pet happy, safe and healthy –

1. Diet & Exercise

  • It is advisable for you to choose a proper diet for your pet based on age/health status/nutritional needs. Obesity can greatly reduce the lifespan of your pooch by many years.
  • It’s best for your pet to eat a measured amount of food, usually divided into two meals/day. Limiting the number and size of treats is important to avoid weight gain.
  • Never depend on human food. In fact, regular consumption of human food can increase the chances of nutritional deprivation.
  • Avoid bones & treats that may cause intestinal obstruction or broken teeth.
  • Exercise is a great way to control your pet’s weight and often times will help with behavioral problems – a tired dog is a good dog. Always ensure your pet’s weight is well maintained throughout all his life

2. Testing and prevention of parasites & infectious diseases

  • For cats and kittens, it is recommended to have a FELV/FIV test initially to ensure you are not exposing other cats to these contagious diseases.  A vaccination for FeLV is recommended for outdoor cats & those exposed to other cats.
  • Annual Heartworm/Lyme/Ehrlichia/Anaplasmosis testing for dogs starting with puppies at 8 months of age is necessary for early detection of disease.  These are parasites that travel through the bloodstream and so the test requires a small amount of blood. Keeping your pet up to date with vaccinations is one of the best ways to help protect it from infectious disease
  • Puppies 8 weeks of age & older and all dogs should receive monthly Heartworm preventative. These oral medications are given once per month, year-round. These medications help prevent heartworm disease and help control two common intestinal parasites- roundworms & hookworms. The medication is based on your dog’s weight so it is important to let the vet know of weight changes as your puppy is growing or if your adult dog gains or loses weight.
  • Fleas and ticks are blood-sucking parasites that can transmit a disease to your pet. Monthly topical flea and tick control will keep these pests off of your pet and out of your home. You might want to check which has a number of high-quality flea and tick treatment products

3. Dental Care

  • Dental disease is becoming more and more common these days. Bacteria can spread through the blood veins putting in risk the overall health of a pet.
  • “Dental disease” consists of different conditions such as dental plaque, gum inflammation, loosening of teeth, etc. It is best recommended to use dental wipes, CET toothpaste & brushes designed specifically for pets.
  • A dental prophylaxis is known commonly as a “dental cleaning” includes a full oral exam, ultrasonic scaling of the teeth both above and below the gumline, polishing the teeth and a fluoride treatment. This procedure is performed under general anesthesia.

4. Train your pet

  • Training your dog isn’t just fun but can also make the life of both the owner and pet easy.
  • When your pet does something you don’t want it to do – how do you react? If you eventually give-in, you are reinforcing this behavior (i.e. feeding table scraps if your pet begs or giving attention to a pet that jumps up) Instead you should ignore behaviors you don’t want any praise or reward welcome behaviors.
  • It is important to be consistent with your pet – all members of your family should use the same commands (i.e. “Down” vs “Off”, “Drop it” vs “Release”)First start with the basic commands like sit, stand, shaking hands and then move on with the complex ones. Make sure to use these commands in day to day life.

5. Spaying and neutering

  • We recommend spaying and neutering puppies and kittens at 6 mos of age. There are multiple benefits including eliminating the risk of unwanted puppies or kittens, and decreasing risk of mammary or ovarian cancer in females and testicular and prostate cancer in males.
  • Intact male cats are more likely to spray or mark around your house whereas intact male dogs are more likely to develop aggressive behaviors.

For some people, a vacation might be a weekend getaway. For others, a vacation could be a month-long trip out of the country. No matter where on this spectrum you fall, there are always steps to be done to keep your home safe, in addition to other preparations, so that everything from departure to coming home goes smoothly and without a hiccup.

Preparation is the key to so many things in our lives, it is a wonder we spend so little time preparing ourselves and our homes before taking off on a vacation. Lack of preparation before a vacation can lead to missed flights, forgotten luggage, and general stress. Understanding why you should prepare yourself and your home before vacation might seem to be easy, but you would be surprised what other people (probably including you!) forget to do.

Start with a List

Speaking of forgetfulness, the first thing you need to do to prepare for a getaway is to make a checklist. If you do not write out exactly what needs to be done before you leave, it is likely that you will forget something, or at least feel like you have forgotten something. Studies have shown that people who make checklists are significantly less likely to do something that they are supposed to have done.

Do Not Forget the Pets

Make sure that you have made arrangements for your pets, either with a sitter or with a pet-boarding company. If you are leaving your pet with a sitter, make sure that you give them plenty of pet food, some toys, and any medicines that your pet might require. If you are leaving your pet at home and having someone check in with them several times a day, do not forget to leave your house key for them, and make sure that anything valuable or dangerous that your pet might get into is put safely out of reach.

Some people may have plants instead of (or in addition to) pets. These require care too. Make sure to get a friend to water your plants as necessary, or purchase self-watering plant stakes.

Secure Your Home

If you are taking a short trip (a couple of days) leave a lamp on in a few different rooms. This will deter thieves from attempting to break into your home. If you are going on a lengthier vacation, you should purchase light timers that can turn your lights on and off at specified intervals. You should also let any alarm system companies that you might use that you are going on vacation so that they can keep a closer eye on your home.

Something that many people do not think of when it comes to securing their home before a vacation is having their mail held at the post office. If a potential burglar sees your mail piling up, they may realize that you are not home. That makes you an easy target.

Tidying Up

Nobody wants to come home from a relaxing vacation just to realize that they left their house a mess. Make sure to clean out your refrigerator before you leave, and toss any food that will expire in your absence. Take care of any laundry you have laying around before you leave, and spray insecticide in any areas of frequent bug activity.

Coming Home

Just like with the chores, there are some things you can do to make your transition back into everyday life easier. Try to purchase some non-perishable goods before you leave that you can have for your first meal back. Make sure that you do not leave any dishes in the sink, and wipe down all of the surfaces in your home. Give your bathroom and kitchen a quick clean, and sweep or vacuum all of your floors. The day of your departure, put clean sheets on your bed so that you can unwind in comfort after a long day of travelling.

Preparing for a vacation does not need to be stressful. If you start your preparations early enough, they almost seem like the chores you do on a daily basis anyway. When you leave, you will feel much more comfortable knowing that your home is in good shape, and secured against criminals.

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Furry friends are members of the family. You can love your pets and still hate the mess that is associated with them. Fortunately there are ways to maintain a clean home while keeping your pets. Here are some solutions to have a fur free home.

Select Pet Friendly Fabrics

Shag carpeting is probably not very practical if you have pets. Choose fabrics for your furniture and curtains that has the ability to be easily cleaned. Having pets means that there will be mess associated with them. Do something to minimize the amount of mess that is visible. Some fabrics are more pet resistant than others. Microfiber couches work better if you have cats. This type of fabric hides those occasional scratch marks. It is also easier to clean with minimal amount of effort. Select your color choices with your pets in mind. White is not a good choice if you are trying to hide stains. Choose darker colors. Consider having all of your fabric scotch guarded. This will make those accidents disappear with a little bit of cleaning.

Wash Pet Beds Frequently

Pet beds can be a source of fur. This is true if your pets spend a lot of time in their beds. You may find that there is more shedding during certain times of the year. Get into a routine when it comes to washing pet bed covers. You may even have to wash them more frequently during periods of heavy shedding. Fur is not the only thing that lingers on those pet beds. Odors can become trapped in the fabric. Washing them may remove many of the odors. Try treating the covers before you wash them with an odor removing spray. Many types of stain removers double as odor removers. There are also special pet sprays that remove the enzymes associated with these smells. Read the label before using them to make sure that they are safe for your pet. You may have to replace the beds occasionally if the odor refuses to be removed.

Invest in a Good Vacuum

Having a reliable vacuum is a must when you have pets. Even if you don’t have much carpet, you likely still have area rugs. Pet hair can become entangled in these carpeted areas. This makes it difficult to get it all out. A wet dry vacuum can prove to be beneficial in these cases. Then you can deal with those liquid pet messes as well. It is prudent to treat the affected area with a pet enzyme remover first. This way you won’t have any lingering odors that attract your pet back to the same spot. You can even use this type of vacuum on your hard surfaces. This will save you time when it comes to keeping your home clean. For removing stubborn hair, try rubbing a balloon over the surface and then vacuuming the carpet. The static causes the hair to come up to the surface.

Establish a Weekly Grooming Routine

Eliminate the fur at the source. Weekly baths and frequent brushings can cut down on the amount of fur loss. Regular grooming is another way to have less free floating fur. You may choose to take your pet to a groomer. You can also perform this task at home. Make sure to install a good drain guard when washing your pet in your bathtub. This will prevent pet hair from clogging your drain. It is more common to bathe your dog. Cats don’t need to be left out of the equation. Buy a good brush to help remove that excess cat fur. Long furred cats may even need some grooming done of their own. Mats can develop and leave chunks of fur all over your home. Having a grooming routine in place will allow you to control the amount of hair loss that is coming from your pets.

Having pets doesn’t mean that your home has to be full of fur. Try these tricks when it comes it getting your home clean.