Relationships are the most beautiful things that could happen to anyone. You could meet with the dream one in Naples, Italy while getting a paper writing help at a local college, get hooked in love, take love trips across the entire Europe while ending up at the padlock gate in Paris where lovers lock their love and throw away the key: a symbol that the fire of love will never be quenched by any other thing. Love could make you swear never to break each other’s hearts and at the onset, it would be difficult for any of you to ever think of cheating on each other.

Then, as the months pass by, you move into each other’s apartments and then you start noticing some little things about that person that love blinded you to. You notice that the other person seems to be secretive about something that you cannot place your hands around. Some days your partner will come home smelling of another perfume, while on other days, he or she becomes highly critical of everything you do. At this point, you are presented with warning signals that things are going off the bend. Still, you want to save the relationship and then you call your partner for a heart-to-heart talk at that favorite Thai restaurant that you both love. While you are sitting there and trying to explain that you want things to go back to the way they were at the first time of meeting, your partner looks up and drops the bombshell on you: she is leaving and there is nothing that can be done about it.

The scenario painted in the above paragraph shows how love can progress from being the best thing that happened to you, to the worst thing that ever happened to you. At that point of breakup, you may feel broken and totally down. However, like every other phase in life, you will need to pick yourself up from that point and move on with your life. Here are some important tips that can help you overcome a breakup.

Do not jump into another relationship– this is the first rule of overcoming any breakup that you encounter over the period of time. When someone breaks up with you, you may feel unloved and this may drive up your desire to seek for validation within another relationship. Most women may begin to fall for any guys just to convince themselves that they are still wanted and also to feel loved by another man. However, there is a very slight margin that this pattern of action will work because in most cases, such a person is yet to heal from the past relationship and it would be easy for him or her to ignore any warning signs of the new person they wish to enter into a relationship with.

Do not find solace in alcohol and intoxicating substances– When most people encounter breakups, they often encounter real pain within themselves and wish to numb the pain using various means. There have been news reports of people who commit suicide in a bid to escape the pain that comes from the breakup. However, the most popular way that most of them choose to avoid the pain is through the use of intoxicating substances such as alcohol, as well as hard drugs. We can all see them in the bars, drinking shots upon shots while trying to drown away their pain. Then, they pass out and then engage in the activity again. Others may choose to engage in extreme partying and sleeping around with casual acquaintances in order to reassure themselves of no pain. If you have been putting yourself through all these, you should understand that they are only painkillers that do not solve the problem. Rather, such activities continue to contribute to the pain and cause more health challenge such as liver damage for too much alcoholic intake. In order to get over the pain of a break up, you will need to open yourself up to deep therapy. You could engage in this with your family but it is most advisable that you go to visit a recognized therapist. These therapists are fully trained in the art of providing therapeutic help that would enable you cope with the pain and then begin to move ahead with your life. No matter what you do, do not harbor any form of harming your ex through the release of an intimate photo or making threats to their safety. Everyone has the right to make choices and you have to accept their choice and move ahead with your life.

Build your self esteem– Haven understood two basic laws which you must not do, the first line of action that you should undertake is BUILD YOUR SELF ESTEEM. This may sound like a cliché but it may be a little difficult for you since you have just come out of a negative experience like. Every relationship that we engage ourselves in over the course of our lives usually leaves residue that may be positive or negative. When you are still actively in a blossoming love relationship, you feel on top of the planet and your self-confidence is high because you are assured that someone loves you even if it seems as though the whole world is against you. It is like a Bonnie and Clyde thing in which you see yourselves as two against the world. When such a relationship crashes apart, your self-esteem will take a huge hit and that is why you will need to engage in self-esteem building exercises. One of them is that you will need to focus on your career, in which you could take up paper editing. Also, build new set of engaging professional relationships and then begin to learn your weaknesses and strengths. In building your self esteem, you become a better version of yourself.