The city of Orleans, in the Loire Valley, is the closest city to Paris, making its port, until the 19th century, one of the main economic centres of France. You will discover during our tour of Orleans that aside from the few medieval remains, an important legacy of the Renaissance remains the wish of a prestigious past. The proximity of Paris, the recently renovated historic centre, its architectural diversity, its exceptional cathedral, the banks of the Loire and the very present nature around Orleans have made the city of Joan of Arc a weekend destination ideal.

About New Orleans Kayak Swamp Tours

In addition to alligators, New Orleans Kayak Swamp Tours is full of wild animals, including wild boars, bald eagles, herons, egrets, mink and turtles, as well as flora and fauna. And if you’re planning a swamp tour, you’ll quickly see that there are many companies to choose from, as well as options to explore the marshes.

All New Orleans Kayak Swamp Tours companies operate either in Honey Island Swamp, about 45 minutes drive north-east of the French Quarter or in the Jean Lafitte National Park and National Historic Reserve, about 30 minutes drive south of the French Quarter. , or in the marsh Maurepas. Wildlife Management Area, about 30 minutes drive west of the neighbourhood.

  • You can choose a swamp boat, an airboat, a kayak or a canoe or a hike. Some companies will even pick you up in downtown hotels and bed and breakfasts.
  • There is even a night excursion in the marshes, from Thursday to Sunday, from June to September.

TIP: If you are planning to spend New Orleans or the Sightseeing Pass, tourist discount cards, remember that both include swamp tour experiences at no additional cost.


  • There are many companies offering tours of the surrounding marshes via swamp boats (see video above). These boats usually carry about 22 people, although some offer smaller (and more expensive) trips in the marshes.
  • Expect to pay at least $ 20 / adult and $ 13 / child (though there are occasional discounts) if you arrive alone at the wetlands and at least $ 42 / adult and $ 21 / child if you also include the transportation from hotels in downtown New Orleans.
  • The tours last about 1 hour and 45 minutes, which is valid for all companies. Boats provide an easy and relatively affordable way to discover the New Orleans marshes and bayous.

With all of the choices in New Orleans for tours or activities and with a small window of opportunity during your vacation, what should you do? Look to the experienced visitor or the knowledgeable local to guide you on creating some smiles, memories and fun photos.

Most of the true spirit of New Orleans comes in the form of interacting with the locals, so keep an eye out on instagram for some locals and follow them prior to your trip to the city.

The little list here is a great starter for you millenials and adventure seekers from the eye of a whacky local. Hang out with some kooky guides on these few experiences.

Kayak the swamps

There are so many swamp tours located in and around New Orleans Louisiana. Most of them are huge groups of people crowded onto boats and they watch as guides feed wildlife hotdogs and marshmallows. That in my eyes is a huge breach of trust with calling yourself an eco tour! Are they trying to create pets? Because that is what constant feeding of the wildlife does. So if you really want a unique small group experience, go with the Guys over at Hidden Adventure Tours. There you will discover the beauty of Manchac Swamp with an eco kayak tour guide. Glide through the swamps and observe owls, alligators, turtles and some stunning old growth cypress trees. Don’t forget your camera!

Plantation Tour

What is a trip without delving into a little bit of history? Don’t forget to venture onto an old plantation, just make sure it isn’t just a photo opportunity. The opportunity to feel the pain and suffering that those places have supported for many years, deserves a great tour guide and a well scripted narrative. We find those at Whitney plantation. Check out that tour and also be able to hop on that kayak swamp tour with a combo Plantation and swamp kayak tour with Admire Nola.

Party on a Pedal Boat

Sometimes traveling with your significant other can seem isolating. How can you break out of that while on vacation? Join a pedal party on a boat! This new trend in boat tours is taking over the travel industry. Sit down at a bike seat and cycle on this boat, the groups cycling propels the boat forward with a giant paddle wheel, then grab a drink and start up a conversation with a new friend.

Chime Tree in City Park

Experience an amazingly chill time just laying under the chime tree in City Park. This needs to be experienced with your ears, not your eyes.

Named the vegas of the south, New Orleans constantly surpasses the fun and wildness of Las Vegas in most every way. So don’t dwell on your couch, go have some fun!