After a long creative break, well-known producer Mikhail Peleg announced the return of the legendary band Machete. They have prepared a new album for their fans. It is reported that the bad has an entirely new sound, line up and is ready to show new achievements. We recall that artists are known for their deep and soulful songs, which are filled with meaning, experience and feelings.

Machete producer Mikhail Peleg told reporters what caused the four-year hiatus in artists’ work. He noted that the cause was the tragedy that happened in the family of the band’s frontman Yaroslav Malyi. Throughout the year, after the death of his father, the whole family was in mourning, and the singer simply did not have the strength to make public appearances.

However, even such severe life problems did not get in the way of inspiration and poetic lines, so Yaroslav Malyi continued to write hits. Everyone will be able to hear something new and previously loved very soon. Difficult circumstances made the musician rethink his life, values and achievements. He began spiritual development, and his music began to be filled with new mind-set.

Now, Yaroslav Malyi, together with his friends and musicians, are finishing the last stages of touring schedule and a new album postproduction. Therefore, this year everyone will be able to enjoy new hits, and the first of them will be “Heaven is My Home”. Philosophical reflections, love, faith, and the meaning of life are all in this song.

According to Mikhail Peleg, the new stage in the creative work of Machete is due to the change of the band members. New parts of the friendly family of musicians are Mikhail Lisov and ex-drummer of Triangle Sun Alexander Zinger. The band is actively developing, experimenting with new style effects and improving songs’ arrangements. They aim to achieve the best music quality, to not only have perfect sound but also to emphasize the importance of each word of the song.

The band leader calls music an important spiritual strength of humanity. That is why the new album is filled with philosophical thoughts and deep meaning. According to Yaroslav Malyi’s believes, with the help of his songs, people should understand that there is no point in wasting their time in quarrels, scandals, and confrontations. He wants to show the power of connection with the Almighty to his audience, which will not only give him the opportunity to look at his life from a different angle but also change many things. The talented author and musician is confident that the new album, as well as all the subsequent hits of his band, will be the starting point for those who want change and spiritual development.

Yaroslav Malyi speaks about love, not as a relationship between a man and a woman, but as a new emotional level, energy that each person manifests individually.

We recall that the world first heard about Machete in 2011. It was when Yaroslav Malyi released his first song “Tenderness”, which quickly gained popularity and was on top ranks of all music charts. Besides, the video on the YouTube gathered about 34 million views, which once again confirmed the immediate love of their fans. This track allowed the artist to try himself as a director. That is how a romantic comedy with Ravshana Kurkova appeared on the screen.