MusicMixMastering is an online mix and mastering brand commonly famous for its world-class service. It operates under highly skilled experts with one of the best digital equipments. Its most fascinating quality is that no matter any genre or band is given, their combined experienced team will serve you with the most satisfactory end results at the lowest cost. In this context, MusicMixMastering is absolutely unique in its characteristics.

Actually, mix and mastering are two separate concepts incorporating in music for different motives. The essential thing is to determine the exactly fit parameters for different music. However, skilled and experienced employees of the MusicMixMastering are well aware to handle various stages and steps. They have an utterly disciplined work from the very start to the final touch.

Furthermore, MusicMixMastering service would love to communicate and guide you the whole process. More importantly, it carefully keeps customer satisfaction as a key parameter apart from employing knowledgeable things in music. That is why; it is good at achieving world-class results and giving real essence to the music.

Interestingly, MusicMixMastering handles both prime steps; mix and mastering in a very nice and clean manner. It is because their world-class and superb team knows well about the basic purposes of mix and mastering. And their well-digitalized modern equipments get fully optimized and the closest possible results to perfection.

Isaac Grinsdale performs a first-class final mix stage to the initial received music. He creates the accurate mix environment by using his great experience and by the top quality analog and digital equipment. Afterwards, the well-prepared mix music is handed over to Filip, a famous and experienced mastering engineer, who makes final mastering changes. He finalizes the results with dedicated expertise, world-class mastering equipment and room acoustics.

Basically, in the world of music, mixing plays a major role in bringing out a multi-track recording. It is more than just adjusting the volume levels of vocal tracks panning, and time-based audio effects. Tracks are blended using various processes such as EQ, Compression and Reverb.

On the other hand, mastering also has great importance for the best ending of the audio post-production. The major purpose of mastering is to balance the sonic elements of a stereo mix and optimize playback across all systems and media formats. MusicMixMastering team takes very seriously all these factors while handling the mastering stage for the final audio production.

While coming to the central point, MusicMixMastering online brand carefully gives importance to even smallest parameter in the whole process. It does not compromise minor terms. From employing skilled experts, using world-class equipments, a few best practises to keeping customers’ demands in consideration, all stages are managed properly. In this sense, it is the unique and perfect MusicMixMastering online brand.

All in all, if you want to make your music fantastic, then you are at right place. MusicMixMastering online brand would love to work hard to provide you best possible service. Because, we are curious to work with you and to provide a world-class service to our clients.

If you go to look out for websites to download music, you’ll simply find millions of websites to download music. We’ve gone through all the website and has brought the list of only the best 11 websites where you can download music for free. 


SoundCloud is a website that offers most of the music from across the world. The music on SoundCloud is uploaded by individual artiste and music company.  SoundCloud has a very user-friendly interface where you can easily search for any music by just typing the name in the search bar.


NoiseTrade is a free music trading platform which helps music labels and artists to connect with their fans and exchange free music. NoiseTrade has a wide range of music collection of music and it also features songs from various artists from across the globe. NoiseTrade also has a trending section where you can check out the trending songs and download them directly by pressing the download button. : is one of the biggest websites across the world that distributes free music. was created in 2002 and since then it has been serving people with free music. Initially, the was created to function as an internet radio station. Now it has become one of the biggest websites which allows you to download a variety of music for free.


ReverbNation was founded in 2006 to provide a central site for musicians, producers and also individual artiste to collaborate with each other and their fans. Many music bands have got fame through ReverbNation and gained recognition by sharing their music on ReverbNation. The site offers music to download from various genres but the pop and hip-hop genre is the speciality of the site.


The free music download website Jamendo was launched in 2005. It is said that Jamendo is an open community of music lovers and independent artists. The aim of Jamendo is to bring all the music professionals and music lovers from all corners of the world to bring under one roof. All the songs uploaded on Jamendo are uploaded by individual artists or a company.


SoundClick is the place from where you can download music directly from the artist’s website. You can explore from a wide range of songs categorised in various genres. You can also stream music on the site or download it. SoundClick offers some cool features like creating custom radio stations and interacting with the other listeners. 


Audiomack can be the best alternative for. SoundCloud as it offers a very friendly user interface. Audiomack is a hub for various artists, labels and music lovers. Audiomack is a  platform to discover various music for all music lovers.

The music is well categorised in Audiomack as Trending, Top Albums and Top songs which makes it easier for the music lovers to discover new music and songs.

Internet Archive (Audio Archive):

The audio section of the Internet Archive offers a wide range of music collection. Apart from the music, it also offers audiobooks, radio programs, podcast and live music. The library contains over 2 million audio files which are freely available to everyone. The songs here are not well categorised but if you search according to the year or music artist then you can easily find the songs from the internet audio archive.


Epitonic is a site with an immense collection of free MP3’s which are available for streaming and downloading. Epitonic is one of the oldest sites that was started in 1999. You can explore the new tracks through the web-based app and stream it online. There is also an option of creating a personalized playlist by signing up on the website.

Amazon Music:

Amazon offers a ton of music for free downloads. Amazon has a separate section which includes music that can be downloaded for free. This is done through Amazon’s selection feature. Amazon also offers a streaming service for all the songs and music. Once you’ve downloaded music from the free section then you can use it up to any time.


All the songs on CCTrax are licensed under Creative Commons. It means that all the music available here are free and it can be downloaded from anywhere. CCTrax has a very good layout which makes it easier to search for music based on the genre, label, licence and artist.

These were some of the best sites where you can download music for free and all the websites mentioned here are completely legal.

One of the most beautiful experiences in life is to learn an instrument. It’s fun and exciting. If you are interested to learn guitar and are on a quest to find the best one then there are a few things which you must pay attention to as well. If you want to purchase a new guitar, then it is vital to be familiar with the guitar parts to make the best choice.

A lot of first-time buyers are reluctant to spend a lot of money on the first instrument thinking that will they be able to learn and continue or not. This is one of the reasons for a large market of inexpensive instruments. To meet this demand, a lot of suppliers offer cheap guitars and for an inexperienced learner, child or parent this is not a good situation as you may end up purchasing a guitar which is not very playable and hence many individuals give up in frustration thinking that they are not able to learn the instrument. Therefore, it’s vital to know your guitar.

Let’s first understand the parts of a guitar neck. It includes headstock, frets, fretboard, tuners, and truss rod. The narrow section of guitar that has strings which you need to press down while playing a note or chord is known as the guitar neck.

Neck joint: The place where the body to the neck connects is knowns a neck joint. Some guitars do not have guitar neck screws to hold the neck joint in place. However, some guitars have the neck screws. This depends on how the guitar is constructed. For some guitars, it is required and for some, it is not. Some professionals do use neck screws even if it is constructed well.

Fingerboard or fretboard: Just under the strings you will find the fretboard that is marked and shaped so the strings can be pressed at proper points to get the required sound. These fingerboards are made up of many materials, but the most common ones are maple and rosewood.

Frets: On the fingerboard, you will notice some raised bits of wires and these run from top to bottom. They help the strings to be shortened when they are pressed down behind the frets. You don’t have to worry about finding the notes as these frets make it easier to find the notes.

Headstock: You will find a headstock at the end of the strings where the strings end. It is home to the bits so you can easily tune the guitar which is known as the tuning pegs or tuners.

Tuners: These bits are twisted to tune the guitar. Tightening and loosening the strings helps to make changes to the pitch of the guitar strings. You can do this with the guitar tuner buttons.

Body: The body of the guitar is the big curvy part which needs to rest against your body when you play the instrument. You strum the guitar strings on the body which is hollow and has a hole in between. It is known as the soundhole.

Soundhole: Soundhole amplifies the noise of the guitar strings when you strum. The soundhole is like a speaker of the guitar and it is found only on acoustic guitars and not on electric guitars.

Bridge: The bridge is useful for supporting the guitar strings as they travel over the body. It works like a component that helps in transferring the string vibrations to the body so the acoustic guitar can amplify them. That’s how the guitar sounds good. On most of the electric guitars, the bridge height can be adjusted which changes the distance between fingerboard and strings which is also called the playing action.


The place where the headstock joins the neck, strings run through a piece of wood, plastic and sometimes other materials. It is known as the nut. Thus, the nut helps to understand where the playable part of string ends.

Saddles: Just opposite the nut you will see the saddles which defines where the playable string ends. On the electric guitar every individual string has a saddle and therefore the string has to be adjusted individually. A saddle is a single piece of material which is quite similar to the nut. Many purchase guitar saddle screws to keep the saddle in place.


If the strings of the guitar are not anchored from both sides then it will flip around. Strings are secured on the tuners at the headstock. On an electric guitar with the help of the tailpiece that sits behind the bridge, strings are secured by running them through the body on a bridge.


So, if you know these basic parts of the guitar then purchasing a new one will be easy. Knowing these parts and their functions will allow you to understand the functions and help you make a decent choice to pursue learning the guitar properly. 

It isn’t a fresh concept that listening to your favorite music playlist enhances the outcomes. Constantly, different researches have been showing that hearing motivational music boosts your efficiency and maintains your morale. Jogging music lifts your eager for more laps.

Moreover, listening to music leads all of your intentions to a single point which is your workout. When you are listening to music while working out, you will not get distracted. Significantly, there are numerous advantages of having a sound playlist to be utilized during workout. So following are some obvious aspects which would clarify the benefits of music for the workout:

  • Good music leads to good outcomes:

When you are having a playlist of your taste and meantime you are at Gym then succeeding would be so surprising for you that the researches have shown that motivational music enhances the outcomes by 15%, yeah we are right. Moreover listening to music during a workout increases the functionality of brain as it gets more information to process per unit time. Now, different athletes have classified their playlist into different sub-playlists like running music, jogging music, workout music or motivational music.

  • Creates Do or Die spirit:

Just think you’re listening to your favorite running music and somehow it is connected to Usain Bolt and it tends you to think that if Bolt can achieve his goals then I am the one who can also achieve his goals. Once you get this spirit then no one can stop you. We are all associated with some songs, which are linked to some memories and emotions so listening to that music would definitely enrich your way of thinking.

Researches have shown that the songs with 145 beats per minute have the strongest effect to boost up the exercise and brain functioning too. 

  • It helps to recognize yourself:

Many analyses reported that most of people take music as a mood changer and it’s a reality to a great extent too. Free workout music elevates your mood and let you find yourself. Regardless, what has happened to you and what are you going to face soon, but when you are jogging and listening to jogging music or running music then obviously, you wouldn’t be thinking about your problems and yes, this is the magic of workout music.

Many people find music as a mode of self-awareness. Many scientists said that listening to the music of your choice tends you to think about yourself. Doubtlessly, this clears the image of your goals and your progress to achieve them.

  • You’ll feel liberated:

Researchers say that when your favorite beat hits up then it isn’t in your control to stop that beat because that beat is linked with your heart. Similarly, workout music washes all the irrelevant and redundant worries from your mind and produces a sensation of liberation in your mind.

In fact, your favorite beat is synched with your body movements and makes you happy whenever you are exhausted.

According to latest researches, it is revealed that the association of music with our physical movements is more multipart as we think. By gathering enough information from different studies and theories it is found that exercisers usually get a better experience when music is on.

NOW the Best thing:

Fresh and Exclusive Workout Music only on GYMRADIO.COM

Usually, finding fresh and free music according to your taste is like finding a pin in a haystack and once you find it then it is not free of course, but now you have no need to worry about this because is offering limitless music experience for its users. Moreover, the best thing about this is that you can create your own playlist as per your choice and they also have managed songs in different lists like jogging music, running music, workout music and Tabata songs.

All the gym lovers can listen to free workout music only on GYMRADIO.COM limitlessly. Whether you are doing Cardio, Hardcore or simply exercise, GYMRADIO.COM has enlisted all the songs accordingly and then you can find all the songs or music on a single webpage. You are allowed to skip songs and you can get weekly updates there. You can share your progress with them and can get expert advice for better results.

The best convenience that you can link your gym to their app and have best music experience for the workout. Feeling excited? Contact GYMRADIO.COM now without any hesitation. Click here to contact support.

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The fascinating thing about a live event experience is that everyone can appreciate beautiful visuals. From LED stage lighting to artistically developed stages, there’s something to capture everyone’s attention. And while a good deal could be spent on the transformative nature of lighting and the illusionary effects of a physically filled out stage, the real beauty is in the details – the sonic landscapes fully immersing you into the experience.

Good visuals may be one thing, but there’s a limit as to how much connection our motor neurons can create. Our bodies and minds are hardwired to respond viscerally to different sounds. From the bleak, unremitting sadness of a Leonard Cohen concert and his use of empty space, stirring the soul in the silences between his lyrics, to the challenges of any festival season – elevating itself through the crisp and deep sounds of the music, reverberating through the humdrum and white noise threatening to diminish the sonic experience with mighty grandeur.

Sound speaks more to our emotions than our intellect, because sounds don’t communicate concepts and symbols, but rather communicate feelings and moods. A great soundscape is half the artistry of a moving, memorable live event experience.

Why Sound Design Is Important

To deliver such a moving sensory experience, a live event requires one thing – the complete understanding of space, environment, room acoustics, and size of the audience. After all, the venue itself could be a fine musical instrument, an indissoluble element of the hearing experience. Venues are acoustic architectures that interact and enhance the sonic experience, and like any masterpiece that requires the finest artistic brushstrokes, live events need state-of-the-art sound systems and a master composer to imbue the experience with holistic sound that will linger long after the last encore is sung and the final note dissipates.

Music is an instinctive experience. Our bodies are sounding boards – our ears and mind acoustically interact better with the live event experience in a way that is diminished with earbuds or headphones. Live events provide an undiluted connection to the entrancing soundscapes that can’t be found digitally. Good sound design adds sensory reinforcement to the live event, shaping the experience in ways you may not consciously realize at the time.

As technology rapidly advances, new experimental platforms open themselves up to opportunities to engage with audiophiles and create experiences. Creativity and technology merge with good sound design, harmonically balancing the importance of atmospheric energy and a three-dimensional audio landscape.

Sound Transcends Limitations

So how do live events create this sensory bridge? By creating simple and integrated solutions that seamlessly encapsulate an audio visual encounter with clean, open, and dynamic sound. Exceptional sound design has minimal distortion, low noise floor and high headroom, providing the highest quality of audio to communicate with the audience. Such an immersive assembly of soundscapes brought on by noteworthy sound design, livens dull events, inspires specific moods, and bring unadulterated energy to any venue.

Much like Glastonbury or Coachella today, Woodstock, of festivals past, was a cultural and narrative live event experience. The constant undertow of Woodstock may have been peace and love, but two things will forever reverberate from the general presence of Woodstock – its performances which have withstood the test of time, and the undeniable electricity of such a cultural event.

That’s what exceptional sound design does. Professional audio visual systems delivering unparalleled sound artistry demand your attention even when you disassociate the rest of your senses. A good sound design setup resonates through your subconscious, imploring you to explore the colorful sonic soundscape presented before you. The chords, the rhythm, the pattern of music, all of it moves your psyche, reaching into your emotions with thunderous movement, while you stand or sit transfixed. It anchors memories, forever living in your subconscious, waiting to peek out again, releasing waves of nostalgia on the first struck chord or bass drop that demands and elicits a response.

Sound Is Three-Dimensional

The relationship between the stage and audio is more paramount than ever. In the realms of theatre, sound design was previously viewed as a mere technical skill, rather than an art form, much like how a painter or sculptor would infuse their canvas with artistic spirit. In fact, it wasn’t until 2004 that sound design finally received its accolades, becoming a recognized category in the Laurence Olivier Awards.

Great sound design in theatre conjures sonic storms, engulfing theatre practitioners with audio narratives that enrich the stage presence. And much like theatre, concert halls and clubs are experimental approaches to unique sounds, utilizing interesting designer audio video tools to allow individuals to interact with the acoustic architecture within confinements of the venue.

There is signature warmth in the audio as it rebounds and resonates through the archived annals of a venue’s walls, echoing the former glory of expired performances and recordings. In such venues, great sound design supercharges the live event, allowing us to fully immerse ourselves into the experience. Because good sound is heard, but great sound is felt. After all, we hear with our entire body, and to restrict such a symphonic masterpiece (with its low-hum sub-bass frequencies, hi-fi idiosyncratic sounds effects, or even the stripped-down sets of keyboards, drums, and assorted plucked strings) to be distilled and reproduced into a singular interaction through earbuds, we lose the magic and beautiful of a sensory-charged experience.

Sonically animated live events aren’t simply restricted to music festivals, theatres, concert halls, and even clubs. Venues like Native American Pow Wows, coffee shop acoustic sessions, and even tiny desk concerts pulse with a certain energy, imploring to take you on an auditory journey that transcends time and space. It’s an intimate invitation to tune yourself and listen with the naked ear.

And unlike many other mediums of artistic expression, live events are truly unique forms of entertainment – they cannot be duplicated. Live events aren’t just a medium on the visual; they are a unique interplay between sound, light and picture. Sound touches the subconscious, bypassing the logical and intellectual surfaces.

Contrary to the other sensory experiences, sound communicates with us on a visceral and emotional level. And to deliver an experience that hums evocative memories and elicits emotional responses long after the event expires, sound engineers, AV system integrators, and state-of-the-art sound designs manipulate the sonic dynamics to convey a truly borderless experience.

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We live in times when being stressed has become a part of our everyday lives. The rhythm of life has become so fast that we struggle to get our tasks done every day. On the other hand, our personal life depends on the opinion of others, trends, and mass media. Trying to do more than we can and trying to be what we are not, keeps us in the state of constant pressure, and stress is one of the worst enemies of our body and mind. This way of life leads to anxiety, depression, bad headaches, and hypertension. If you already have conditions like insomnia or asthma, stress will make them even worse.  Experiencing stress is inevitable today, but there are methods to control or overcome it. In order to relax and reach a state of calmness and peacefulness, you need to get back to yourself and get your mind off stressful situations.

A mental picture

Today every single situation can become a stressful one, but you still need to distance yourself in order to relax. Sometimes the best way to do that is to plunge yourself into a guided visualization in order to visit unstressful places in your mind’s eye. The most personal part of every human being is his imagination which can always lead you to a relaxing place. All you need to do is to make yourself comfortable and picture a place where you want to be, or that you dream of visiting. It’ also good to picture accomplished goals, because that boosts your self-esteem and releases you from the fear of failure.


It may seem too easy, but sometimes the best way to relieve stress is just to take a bath. Besides the fact that a hot bath relaxes muscles, it can be soothing for the mind as well. But keep in mind that a bath is not some of your daily routines – you need to make it special. Decorate the bathroom with candles, buy a bath pillow and equip yourself with bath salts and soaps that suit you. Let yourself be creative, you can even make your own in-home spa.

Use your hands

When it comes to relieving stress the key is to stay busy and occupy your mind. So stressful situations can be a good time to accomplish some of your artistic ambitions. Arts and crafts are a good way to distance yourself from stressful situations because while doing them you express your inner self. No matter if you take up photography, painting, drawing or pottery, the point is that doing arts and crafts is a creative process, while stressful tasks have nothing to do with creativity. There is no deadline and no objective, just you and your emotions.

Music in the air

It is well known and proven many times that music has a positive effect on our moods and emotions, so it can help reduce the stress. Instrumental and classical music with slow tempos can give us a peace of mind, but it can also affect your body – relax tense muscles, lower your blood pressure and even slow down our breathing and heart rate. There are also music therapies for anxiety and depression. But it doesn’t have to be classical music, actually, it needs to be music that you like. Your favorite songs will release feel-good neurochemical such as dopamine. And you don’t need to be at home to do it, just equip yourself with a set of headphones.

Take it all out

Getting into a relaxed state doesn’t mean just sitting or lying down. In fact, one of the best methods to get rid of stress is to take it all out with physical exercise.  If you’re not the sporty type, don’t worry – you don’t have to go to the gym. Sometimes a 10-minute walk is all you need. It will clear your head and boost endorphins in your brain. Just be sure to pick some calming, green space for your walk. While easy walks are just fine, breaking a good sweat can really clear your mind. Don’t worry, that still doesn’t mean you have to go to the gym. If you want to avoid heavy workout, just get on your bike in order to get more significant results. That way you can spend a relaxing time in nature and pump the stress out. The only thing you need to be aware of is that bicycles are serious investments and you need to choose carefully the one that suits you the best easily if you look for bicycles online. Don’t go for the cheapest one that will be ‛just fine’ because that never works out.

Overcoming stress is an individual process that works differently for everyone. While visualization, hot baths, arts and crafts, music and exercise are proven to work, you can also come up with your own technique. Give your best to be yourself and you’ll start to feel better. The rhythm of today’s life is fast, but the world is never gonna pass you by.