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Setting goals based on motivation means that you seek an extra encouragement to generate ideas while setting the goals.

But goal setting through inspiration will not depend on an extra inducement to step up to create your goals. The ambition is already there in your mind, and you already have an idea of what you need to achieve, this information drives you to create the goals that will make it easier to achieve these goals.

In many instances, goal setting done based on motivation usually ends up with frustrations and discouragement. There is a lot of difference when you set goals by inspiration. Achieving these goals will be easier because you want to achieve them and because you clearly know the impact these goals will have on your business. One of my favorite quotes for inspiration from Stephen Richards tells: “Never allow your mind to wander untamed like a wild animal that exists on the basis of survival of the fittest. Tame your mind with consistent focus on your goals and desires.”

 The following steps should be a part of your strategy to create the right goals through inspiration.

  1.  Consider many options, avoid restrictions while thinking about your goals

There is yet to be a defined limit to which goals can be beneficial so feel free to be creative while planning your goals.

Approach goal setting with boldness. You are only limited as far as your mind believes. Be open to consider new possibilities for your business

  1.  Ensure that your goals can be achieved

Be reasonable when setting goals, this is an important part of goal setting to avoid frustrations and abandonment. While you should be bold and open to new ideas, be realistic about achieving these ideas and the impact on your business

  1.  Start with a good plan

Without a good plan you might end up wasting a lot of valuable time, but with a good plan and the right inspiration, you will know exactly what you have to do to proceed.

  1.  Source for reliable feedback

There are many benefits in carrying out research and analysis. Based on your business, you can choose from a variety of feedback mechanisms. Find out what other people think about your ideas. Find out how people who have done it before achieved success, and apply these principles in your business.


The best way to promote women empowerment and to encourage women to take up entrepreneurship is to have an actual woman to set an example. It gets even best when a black woman takes this part. We all know that women get secondary roles in businesses and entrepreneurship, but Ahyanah Mincy, an ordinary college student from Newark NJ, is using her verified profile on to make a change for women in business. Although she is a full-time college student, her hobby dedicates to promote females in business and entrepreneurship. is a platform from women and mostly referred as LinkedIn for women. On the platform, women can find jobs, ask questions, sell things and can conduct discussions. One of the best features of the platform is the article writing, but only 5,000 users are verified by the platform to write articles. This facility is reserved for the celebrities and executives of the company. Ahyanah is one of the verified users of the site and uses her blog to showcase all women in business. She promotes them not only in business but entrepreneurship as well. A platform that gets 18 million views a week is used by this girl to motivate women and minorities. Most of us have a mindset that leadership roles in businesses are only meant for men, but with her articles, she constantly proves them wrong. Her articles include success stories of black women, and she also writes inspirational quotes to advise women of her age and above.

Although the media in the past decade is very active in including women in business, there is still a lack of recognizing black women in business. Most of us don’t even know that black women are the fastest growing entrepreneurial group in America, but their stories didn’t get covered by the media. Ahyanah single-handedly making a strong point by telling stories of the black entrepreneur women. She started writing about women, and she was so influential that OnMogul decided to verify her account. Although Ahyanah uses the platform to share her views and real stories she is also focused on proving the fact that despite being a minority there are women who are doing well in the line of field and they and constantly preceding racial and discriminatory thoughts.

In one of her article, she wrote about the Great businesses owned by the black women. There was a list of black women who have achieved big in their career and excelled in their entrepreneurship skills. She included Zondra Wilson, Teana Mcdonald, Emore Campbell and Latonia Taylor as an example. All of these women have introduced influential products and ideas. The girl is very clear about the fact that no gender is less then another and color cannot restrict someone from achieving something big. She also included their achievements in the article, and she does it in a way that can leave an impact on the reader’s mind.

She mentioned some other women in her “Successful Black Female Entrepreneurs advise young black women” article, and there are many other similar niche articles that you can find on her blog page. It is recommended for women who feel at a disadvantage to reading articles of Ahyanah Mincy. They will surely start making their presence felt. Reading about women who have realized their dreams and made them true can be inspiring for any women. Remember that women are just as good as women and in some situations, they can be even better than them. So it is foolish to restrict them from achieving their dreams.