After the daunting heating summers, all we wait for is the beautiful rainy weather. The rain is a great relief from the heat bringing a lot of joy along with greenery all around, chilling weather, freshness, and much more.  But along with these, the rainy season brings various restrictions, especially to the outdoor workout sessions. Those who are health & fitness freak do not want to skip their workout sessions at any cost as living a healthy life is one of their major goals.

Monsoon is the season of happiness and positivity, so do not get depressed about it as we have listed below some very effective exercises that can be done at home to maintain healthy physic.

Workout Timings: The monsoon is also the season full of lethargy and laziness. Your couch will always attract and the cold weather will push you to never leave your bed throughout the day. But be strict with your routine and never miss the timings of your workout session. Due to heavy rains, sometimes you may have to miss your gym classes. But start working out at home and try not to skip the times.

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Exercise Equipment: You can buy basic exercise equipment at home. To make your indoor workout sessions more effective you can buy skipping rope, resistance bands, dumbbells, treadmill, indoor cycle, etc. These are some basic pieces of equipment that will help in making your indoor workout session much more interesting.

House Stairs: If you have stairs at home, you can utilize them for your leg exercise. You can simply run up and down the stairs for the leg exercise which is also considered one of the best exercises for a fit body.

Basic Exercises: You can perform basic exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, squats, lunges, planks, etc. that can be easily done at home to make your muscles strengthen. Initially, these exercises need to be performed under supervision, but if you have already attended various gym sessions, you probably know how to perform these exercises efficiently which helps in maintaining your daily workout session without causing any health issues.

Yoga: It is the best exercise to maintain a complete balance between the body, mind, and soul. No extra equipment is required to perform yoga, all you need is a mat and a peaceful ambiance. The yoga asanas indeed need to be performed under the supervision of experts, but once you learned the skill, you can easily perform the same in the house with complete peace. Yoga can be very helpful in increasing flexibility, shaping the body, enhancing immunity, and gaining mental strength. Many people face serious respiratory issues during monsoon and yoga is considered one of the best exercises to overcome such issues.

Dancing on Your Tunes: People who love dancing can use this skill for shaping their bodies. Dancing is a complete body exercise that helps in reducing weight and keeping you fit and healthy all the time. During monsoon, just make a list of your favorite dance numbers and start enjoying your workout session while sitting at home.

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