You don’t have to treat your TV stand as any old boring piece of furniture. TV stands today come in variety of designs and can be customized to fit your tastes and style. Make it fit with the whole space surrounding the TV. If you are a creative person and want to compliment your living decor with a TV unit, then practically anything can be magically turned into an attractive and cool TV stand.

These days there are an endless number of TV stands that can be refurbished to give your home an added value. However, to make the TV stand a part of living décor, it is important to use your creativity! You can implement decorative ideas that turn a house into the home of your dreams!

We’re not talking about bedazzling your stand, we’re talking about real, simple, crafty techniques! If you’re looking for a few ideas for your TV stand, here are the coolest ways you can make the area around your television unique!

A Whole New Look  

As television technology continues to improve, it is important that you upgrade your TV stand along with it as well. Investing in a well-designed and crafted TV stand to enhance the overall décor of the living room is a great idea. There are a few ways you can elevate the look of the entertainment area with drawers, shelves, and glass displays.

A TV stand equipped with some sort of glass display will add some aesthetics to the room. You can easily place knicks and knacks from your travels safely behind the glass. Additionally, you can opt for a few fancy drawers and cabinets to keep sound systems and other gadgets, such as headphones and the TV remote. Not only can having a well-crafted display case or shelf add some sort of appeal to your living room décor, but it can also be practical!

Your entertainment essentials can also become a part of the living room design. This can include floating shelves for your sound system, open and closed shelves for your Blu-rays and DVD’s, and even small cubbies for your Blu-ray players! Essentially, you can make your room synchronized without getting rid of any of your favourite accessories.

Blend It Into the Walls!

Another excellent idea that you can utilize, is to blend your TV stand with a cabinet system, or floating on a decorative wall. You can simply opt for a TV stand designed with little shelves and cabinets so that the television looks like it is a part of all of your favorite trinkets! This enables the TV stand to be beautiful piece of furniture that displays not only your TV, but all of your art and picture frames!

You can also look to install leek wall-mount shelves around a wall-mounted TV. They are quite stylish and require minimum floor space. They also allow the focus to be more on the wall, rather than a giant piece of furniture!

Popular DIY and decorative trends include placing your television on a wall-mount while focusing the eye towards the wall itself! Perhaps putting some wood panels, some fascinating wallpaper, or even painting a mural on the wall! This makes it so the TV becomes ingrained with everything that is happening around it, rather than be a focal point!

Green Display

To coordinate your entertainment area with your living room décor, you can opt for a green display corner. This can be done using smart indoor plants that don’t clutter your space! They will add plenty of greenery, as well as freshness to the living room.

However, it is important for the homeowners to exercise some caution while positioning the plants because there is always the possibility of moisture as well as the water doing some sort of damage to the electronic equipment in the long run.

Update the TV

Your home is your sanctuary, so making your television and entertainment system an integral part of your home’s style is a MUST! Whether you’re making a green space, or focusing on the wall art, these ideas will certainly help to make your TV a fundamental part of your home décor!

In the modern day of living, contemporary designs matter a lot. Whether it is automobile sector or interior designing, the contemporary elements are something every home needs. The contemporary home interior design also means a modern home interior design which means to break the traditional norms and cultures. Being modern also means being comfortable.

From bringing light into the dark spaces, here are 7 of the modern home interior designs:

  1. Choosing right floor plan: Choosing the correct tiles will make your home look bigger and brighter. If you choose the light flooring plan and you let in the natural light, skylight, solar tube and translucent glass for the private areas. Post-1960s, the era of modern designs begun and there was the stoppage to closed off rooms and windows.
  2. Vibrant colors: These days people love vibrant colors. They use tones of gray, brown, white for flooring, furnishing, fixtures and tiles. The contemporary colors will make the household items shine like gold and oozes the finishing and perfection of every detail. However, choosing the neutral colors does not mean, your interior has to be boring. If you are not into more colors, you can combine both neutral and vibrant colors.
  3. Natural interiors: When you use natural interiors like plants, leather furniture, wood, rock, cotton, jute, teak, and other textile finishing instead modern furniture could make home look even more appealing. The natural elements are new cool when it comes to contemporary that every home needs.
  4. Airiness brings in more relaxation: When you have a home that is airy and has the continuous flow of cool air, it relaxes your mind. The stuffy and heavy ornamentation replaced with clean rectilinear lines will give way to the feeling of contemporary design which is lighter in weight and more casual in livability. Furniture that is above the floor will give weightless appeal to the room and is relaxing.
  5. Open rooms: This is applicable to the dining area, kitchen area and drawing rooms. Do not congest everything with walls and windows, keep these rooms open to make the area look wider. Giving them contemporary look with bright colors will add to their beauty. The term “great room” or “big room” is used to signify a blurring of the distinct walls and boundaries of living spaces with the kitchen, family room, etc. The open floor plan is the perfect example of contemporary homes and it creates a unified design aesthetic throughout your home.
  6. Bare floors: sometimes the stuffing of so much furniture could damage the beauty of what could be personified beautification. Thus, keeping the floors open is a new contemporary designing. Bare floors in gorgeous finishes such as hardwoods, ceramic or marble have made way to the contemporary living because the natural and organic materials are a must for contemporary living.
  7. Technology: One of the best parts of contemporary designs is that people love the hidden details. The smart technology is an integral part of modern home interior designing because being modern is all about innovative technology. You must try to incorporate the innovative controls into your home lifestyle and see how much your contemporary home will feel and add hidden luxury details.

Conclusion: To instigate modern home interior designing, you must contact and get all the contemporary designing you wish for your home. They provide affordable and quality interior designing services. They have a professional team of architects and designers who will provide you with the complete package which will change your house ambiance perfectly.

While a condo is almost like a single family home or an apartment, buying one is different from owning a home because there are so many things to find out. Do not take anything at face value. You need to do more due diligence before you can move in to a certain condo community. Quite often, things are not as they seem, so digging deeper for more details helps a great deal. Having said that, do not fear to buy a condominium for indeed, it comes with many benefits, which outweigh the disadvantages by far.

Here the things you need to know:

Big Is Not Always Bad

Although it is not always the case, it is logical to assume that the bigger the condo community the better it is for you because you may pay lower condo fees. If there are more people, then it means the splits will be among all the people and thus, as compared to people living in a small building, you could pay less money in fees. You will have to ask about the fees though because different condo buildings have different rules. Thus, this assumption about big being better may not always hold water. Also, the more amenities there are the better.

You Still Need To Consider The Location

Many times, we assume that condos are built in the best locations, but that does not mean that one location will always be best for you. You need to consider a few things carefully. For example, from the condo building to where your children go to school, it should be very convenient. Consider also how far you would have to drive to go to work. You will be looking for a condo that is right in the middle of everything. Hospitals, railway station, shopping center and many more things should be considered. The closer they are the better because they will also positively influence the appreciation of the condo prices in future should you wish to resell.

You Will Require Permission To Do Your Décor

You will not spruce up your exterior décor any way you want because there are rules and regulations regarding that. The condo management enforces regulations strictly on décor, especially on the sides facing the streets. While the rules are less stringent about the interior décor, if you are not a rules person, you may be a bit hesitant about buying a condo.

Know The Kind Of Lifestyle You Need

It is right to refer to a condo as a condo community because you will be living in a community of other condo owners and anyway, your houses are separated by walls. You will be sharing all the available public amenities like gym, swimming pools, recreational facilities and others. So, before you commit to buy a condo, ask what kind of demographic the condos are targeted at. If you are a young professional, you might find it hard to live with seniors. Thus, look for a condo community that you can live with comfortably. If you are approaching retirement, then you want a community that has families, people of your age as opposed to an under 30 community.

More Amenities Is Always Better

If you will use all the available amenities, take a condo that offers almost everything. Most people wrongly assume that fewer amenities mean lower condo fees but that is hardly the case. The most important consideration is to find a condo building that is big because it means more occupants. That in return means more people to split the fees with. That way, all the amenities are paid for comfortably and you can use them as you wish.

You Need A Real Estate Attorney

Buying a condo is just the same as buying a regular home and therefore you need a real estate attorney. The most important thing is that an attorney will find out for you about the condo’s reserve fund and how well it is managed. A low reserve fund could mean escalated condo fees for you in future. You do not want that.

You May Not Want To Live In A Condo All Of Your Life

As exciting as living in a condo is, you will at some point want to get out and try something different, especially if you are young. Thus, as you buy the condo, consider the future prospects, especially as you may want to resell it. Ask whether condos in that building sell fast or slowly. If fast, go ahead and buy.


Now you know some essential information about living in a condo. So, if you wish to buy a condo, you should be able to make a better decision. If you are from Los Angeles, you can check out Los Angeles condo sale to understand the market scenario. If you have enough budget to buy a home, you can always do that. But buying a Los Angeles condo can prove to be more affordable when you have a tight budget. If you want a condo in Santa Monica, consult the best Santa Monica realtors to find your dream condo in affordable price.

The New Futura project boasts of being one of the largest multi-storied residential projects in Singapore’s Orchid in district 9. It is one of the most ambitious iconic projects in the country.

Those who have booked and aspire to live in this state of the art project are mostly youngsters with a dream. Jack Chen was one of those youngsters. An investment banker by profession.

As someone who always wanted to own property, the New Futura Project was an excellent opportunity. He booked a condo in early 2017 where he planned to live with his wife and two kids.

As a market-savvy person, Jack knew that the market was priced low and it was the best time to get in. Though he also knew that there was a subsequent wait ahead until completion.

Why did Jack Choose New Futura?

Jack chose to buy a New Futura Condo in the South Tower Level 14 Sky Sense. The reason for this was because he loved the design. He also liked the idea of there being several amenities.

Features like the Reading Corner, Wisdom Garden, Creative Garden and Lounge were especially attractive. It was one of those things he thought that the kids would enjoy.

The New Futura Price also fit right into his budget. Compared to other properties this one offered the best value for money.

The other primary reason for choosing the project was because his office was nearby. A mere 10-minute commute made it an attractive location.

Plus, the nearby shops, malls, and other external amenities were a huge bonus. Most of all his kids’ could attend some of the best schools in the city and they were nearby.

New Futura the Experience

Fast forward to present day, and Jack shifted in with his wife and two kids. Its been a month now and he has nothing but praises.

One of the things that instantly became apparent was that the price has appreciated. According to him there are already offers on the table that are nearly 2x the price he paid.

Many offers are from people within the business circle. Most of them are local, and the reason why they want to buy it is because of it being an iconic building.

People dream of living in an iconic building, and this is one of them. However, work is still ongoing on the other towers, and Jack is in no mood to sell right away.

Just saving on the rent, commute to and from work as well as the commute for kids makes up for the expensive. According to his calculation, he would have paid up the price of the home in four years.

Factoring in rental increments, commute costs, and other expenses when living far from the city center is what savvy businessmen like Jack consider when buying property.

If Jack did decide to sell two years from now when the other towards would be complete, he may end up getting 3x to 4x the price he paid. That’s in itself a huge profit.

Luxury on a budget

Jack is a successful investment banker, and luxury was something he always wanted in an apartment. Though with this project it does not cost him a lot.

“I love the fact that you have all these luxuries that no other apartment has in the city. Plus, all your guests know exactly where you live. It has done a great deal of good for my business.” Says Jack.

Others have experienced the same success as Jack with the project. The real estate markets are on an uptick and its now an investors’ market.

Reasons why this is a successful project:

  • State of the art design and construction.
  • All the best facilities for families.
  • Proximity to leading schools, malls and transportation.

Have you seen someone whizzing down the road on an electric bike? Been reading about electric bikes in the news and wondering what all the fuss is about?

For some, an electric bike means the daily commuter can get to work without finding themselves dripping with sweat once they arrive. For others, it means they can keep up with their all-too-energetic partner while they’re hitting the latest bike trail.

Like it or not, electric bikes look like they’re catching on – and we’ll explore why below:

You Can Still Get Fit

The world we live in is alarmingly sedentary, which is why we’re constantly being warned that we need to get up and get active.

Cycling is one of the ways we can do this, while completing a journey in the process.

But how do you get fit when you’re sat on a bike with a motor?

Well, many electric bikes still have pedals. So even though you’re getting a little extra help while you’re peddling around, just keeping your feet on the pedals will mean your legs are moving, your joints are mobilized and you’re burning more calories than if you were driving a car.

And if you do suffer from painful or stiff joints in your legs, you’ll no doubt find this gentle exercise gets things moving without working you too hard.

You’ll Save Money on Commuting

Public transport is becoming increasingly expensive, whereas cycling remains a cost-effective way of getting around. In the UK, a study found that it can cost up to £1.70 per mile to run a car, but just 4.2 pence per mile to run a push bike and as little as 5 pence to keep an electric bike going.

You Can Travel Further – Quickly

Even if someone’s a keen cyclist, an electric bike can help them make that extra-long journey. This means more people may hop on and off their bike to do various chores, which they maybe wouldn’t have done before.

For example, have you always wanted to bike to work when it’s nice and sunny but don’t want to arrive in a puddle of sweat? Well, an electric bike allows you to make the trip without putting as much effort in. And compared to buses or cars, this may be an even quicker way of getting there because you can take cycle routes and short cuts, eradicating all that wasted time you spend in traffic jams.

You Can Become “Green”

Finally, there’s the overwhelming benefit of doing your bit for the environment.

But these bikes use electricity, we hear you cry!

Well, yes, they do, but when you factor in how much electricity you’re using to charge the bike compared to what it would take to charge an electric car or motorbike – this is far less. Plus you’re not emitting any harmful fumes into the atmosphere, and there are sustainable companies you could try and get your electricity from.

And if you really want to go the extra mile, you could even generate electricity using your own wind turbine or solar panels.

Ultimately, electric bikes are transforming the way we get around and do our bit for the planet. And with technology continuing to advance at an exponential rate, who knows what’s next for the world of transport?


If you are thinking to buy a bed and feeling confused whether you should buy a platform bed or not, then you are landed on the correct place. Here, we will discuss the pros and cons of the platform bed and will know if they provide comfort or not. As choosing right type of bed is very important so that you don’t have to compromise with your beauty sleep. You will find various types of bed available in the market come up with different features and styles. If you are planning to switch on to the platform beds, then you can look or choose platform bed reviews before going to purchase it.  So we are discussing advantages and disadvantages of platform bed.

So here we go:


  • The platform beds don’t have springs and that’s why it is extremely comfortable for sleeping. Moreover, it has a very soft mattress and you will love your bed for this. Also, it is proves to be extremely good for people who are heavy. If you love to put stuffs beneath your bed, then it consists of in-built cabinets and drawers which can be used to put the blankets and other stuff hence will save more space.
  • The mattresses for the platform beds can be chosen according to the personal choice as it does not require any type of special mattress. Also, it has a very solid development hence it will serve you for a long time. The people with heavy weights will not find any difficulty on the bed.
  • Platforms beds are too economical for a middle class family as it doesn’t need any box springs or any establishments. It includes a level strong surface which proves to be very helpful for flexible foam beddings. The design of the bed is also attractive and it is noiseless which a great advantage is. Platform beds are most popular in European countries as it can go with any type of home décor. It comes up with varied design: classic, contemporary or traditional. You can choose among them as per your choice.


  • The primary drawback of the platform beds is its price. It is quite expensive but we must say it is worth buying. Also, due to the low profile of this bed, it might be uncomfortable for the people who have issues with knees and back.
  • The placing of bed is also quite difficult around tight corners, stairs and entryways. In case you need to shift the bed from one place to another, then it is really tough to do that as it is a single piece bed.
  • In case you are looking for an attractive designing and planning for it, then you might need to spend more on purchasing high quality mattress for the platform bed to make it stylish.
  • The people who love to store their things inside the bed and want to hide the mess; platform beds are not very suitable for them, as the beds are low floor. However, if you want a storage bed, then platform beds are available with drawer and cabinet storage but the arrangement will be quite expensive.

So, these are the listed advantages and disadvantages of the platform beds. We can conclude by considering both its pros and cons that platforms beds are really comfortable and economical. Though it is quite costly, but it’s a worth buying. Once, you will try the platform bed, you’ll never want its leave its soft mattress. Therefore, our recommendation is that one should try it at least once. It will give immense satisfaction.

Big Ways To Go Green At Home And Live A More Sustainable Life

As we face a growing concern over global warming and the need to limit our energy usage, many families are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. From the obvious to the innovative, there are literally hundreds of ways to go green and make your home more sustainable over the long term. If you’re having trouble knowing where to start, here are a few recommendations that you might not have considered.

Ditch the Post Office

Let’s face it. The holidays are the only times we really need to depend on old snail mail. In today’s digital age, nearly all of your bills can be received paperless. While most utility and financial organizations will let you know of the option, ask the billing department in cases where you’re unsure. Some businesses will even offer you a discount for switching to paper-free billing.

Additionally, get your name taken off as many mailing lists as possible. First, the junk mail is just a waste of paper and, if you’re honest, you don’t even look through most of it. Secondly, there’s probably not anything you receive that you can’t find online. Look at the most recent shopping flyer you received. It probably has the company’s website listed someplace. Just save the site address in your bookmarks and put an end to the waste of paper.

Watch Out for VOC in Your Purchases

VOC stands for volatile organic compounds and these are the substances that give off that chemical odor from new carpets, furniture, paint, and building materials. The odor is caused by the evaporation of the chemicals used in the manufacturing process. While some people like the smell and refer to it as a “new” smell, it can actually be damaging to the eyes, respiratory system, and central nervous system. VOC products contribute to indoor air pollution, making it 5-10% higher than outdoor air pollution. The Environmental Protection Agency has tested products containing VOC chemicals and found that they can make air pollution content as much as 100 times greater than outdoor air pollution. When shopping for these types of products, watch for labels that guarantee the product is VOC free. They may be a little more expensive, but they won’t put your health at risk.

It’s Time to Replace Your Incandescent Light Bulbs

In most households, lighting comprises 12% of the home’s energy consumption, so looking for ways to reduce this expense is an important factor in going green. Incandescent light bulbs should be replaced with LED and CFL bulbs, which can save as much as 75% on your energy usage. In addition to using less energy, compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) and light emitting diode (LED) bulbs last longer. They will typically outlast incandescent bulbs by 10 to 25 years.

Use Organic Cotton Bedding and Linen

Therapists often speak about quality sleep which is essential for healthy living. Standard linen used in your bedding hampers this by triggering allergic reactions such as itchy eyes, headaches and fatigue. Swapping your conventional sheets for organic linen is one of the quickest ways to reduce your exposure to toxins. Choosing organic bedding is a right way to incorporate a greater environmental awareness into your everyday life.

Invest in a Composting Bin

A large portion of the trash produced in homes comes from food scraps and leftovers. The simplest way to get rid of these unwanted scraps is to throw them in the trash. However, that means they’ll take up valuable landfill space, where they will serve no purpose. Instead, invest in a composting bin, so you can turn those food scraps into fertilizer. A typical composting bin runs between $100 and $600. It may be worthwhile to invest in a higher end model with a removable bottom hatch for removing the fertilizer and a secure top lid to prevent pests from creating a problem.

Collect Rainwater

Water is our most valuable resource and we’re only now beginning to realize that our supply of freshwater is limited and diminishing. To save on water consumption, collect the rainwater that falls on your roof and in your yard. Otherwise, much of that water will end up flowing into the street, collect contaminants, travel through the sewer system and end up released into the area’s natural bodies of water. Set up barrels to collect the rainwater that falls on your roof. This may involve hiring someone to clip and alter your gutters, so they can be redirected to the barrels. The savings on water will pay for that expense. Rainwater can be used for gardening and watering houseplants.

Reuse Containers and Supplies

The internet is filled with nifty ideas for reusing everything from old containers to unused crafting scraps. In addition to reducing waste, this can help you explore your creativity, make better use of what you have, and create some truly unique homemade gifts for your loved ones. How challenging you get us up to you, but many projects don’t require more than some glue, thread, and basic tools. The best way to be sustainable is to reduce your waste as much as possible and crafting is a great way to do that.

Upgrade Your Appliances

This includes everything from your refrigerator to your air conditioning system. As for household appliances, look for the Energy Star rating and compare energy usage for different brands of the same items. Additionally, have a professional evaluate your heating and air conditioning units to make sure they’re as efficient as possible. If it’s an older home, updating the system may provide significant savings on your monthly energy usage.

Smart Home Tech is an Invaluable Resource

Smart home technology is helping people reduce their energy usage in big ways. Many systems allow homeowners to control door locks, heating and A/C, and lights remotely from their mobile devices. This means costly energy usage can be eliminated, when no one is at home. Similarly, the devices can be programmed to turn back home, just before the first occupant is expected to return. By getting a better control on your utilities, you can manage your energy usage more efficiently, which also helps to reduce spending on your monthly budget.

These are but a few ways that you can live greener at home. While reducing energy consumption plays a big part in being more sustainable, it’s not the only way to do your part to protect the environment. If you’re looking for more things you can do, search the internet or consult your local utility companies. There are options for financing your home improvement where you can take help. They may have inexpensive changes you can make to reduce your household’s carbon footprint.

Pests, rodents, termites, and insects can make life miserable for you and your family. Not only do they make you uncomfortable, but they can also contaminate food items and spread disease. Most homeowners take the problem seriously and look for ways to eliminate pests at the earliest and for good. Though people generally try to do it with some initial measures, pest control may be required in almost every case. If you are planning to invest in a pest control project, there are a few things to bear in mind. Let’s check the 5 do’s and don’ts of pest control:

1.Do look for a professional service

You may be tempted to take up a DIY project but professional services always give you better results. You may have to spend an extra buck but it will be absolutely worthwhile. Professional services will ensure safety for the family. At the same time, they will drive away pests effectively and for a longer time span. Moreover, some providers even give a warranty period and redo the job in case of unsatisfactory results.

2.Do keep clear of chemicals

An important point to consider is that you have to make sure that the family keeps clear of the chemicals used for pest control. This is particularly important for babies, young children, pets, and the elderly. Arrange a separate accommodation for them while the house is being sprayed with chemicals. Also, make sure that the food items and water sources are protected from chemical exposure. You can even opt for the groceries to be packed and being kept out of the house during the job.

3.Don’t give pests options to hide

Pests and rodents will try to escape and find places to hide when pesticides are sprayed in the house. So the best thing to do is to close up all the possible hiding places they may look for. Seal the nooks and crevasses with newspaper and duct tapes. You can get rid of them for good if they are not able to escape the chemicals’ impact and die or leave the place.

4.Don’t be careless about chemical disposal

Another key thing to ensure is the right disposal of chemicals, whether you do it yourself or engage a professional for the job. Do not just throw the chemical and containers in the dustbin in the drain. Dispose the hazardous waste by calling the community disposal authority to come ad pick it.

5.Do ensure pest prevention later too

Having pest control done is just half the work done. You also have to ensure that you prevent the entry of pests later too otherwise all the effort will be wasted.  Ask the professionals about the ways to do so. Look for natural, chemical-free pesticides to drive away pests on a routine basis.

There are a number of professional service providers engaged in providing services for pest control west palm beach fl and other cities. You can find more about them and choose the best one for pest control services for your home.

Life in the Country 4 Tips for First Time Homesteaders

When you are tired of the hustle and bustle of city life a laid-back life in the country seems like paradise! The nature, the open spaces, the clean air, it sounds like a dream come true. And then there is the temptation to go a little off the grid to live a more sustainable lifestyle. If these sound like you then homesteading may be the life for you! Here are four tips to help you make the change to the life a homesteader and leave the city behind.

Pay Attention to the Weather

When living as a homesteader checking the weather will become an important part of your life. Weather is critically important for farmers because you will rely on it to make your living. As you adapt to life as a homesteader, and start to plant and run your homestead, checking the weather will become a habit in your new way of life.

Go Off the Grid

There are a number of reasons for trying to make your new homestead as self-sustaining and green as possible. Out in the country, you will likely not be on any city utilities, so it will be advantageous to create a self-sustaining homestead.

Dig a well for water, get a propane tank for energy, a septic system installed to handle waste, and even a generator to run your electricity. Consider other sources of energy, such as geothermal and solar, so you can be as energy independent as possible. Being a homesteader is a great way to get off the grid and to create your own way of life. Creating a self-sustaining homestead is just another perk of homestead life.

Pay Attention to Markets

While your main goal may be to rely on subsistence living, you also may want or need to sell some of what your farm produces. This is most likely to be true in the beginning. Whether you are planning to grow grains, like those offered by Grainpro Australia Pty Ltd, or raise livestock, it is important to know what prices your products will fetch so you can produce what is in demand and properly plan ahead.

Consider Pets

Pets can be invaluable to a homesteader. They make great companions and are very helpful as working animals on a farm. They can guard your property and livestock as well as rid the farm of pests. If you do choose to get a large breed of dog for the purposes of being a guard dog, it is imperative that the animal is trained properly. If it is not, it may be wantonly aggressive and injure friends, children or passerby. A number of outdoor cats will help keep the local population of mice, rats and other pests under control so they won’t destroy your crops or garden.

Homesteading can be the perfect life for some people, especially if you want to live a more sustainable, off the grid lifestyle. However, it’s important to know what you are getting yourself into before you make the jump. Follow these tips and have a plan, and soon you will be living the rural homestead life.

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Kitchens are the most popular room to remodel in individually designed homes. Today, a lot goes into designing and building a custom luxury kitchen. You must keep practicality in mind, as well as pay attention to the look and feel of the space.

Now is the time to make your vision for your kitchen a reality. Maximize this essential home space with the help of the following must-have features that will take your kitchen to its peak functional and aesthetic form.

1. Double Ovens

Having a double oven will make your kitchen look stylish. The main oven can be used without requiring you to bend over with difficulty, while the secondary oven is used for additional baking and plate warming.

By separating the ovens from the burners, you can also install a nice cooktop which can open up new floor-plan possibilities.

2. Island Cooktop

A kitchen cooktop will provide countertop burners. If it is built into a huge island, you can have wide workspaces and some room for other provisions underneath, like a warming drawer. You can have a downdraft exhaust system installed to avoid a view-blocking range hood above it, and in some cases commercial hood cleaning can save you buying a new hood exhaust. Long cabinets can also act as tower bars.

3. Coffee Bar

Enjoy having a special area just for making your favorite drinks. Functional and stylish kitchen coffee stations can stock everything you need in one location, such as coffee cups and condiments.

 An area like this will provide functionality away from the main meal preparation and cooking area.

4. Built-In Refrigerator

Built-ins will keep the look integrated and smooth. Shallow refrigerators line up perfectly with lower cabinets. They have articulating hinges so they open fully. Moreover, customized panels blend your freezer and refrigerator into its neighboring cabinetry, and this can help boost the overall aesthetic appeal of your kitchen.

5. Enclosed Trash and Recycling

A trash and recycling area is a feature that you’ll use on a daily basis, and you will love the convenience it offers. However, this can take up floor space and attract pests. Interior designers thus recommend keeping it hidden. For instance, you can include compartments for your waste containers in custom cabinets.

Also, you can choose to put it in a pantry, either under the sink or in a pull-out drawer. Another tip is to consider if you’re already following a perfect diet or not, since it can go a long way to reducing leftovers if the food is so good it gets eaten straight away!

6. Divided Storage

Organize your kitchen utensils with internal drawer dividers. Built-in dividers will also provide a cleaner, more finished look to space as compared to organizers bought separately and placed inside the drawer.

7. Dishwasher Drawers

Dishwasher drawers are better options than the regular dishwasher or a full-sized dishwasher. Opt for dishwashers that have the look of a typical drawer that can be pulled out for fast and easy sink-side cleanup.

These appliances are efficient if you only need to clean few dishes. Install one in a basement game room, near a meal prep area, or in a butler’s pantry.

8. On-Counter Appliance Garage

This is quite similar to a garage for cars. It houses all the appliances that you often use but don’t want to keep in plain sight. An on-counter appliance garage has a roll-up aluminum door that closes to hide the blender or juicer, leaving a counter space in front.

9. Deep Drawers

Interior designers recommend having a deep drawer beside the kitchen range so you can have easy access to big cooking pans and pots. Typical drawers are limited in their size by the cabinet housing them. Deep drawers offer marvelous utility.

10. Proper Lighting

Consider having layers of light and multiple fixtures to cover each area in your kitchen. Use hanging lights to cover the island with ample lighting. Recessed ceiling lights can be used to shine down on work surfaces. For proper task lighting on each counter-top, install under-cabinet lights.

The kitchen deserves a clever lighting plan that will address the room’s different roles. Make sure your kitchen is a welcoming place for your family and friends to gather with excellent overall lighting. The helpful Trendsetter blog emphasizes that a well-lit kitchen typically displays three types of light: accent, task, and ambient.

11. Sustainable Flooring

The kitchen is one of the areas in a home that gets the most traffic. This also requires frequent cleaning. An ideal flooring option for your kitchen is ceramic tile. This material offers an unmatched combination of durability, maintenance, and good aesthetics.

12. Pot Filler

Finally, a pot filler is a smart convenience you will love if you enjoy cooking. This has a swing-out faucet on a jointed arm, which is mounted near or over the stove. You can use pot fillers not just for cooking but also for getting hot water for coffee or tea, making gravy, and adding water to soups.

The sky’s the limit when outfitting a custom luxury kitchen. Since the kitchen is often the main activity hub in your home, it is considered the most popular room to modify to fit the whole household’s needs. So if you are ready to build your luxury kitchen and quite unsure about where to start, get in touch with reputable luxury home builders who can provide expert help.