Leather bags

People are driven by excitement, whether about hitting a club or a housewarming party, just casual shopping or maybe trekking and picnic. These are the general forms of outing and travelling events we carry out daily. If we analyse, something in common among all these is the accessory called a bag, which is indeed the essential part of the personality and dress up. The handbags, sling bags, cross body bags help the ladies stand out as unique and alluring characters in the event. It enhances the personality and instils confidence in the young women in the race to establish themselves in this male-chauvinistic society. When someone says bags, all we hear is leather.

Types of Leather bags: –

When we say leather, people imagine bags for party wear, sling bag, clutch or backpack. Yes, though all these bags are made of leather, it is not easy to be a woman or maybe the one who has options to choose from, especially when there is online shopping. The bags made from leather are also of different types, needed for differing occasions and matches with various dressing styles: –

  • Backpack- Leather bags online can also be the backpack meant for carrying a large number of items and is designed for trekking, picnic or maybe office use purposes. The backpack can adjust more items as compared to a day pack.


  • Party bags can either be clutch, pouch, wristlet or bracelet bags which are mostly carried by ladies, which adds to their personality and beauty as an accessory. The party bags are not only meant for grand parties but also casual function and office use. While fancy clutches are meant to be carried with the gown and outshine, the pouch or wristlet are meant for the working ladies.


  • Bum bag or Wrist bag- Who said that the bags are only meant for women? It is as well important for the boys. The wrist bags or bum bags are very useful to carry some, just smaller things and not carry any additional luggage or bag.


  • Randoseru- The Randoseru is a type of bag that gets its name after “ransel.” These bags are usually famous with the students in college, who have few books to carry. This bag has a hard shell-like appearance and is light and comfortable to carry.

Types of leather used in bag-making: –

Leather bags online are one of those aesthetic pleasures in our lives that every other woman fancied. Leather bags have been and will always continue to be a pole star in the fashion horizon. Right from the girl next door to the celebrity show stopper, each one of them desires a leather bag irrespective of what they can afford and what matches their class. Leather bags are a status symbol, a literate fashion choice. But, leather bags online are fancied by women irrespective of their class. Therefore, the type of leather also varies. The different types of leathers used for the bags are: –

  • Full-grain leather is the most strong and durable type of leather used, which prevents the bag from tearing, peeling the cover etc. This leather is metaphorical to wine, as it gets old and fine with time. In the same manner, the Full-grain leather bags become more attractive, beautiful and eye-catching over time.


  • Top Grain Leather is the less durable but more uniform type of leather as compared to Full-grain Leather. Though it deteriorates faster than others, its uniform appearance and extensive dyeing process make it a lot more attractive from the first use.


  • Synthetic leather, also known as faux, is another type of leather typically meant for the category of people who are somehow on the lower side of the average income group. In other words, faux leather is an alternative for animal skin leather, which makes it non-cruel against the animals and affordable for the not so wealthy class. However, they are a constraint to the environment. But for the ones looking for durable, moderately priced and beautiful products, these types of leather bags online are it.

Conclusion: –

There are various other bags like cross body bags, sling bags, tote bags, box bags, doctor’s bags etc., made of leather or any synthetic leather. The leather industry and fashion industry are closely knit, and nowadays, with the availability of alternatives to animal leather, it seems the fashion fanatics browsing online have lucked out.