Management consulting is a $250 billion industry. It has been growing in the past decades and now is the moment when it will be disrupted. is one of the companies that plans to do that.

Nowadays, a lot of big companies are using consultants to solve their business challenges. However, small and medium enterprises are rarely using them, for various reasons. One would be that big consulting companies are charging big fees and the other one would be that small business owners don’t know how a consultant can help them. tries to solve that by create an online community of consultants that fit the bill for every possible problem. It’s a platform to ask questions and connect with consultants (both independent and from small boutique consultancies) who provide free solutions and quality answers to business challenges. After a business problem is solved, the business and consultant are connected and can collaborate more if needed. It’s also a place where consultants can gain and share knowledge, being the only platform where consultants from different companies can brainstorm on the same business problems.

Today we live in the world of complex problems and no complex problem can be solved with standard methodology or approach. We need professionals from different area of expertise to join hand together and solve a complex problem.

You can join today this exciting new consulting community. You can do so by logging in with your LinkedIn profile and start raising your profile on the site. Whenever you post a challenge or answer an existing one, you will gain reputation points and raise your Consulthon scoring, thus making you more visible for potential companies that would like to hire a consultant.

The site is the largest Q&A website for consultants out on the market so hopefully you will be able to learn new things on the way while also sharing your current knowledge with other people.
Business owners can also greatly benefit from this website by raising challenges and getting free solutions to their business problems, so join today the Consulthon disruption of the consulting industry.