When welcoming a new kitten to the family, there are lots of things you need to do and consider ensuring they’re as safe and comfortable as possible. Kittens bring so much joy and happiness to any home, from their playful behaviour to their adorableness but just like any other pet, they require specific care and attention to keep them healthy and strong.

With kittens coming home as young as 8 weeks old, it’s important to make sure you’ve ticked all the boxes to provide the best possible environment for your new pet. 

Before Your Kitten Arrives

There is a period before your kitten arrives that enables you to prepare for your new family member and ensure everything is as it should be. When your kitten is up to 8 weeks old, you need to focus on prepping your home and purchasing all of the essential items that they’ll need upon arrival. Below is a tick list of all the items you should consider introducing to your home, which you can find online here or in your local supermarket and pet store: 

  • Cat litter tray
  • Scratching post (to prevent scratched furniture!)
  • Toys (kittens need plenty of entertainment)
  • Snuggly blanket (ideal for keeping them cosy and warm)
  • Cat food and cat treats

You should also create space for your kitten, as they love to run around and play as well as hiding around the house. Kittens are extremely curious animals and the more space they have to explore the happier they’ll be. Remember to block off any areas you think may not be safe for your kitten and similarly block areas you don’t want them getting into.

Bringing Your Kitten Home

When the time finally arrives to bring your gorgeous new kitten home, you need to think about the way you’re going to introduce them to their new environment. Your kitten will be shy and nervous, so think about the best way to ease them in without making them feel scared or overwhelmed. It’s often worth placing the cat carrier in your home, with the door fully open for your kitten to enter and leave as they please. You may find it takes them a while to pluck up the courage to explore the home, but after a little while they’ll become more confident and happier taking a look around. 

Additional Considerations

Getting a new kitten comes with a lot of responsibility and planning, but once you have everything ready and prepared, you’re in for years of happiness with your new four-legged friend. Taking key things into consideration such as which vets you’re going to register your kitten with, when to book your kitten in for their vaccinations and jabs, which food is best for your kitten and more will ensure your kitten is given the best start in life. You can always make changes along the way, but making a clear plan before they arrive will help you adapt to life as a new kitten owner and enjoy making memories with your pet.