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As one of the leading brands in top-notch leather products like shoes, jackets, and other leather accessories, Martin key endeavors to stay ahead of trends. The products are high-end, and people cannot get enough of them. The secret behind Martin Key is delivering products that are personalized and unique to your specifications. Once you make an order, you are assured of the best possible end product. Take a look at some of the latest trends that Martin Key has to offer.

The Outsider

The Outsider is a brilliant black leather jacket in Nappa that embodies a style with a twisted design. That, and a small touch of playfulness, makes this piece of art sort of an outsider in the collection. The design is inspired by the belief that we should not hide our true selves just to fit in. The jacket has a two-way zipper adorned with the symbolic Martin Key keyhole. The inside has a lining and a pocket. On the outside, it has three pockets with zippers and a leather tag.

The PARIS Sneaker

The PARIS sneaker is a high-end product from Martin Key’s low shoe collection. It has a front zipper made in Lampo, Italy. As with other sneakers in this collection, the octagon is marked on calf leather in the back of the red inner sole. This model gives you that casual feeling and look.

The Breaking of Patterns Card Holder

This is a high-end black double-sided card holder made from Croco leather. The design and the double octagon shape are an inspiration to break patterns and pursue your destiny while you face the challenges therein. The design makes it intentionally slim to slide into your pocket. The Martin Key logo is located just above the lower slot on each side. The card holder has five credit card pockets: two on either side and one central pocket.