India offers a treasure trove of breathtaking natural treasures that captivate the hearts of nature lovers with its vast and diverse landscapes. This bustling country is home to a wide variety of magnificent landscapes, from towering mountains and dense forests to cascading waterfalls and unspoiled beaches. There are many beautiful places in India, whether you’re looking for tranquil surroundings, exhilarating experiences, or just want to be surrounded by Mother Nature’s magnificence.

Discover land and its inhabitants up close and personal as you explore the huge landscape. They let you fully appreciate each and every moment while traveling while moving at your own pace. Maybe that’s why all the world’s seasoned tourists advise you to see new places. Plan your trip accordingly, book Indian Eagle flights and take pleasure in a fascinating vacation as you pass through the most beautiful places in India.

Uttarakhand’s Beautiful Flower Valley


The Valley of Flowers National Park in Uttarakhand, which is tucked away in the Garhwal Himalayas, is an alpine flower lover’s delight. The valley changes from July to September into a beguiling tapestry of innumerable colors, with uncommon flowers like the blue poppy and Brahma kamal flowering profusely. This is one of the scenic places in India that offers a serene retreat for nature lovers.


Ladakh’s Majestic Landscapes

The stunning vistas of Ladakh, in the far north of India, are a must-see for those looking for an otherworldly experience. Ladakh offers visitors a bizarre landscape that instills awe with its rough mountains, deep valleys, and dazzling lakes. Explore Pangong Tso Lake’s austere beauty, awe at the centuries-old monasteries clinging to the cliffs, or go on exhilarating treks among the towering peaks. Ladakh delivers an experience unlike any other. If you are thinking about how to get miles for flights in India, then visit the travel website or call customer care to get the best deals.


Kerala’s Pristine Backwaters

Kerala, dubbed “God’s Own Country,” is a paradise for those who enjoy the outdoors. The calm backwaters, which are made up of a system of interconnecting lakes, rivers, and canals, provide a tranquil haven from the busy city life. On a typical houseboat tour of the backwaters, see picturesque villages, luscious paddy fields, and coconut trees. This is one of the most beautiful places to travel in India that creates the ideal environment for rest and renewal.

Serenity in the Western Ghats

An oasis for biodiversity and a shelter for environment lovers, the Western Ghats are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These historic mountain ranges are located in six different Indian states, including Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Maharashtra. Visit the mist-covered hill towns of Munnar and Coorg, go for a walk through the Nilgiri forests, or see the gushing waterfalls at Jog and Athirapally. Everywhere you turn in the Western Ghats, you can find a wide variety of experiences and breathtaking views. So plan your trip and book cheap international flight deals to have a memorable vacation.

Rajasthan’s Ranthambore National Park

The Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan offers wildlife fans the chance to see the majestic Bengal tigers in their natural environment. This national park is home to a wide range of flora and animals, including leopards, sloth bears, and more than 300 kinds of birds. It is dispersed across the Aravali and Vindhya mountain ranges. Join an exhilarating jungle safari led by knowledgeable naturalists to experience the unadulterated beauty of the forest. So, book Indian Eagle cheap flights and enjoy a memorable trip.


Manali and Kullu

This is one of the most beautiful places to travel in India simply could not be missed. The most enticing towns in Himachal Pradesh are surrounded by lush vegetation, stunning waterfalls, and a tranquil atmosphere. You could also take part in the most thrilling water sports. When traveling through North India by car, make sure to explore the roaring rivers, lakes, and famed temples of Kullu and Manali. So search for the best international flight booking websites and plan a budget-friendly trip.

Lake Lonar in Maharashtra


The largest basaltic rock crater and the oldest meteorite crater in the world are both referred to as Lonar Lake or Lonar Crater. It is situated in the Buldhana district of Maharashtra. Its length is around 1832 meters, and its average depth is 148 meters. You will squint in amazement at the lake’s unusual environment. It is regarded as one of India’s most beautiful natural tourism locations.

These are some of the beautiful Places in India. The place provides a multitude of experiences for nature enthusiasts thanks to its unrivaled natural beauty and different terrain. Nature is an endless supply of health benefits for both the body and the soul. In India, there are many stunning natural areas with deep green woods, high mountains, stunning flowers, rivers, and more. These places are popular with couples looking for a romantic holiday. Even explorers and lone travelers like spending their free time in these locations.

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  2. 1337x: – This is not just famous in India but third most traffic producing site in the world. This is more like a search engine that provides links to magnet links of the movies. This is a torrent platform site and has all kind of movies.
  3. Moviesda: – This site dominates with the Tamil movies but you can also find some Bollywood and Hollywood movies as well. If you like South Indian movies, this is the finest site for you to search on.
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  5. Gofilms4u: – This site is more popular for its interactive interface. It is extremely quick to adapt kind of site and you enjoy the searching and downloading here. they have all the Bollywood Hollywood or other movies.
  6. KatmovieHD: – This site is dominantly used to download Hollywood movies and TV series. You get all your favorite movies and web series stacked up at single place. You can download them in just a few clicks.
  7. 123movies: – You might already be aware of this name already. This is one of the oldest sites in the market that rules the pirate movies business. They have all sort of Indian and foreign movies to be downloaded.
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  9. Worldfree4u: – Another old champ of the pirated movies downloading platforms in India. The site has been working properly for more than 7-8 years and has a bit old interface. Yet you get all the movies to download and has no complain with the site.
  10. Fzmovies: -This site is not for all but only for those who love animies. The site only offeres you to download the animies. It is really simple to use site and for animie lovers, this site is a paradise. They don’t let an movie skip if it is an animie.

Tucked with unparallel beauty and serene atmosphere, India’s pilgrimage centers are places to witness the spiritual divinity and merge oneself into that picturesque beauty of God’s own creation.  With the architectural brilliance and the underlying history of these centers, India’s pilgrimage center is a must visit. The sacred soil of the country will always keep you in touch with sacredness and with utmost peace. Rightly known as the “Land of Faith”, India is seen with diverse religious and its significance which proves India as one of the best Pilgrimage hubs in the world. With a larger number of mosques, Gurdwaras and Temples, India has ranked its tourism Industry into the topmost and created an ever-fascinating place in the world. To break it down, here are some of the pilgrimage centers in India which will help you to believe those spiritual divine powers and witness the backdrop beauty. 

Vaishno Devi – 

Settled on the Trikuta Hills, Jammu resides the holy place of Vaishno Ma ki Mandir. Vaishno Devi is one of the most popular pilgrim centers in India, with its unmatched natural beauty it is a must visit. Trekking to the temple and reach to the place where Goddess presides countless blessings, Vaishno Devi soothes one’s mind and body. The journey to up the hill will always create a certain memory in your mind. 

Golden temple, Amritsar – 

With its sacred golden structure and its reflection on the pious lake and the flock loitering in the pilgrim shrine, Golden Temple is a place where you will be urged to visit.  Golden Temple is one of the most important pilgrim centers of Sikh community. It was built by the fourth Sikh Guru- Ramdas Sahib Ji. The temple preserves many historical events which attracts the place even more. Peace is the synonym of the place which will provide a tranquility within you.

Jagganath Temple, Puri- 

One of the important pilgrimage centers of Hindu Community. The temple is considered as one of the finest monuments in Odisha. The main temple resides the idol of Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra and Goddess Subhadra. The sacred place is an authentic image of Indian Culture. The temple comes to its lives during the period of Rath yatra where people from across the world visits the sacred place.

 Tirumala Venkateswara Temple, Tirupati-

 The place where the sacred idol of Lord Vishnu resides. The last hill of Seshachalam range in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh is where the Tirumala Venkateswara Temple is situated. The temple is believed to be the most visited temple amongst the Hindu community, and it attracts millions of people all over the year. 

Dargah Gharib Nawaz, Ajmer- 

It is a place where you will receive the utter peace and tranquility amid crowd. The place is visited by all faiths which makes this place as one of the most visited religious centers in India. The place holds a certain captivity which soothes the mind of each devotees while you enter this sacred place. During the Urs festival, the dargah took a spectacular view. 

Amarnath Cave- 

The enchanting states of India, Jammu and Kashmir are the place where the enthralling Amarnath cave resides. Amidst the snow-capped mountains and mind-boggling beauty, the place is visited by everyone wither a non-religious person or a religious person. To reach the cave one must to trek up to the cave which makes the place as in of the adventurous religious center. The place is believed to revel the secret of immortality to goddess Parvati which was overhead by two pigeons. And till today one can find two pair of pigeons in the cave. Amarnath is famed for the linga which is created naturally by ice. 

India, officially known as the Republic of India, is a country located in South Asia. India is the seventh-largest country in terms of area and the second-largest populated country on earth. However, even with its large population, India has still managed to be one of the most democratic states on the planet.

India as a country has continued to experience rapid growth in tourism with tourists coming from both within and abroad. This increase in tourism has forced the state to heavily invest in tourism, placing the country among the best tourist destinations across the globe.  

If you are planning to travel to India, then you will surely enjoy each second of your time. The country prides itself with endless tourist attractions that will surely suit your spirit of adventure. The following places are one of the best places to visit when on an India tour.



Kashmir is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in India. The town, due to its beauty, got nicknamed the heaven on earth. The city gets characterized by picturesque lakes, striking frits orchards among many other features. 

If you visit the Kashmir town, you will surely get to enjoy the shikara boat ride on the pristine lake and enjoy a full view of the beautifully manicured gardens. Apart from that, you may also have the rare opportunity of getting yourself fresh orchards from the orchard garden available. 

Leh Ladakh


Leh Ladakh gets referred to by many as the land of the majestic snowcapped mountains. If you are traveling in India and you happen to be one of those nature lover individuals, then you should visit the place.  The place id so peacefully and serene, and it will surely give you the best-relaxed environment away from the busy towns.

The town is the home most glacial lakes. If you are also on an India tour and seeking spiritual feeling and divinity, then Leh Ladakh will be the right place for you. The town apart from the beautiful sceneries is also provides a very conducive spiritual environment through the hymns and chants in the Hemis monastery. 



Delhi, as the capital of India, is one of the best travel destinations in India and across the globe. The city gets characterized by heritage and monuments. If you are on an India tour and you prefer shopping and serene accommodation, then you should visit Delhi city.

Apart from the monuments, Delhi city also is home to some of the best malls where you can shop. There are also best accommodations to stay while on your trip. In a nutshell, Delhi is the perfect combination of culture and modernization and a place worth visiting when traveling in India.



The agar city location is in the deep Mughal charm. The city is known to many and is home to the eternal love symbol. Agra city gets rated highly on the world’s top heritage map.  The city also boasts of being the only city in the world that glitters with three heritage sites. Agra city is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit when traveling in India.

The Agra city receives hundreds of thousands of tourists due to its three gems and the impressive Taj mahal.  These tourists mainly comprise of historians and art lovers from India and other people from the rest of the world on India tour.



India has, for the longest time been characterized by its spiritual and religious cultures. If you are on an Indian tour, you may need to visit the holy Varanasi city. The city that also goes by the name moksha and holds great spiritual significance in India. 

The Varanasi city location is on the banks of the gaga a river considered to be very sacred by most Hindus. Even though good looking, the Varanasi city gets estimated to be around 5000 years old.  If you visit the town you will encounter holy temples together with Ghats that are ever flooded by different people performing their various rituals and prayers.

If you are traveling in India and you would like to couple up your India tour with spiritual or divine intervention, then you should consider visiting the Varanasi city. 


India is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit on earth. If you are traveling in India, then you should find sites mentioned above worth spending your time and money in and enjoying your India tour. Whether you love culture or nature, surely India will be the right place for you.    

India is a country where opportunity and growth are becoming more prevalent for firms. Location is important for any business, as it can truly make the crucial difference between success and failure. A firm floundering in a crippled country won’t last long. In the end, picking the right location for your business takes wisdom and precision.

Whether you’re traveling to the country on corporate business or launching your very own enterprise, there’s a lot of potential in India that could benefit your venture. There’s more than one reason to utilise this location as your business’s base. We try to explore some of them below.

Populated by the Young

India is fueled by youthful ambition. The median age range in India in 2015 was 26.7, and by 2020 it’s expected to reach 28.2. This is a young demographic in a corporate world, and many business owners might see employing such people as more of a risk over candidates who are more experienced and aged. Perhaps younger people are just too immature, or aren’t imposing enough to represent serious business?

However, the wise business owner views the situation far differently. This younger age demographic is old enough to be mature and professional, but young enough to provide fresh ideas. Additionally, younger recruits in their 20s can be better trained, be more loyal to the company that gives them a chance, are more recently educated, and are almost certainly hungry for opportunity and learning with a youthful exuberance. This can all only benefit a business.

The State of the Economy

It’s a well-known fact that any business can only succeed in a country that is economically viable. The same is certain for a business doing trade overseas, picking partners that will boost their profits rather than deplete them. Put simply, a company is only as good as it’s country, so choosing the right country is vital to create a firm that can truly go the distance.

India is that country. It’s an undeniable fact that India possesses an economy that is going from strength to strength, lending a great arena for businesses to compete in. Consequently, the county isn’t one that is severely impoverished or hidden away; it’s an area of the world fit to take prominence on the global corporate stage. Any business would be lucky to situate itself here, or take advantage of the booming economy through partnerships and trade.

Open Access

For foreign business peoples, working in a new country can be an intimidating prospect. Can you assimilate into the country? Can you get to know the landscape as well as the cityscape? Will a brief business trip cripple your company forever? After all, a business must be confident to succeed, and a business that looks like it doesn’t belong in the market, or fills a crucial need in the country, will not generate much commercial interest.

Nevertheless, in India there is always an opportunity to learn everything it has to offer to understand where your business fits in. It’s important to be knowledgeable of the culture and climate so that your venture understands the people it serves. The country invites any newcomer to better understand it and taking up the offer will help to authenticate your business among the populace whether you’re a visitor or there to stay.

indian railway

Trains have always been a popular and integral part of India. Whether you talk about office goers, students, professionals or traders, they travel by train in their day-to-day life. It might interest you that Indian Railways need reservations on all the classes of travel excluding general class. There are a couple of ways that you can go about making a reservation: online, or in person at some travel agency or counter of Indian Railways booking.

There are different facilities provided by Indian Railways today that can instantly get you information about everything. If you want to know about the seat availability on trains, you can instantly visit their official website, or you can even check the availability through apps. Various options like PNR and live status keep the passengers contented with their experience with railways.

Talking about online reservations, these are carried out mostly through the slow and cumbersome   IRCTC Online Passenger Reservation site. Similarly, there are alternative websites too that can get your booking done. These alternative websites are much user-friendly; though they do charge a service charge and not all the trains are displayed.  The simplest way would be to go to the IRCTC website and register.

Are you doing the counter booking?

In case, you are booking over the counter, print out your reservation form. Just finish the form and take it to a reservation office. Otherwise, you can also obtain a reservation form at the office and finish it there. In case, you are a foreign tourist, try to visit one of International Tourist Bureaus in main cities. These spots are much more efficient, and of course, customer-friendly.

Important points

  • All the reservations, done both over the counter and online, are assigned a ten digit PNR number. In case, you are in RAC or WL line; you can check status of your booking on IRCTC website by clicking on the “PNR Inquiry”, next just enter your number and click on the “Get PNR Status” button.
  • The IRCTC is closed for maintenance every day from 11.30 p.m. to 12.30 a.m. IST.  Services are not available during this time.
  • Cancellations take place quite often right? It is particularly in 24 hours up to the time of departure. In case you are waitlisted, you will have the best chance of fetching a bed in sleeper class as the majority of the beds (and consequently cancellations) are in this particular class.
  • Bookings have to be made as far in advance as possible (up to one hundred twenty days before departure), mainly during the times of busiest travelling. Otherwise, you will have to be prepared to get flexible about your travel times and dates, and of course class of accommodation. You might even find yourself on waitlist, as demand significantly exceeds supply

The bottom line is that railways are progressing at a pace that is commendable. The crowd found in trains volumes the importance of railways in India.  Once you are well-informed about everything, you can make the finest journeys of your life by trains.

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Mahatma Gandhi once said A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people.”

The quote is truly describing the beauty of Manali and its people. Being one of the ancient places in the world, Manali houses a rich culture and heritage which make this place more appalling and pleasing.

Manali, a word that derived from Manu- Alaya, which literally means the house of Manu is a prominent tourist attraction which fascinates people from not only India but from across the world. Today in this post we are going to discuss about the rich culture of Manali which will bring you more close to this enchanting place during your Manali Tourism.

Culture of Manali

The scenic beauty of Manali is as pleasing as its culture. The exotic beauty and heritage of Manali is the mirror image of the culture of Manali. What makes the culture of Manali more especial is the diversity that will make your holidays a pleasing one. Mostly one can see the influence of Himachali culture of Manali. Along with this one can also get a chance to see other cultures such as Italian and Israeli which are the major inspiration on the culture of Manali.

The presence of various dialects, cultures and communities together makes this place a perfect melting pot of culture and traditions. The tribe which majorly affecting this place is of Kinnaur community. The influence of this community can be seen on the food, clothing and on the language of this place.  With that Gurjar community also has a huge influence on the culture of this place.

There are numbers of temples in Manali. Due to the presence of these temples, Manali scenic aura becomes more divine and soothing. The place has number of temples which are dedicated to various Gods related various communities. On the same hand Manali is also serving as house of numbers of monks which are dwelling in the monasteries.

Along with this the art and craft of Manali is quite unique and one can see people earning their livelihood from the woolen garments and other handmade artifacts. Knowing the culture of Manali is actually enriching and mesmerizing.

Lifestyle in Manali

The simple and soothing atmosphere of Manali is quite enough to say a lot about the lifestyle of Manali. People here are living a life just like many other modern cities yet they follow their customs and values thoroughly to preserve them for the next generation. People here believe in living the simple lifestyle. Manali is the perfect amalgamation of the ethnic and the modern lifestyle.

Being famous for natural abundance and rich flora and fauna, Manali is absolutely a surprise package for all the tech savvy people. Modern lifestyle of Manali is filled with Banks, ATMs, spas, restaurants, malls and many other things which make this place pleasing and charming. Along with that there are many n numbers of clubs, resorts and spa which make this place more rejuvenating. Place is also filled with Gyms, Boutiques, Beauty Parlors and many modern amenities which make this place more pleasing.

Shopping in Manali

Shopping is an integral part of anyone’s tour. People who would be on their North India tour package, for them Manali comes as a paradise. The place is full of different kinds of souvenirs and other things, purchasing which will be a pleasing experience for all.  Manali is generally famous for shawls, bedcovers, apparel, pickles, shoes and herbs which are just to name a few.

Festivals in Manali

The mesmerizing and enriching culture of Manali is something which can be experienced by the local fairs and festivals which are celebrated here with all zeal and charm. There are many fairs and festivals in Manali which make your Manali holidays a memorable one. Some of the major festivals in Manali are Hadimba Devi Fair, Doongri Forest Festival, Winter Carnival and many more.

Hadimba Devi Fair is dedicated to local Goddess Hadimba who worshiped for happy and prosperous life. Hadimba was mentioned in Mahabharata as a wife of Bhima, one of the Pandav brothers. Then there is Doongri Forest which is held in the month of May and June. The festival is especially celebrated by the women to worship Goddess Hidimba. Some other festival celebrated here are Winter Carnival, Lossar Festival Manali, Baisakh, Lohri, Holi, Diwali and many more.