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Looking for someone to assemble your furniture, repaint the house or clean your gutters? Have you thought about hiring a handyman?

To ensure that you get the best service, make sure you find out everything you need to before picking someone out. Here’s a list of the questions you should ask to identify the right handyman for the job.


Ask if the person has enough experience working in the field. Make sure to ask how long they have been providing their services. Remember to check if they have had any prior experience with regard to the task you have assigned them.

While asking about experience it is advisable to check their license and insurance papers. A handyman hired from a well-known provider is likely to be more reliable than one you find yourself. Asking for references is a good way to find out how good your person really is.


How much does the service cost? You will also need to find out if the contract fee is based on an hourly rate, or if it’s charged as a project fee. Check that the rate quoted is within your budget.  Negotiate an amount that is agreeable to both parties and get it in writing so that the terms will not change after the job is done.

Make sure to ask for all the details regarding the amount and other charges incurred. If they are planning to procure supplies ask if the time spent on procurement is billable. Consider asking about hidden charges, like additional work charges or overtime. Check whether the rate includes travel time.


Make sure to ask for references unless the Melbourne handyman is referred to you by a friend. Leaving an expensive house to a complete stranger who claims to know the job can be a cause of concern for many, and so it is better to ask the worker about previous work he has undertaken, and talk to someone who has prior experience hiring your handyman.

Ask the references about the service, especially questions like if they do good work, if they are regular and if they complete the task within the given time frame.


What time is most comfortable? Pick a time that works well for both the parties involved. Make sure that they finish the job by the appointed deadline. Handymen tend to be very busy people who work several jobs a day, and so if there is something that needs to be fixed immediately you should find someone who is available right away.

Insurance & License

Ask for workers compensation information and insurance in the unfortunate event of an injury or any medical emergency. This will protect the party hiring the service from incurring any costs that may be involved in case of an accident at their residence.

Don’t hire a handyman who is not covered by insurance because of the risks involved. Contractors and handymen have to legally register and have a PCN certificate in their possession which certifies that they are fully equipped to work. This will also help you keep frauds away.

Payment Options

How are you going to pay for the service? It should be clear from the start how you are going to pay for the service – i.e. whether you can pay cash, on your credit card or send the money to the agency.

When should the amount be transferred? It’s important to know whether you need to pay a deposit in advance, or whether you will just pay the full amount when the job is done. When paying an advance or in installments make sure to get a copy of the receipt of every transaction made, and keep records of them.


If something goes wrong will he come back and redo it? Make sure to get a guarantee from the handyman in case of any damage while they do the job.  It’s better to get this in writing to avoid any breach of contract. While most professional services provide a guarantee, asking them is the only way to be certain.

People Involved

Is the task assigned going to be done by an individual or will a group be needed? Some jobs only require one person, and some may need a group to do the job properly.

Make sure to collect details about the number of people coming in so as to avoid cost escalation and minimise foot traffic through your house. Also find out if the contractor will be on site supervising the team at all times, and not elsewhere while the job is being done.

When choosing from the hundreds of possible handyman services make sure to ask the right questions so that the job is done properly.

A quick tip is to put everything regarding terms and payment options in writing, so that there is no confusion in the future. Make sure to hire a reliable service, and hunt for references if you can to give yourself peace of mind.  If there’s a lot of fixing to do it’s best to find a good handyman and keep his number ready.