Couples that holiday together, stay together. Indeed, there can be nothing as restorative and invigorating to a relationship as a holiday. However, if your relationship is relatively new and you don’t quite know each other 100% yet then taking that first holiday together can be a daunting prospect. So, for those couples that might be considering booking their first getaway with one another, we’ve compiled the top considerations you might want to make before taking that first step and booking your first vacation as a couple.

Keeping it close

The first holiday doesn’t need to be a fortnight in the Caribbean. In fact, this would probably be a misstep, as if you found out you were incompatible after a few nights then you’d have over a week of misery to endure before coming home. For the first holiday, keep it simple, short and domestic. The UK is full of exceptional potential  vacation destinations, particularly on the coast. You can also save money by taking the train and purchasing a web duo ticket to save on the return cost for both of you. If you really want to leave the country, meanwhile, keep it European – a city break to Amsterdam or Paris perhaps?


Because the relationship is new, dynamics are still being formed and one of the big relationship dynamics is always going to be money and spending. Be frank and open about what you can afford and how much you’re willing to spend. Because if you end ups on an expensive vacation that is beyond your means you are only going to end up resenting your partner.

Discussing it

Don’t just decide where you’re going and break it to your partner. Open up a dialogue with them and make sure it’s a vacation destination you are both enthused by, otherwise it could lead to some unwanted arguments. And remember, this relationship is still new, so just because they are happy to go along with your idea, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are. They just might not be comfortable enough with you yet to tell you they disagree. Planning the trip together will also hopefully bring you closer together.

The dry run

If you have never spent more than an evening with each other then you might want to experiment by having a ‘dry run’ weekend together. Starting a new relationship often means settling into a new routine and this person is going to be (perhaps) a big part of that routine. So, try spending a whole weekend together just going for some hikes, exploring cities close to your home and trying to figure out whether or not you are compatible travelling partners.

Packing it in

Finally (and perhaps most importantly) don’t overpack! You don’t need to take every outfit you own and the lighter your load, the more relaxed and open you are both likely to be!

curious traveller

We all love to travel and crave for a good holiday. The thrill of visiting new places and exploring new cultures is an ineffable joy. However, there are plenty of holiday nightmare stories originating from poor planning and bad decisions.

This article is dedicated to travel hacks that make you a smart traveler. Whether you are enjoying the lofty Alps or the grasslands of Savannah, these simple hacks will help you create the perfect holiday. Read on.

Manage Your Documents Well

Foreigners are more vulnerable to petty crimes than local people. Hence, a golden rule of travel is to keep multiple copies of all your important documents; both in physical and digital form. Keep the photocopies separate from your main documents. When you visit a new city, save the number of the local hospital and police station on your phone. It is also wise to save the number of your native country’s embassy beforehand.

You may not always have internet access. We also advise travelers to buy a new sim card with a call and internet facility once they land at the airport. A native sim card will help you communicate better and rely less on the public internet.  You can discard the sim while leaving the country.

Cash Management

A good way to ensure smooth cash flow during your trip is to carry some extra cash along with your credit/debit card. Make sure to carry 10% of your budget in local currency cash. This will let you buy the bare essentials and help you during emergencies.

You can buy the local currency at the airport or in selected foreign-exchange banks. We also advise taking more than one card on your trip. Also, do check the validity of your card for international use before leaving your country.

Manage Your Bookings

The secret to a great trip is optimizing your bookings. While many travelers book hotels and tickets for their entire journey, some travelers don’t book anything at all. We don’t advise on these extremes and instead suggest making a confirmed booking for the first leg of the journey.

This will give you time to settle in, and then you can proceed with your bookings as you stay. If you are getting a good discount, you can book it at that price and center your trip around that booking. Many hotels allow flexible cancellation policies and the option of paying later. You can book those hotels in advance.

Use Apps for Everything

The path to smart traveling goes through the use of apps. Tech-savvy travelers have a formidable edge in trip planning, ticket/hotel bookings, city navigation, and knowledge. With the right apps, you don’t need to carry heavy guides, maps, or even cash. If you are using android, Google Planner is a great app to synchronize your trip in a beautiful layout.

You can browse through what most tourists are doing and create a personalized trip. No need to be a cliché traveler roaming with a huge city map in hands. Google Maps is a great tool that gives you an insight into the cityscape. You can pick out the top tourist destinations, the best restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, and more.

Your phone’s GPS will guide you through everything. We also recommend using a language conversion app like Google Translate that helps you can translate more than 100 languages. Apps like Airbnb and helps you scan hotels/homestays and find the best prices. You should also use some local apps like online wallets, online cabs, and lifestyle apps to make your stay in the foreign country smoother. You can also use cost saving apps like JoinHoney or GoMontana to get travel specific deals and coupon

Carry Basic Medication

We advise all travelers to carry some basic medication like aspirin, paracetamol, anti-allergens, pain-killers, etc. for emergencies. If you are on prescription medication, it’s advisable to carry with some extra supply for unforeseeable circumstances. Some countries like the UAE and Japan restrict the import of medication even in small quantities.

If advisable to carry the generic name of your prescription drug and a copy of your doctor’s prescription in such cases. Also make sure to have proper insurance while on a trip because the chances of things going wrong increase dramatically, and you don’t want to return with a debt burden.

The thrill of planning for travel is as exciting as traveling itself. Don’t rush into it, like if you were a horse running in the Kentucky Derby races. Each good decision you take beforehand gives you a comfortable trip.

Make sure to use all the tools available to plan your journey better. With packed luggage and booked tickets, all that is left is to enjoy the trip ahead.

It is vacation season, and your financial fortunes are looking up! But even as you crave an exciting time, you are at a loss on where to go as there is so much to choose from!

The choice of holiday destinations is always fraught with uncertainty, mostly because we wish to visit new places on each trip and have new and memorable experiences. And therein lies the dilemma. Due to the novelty of this new place, we find ourselves fretting over whether the destination will prove to be worth it in the end.

After all, no one wants to see their hard-earned cash go down the drain. Worse still, no one wants to have a lousy time while on holiday. Here are seven important points that will aid you on your holiday selection.

  1. Travel companions

Will you be travelling alone? With friends? Or with family? Are there children included in your travel party? The participants of the trip invariably determine which destinations are a go and which ones to avoid.

Consider the interests of all concerned and structure your trip accordingly. For example, a bungee- jumping holiday may not hold any appeal to children (or older folk for that matter). This leads us to our next point;

  1. Travel experience on offer

Once you have scaled-down on the type of destination you have in mind, it is time to give a deeper look at what activities might appeal to you and your travel party.

Research on the kind of events and attractions that the destinations have. Maybe you are into sports and want to watch the best basketball games, according to NBA expert predictions, while travelling to USA? Or a soccer game during your stay at South America? Or perhaps you want to enjoy some local cultural events?

In this digital age, and with a little vigilance, such information is not difficult to find. Here, try to find out the obvious as well as the not-so-obvious details about a place. I shall explain this in greater detail shortly.

  1. Travel Budget

Consider how much money you wish to spend. Factor in the flight costs, accommodation on offer, and other logistics to determine if a destination is viable for you. It is also crucial to consider your target country’s exchange rate. This will help you get your financial estimate as close to accurate as possible.

Remember the not-so-obvious details about a place I mentioned earlier? If you are on a budget, avoid the hyped-up stereotypical aspects of a destination and instead opt for the quaint attractions it has to offer.

  1. Travel requirements

Does your preferred destination have visa requirements? Will you or any of your traveling party need any vaccinations in order to travel? For example, most tropical countries such as those in Africa and South America require their inbound visitors to bring with them their yellow fever certificates as proof that they have been duly vaccinated against yellow fever.

It is important to ascertain such details to avoid hassles with the immigration department of your host country at the time of your arrival.

  1. Political climate

The politics prevailing at your destination will undoubtedly impact on the quality of your vacation and your overall holiday experience. Avoid destinations with potentially volatile relations. If in doubt, you could consider consulting your consular office in the host country and enquire about the situation on the ground as well as which areas of the country are safe to visit.

  1. Language

Always bear in mind the official language(s) used in the host country. Will communication be a problem? This is not to say that you should not visit places whose languages are different from your own. For areas where a communication barrier is likely, you can ascertain whether the hotels and tour guides there have interpreters and translators.

  1. Duration of the trip

Select a place that will maximize your travel experience with the time you have on your hands. In this regard, it is important to keep in mind the main attractions, activities, and events that a destination has to offer, the activities you wish to participate in, and the time you have on your hands. No one wishes to have a harried holiday experience.

At the same time, we do not want to wind up our holiday feeling like we haven’t experienced much of what the destination had to offer. So, planning your activities to suit the duration of your trip is critical.

We wish you the best as you plan that all-important trip. Travel has a way of opening us up to new perspectives. So, even as you take care of all the preliminary details, never underestimate the adventure that the unknown has to offer and always be open to new ideas. Above all, remember to be spontaneous and have fun!

Shopping for family members can often be tough. It can in many cases be particularly tough for people who are shopping for youngsters. If you’re shopping for a person who isn’t part of your age group, it can involve a lot of unpredictability and guesswork. Fortunately for you, there are all sorts of amazing gift ideas that can be suitable for delighting your young niece.

If you want to make your niece smile thanks to an incredible present, you should look into these fine choices without delay. These things can all put a big grin on your young niece’s face. They’re pretty easy to find any time you go shopping for the holidays, too.

  1. Gift Certificates

Gift certificates make an amazingly convenient gift option. What makes them stellar choices for presents for young nieces, anyway? If you get your niece a gift certificate, you don’t have to fret over the specifics. It can be next to impossible to guess which sweater style she prefers the most. If you get your niece a gift card for a popular clothing retailer, she can make all of the important style choices for herself. That can save you from a lot of frustration and deliberation. Try to get your niece a gift card from a store you know that she already appreciates. If you have no idea what her preferred shops are, that’s fine, too. Get a gift certificate for a sizable department store that carries clothing items from all kinds of widely known brands.

  1. Popcornopolis Unicorn Popcorn

Are you interested in inexpensive gifts for nieces and nephews alike? Why not go for the wonders of Popcornopolis Unicorn Popcorn? This makes a superb gift choice for various reasons. These include:

  • Affordability
  • Amazing taste
  • An adorable and colorful appearance

Unicorn Popcorn can be a wonderful present for any bright-eyed child. It’s suitable for girls and boys alike as well.

  1. Skincare Products

Skincare products can be terrific for people who are trying to find gifts for their nieces. If you’re searching for suitable “gifts for niece from uncle” options, then you should think in detail about skincare products. Look for products that can help your niece put together a well-rounded and strong daily skincare regimen. A gentle facial cleanser can be nice. Sheet masks can be nice, too. Young people often love putting these hydrating and clarifying masks on while they’re relaxing and getting ready to go to sleep at night.

  1. Body Sprays

Young girls love smelling good. Perfumes, however, can often be a little too heavy for them. If you want to enchant your young niece with a fragrance that’s energizing, light and refreshing at the same time, you should look into your choices in body sprays. Girls can spritz body mists on prior to heading to school in the morning. They can spritz them on right before going to the movies and hanging out with their friends in general. If you have no clue what your niece’s scent preferences are, you may be able to get some hints from her parents. Some girls love scents that are reminiscent of florals. Others prefer citrus scents. Others have penchants for warmer and cozier fragrances like vanilla and cinnamon.

  1. Bath Gift Sets

Relaxing inside of a hot and soothing bath can be a lot of fun. If you want to dazzle your young niece with an incredible present, you should explore your choices in bath gift sets. These sets are often composed of bubble bath formulas. It can be a blast to take it easy inside of a bubble bath that has a strawberry to watermelon fragrance. Bath gift sets frequently consist of other interesting and exciting components as well. They frequently include body washes, shampoos, bath bombs and the like. People of all ages gravitate to bath gift sets for many reasons. Bath gift sets are:

  • Relaxing
  • Inexpensive
  • Simple to use

Bath gift sets are often accessible for purchase at reasonable price points. They frequently include fragrances that suit all kinds of preferences as well.

Have a Ball

Holiday shopping is supposed to be something that’s straightforward and rewarding. It’s supposed to be something that fills you with unbridled joy as well. If you want to make an intelligent gift choice for your beloved niece, you need to take it easy first. There are so many amazing gift types available to shoppers nowadays. Shopping for a young girl can be simple for people who keep their eyes on the prize.

Much like returning to work after a holiday, taking a career break and heading back into the workplace is never easy – especially if you have to find a new job. Whatever your reason for taking a break away from your career, whether it has been a year or more than a decade, it can often feel difficult to jump back into your professional career where you left off and ‘get back into it’.

Often, when trying to find a new job after being away from the desk for a long period of time, it isn’t uncommon to apply to a mass of jobs that are suitable, flexible, local and have a worthwhile pay-packet. However, when the news you hear back is anything but “You’ve got the job!”, your (already) fragile self-confidence is set to decline rapidly even further.

As a result, here are three top tips to aid the transition back into the workplace, to ensure job success!

  • Boost your self-belief before you do anything

Returning to an industry can be tough. When updating your CV, it isn’t unusual to begin comparing yourself to others with more experience, often making you second-guess your own skills and strengths. So, it is important to be clear on your strengths and skills to increase your confidence and stand in good stead against the many other candidates applying for jobs.

One way of doing this is sitting down with a friend or family member and going through what you are good at. Write down at least 5 achievements and the skills you have demonstrated to achieve these successes in your career – examples are highly valuable and show potential employers how you work.

In addition, it is worth updating your skills and knowledge of the industry by taking part in courses (such as Prince 2 training or more specific refresher courses), reading about the current industry news in the news or through social media channels, such as LinkedIn or Twitter.

  • Networking is key

It’s so easy to neglect relationships with your work colleagues when taking a break in your career for a variety of reasons. Let’s face it, sometimes life simply gets in the way. Thus, before you start to meet people in your industry and begin to start the all-important process of networking, it is certainly worth spending time to create the perfect LinkedIn profile and re-connecting with some of your former colleagues.

Once you begin networking, it is helpful to reflect on your career to date, to have a clear, confident answer when you are quizzed by other professionals about your working life, or even for a job interview. Be prepared to outline your work experience and qualifications in the industry before your break, as well as giving a brief explanation of your break (without needing to justify or make apologies – people understand). It is worth also mentioning any relevant study or voluntary work you may have completed whilst taking your career break, and where you are now; what do you want to do now that you plan to return to work?

  • Consider a work placement or ‘returnship’

Everyone knows that experience is key, and the more evidence you have of it on your CV, the better. To avoid drawing attention to the gap in your CV, it is important to be creative and clever, and where possible, as for some help.

Whether this be through getting in touch with contacts from the industry, proposing a short ‘work placement’ or ‘returnships’, freelance or temporary work, it can really help to fill the gap in your CV, which naturally helps to build your network and professional confidence. It may even result in a full-time job.

Being a College student isn’t always as easy as we hope, but it doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself. Having a real vacation time can be difficult and seems quite irrational. However, there is always a solution and this blog post will help you to save the perfect amount to spend a vacation abroad.

Research the place you want to go to

The first step to getting closer to your goal is information. Find out where you want to go, how expensive it will be and write down the things you would love to do while being there. The most important part is writing down, so you won’t forget any bigger expense during the vacation.

Furthermore, College students are quite lucky because of the timing of their semester breaks. They’re often during a calmer season which means lower prices for expenses like flights or hotels. Try to find the perfect deals at least six months before your journey. You can’t imagine how much money you can save? Flights from Berlin-Tegel to LAX can be around 1000€ – for one trip. However, if you book six months ahead and during a calmer season, you will find deals for a roundtrip around 300€.

Search engines like eDreams will help you to find the best deals. Furthermore, check out the prices for adventures you don’t want to miss out. How much is the ticket for the theme park? Is there a big event you want to miss? Do you want to go on a shopping spree at stores you don’t have in your country?

How to actually save for your trip

money 2724241 1920
money 2724241 1920

Now that you found out the amount you need to save, you need to start saving for the actual trip. Being at College means that you already have some expenses like rent, groceries and entertainment. However, there are always some tips you didn’t think of which will help your financial situation.

1. Sell things you don’t need anymore

Living in a dorm or your first apartment means normally that you don’t have a lot of space. This is also the perfect opportunity to declutter your life and to earn a little extra for your next trip. Check your room for old textbooks, clothes you don’t wear anymore and things you probably bought but didn’t use once and try to sell them on the internet.
It can be exhausting to turn your room upside down for these things, but believe me that it will be worth it when you see the amount you earned from cleaning out your dorm.

2. Do little jobs around your campus

Chances are that there are upcoming events at your College that still search for help. Check out the Black Boards for occasional job offers like working as a barkeeper or waiter or even helper for a graduator who has to move. There is always something coming up, which can provide you with at least 20€ more for your savings account.

3. Create a new flow of income

Having an occasional job can help you to save a little bit for your trip. However, if you have at least 20 hours’ free time per week, you can also find a well-paid job at the same branch which will help you to achieve your goal a lot earlier and easier. Check out the jobs at cafés, restaurants or bars and if you’re also lucky with your new team, you won’t even notice it how much time you probably put into your work.

4. Create a Budget

Last but not least, you need to start budgeting. One of the biggest problems of every broke College student is their inexperience of budgeting the money they have. First, you need to create a list of your monthly income and your bills. Furthermore, you can work on how much you really want to spend during a month without missing out. Most importantly: Put the money you saved for your trip somewhere you won’t take it away. Give it in an envelope to your parents or create a new saving account.

We really hope these tips helped you to find your saving problems so you won’t have to miss another vacation. Just try to visualize how amazing it would be to have 5€ more in Rome before buying a coffee to go! Also visit flats in mohali website for rental apartments.
Good luck and stay motivated!


You may think that you know Europe well, after all, some of its sights and cities are among the world’s most loved and visited tourist attractions. You’re sure to know the Eiffel Tower, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Sagrada Familia of Barcelona and Rome’s Colosseum, and may have visited many of them, but there are hidden gems of Europe that are just as easy to get to. Once seen, they’re never forgotten, and yet many tourists don’t know how close they are to such spectacular places.

Discover Ancient Italy In Comiso

Italy is famous for its ancient Roman sites of course, as well as masterpieces of the Renaissance period to be found in beautiful cities like Florence. A flight to Comiso, on the Italian island of Sicily, however allows you to experience treasures that are far, far older. In the scenic hills surrounding the town are fragments of Neolithic settlements that are believed to date from at least the seventh century BC, and which may be all that remains of the legendary city of Kasmenai. Comiso has other gems to explore, including its Roman fountain, and a Gothic castle with an octagonal tower. Sicily as a whole is a beautiful island to see and explore, and much friendlier than you may imagine from certain films.

Beautiful Bratislava

Central Europe is home to many cities of exquisite beauty, with the likes of Vienna, Budapest and Prague attracting huge numbers of visitors every year. If you want somewhere a little less crowded, but no less alluring, you should head to Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. It’s a city that is full of history, with much of its architecture unchanged by the centuries. Through its centre runs the mighty River Danube, with an imposing fairytale-like castle nearby, and the Carpathian moments stretching away beyond it. Bratislava is less than two and a half hours from Birmingham Airport, which has a host of free parking facilities including its highly convenient hotel park and fly Birmingham Airport scheme.  For more information, visit

Invigorating Pertisau

A relaxing beach holiday is all well and good, and Europe certainly has lots of great beach destinations to choose from, but sometimes an invigorating holiday is just what you need. If you enjoy walking, outstanding scenery and clean, crisp air, then Pertisau in Austria would be an ideal choice. It’s easy to see why Pertisau is known as ‘the jewel of the Tyrol‘ for few sights across the world are more breath-taking than its mountains reflecting in Lake Achensee. This is also Europe’s biggest nature reserve, so it’s a must-see for nature lovers, but there are also plenty of activities from sailing to climbing available for more adventurous visitors.

Comiso, Bratislava and Pertisau are three very different destinations, but all of them can be the basis of a holiday you’ll never forget. There are regular flights to these destinations, and many more, from Birmingham Airport and other UK and international airports, so reaching them is easy. The only difficulty comes in tearing yourself away from these European hidden gems at the end of your vacation.

Family holidays are the best way to spend quality time with your family. They make a great way to find respite from the humdrum of daily life and simply make memories with your loved ones. But one challenge you may encounter while planning such a holiday is to find family-friendly resorts. It is much easier to find romantic getaways but when it comes to family resorts, things are a little different. There are several things that you have to look for to make the stay comfortable and enjoyable for the entire family. Here are some tips to help you find the best resorts for family holidays:

Choose a location that works for everyone: The choice of your location depends on the family size and demographics. Those traveling with young children need to look for kid friendly resorts. There should be plenty of fun activities and games for young children. The older ones would love to vacation in a resort with disco and poolside parties. On the other hand, if you have senior citizens on board, ensure that the property has all the right amenities for them.

Look for one that offers a wide choice in cuisine: Since your family members may have different culinary interests, it is always better to opt for a location that offers diversity. Find a resort with a multi-cuisine restaurant or one that has different restaurants offering different cuisines. This will ensure that the entire family indulges in their favorite food choices.

Be flexible: When you travel with family, being flexible is the key to having a worthwhile holiday. Each member will have different interests and tastes and you need to take care of them all. Going to an all-inclusive resort is a smart idea as you will have variant options all at one destination. Flexibility also means that you should give each member freedom to explore their interests rather than being stuck together throughout the trip.

Don’t confine yourself: The secret of having an enjoyable family holiday is to just let go and explore. Even if you have taken a posh accommodation, do not confine your family trip to your hotel room or resort property. Have your meals packed in a picnic basket and embark on local adventure every single day of the holiday. Explore local cuisine and culture, meet the locals and relish the local sightseeing. Not only will this give wings to your adventurous spirit, but also bring your family closer together. Even getting lost in a new city can be a big adventure if you are with your family.

Family holidays are a must to break the monotony of life and increase the family bonding. It is an opportunity to make up for the time that you lose because of being engrossed in everyday responsibilities. However, you must make your best efforts to ensure that the trip yields memories that you can cherish for a lifetime. Wherever you go with the family, just be together and whatever you do, just do it together.

While purchasing a second home is a dream of many, the reality is that it isn’t a decision that can (or should) be made lightly. It can make financial and logistical sense, but only if you ask yourself some serious questions.

Here are eight things to think about before taking the exciting (but slightly overwhelming) leap, and buying a holiday villa.

1. Can I afford it?

Despite popular opinion, real estate is not a liquid investment. You can’t presume or even count on the fact that you will be in a position to sell your holiday villa for a profit or even break-even — especially in your first few years of ownership.

There are definitely specific locales that are more likely to increase in value than others, Cassia at The Fields in Dubai being one of them. But it is up to you to do your research and speak with knowledgeable real estate professionals in your desired area.

2. Have I calculated all the costs?

When asking yourself whether or not you can actually afford a holiday villa, it is crucial that you keep in mind all of the costs. The price tag on the property is only a part (a hefty chunk, but still just a portion) of what you will need to spend.

Calculate the cost of utilities, HOA or condo fees, property taxes, insurance and the cost of furnishing a new home even down to the forks, candles, and rugs.

Bear in mind that if you are buying a holiday villa in a resort area, you and your family may also want skis, snowboards, kayaks, water toys or other gear. Oh, and don’t forget the travel costs to get there and back!

3. How often am I going to be able to visit?

Speaking of travel costs, another area where you need to be realistic is when it comes to how often you are genuinely going to be able to visit.

It should go without saying that your holiday villa should be in a destination that you love and want to return to often (have you seen the Meydan Villas in Dubai or holiday villas in Thassos, Greece?)!

That being said, take into account the price of roundtrip travel, your ability to get time off work or your children out of school, and the length of travel time and the time differences.

4. Am I interested in renting out my holiday villa?

If you aren’t going to be able to frequent the villa often enough to make the purchase advantageous, then consider renting out your unit. In addition to the monetary benefits, it will also ensure that your holiday villa isn’t sitting uninhabited for lengthy stretches of time.

However, if you do choose to rent out your holiday villa, you must be aware that this route will also come with expenses. For example, in between tenants, you will be required to pay for cleaning. You may also have to invest in advertising your villa, and possibly even for property management.

Furthermore, if your holiday villa is located in a resort, there is a good chance the resort will be required to take a percentage.

5. Am I even allowed to rent it out?

First things first, not all holiday villas can be rented out. With the growth of sites such as Airbnb, many condo associations and cities have set specific rules for rentals.

As mentioned previously, some resorts may also necessitate you to utilize their in-house programs, which will decide specifications for things such as interior furnishings and amenities.

If you are considering renting out your second home, make sure to research the specific rules of the community or neighborhood thoroughly prior to making an offer.

6. What is the realistic calculation of my return on investment?

For many people, owning a vacation home is part of their overall investment strategy. If this is the case for you, ensure that you are not being blindsided by the longing for a second place, and make sure it is actually a smart money move.

Sit down with your accountant or financial advisor, and estimate a realistic calculation of your returns, and then compare it against other uses of the same money.

7. How will I protect the villa when it is unoccupied?

The fact of the matter is that unoccupied homes invite unwelcome guests or intruders. For this reason, safeguard yourself and your belongings, and take steps to prevent your holiday villa from appearing uninhabited.

Your plan of action may include installing lights on timers, or asking friends or neighbors to come over, collect the mail, and park in your driveway. Brainstorm ways to make it not so visible that someone isn’t permanently home.

8. Do I have a foolproof plan for emergencies?

However, in the case of an emergency, you want to guarantee you have a plan of action. If you are unable to visit the villa regularly, identify someone who can.

Within the first couple of weeks of owning the home, introduce yourself to a hardworking and trustworthy handyman or better yet, a property manager who can arrange for any repairs quickly and safely.

After discussing these questions with your family, you will be in a sensible mindset to make the thrilling decision to add a second home to your family’s lifestyle!

christmas 2980687 1920

Christmas season is a time to be jolly and to be thankful for all the blessings that we have received. For other people though, they perceive the holiday season as a time for shopping at the last minute and being stressed about the pressure of gift-giving.

How can you avoid feeling like Mr. Grinch and instead channel your inner Santa Claus during this festive season? You’ll be able to enjoy the holiday season more without stressing out too much if you have made a good plan for your shopping. Follow these tips to a headache-free and hassle-free gift-giving season:

Start Saving Early

Avoid the headache caused by holiday gift shopping expenses by making a plan early. You don’t need to wait a month or two before Christmas and start saving. You can start as early as beginning of the year, or a day after Christmas. If you allocate a portion of your savings towards your holiday shopping as early as you can, you’ll have a lot of money saved when the gift-giving season comes.

Set a Budget Within Your Reach

Though we love to lavish our loved ones with luxurious gifts such as designer bags and clothes, not many of us can’t afford it. To 3 avoid bankruptcy and credit card debt, make sure that you are planning a budget that is realistic.

Sure, money is not an issue if you’re earning a 6-figure salary every month. However, if you’re just like the majority of people who make a average earnings, setting up a budget within your means is doable and wise and can help with you avoiding high bills after the holiday season.

Create a Shopping List

Making a holiday shopping list is like creating a layout when you’re designing a house. This list will serve as your guide for the holiday season. What should be included in the list?

First, write down the names of the people that you’re planning to give gifts to–you can even use an app. Next to their name, create an estimate budget for each individual and what gift are you planning to give to them. This way, you have a rough estimate of how much you would be totally spending.

Do Your Homework

We all want to get the best deal there is, don’t we? It’s a bummer when you purchased an item at a higher price when it’s offered at a much lower price at other shops.

Check with different shops first and see which one offers the lowest rate. If you’re shopping at your local stores, visit each store first and compare their prices. Local business usually have promotions going on so checking out which shop you will get the best value for your money is a good idea. If you’re shopping online, you can use websites that compare products offered by retailers.

Countdown to the Holidays

Not in the mood for holiday shopping yet? One way to beat procrastination is by counting down the days before Christmas. You can either put an X mark on your calendar or use countdown apps on your mobile phone.

If you know how many days left before Christmas, you can plan your shopping really carefully. You can even create a task once in every two weeks to do your holiday shopping. This way, you won’t cram all of your shopping into one day when the holiday season is near.

Be Thoughtful When it Comes to Your Gifts

The goal of giving gifts is that the receiver would love what was given to them. You just can’t give presents just for the sake of giving. Be thoughtful and creative with your gift ideas.

Take into consideration the things that your recipient wants and if it’s going to be useful for them. When all else fails, giving a gift card is a great gift option.

Get on Your Shopping Game

After all the sleepless nights spent on brainstorming and creating holiday shopping strategy, it’s time to put that plan in action. Shopping is one of the most pleasurable experiences so enjoy every moment going through shops and looking for unique items. Be on the lookout for great deals and promotions. Saving a few dollars per gift item will go a long way.

Make use of coupon codes and cashback offers as well. There are also lots of online retailers that offer free shipping–don’t be shy on taking advantage of as much freebies as you can.

Be wise and creative when it comes to holiday shopping–it is only one of many ways your spending money this season. If you carefully plan out everything as early as you can, you will be able to look forward to a festive and happy holiday season.