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Ruby on Rails has changed web-development with its arrival. Ruby on Rails is a server-side web application framework that provides default structures for a database, web services, and pages. Written in Ruby programming language language, the framework enhances the use of software patterns “don’t-repeat-yourself” and “convention-over-configuration”, the Danish invention became an irreplaceable in creating websites.

Thus every IT-company needs to hire a good freelance Ruby on Rails developer. While you can find more useful information on hiring Ruby on Rails developers in this article, we offer you to check out our top ten tips on the issue.

Before delving into the tips themselves, you should understand that finding a great Ruby on Rails developer is quite a difficult task. First of all, you are most likely going to fight with other companies over the recruit. Secondly, unlike with Java-developers, years of experience are absolutely irrelevant in evaluating the quality of the recruit with Ruby on Rails. Moreover, you must be ready for $100 per hour salary.

  1. Don’t Use Recruitment Agencies

It may sound strange, but searching for Ruby on Rails developers through recruitment agencies is worthless. If you want to find a talented developer, better go searching for them in places where Rails developers meet. If you need to post on job boards, the best choice is to use Ruby Inside job board.

  1. Don’t Steal from Other Companies

While it may seem quite an okay choice, stealing Ruby on Rails developers from other companies makes no sense. If a Ruby on Rails developer is eager to leave one company for another it means that he is unhappy. Regardless of his talent, an unhappy Ruby on Rails developer won’t be a great help.

  1. Don’t Hire Inexperienced Ones

Ruby on Rails is an easy framework that people can get started by simply visiting But that’s not something that you should do. There is no guarantee that a person who got acquainted with Ruby on Rails is going to become a talented developer. Thus, you should stick with developers who have at least a few built projects behind their backs.

  1. Open Sources Contributions

If you want to find a talented Ruby on Rails developer, you shouldn’t neglect checking the open source Rails contributions. You can easily find a talented developer among the contributors of free Rails plugin, or those who fix bugs on Rails itself. These people are definitely no the codes well.

  1. Check Out the Blogs

Every Ruby on Rails developer has a blog. Ask any Ruby on Rails developer and they would show you their favourite Rails blog or newsreader. You can find the best Ruby on Rails freelance developers among the blog contributors.

  1. Forget About the Degree

Certain recruiters like to search for candidates with a degree. When it comes to Ruby on Rails freelance developers, a University degree proves absolutely useless. The vast majority of the best Rails developers have never studied computer science at all.

  1. Avoid Brand-Name Superstar

If you want developer’s commitment to your company, you should avoid brand-name superstars, as they ask for massive salaries and display huge ego, and won’t show much devotion to the assigned projects.

  1. Hire All The Time

Make sure that you have an open developer position. As finding developers is a hard task, you should hire whenever you can.

  1. Have a Good Blog

If you want to attract Ruby on Rails developers, you should have your on Rails with useful posts. There is a great possibility that your next candidate would comment on your post.

  1. Offer Special Compensation

You need to be creative, aside from high salary. Offer your prospective employees MacBooks and fat external screens, as well as free trips to Rails conferences.

Moving a piano involves risks. But, a professional can help you move the piano easily. The best part of hiring the professional piano mover in Los Angeles is they are skilled and experienced. They have the right equipment and know how to do the job properly.

If you choose to move the piano yourself, then you may end up getting hurt. Not just that, moving the piano yourself can damage the instrument as well. So, today, we will discuss a few reasons on why you should hire professional piano movers. Let’s discuss!

Avoid Injury and Damage

Your piano is your asset, and it obviously means a lot to you.  But, when moving to a new place it may cause trouble. Whether you have piano gifted by your love or you just bought it yourself, whatever the reason is, your piano is precious to you. Your piano is bulky and heavy, and moving it yourself can lead to more damage. You don’t want it to get damaged, right? Pianos are bulky and they need some professional assistance. Hiring a professional piano mover in East Bay will solve the problem. They are trained professionals and know how to move such heavy equipment. This further helps to reduce the risk of any damage.

Piano weighs a lot and if you plan to move such heavy instrument by yourself. You may end up getting injured. This will lead to additional costs and make the shifting more expensive.

Saves moneyOne of the major reasons why people avoid hiring the professionals is they think they are expensive. But, the truth is they are reasonable. There are many people out there who end up breaking the piano strings, legs, and pins. The professional piano shippers are well-versed with all these things. Considering the size of the piano, they will help in shifting the instrument. Once you consider the overall costs, you will notice they are not that expensive and help you save a significant amount of money.

Proper Transportation

Apart from handling the instrument properly, the piano movers in South Bay have proper trucks to carry the piano. These trucks come with padding which helps to survive any unforeseen incidents. This ensures there will be no breakage of the instrument and you can get the piano delivered in no time.

All in all, choosing professional piano movers INC will help to make your work easy. If you are looking for reliable piano movers near you, then look no further and choose Encore Piano Moving. So, leave the hassles behind and contact them to know further details.


Painting is the best way to rejuvenate your home or business establishment. In most cases, painting seems like an easy DIY task that takes a day or two to complete but it lacks professionalism. Hence, you hire a professional painter to complete the task. However, there is a thin line between a ‘good’ paint job and a ‘bad’ paint job. If your painting contractor is experienced and knows the skill, then you can rest assured that your house will look exactly what you have imagined. And if it is the opposite, then there is nothing you can do about it apart from blaming the contractor for a bad paint job. So, it is crucial that you consider the following aspects before hiring a painting contractor.

#1 Look for the established ones

Professional painting contractors have a reputation to maintain; hence, they will do everything in their power to satisfy their customers. Painting contractors like New Castle Painting BC maintain a decent website. Look for the services they provide, see what their previous clients are saying about their services, and what their procedures are.

#2 Ask for estimates

It doesn’t mean that if you have found one good painting contractor, you stop looking further. This is crucial especially when you are under a tight budget. Ask around and see what the contractors are asking for your painting project. From the materials to labor charges and more, it takes a lot more.

#3 Materials

This is the most important aspect of any paint job. The better the quality of the painting products, the better will be the outcome. In recent times, it is the painting contractor who provides the supplies for the paint job. There are contractors who, in order to cut the costing, supply cheap and low-quality products. Hence, you have to gather information on the products before making use of them. Doesn’t matter how experienced the painters are, if the paint job starts wearing off even without completing a year or two, then your investment was vain.

#4 Quality assurance

Only hire painters who provide credibility to their paint job. Contractors who sincerely work to complete the project provide warranty for the quality assurance. The lengthy the warranty period, the better the painting contractor is. In general, most painting contractors provide a warranty of up to two years on the quality of work. So avoid painters who do not provide any quality assurance. Quality assurance is extremely important especially due to weather factors. A strong downpour or scorching heat during the summer can really take a toll at your home’s exterior.

#5 Only hire contractors who are insured

Paint jobs sometimes can get out of hand, and you have to make sure that your property and belongings remain safe and secure. Human errors are inevitable, so your painting contractor must take the full accountability for the damage (if caused by their side). On the other hand, ensure that their painters are also insured because accidents can happen at job sites.


Hiring a good painting contractor will not only save you the frustration but additional cost as well. Consider the mentioned points before hiring a painter.

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Do you remember the last time your organization lost top talent?

The consequences were huge: a lengthy recruitment period where competition from other companies for the best candidates was strong; frustration and disappointment within the organization; and the field of candidates wasn’t particularly strong and choices were limited.

Meanwhile, work output slowed and team members were overburdened perhaps leading to further team losses or even customer dissatisfaction. In turn, the financial implications of slower output, hiring and training costs were damaging.

These are problems that you will never go through when one of your prized employees leave if you have an agile hiring strategy in place. An agile hiring strategy is agile in name and by nature, which means you were able to prevent or combat these issues before they were able to cause any damage to your HR.

It’s certain: the wrong recruitment strategy can have serious consequences for a business of any size. Here’s why you need to introduce an agile hiring strategy that will eliminate many standard recruitment issues.

What is an Agile Hiring Strategy?

Agile businesses are responsive and reactive. This is because they pay close attention to their inner strengths and create a workforce where human intellect and employee mindset are incredibly highly valued. As a result, these businesses are quick to react to external changes within their industry such as new technologies or increased competition.

An agile organization knows its strengths and weaknesses because frequent internal analysis is key. Part of this is changing and adapting internal workflow processes as often as necessary so that the human element of the organization is adaptable, confident, and reactive.

Agile recruitment is responsible for creating this workforce. As such, it also needs to be agile by nature.

An agile hiring strategy may mean abandoning your organization’s traditional recruitment path, or funnel, your organization has typically used. It might be that an agile hiring strategy workflow looks more like this:

  • Paying attention to the who the ideal candidate will be particularly their behaviors and attributes.
  • Setting up alternative and multiple pathways to employment within your organization, including sourcing passive candidates.
  • Empowering your recruitment manager to make hiring decisions at whatever point they feel confident and comfortable doing so. This should not necessarily be at the end of a long and labored process.
  • Looking at alternative screening methods, beyond CVs, where candidates might be able to demonstrate the strengths you are looking for early on in the process.

Avoiding 4 Common Recruitment Issues with an Agile Hiring Strategy

An agile hiring strategy can help you easily avoid these classic recruitment problems:

  1. The Right Candidates are not Finding you

The way in which you cast your recruitment net may not be working for you. This means that there isn’t enough top talent approaching your organization. You may have vacancies for HR jobs in UAE, for instance; in this case limiting yourself to one rigid pathway will eliminate much of the vast pool of candidates who may otherwise be interested.


Allow hiring managers to have a flexible route to finding the right employees and adapt the hiring process to suit them. This may mean multiple ways of locating the right talent but ultimately casts the net wider. It allows the right candidates to follow the path that best suits them.

  1. A Candidate Looks Great On CV but Performs Badly at Interviews

Interviewing candidates is time-consuming and costly. For this reason, it is frustrating when a candidate that turned in a great CV and looked so promising turns out to be not so great a fit for your role after all.


Create a unique and powerful screening opportunity for candidates to demonstrate the skills you are looking for, alongside submitting their CV. For instance, a short video response if communication skills are key to the role, or an appropriate technical task.

  1. Great Candidate, Awful CV

You probably suspect that at some point, you’ve lost out on talent because their resume or application didn’t cut it. There are a number of valid reasons a great candidate can have a terrible CV, especially if they have not been actively seeking the role you are advertising.


Attach greater weight to alternative screening opportunities to ensure this type of candidate is not ruled out instantly. An agile hiring strategy will allow hiring manager the opportunity to spot this type of candidate and develop a process that allows them to shine too.

  1. Top Talent is Lost to Competition

If your organization is confident that there is the right talent within a pool of candidates, why waste time continuing down the traditional hiring funnel. This time-consuming process means you risk losing them to a competing organization.


Empower your hiring managers to extend offers as soon as they see fit.

In essence, an agile hiring strategy gives you the right tools to help you find the right employees more efficiently, and faster. In the current climate, this is essential if you are going to attract the top talent before they take up an offer elsewhere.