India is a land of festivities and, with the beginning of monsoon, a long queue of celebration waits for us. With the festive season, spiritual chords began to strike. The deities are welcomed by decorating swings with beautiful clothes, fruits and similar decorative items. Decoration of swings is an age-old tradition of celebrating the arrival of Lord Krishna. During the occasion, the deity is placed in the swing known as Hindola. Devotees offer their prayer by swinging it to and fro.  With the festive season around the corner, you can buy Hindola online at an affordable price. In the city of Vadodara, Hindola Utsav is celebrated with immense joy and enthusiasm. Mainly, this festival takes place in the Shravan month, as per the Hindu calendar. This write-up is going to demonstrate about the decorative swings and its significance.

Looking back at hindola history

Decorative swings have a historical significance. Its tradition dates back to 5000 years when Gopis (damsels) used to rock Lord Krishna’s swing. To enjoy the ethereal pleasure of rocking of the deity, hindola festival was celebrated. Till date, people make subsequent arrangements for enjoying divine rocking. This swing comprises of wood, and for decoration silver, gold, beautiful clothes, garlands are used.

Materials to choose for swings

Swings are made of different materials, and the most preferred one is wood. A lot of options are available in the market but choose one that suits your purpose. If you are preparing your home for welcoming the Lord, then you will need solid material so that continuous swinging does not break it apart. Be it for rocking the deity or for sending a lazy afternoon; materials are crucial part as it offers durability to swings.

Have a look at the materials that are generally used for manufacturing swings.


Swings made of pine can resist wear and tears and last for a lifetime. Those who wish to imbibe a rustic vibe at your place can choose this material. One of the significant advantages of installing pine swings is that it is resistant to pests. Users can stay away from the hassle of occasional painting or maintenance work.


Cedar is popular among the homeowners for its tonal properties. Similar to pine, it is too resistant to insects. With cedar swings, you are sure to increase the aesthetic value of your home. Alongside beautifying your home, it is eco-friendly.

Before you buy a decorative swing for Lord

Janmashtami, a festival of lord Krishna is around the corner, and this is an excellent occasion to buy Hindola online. A large number of sites sell this decorative jhula or swing. You may select from various sizes and materials. Nowadays, a wave of changes has come over the swing market. There are some intricately designed Hindolas available that at once strike you with awe.

If you are a bit conventional and wish to stay away from modernised designs, beautifully handcrafted swings are suitable for you. As per your budget, you can buy silver or golden swings. However, before you buy Hindola online and present to the deity, it is essential to first go through online reviews of the product. Materials also need a thorough check.

As you have gained adequate insight into decorative swings, then begin with the purchase from a reliable manufacturer.