Positive thinking is the key to your entire lifestyle.  If you want to achieve a goal you must think and be positive.  If you are negative about achieving a goal you will procrastinate and not want to work toward it.  So here a some tips to thinking positive.

Focus on the important things:

It is very common for people to focus their energy on things that are not important.  When your emotional energy is spent on things that are not important it can be very draining.  The first thing you need to do is to be very clear about what goal you’re trying to achieve and why it’s important to you.  Create a  mission and a vision for your goal.  This will help you take a step back when things get tough and help you decide if it is really worth the energy.  My guess is that if it’s about your goal than it is.  When you are clear about the important goals then you will maintain a positive attitude and negative thoughts won’t take you away from the goal you’re trying to achieve.  Check out our section on goal setting for help creating the plan.

Maintain good health:

Staying motivated and positive also means you must be a healthy person.  It’s hard to have a positive attitude when you don’t take care of your body.  There are three primary things you need to do in order to create a healthy body.  These things include eating right, getting enough sleep each night and of course exercise/training.

Your diet can have a lot to do with the way you feel on a daily basis.  A balanced diet can help you feel good everyday which in turn helps you stay positive.  For example, if you drink too much soda you might create a caffeine addiction which causes headaches.  Headaches can not only cause a negative attitude but you won’t be very motivated to do anything with it.

Eating a balanced and healthy diet means cutting out the fatty foods, the sugars, alcohol (if you’re of age) and other things that get you down.  You should be eating fruits, vegetables, fish, chicken and lots of water.

It’s best to try and get a full 8 hours of sleep each night.  When you’re tired, negative thoughts begin to rush into your brain causing your attitude to shift in the wrong direction.  If you’re well rested, you’re more likely going to take a step toward your goal.


Another thing you can do to create a positive attitude is to give.  Giving means not only gifts but your time, attention and energy.  Schedule time to give back and your attitude will stay positive and ultimately help you achieve your goals.

Focus on your strengths:

Everyone has strengths and they are good at something.  If you focus on your strengths then you can enjoy the things that you’re good at and this will help you keep a positive attitude.  When you think of a weakness, you think of a negative which will only cause problems at accomplishing your goal or goals.  Take your strength and run with it.

Never let anyone stand in the way of your goal or goals.  They mean something to you and that’s all that matters.  When you get in the morning take one small step by making your bed.  It sounds simple but it sets the tone for the rest of the day by accomplishing the first task of the day.  Once you’ve accomplished the first task then you can accomplish another then another the rest of the day.  And if the day doesn’t go as planned at least when you head home from a rough day you’ll have a bed that is made.

With the colder temps upon us, we may be spending more time inside and looking for as much coziness and comfort as we can find.  Pronounced as `Heurgha`, hygge is a Danish term that is used to define the absence of anything emotionally overwhelming or annoying. Besides that, it is also a way of living that defines taking pleasure from the presence of soothing and gentle items. For instance, the Danes will often burn candles, and this one of the main aspects of their hygge culture.

For those who are wondering can you hygge like the Danish? Well, this is easily incorporated into your days, which you will see once you learn a little bit more about this cozy culture. It also plays a part in making Denmark as ranked among one of the happiest nations in the world today. An important aspect of this relates to the hygge culture and the elevated levels of contentment that it encourages in the Danish culture. They are consistently at the top of the ‘World’s Happiest People’ lists, so take a page from their practices and get happy with hygge!

The following are some of the best techniques to get you to hygge like the Danes.

Get Cozy and Warm

One of the main areas to focus on and look at when it comes to being hygge like the Danes is to consider your quality of sleep. Your bedroom should invite rest and relaxation.  This means that you should invest in finding the ideal bedding that is available to keep you warm and cozy throughout the colder winter nights. A good example would be to get the best flannel sheets, which are beneficial due to their unique texture and fabric quality, and their ability to keep you warm.  Check out the research on Thoroughly Reviewed to find the best sheets for your sleep. Not only will you find additional warmth in the cold, but as a result wake up well rested and more likely to feel calmer and more collected throughout the day.

Light Candles & Incense

Additionally, another technique that you can consider when it comes to hygge like the Danes is to burn candles. Burning candles are important since they can improve the comfort and coziness of a specific space in your living area. More so, the scent is also important when it comes to achieving the homely feeling, and you should choose the scents that invoke comfort in your mind.  We love a cookie scent or something that smells like the autumn and winter seasons.

Make Time for Friends & Family

Hygge involves more than just a cozy room that is packed with candles, good food, and company. It is more of a way of life, a worldview and perspective of doing things. In fact, it has allowed people from all corners of the world to understand the importance of living life to the fullest and embracing the people and things that we find comfort in. A good way to start practicing this approach would be to spend time with friends and family interacting at home. Research has also shown that feeling content with family members is an important aspect of happiness in life.  Making those people a priority will result in higher overall happiness for you as well.

Prepare Comfort Foods

When it comes to feeling cozy, as the famous hygge culture suggests, making meals and pastries as another component of the overall vibe. This is because preparing meals play a significant role when it comes to spending quality time with our close acquaintances as we come together to drink and dine. With good food and drink, conversation will flow and memories will be made.

Make Your Home Hygge

The Danes can take the design concept to the next level, and their ideas are always amazing. The conventional Danish home setting seems like something acquired from a movie, and with lots of natural components such as leather and wood, which are artfully placed to create soothing pools of light. More so, an important aspect of trying out this design would be to use strategic lighting techniques. Light always plays an important role in the feel of a particular space or room.

One suggestion would be to try out low light dining room table chandeliers, which tend to enhance the overall appeal of any room. This type of lighting can make a vast difference in the home design and atmosphere.  Your room can be accentuated with various other additional home design elements that complement the natural and uncomplicated design.

The concept of Hygge is something that is more prevalent in the colder and winter months. However, when you realize that being comfortable, cozy, and surrounded by family and friends enjoying life are the basis of this delightful Danish concept, you can’t help but wonder if it shouldn’t be something we focus on year-round?  Start now so that by springtime you are ready to carry over innovative ideas that keep the hygge in every season of your life.

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How to attract a guy over 40 seems to be a common question asked by single gals that are in the forty plus range. Most of these women are under the impression that to attract a man in that age group you have to be a 20 something young female. I admit it appears this is true if you don’t really understand the reason why some middle-aged men go after younger women and what is really taking place.

Let’s start at the beginning.

The ways that attraction works on men over a certain age, at the end of the day has very little to do with age. But rather it has to do with attitude. An older woman who is “young at heart” will hands down surpass a younger woman who does not have the advantage of life’s experiences.

So what does it mean to have a youthful attitude?

Well first let’s look at what it doesn’t mean, okay?

Muffin top is not the way to go

It does not imply that you should dress like your teenage daughter or go get a bunch of tattoos or a nose ring.

It does not mean that you buy low rise jeans and expose your midriff (and muffin top) no matter how hot you think you look in them? And it is not about trying to memorize the lyrics from Britney’s newest hit so you can sing along. It is not about trading your car in for a motorcycle and become a leather wearing chick. You get the drift I’m sure.

A divorced woman past 40 and back in the dating world, who is energetic, takes care of her body by working out and expresses her passion for living and life in general exemplifies a woman who has a youthful attitude.

She will inevitably draw attention from younger men, men her age and older men. For this purpose you can have some cheap elliptical trainers to get into perfect figure. In order to attract a guy over 40, the same principles go.

Just like bees to honey.

Now let me make myself clear, this is not something you can pretend to be. It must come from who you really are and what you do. But the good news is you can evolve to this attitude of being young at heart.

Three Ways To Attract A Guy After Forty

Here are 3 surefire steps to attracting guys over 40 by shifting your attitude.

When You Are Passionate It Shows

#1 – Do What You Love and Your New Love Will Show Up

Start doing things that you love doing and do them with enthusiasm. It could be gardening or playing tennis. Hiking, painting or photography may be your thing. The what you do doesn’t matter it is how you do it. The key is to immerse yourself into your passion. Men will notice your energy and passion.

#2 – Expand Your World, Do Something New & Different

Do something for someone else to get outside of your own small world. Volunteering is most often the answer to fulfilling your world by giving to others.

Connect Through Service To Others

Research all the opportunities available so you make the best choice of what would entice and inspire you. It is magical when your get outside of your own worries and woes and enter this world of helping others. You can meet great men doing volunteer work. These guys have values and are actively supporting those values (hint: values that you share are the starting point of what could be a great relationship).

#3 – Pay Attention To The Present Moment: He Might Be Right In Front Of You

If you have a busy mind and you are always thinking about this or that then you can not be totally present (i.e. in the moment) when you are with other people. Others will feel your lack of presence and will not find it appealing and not hang around you for very long. So to help you evolve to a quieter mind and focus you attention in the moment you could start to spend some time meditating each day.

Older men particularly find this attractive. The more you practice meditation the more centered and focused you will become and you will notice people being attracted to you because they feel you are really interested in them as a human being. There is no better feeling than being heard and acknowledged without judgment by another person.

Make The Connection And Attract A Guy Over 40

Be Passionate… Do Something Different…Pay Attention

So in summary, to answer the question of how to attract a guy over 40, is to get engaged with something that you feel passionate about doing. Give back to others by being a volunteer. And develop your sense of being present in the moment through daily meditation. All this points to first, a more “contented life” and second to attracting mature men that really know what they want in a woman. You will add to your happiness and well being through a forty plus aged guy’s strength and commitment