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Technology, specifically mobile applications, are one of the best inventions so far. These applications, which are coded software, more or less aim and ace in making our lives easier in many different ways. Now-a-days, application and software developers have designed applications that have made human lives smoother and chores easier to be carried out.

With absolutely no botheration and only an uninterrupted internet connection (or not), these applications have increased various set of possibilities of doing tasks with just a click.

The development of mobile apps is increased daily and it’s quite easy to do almost everything like tracking and maintaining health, mobile payment systems allows to make and receive payments easily without having to carry cash or credit cards anymore, switching home switches and tallying and managing work, all can be done through simple mobile applications these days.

Let’s learn about the 7 best applications in the market now:

  1. Paypal:

Swiping and using financial debit or credit cards online has always raised questions of security but with Paypal, one can be sure of security since it allows a user to buy or sell anything without having to share its card and personal information with the vendor or merchant in any case. One can make the most of Paypal as a money transfer app without a hitch of having the confidential and crucial information at stake. You can now also buy tickets, book shows, transfer funds, pay bills, earn points and various benefits.

  1. Google Maps and GPS

We have heard of the phrase ‘Not all who wander are lost’ but this has been proven right by the trending and most loved navigation applications including Google Maps and GPS. These applications have made locating any place a child’s play. With them, one does not need to be worried about getting lost. You can make the most of these applications by saving the route offline for pre-destined places to save the data and efforts both, as it also gives the option of operability on the offline but saved mode.

  1. Airdroid and Airdrop

Sharing and transferring files (receiving and sending data, images, videos etc) can be a task and time taking if the files are heavy. To combat the problem and get going with extra saved time and effort, applications like Airdrop, and Airdroid allows users to share filed of extremely heavy data easily in just no time. One can make the most out of it as this application relieves a person from the usual and time-consuming disk burning and pen drive sharing task, even on the go. The best thing one can do about it is that it can also be used on airplane or offline mode since it does not need internet or service connection.

  1. Healthy out and Cody

Taking care and keeping a track of our health has become a pivotal and extremely important step of our lives, considering the deteriorating health statuses due to environmental and fast lifestyle. Healthy Out and Cody are some of the applications that helps one keep the track of each physical activity and intake of food, nutrition, essential vitamins etc. These applications also suggest and creates a personalized diet plan and exercise routine for users to let them stay healthy and fit. A person can make best use of this app by filling in their personal culinary and work out details to get the expert advice on a daily basis. It can also be used to know about the intake of daily nutrition and what one is missing on for the alterations to be made. These apps are reviewed to be the best free health and fitness guides.

  1. Google Drive and other cloud storage applications

Google products and applications are one of the best in the market. Gooogle Drive is a drive wherein one can save its important documents, data and more without having to occupy any external or internal storage of the phone. The best usage of these applications is stated and made through its storage space as the data and files on these applications are saved in the cloud space which does not affect the functioning and RAM memory of the phone, thus, giving you more space and storage. One can use it as much as wanted for any purpose without having to give up on their in-built phone or external memory.

  1. Weather application

With environmental changes becoming extremely unpredictable each day, weather applications have become a boon. One can use these applications to keep a chart of weather predictions even on the go and plan the tasks and outdoor activities accordingly, as and how they like. The best potential feature of the application can be used by one to pre-check the weather when traveling to a different place or country in order to assure enjoyable journey at all times.

  1. Evernote scanner or Camscanner

Not every phone has a great camera, or not everyone has great photography skills, but we all have some time felt the urge to capture something important, valuable and meaningful in our lives. To combat the clarity issues, Camscanner and evernote scanner, works well for scanning documents, business cards, etc extremely well. One can make the best use of it when they need to carry the information on paper by scanning them and taking them in the phone while on the go and do away with taking care of the valuable documents and hard copies. These scanners are great and easy to be used by one and all.