Spring and its fantastic weather are officially here, and this means that the time is right to start the hiking season. Whether you are a novice or a pro, it means that you want to get ready, from starting up your exercise regimen to plotting some new places to visit. Another thing that you want to do is look into some new hiking gear and gadgets for the season. These will help you in a lot of different ways, including adding some modern conveniences to your wilderness trips. These are the top must-haves you’re your hikes this season:

1. Portable Shower

When it comes to a hike, getting clean may not be something on your mind, but a hot shower can do a lot to both help you relax after a long day of hiking, as well as get rid of dirt and grime. That’s a reality now, thanks to Geyser Systems. Using this product is simple: just fill it up with a gallon of water, plug it into a car charger, and attach a sponge. You now have seven minutes of continuous water to use—whether it’s at the end of the day, after a surprise spill, or at the end of your hike if you have somewhere else to be. Water level sensors will let you know when you are running low so you don’t get surprised.

2. Camp Chairs

A part of enjoying yourself on a hike is having the opportunity to take in the sights of nature, and there’s nothing better to do this from than a nice camp chair. One brand that is adding some new features on to their chairs is NEMO with their Stargazer series. Designed with the weight-conscious camper in mind, the Stargazer combines elements of a rocking chair, traditional seat, and even has a cup holder on some models. One feature of note is that it lives up to its name by rotating backwards so you can look up at the sky.

3. Solar Power Banks

Some people make good use of their smartphones when it comes to hiking, whether it’s to help navigate or chronicle their adventures through pictures and video. Nothing can spoil this like a low battery, which is why you may want to invest in some solar power banks. A lot of the chargers on the market are light-weight, waterproof, and travel–ready. If you want a little extra help, buy one that can be strapped on your backpack so you can charge as you walk.

4. Water Filters

Keeping hydrated is important, but so is keeping safe. There are a lot of different ways to filter your water during a hike, from purification powders and tablets to specially designed bottles to products like the LifeStraw. This personal water filter was once named Time Magazine Invention of the Year, and is well suited for the wilderness, and is not dependent on chemicals, batteries, or certain parts that can wear out. With a lifespan of 1,000 liters (264 gallons) something like this can last you for quite a while.

5. Hiking Tents

If this is more than a one-day hiking adventure, you’re going to want a good hiking tent. Not just any old tent – a hiking tent. One that is lightweight, easy to pack and easy to setup. You want to find the best backpacking tents out there so you’re not spending hours after, or before, a long hike figuring things out.

6. Survival Bracelets

For those who aren’t familiar with paracord/survival bracelets, these handy little marvels are generally worn around the wrist, and are packed full of handy survival tools and gadgets that can make the difference when you are caught in a dangerous situation. This doesn’t mean you have to be doing a risky hike to benefit from one, though. There are tons of different variants for different types of outdoor activity, and even the most casual hiker can make use of one. The top-end ones have gadgets like fire steel, fishing lines, duct tape, LED lights, whistles, signal mirror, water purification powder, snares, and more. In addition, some paracord bracelets can pull hundreds of pounds of weight.

7. Dig Tools

Also known as folding shovels or entrenching tools, all types of outdoor enthusiasts have come to find use for these for a variety of different reasons, whether it’s digging holes to create makeshift latrine, setting up tents and other equipment, or even as emergency axes and saws. When buying one of these, you need to make a decision what is more important—length or versatility. The shortest dig tools are the easiest to carry around, but you won’t be able to stand and dig with them, making them more of a trowel. However, for novice hikers, even the smallest ones will be able to do the job.

Stock your pack with these great gadgets to take your 2018 hiking season to a new level. Happy trails!

It is a commonly observed fact that traveling solo requires a bit of resilience and an open mind. It usually takes a significant amount of determination to step out of your comfort zone. Whether you have not met that particular person in your life or traveling solely for the business purpose, if you are traveling alone, then it is going to be entirely different. On the other side, when you are planning your first solo trip, one of the primary steps is to decide the ideal place to go. Quite interestingly, planning a trip to your dream destination is always a high motivation for your mind. For a majority of travel buffs, traveling solo can be the ultimate self-indulgence that would provide you mind with a breather. You can rest when you want and pour it as per your wish. Moreover, when you are traveling alone, the mistakes are your own, and the triumphs are enticing.

The list of tips in case you are traveling solo

Traveling always has a great list of benefits both for your soul and body. However, you still have to take into account some basic tips which would make your solo traveling experience quite pleasurable. Moreover, the below-mentioned tips would always help you to boost your confidence in a subtle manner.

Stay at a lodging facility that has good stars

It is a widely accepted fact that traveling solo can make you feel a bit vulnerable. This is the reason that your accommodation facility should always be top-notch. You can also opt for the reviews that are mentioned on the website of that particular lodging facility. These reviews would still give you a good idea of what to expect from the host.

Staying safe when you are traveling solo

One of the most concerning issues that are experienced by a solo traveler lies in the safety. On the other side, without a companion to watch for your safety, you are vulnerable to criminals. However, it is not always true as a solo traveler can blend more easily in a group. This is the reason that you should still book a hotel that comes with a 24-hour front desk. It is also important to note that you should again your identification documents with you. This would help you to take care of your safety.

Stay at a place where you can avail free Wi-Fi

Depending on what type of year you are traveling, the weather may play spoilsport. This is the reason that it may get dark quickly and you have to retire to your hotel rooms. To kill time and spend it productively, always opt for a place that comes with Wi-Fi access. On the other side, if you are a busy professional, you can use the Wi-Fi to watch movies as well upload your pictures on a particular site. Many accommodation facilities include the Wi-Fi charge on your rental bill.

Always commence your day early

If you are that kind of an individual who does not like the nightlife of a new place much, then waking up early would always provide you with rich dividends. There exists plenty of opportunities to avail beautiful sightings if you wake up early in the morning. On the other side, getting up soon would also help you to avoid crowds which in different ways are a good idea.

Opt for the right type of gear

The right kind of traveling gear always plays a pivotal role in ensuring that you are still safe. Moreover, when there is no one to watch your back, the right type of gear would even protect you from eventualities. For instance, if you are on a solo trekking trip, then always opt for the Woodland shoes. A proper gear would still go a long way in enriching your traveling experience.

Always take plenty of pictures

Making plenty of views should still be your primary motto when you are traveling solo. With the emergence of smartphones which are equipped with DSLR like cameras, taking pictures of your favorite subjects is quite easy. With the help of the smartphones, you can easily share your view on social media sites. In this manner, you would ensure that your friends and relatives are always with you on your solo trip. By sharing photos in social media instantaneously, you would ensure that you are never lonely. You can also make your peers envious in case you are visiting a new place.

Always make a list of your emergency contact information

Always ensure that a list of emergency contact numbers is still near your reach. This list can include your personal contact information including the address of your residence. You can also add a toll-free number of your credit card number in case it gets stolen. Including a list of appropriate phone numbers is a good idea to eliminate any eventualities.

Let others know about your itinerary

It is always a good idea to let your family and other close friends know about your travel itinerary. It is so because your travel itinerary would still include the name of your flight, hotel and the particular place you are visiting. This is an excellent way to make sure that you are always safe in an unknown location.

Traveling solo can be one of the fascinating experiences that is sure to add fun to your memories. You need to be positive so that you can travel solo.

Customized bikes were very popular in the 1970s, but this trend is now coming back. The need to personalize the bike to look just the way that you want it to look, to meet your personal preferences or to be a means of self-expression is just too juicy to resist. Thanks to technology, bike customization of today is deeper, faster and more appealing as compared to the decades past. However, are there any particular benefits of customizing your bike? Apparently, there are as you will see below:

  1. Give Your Bike A Unique Visual Appearance

With modern technology and design, you can customize bike to have the most unique and appealing look for miles around. Considering that you are planning to use the bike almost every day, you want it to look as appealing as possible. Because a regular bike comes in a small selection of color and little to no appeal, a cycling enthusiast wants to feel happy everyday that he/she looks at the bike. Besides, racing alone will not enable you to stand out, but racing on a flashy looking bike will make you stand out. For any cycling enthusiast, the bike is an extension of their personality, so you want it to look as awesome as possible.

  1. You Can Add The Missing Features Or The Features That You Want

Every time a new bike comes into the market, it comes with new features that the older versions do not have. Thus, if you have a bike that is a few years old, you may want to bring it up to speed by adding extra features. Customization is a perfect option as it would save you the money that you would have used to buy a new bike yet at the same time allow you to get the features that you want. Male and female have different tastes when it comes to bike design. So, customizing allows you to ensure you have a perfect men’s bike or women’s bike.

  1. Add Value To Your Bike

Just like a car, a customized bike appreciates a lot in value. This means that if you were to sell it in future, it would fetch you a good price than if you were to sell an ordinary bike. Another way in which customizing your bike saves you money is that when a new edition comes out, you can add new features onto your bike rather than buying a new one. This is definitely cheaper than going for a new bike.

  1. To Suit Your Riding Style

Different bike enthusiasts ride differently. Some people ride slowly, some ride fast. To some people, riding their bike is therapeutic. And yet some people even love to take their hands off the handlebars to adjust their helmet, for fun and so on. Unless your bike is customized to suit your riding style, it will be hard to do some of these things safely.

  1. Enhance The Handling And The Performance Of Your Bike

When your bike has been customized with features that improve its performance, you will have a lot of confidence that when you brake, it will stop, when you pedal it will go and that you can take corners at speed without flipping over.

Surfing is a very popular sport across the world and as a result, it’s becoming more accessible than ever before. Surf is generally known as a source of fun and fitness, but did you know it can be used to improve mental health? Due to growing interest in how it can benefit mental health, it is now being used as a form of therapy to help combat mental health. Within this piece, we are going to look at how surfing can be and is being used as a form of therapy and how it can help to promote happiness and wellbeing.


One reason as to why surfing can be used as a form of therapy is that it gives the patient a routine. This will give them something to look forward to and work towards and in some cases, a sense of purpose. Enjoyment is crucial within the beginning stages of a person’s road to recovery and everything from the personalisation of their own wetsuits to choosing their own board can provide an interactive element, which set this technique apart. With exercise being scientifically proven to help aid recovery in physical and mental health, it is impossible to ignore the positive effect that surfing could have on the brain. As well as a set routine every week, it allows the client to reconnect with the people around them by planning surfing trips with friends and family, allowing them to share experiences with loved ones and create positive memories.

Mental Simulation

When partaking in sports, you are using sections of your brain that you perhaps wouldn’t be using otherwise. This can prove beneficial to a patient due to promoting focus, whether it’s on the timings of the wave and the swell that they are going to catch, or the people around them. This subsequently forces the client’s attention away from damaging thoughts, and brings them into the moment. It’s healthy for your mind and body to escape an environment that is usually associated with negative things, and sometimes this can be our own mind so by and placing patients within a new environment and giving them something new to focus on, you can promote  a positive escape.

Open Communication

Surfing gives people the opportunity to speak to like minded people who also enjoy the sport and are away from the stresses they face at home, thus allowing them to make friends and experience new things together. This potential level of open communication is important to consider when thinking of surfing as a form of therapy – as we all know, therapy can often be all about communication. As surfing is quite a social sport, it will allow the client to meet new people and can even remote confidence in some cases. Additionally, there is room for the patient to channel their energy into competitions, which can result in giving them a valuable sense of accomplishment.

Calming Nature Of Water

In general, water is considered to be therapeutic. Due to the lack of gravity that you experience whilst in it and the calming nature of the sound of waves crashing you’ll find at the beach, simply being in the general vicinity of other surfers can prove beneficial to mental well being. The sound of waves is often used within spas and relaxation apps to lower heart rate and create an overall calming atmosphere, so the real thing is likely to prove even more effective. This effect coupled with the mental stimulation of surfing allows the client to relax and feel a sense of inclusion.

Surfing can be as an addition to a therapist in order to promote wellness and allow a client to begin their journey to combating mental health. As research into this topic continues it is only a matter of time before we are integrating more sporting activities into therapy sessions to promote wellness inside and out and help more people on their journey to combating mental health.

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The choice of a right safety razor is one of the top priorities of men. In this article we will discuss the art of shaving with the help of straight razor. If you are looking to shave like your grandpa and the way barbers shave their clients, here is a guide for you especially if you are a beginner in this field. Here are some of the main features of straight razor shaving which you should know before making a choice of safety kit for you. Though shaving kit involves many essential features which can’t be summarized in one article but here are some key features to make the art of shaving easier for you.

  • What is Straight Razor shaving?

A straight razor is a simple razor along with a sharp blade which is able to get folded into the handle. These straight razors are also known as cut throat razors or open razors. In the beginning when these types of razors were used they consisted of bronze with sharp cutting edges along with fixed handles. Some people used copper and gold razors as well.

  • Benefits of straight razor shaving:

One of the biggest advantage most of the men find with straight razor shaving is the macho man feeling. Though it is an old fashion shaving way but it gives a feeling of manliness to you. There are a lot of best straight razors for beginners in the market and before making any choice you can search the reviews.

Some of the beneficial aspects of straight razor shaving are mentioned below:

  1. Skin friendly shaving:

Whenever you scrap the blade over your facial skin, there is always a risk of minor skin damage. As you shave with a razor with multiple blades, this effect is multiplied and as a result of it you are likely to get ingrown hair, irritation on the skin and frequent razor bumps. As you switch to old and traditional form of shaving, you can always alleviate this concern.

  1. Gives a deep pleasure while shaving:

In most of the cases as we see, men are generally not too fond of shaving. This fact is not surprising keeping in mind the products for shaving available at the grocery stores. Men opting wet shaving also learn it quickly that as they master the art of straight razor shaving, the shaving becomes much easier and enjoyable. With proper tools and equipment’s shaving is much easier and is a fun indeed along with a sense of satisfaction. You will feel happy about mastering the skill of perfect shaving as well.

  1. Price:

Price is also an important beneficial aspect of straight razor shaving. You can save your money on your shaving creams and soaps along with razor blades. When reviewed properly, you will find that these are much economical.

  1. Relaxation:

As you are already having hectic routine, you get a little relaxing time to do something which is completely meant for you. Many men make use of shaving to get relaxed. As you stand in the washroom and lather up the shaving gel or cream, you get a time to relax and enjoy great scent which is too relaxing for most of the men.

  • Some myths related to classical shaving or straight razor shaving:

There are some general misconceptions of people regarding straight razor shaving, some of which are described below:

  • There is a general myth that more blades on a razor offers better shave. This is generally claimed by manufacturers of razor blades to increase their sales. The truth is however different, one blade is enough or shaving as the number of blades are increased, there is more risk of ingrown hair and skin irritation. More razor bumps are seen with the people using multiple blades. Hence simple straight razors are regarded as skin friendly.
  • Some people also believe that classical razors are expensive. Though they are bit expensive but in a long run, you will realize that a classic razor is much cheaper as it works for a longer time since it is made up of metal which lasts forever. Those people who have expertise the art of using simple straight razor shaving find them much easier to use and they get best shave as well.

Get started simply:

It can be intimidating if you are using the straight razor for first time. On the other hand, safety razors are safer to use as the name predicts. The only thing which is likely to happen is the tiny nicks for the initial times if you are beginner and working on your technique. While there are some people who start shaving comfortably without any cuts, once you have successfully made the leap you are likely to find that your shaving is a pleasant and satisfying experience for you.