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A gamer girl’s guide to gaming accessories.

We were lied to.

For years, we were told that games were meant for the boys, especially nerdy boys, and all girls could do for fun was slap on makeup. Don’t get me wrong, wearing makeup can be fun: tapping into the 70s makeup, learning how to express yourself through makeup, have you seen the cast of Euphoria? But girls shouldn’t have been limited to that alone.

In fact, girls love playing games as much as the average boy. Don’t believe me? Check out this study which shows that in 2021 women made up 45% of US gamers. Shocked, are you? Well, you shouldn’t.

More often than not, when the word gamer is uttered, the image thrown into our minds is one of fat, heavily pimpled men with specs slowly sliding down their broad noses.

But this couldn’t be more untrue. This image that rears its ugly head at the thought of the word is wild, extreme, and very stereotypical. Hollywood’s portrayal of gamers doesn’t help either

Gamers are simply people who enjoy immersing themselves in the world of ones-and-zeros for a time. Most of them are more than ready to pull their heads up from the vast sea of game skins and gore.

In fact, to prove how badly this image paints gamers and to show that they are simply ordinary people, here are a few celebrities who have confessed their love for games:

Henry Cavill

The actor best known for Man of Steel, Batman v. Superman, The Justice League, and The Witcher once confessed that before he donned the red cape and took to the skies, he was a massive lover of the popular game: World of Warcraft.

In fact, Henry Cavill explained that he was in the middle of a raid when Zack Snyder called him to discuss casting him as Superman. He was so engrossed in his game that he almost decided to ignore the call.

Mila Kunis

Another lover of the game World of Warcraft is the actress known for Black Swan, Oz The Great and Powerful, and Friends With Benefit, Mila Kunis.

However, she no longer plays the captivating game, as she says it is time-consuming. Instead, she lets bullets fly in Call of Duty’s popular first-shooter game.

Daniel Craig

The James Bond actor indeed uses his license to kill without remorse in the virtual world. Daniel Craig has expressed his love for free roam games like the Grand Theft Auto series, and games with long storylines, using Halo as an example.

Samuel L. Jackson

Nick Fury—or rather, the man who played him (though can we honestly think of Samuel L. Jackson as someone other than the superspy?)—is reportedly a massive fan of the Grand Theft Auto series. He even voiced an NPC, Officer Tenpenny, in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. He also plays Fallout and Call of Duty. 

Brie Larson

Another actor from the Marvel Cinematic Universe who enjoys submerging into the digital world of games is Brie Larson. Brie is known for playing Carol Danvers in Captain Marvel, Endgame, and Shang-Chi. 

A lover of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Super Mario World 3D, and Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild, she even has her own YouTube channel featuring video game content. 

 As you can see, the stereotype that surrounds gamers isn’t true, not by a long shot. Not only do men enjoy playing games, but so do women, so much so that we have game inventors who are women, too. So, yes, women do play games and enjoy playing too. 

That said, a good gaming session is incomplete without your gaming accessories. Think about it, what would you play the game with without a controller? Or a gaming chair? Or a headset? These things are needed, and the best part, most of them are customizable! A gaming space that reflects your individuality seems like an excellent place to kick-start your victory against all other gamers—computers or other online people.

Without further ado, here are 7 fantastic gaming accessories for women you simply must-have. 

  1. Customized game controller

While your preferred game console comes with its own controller, they’re usually basic and bland. They lack the confidence and creativity that comes with personalized game controllers. 

A customized game controller is definitely one of the much-needed gaming accessories for gamers.

With a customized controller, you can let your creative side shine with the skin and button design you choose. Some third-party markets for customized controllers offer the possibility to customize a host of things on your controller. 

From things like the design of the D-pad to things like remapping all your controls to where you want them, you can customize everything and anything with specific controllers. 

  1. Matching pink keyboard and mouse combo

And if you’re more into computer games, then a matching pink keyboard and mouse combo should appeal to you immensely. Being a gamer shouldn’t mean you can’t express the girly side of yourself. As we’ve previously covered, the stereotypical gamer image is just a stereotype, nothing more.. 

Besides, how excellent would it be thrashing the boys (and other girls) on COD using a cute and very girly keyboard and mouse combo? Delightful! It’s an exciting mix of cute and badass, kind of like Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls. She’s adorable, but she will whoop your ass if you mess with her. 

  1. Cable Holder

A problem gamers typically face is preventing their floors from looking like the floor of a booming rainforest. 

In this simile, the shallow roots snaking over the forest floors represent your bundles of cable just lying around. Besides making your gaming space look disorganized, bundles of wires lying around are trip magnets. If you don’t care much about how your room looks, tripping and banging your shin hard on the floor or disconnecting your entire setup will send you down a spiel of frustration.

Avoid that by investing in cable holders.

Cable holders can come in a variety of setups to fit your style. If you’re too lazy to spring out the handgun to screw in the holders to your walls, the adhesive model will be more suitable. 

  1. Oversized sweatshirt with anime

Complete the whole cutesy look with an oversized sweatshirt with any of your favorite anime printed on it. This is one of the gaming accessories you didn’t know you’d need until you have it. You can get it in a variety of colors that matches your personality. You can even DIY yourself with glitters, fringes, whatever your heart desires. Nothing beats a cozy evening of hardcore gaming, and your oversized sweatshirt will get you 80% in that zone.

  1. Pink & Gray GameMaster Series gaming chair

Ever had a gaming session where the aftermath is a sore bottom? Well, that’s because you aren’t using the right gaming chair. Where’s the fun in bruising your bottom after a good gaming session? It takes away all the fulfillment and high you’d typically get from a well-done game session. 

Avoid situations like that by investing in this luxurious and comfortable gaming chair—one of the gaming accessories that focuses on comfort and style. 

  1. Logitech H540 

After your game controller, the next gaming accessory of utmost importance is the headset you choose to use. A poor headset will ruin the entire gaming experience and, not to mention, get you killed (probably the moment you hit play). Buying a gaming headset can make or break your high score, so a high-quality, top-notch headset is a priority.

Logitech H540 wins the debate as one of the best headsets to own and not just for playing games. 

It features laser-tuned drivers with a built-in equalizer which provides rich, full immersion sounds that’ll have you entirely focused on your game. 

Not only that, it possesses a noise-canceling mic that minimizes unwanted background noise making it perfect for games that require you to communicate with your teammates. No one would hear the loud yapping of your dog or the croaky screaming of your flatmate as they do their chores.

  1. Pink plush heart-shaped lumbar pillow

You’d have less of a kink in your back if you just got the Pink & Gray GameMaster Series gaming chair. Nevertheless, a lumbar pillow is very beneficial to gamers who can be on their consoles for hours.

You can own the pink plush heart-shaped lumbar pillow just for aesthetic sake. It’d make a lovely addition to the gaming space and add that last drop of cute when you shots for the gram. 

However, it does do more than just be a pretty plush pillow to be awed at. It supports your lower back when you lean against the backrest when used correctly. Since it supports your back by following the natural curve of your spine, ensuring your body stays in the correct position, you can kiss backaches goodbye. 

With this cutesy pink plush heart-shaped lumbar pillow, your comfort is guaranteed, and your gaming session doesn’t have to be cut short due to aches in your back. You can cancel that massage date you had planned. This pillow has got your back—literally. 


There you have it, 7 great gaming accessories for women you should definitely include in your collection. Are there any gaming accessories I missed? How many of these do you already own? Which one appeals to you the most? Let me know all this in the comments section below. 

Shopping for a gaming chair is not as simple as making your snacks. It may be overlooked since there are plenty of fantastic gaming chairs like clutch gaming chairs in the market. Not every chair will be able to meet your gaming needs. It is for this reason that you need to be extra choosy for you to be able to carry home a comfortable gaming chair. Long hours or even a whole day of sitting is no joke. Your back will need all the support and comfort it can get let you will have to put your doctor’s number on speed dial.

To help you pick the perfect gaming chair, you will need this checklist.

What type of seat do you need?

While looking for the most comfortable gaming chair, it is important to note that not all the comfy chairs will be perfect for you. Different chairs have been built to meet different gaming needs. How so? There are five types of gaming chairs. That is, the racing seat, video rocker, pedestal chair, beanbag seat, and the racing simulator cockpit. The racing seat is meant for pc or desk gaming. The video rocker is preferably used by gamers who like to sit closer to the floor and enjoy infusing some bit of rocking movement as they game. The pedestal chair provides mobility as it allows recline, rocking and rotation. If you are a huge fan of racing games, the pedestal chair is the ideal gaming chair for you: the chair has been computerized, and its features are accompanied by simulations of a steering wheel. Is your apartment short of space? The bean bag is the perfect chair for you. The beanbag chair will give you the comfort you need without taking up too much space.


You need to be keen on this one. It is what will determine whether you will be forced to take breaks now and then to stretch. A seat with the ideal ergonomics has quality padding. Special attention is also paid to in the pressure points. Good ergonomics will keep you relaxed throughout the game. More so, they will facilitate proper blood flow and a good posture. Some gaming chairs come with two extra pillows: one for the lumbar area and another for your neck. You may want to take that home.

Is the chair customizable?

You might be compelled by the comfort and support a chair tends to give you the first time you test it. After staying with it for a while, you might start to feel that the chair is not as comfortable as it felt the first time. Which is why you need a chair that has no limits to customization. You might want to do away with the armrests, change the tilt of the chair or increase the height of the back. While at the store, you can reach out to the attendants and ask them to help you test the adjustability of the chair. A customizable gaming chair will save you the trouble of going back for shopping as you can quickly achieve your preferred level of comfort without having to get a different seat.

Your budget

The chair is the type you have been looking for, has the perfect ergonomics and it also looks like one that can give you service for a couple of years. That is not all. Does the chair fit in your budget? It is essential to make a comparison of how much you are ready to offer and the kind of features your budget will allow you to benefit from. Note that some of the extra features like inbuilt sound systems may come at an additional cost.

Do you need them? Such questions will help you get a comfortable gaming chair that will give you value for your money. The brand of the chair will also have an impact on how much you will have to part with for the chair. On that note, you can embark on a comparison shopping and see whether you can be able to get a chair with similar features at a fair price from different brands.

As gaming continues to become popular among most people, the need to take care of their well-being has also risen. Remember that gaming for long hours may have some long-term adverse health effects. Getting a comfortable chair will go a long way in keeping back pains, neck pains, damage of the spine and posture at bay. For that reason, many manufacturers have emerged to make the life of the gamer better. You have endless options of getting a good gaming chair, and you have no excuse for sticking to the uncomfortable couch. With a reasonable budget and the checklist mentioned above, getting a comfortable gaming chair should not be too hard.

There are loads of games you can play with your friends especially, when bored during a visit, in a party or a sleepover. However, truth or dare is one fun and timeless game for friends (old or young), kids and family, to spend time together and know friends.

What is Truth or dare?

Truth or dare game has been in existence for many years, certainly, you must have heard of it. Besides that, it is a game that promises to enlighten, embarrass and create a strong bond between you and your friends, and surely lighten the mood on a boring day. Our choice game needs a minimum of two players to begin. Meanwhile, it has no maximum number of players. Truth or dare starts when a player picks either truth or dare; he/she must answer a question asked by another player truthfully or perform a daring task given by the other player.

Rules for truth or dare

Like every game, truth or dare has its own rules that guide it especially, for those who would want to evade a question or a dare. Admittedly, the rules for truth or dare game is simple and you can adjust it to suit you and your friends. When one player picks truth, another player asks the first player a question, from his relationships, past, habits, or an interesting question. Furthermore, the first player must truthfully answer the question, as friends; when a player lies one would know, therefore, he/she gets penalized.

Take note, one player cannot keep picking only truth or only dare all the time, it saps the fun from the game and kills the mood. Also, when a player decides he/she wants a dare (picks dare), a dare is given by another player or by the group, tasks for dares vary:

  • Embarrassing activities
  • Difficult or funny activities
  • Singing or Dancing
  • Crazy activities

But definitely safe to carry out. In any case, the dare tasks for your truth or dare game largely depends on the age group of the players, the scene, and safety. Obviously, some players will fail to answer their questions or carry out their dare tasks, such players can ask for a new question or dare, one agreed on by all the players in the group. Nevertheless, if the questions or dare is simple and the player still refuses to answer or carry out the task, he/she is given a penalty chosen by other players in the group.

A player can decide to do a ‘double dare’, the player and the one who gave the dare task has to do a task together, agreed on by other players in the group. In general, the rule is to have fun, embarrass each other (not too extreme) and get to know friends. In truth or dare games, there are no losers or winners, just fun and unforgettable moments.

Why truth or dare is the best game to play with friends?

For starters, truth or dare is fun, a great ice breaker for awkward and boring hangouts or party with friends. No doubt, it’s a game where friends can learn about each other while having fun with funny dares. Unquestionably, unlike any other game you play with your friends, only truth or dare lets you in on your friend’s secrets, strengthens your bonds and gives you the power to order them to do fun, embarrassing and crazy dares for your viewing pleasure.

In turn, truth or dare gives you the room to be free with your friends, spill your high school secrets and have fun being dared. The best truth or dare game creates a bond between friends who play the game regularly because, they have to seat in circles, across or around a large table so everyone can see each other. The eye contact between players has a strong effect on them, even if they are not friends yet, they feel a connection and look forward to friendship or more.

An app to play truth or dare

Appropriately, the question ‘what if we run out of questions and dares’ has already formed in your mind, no worries, this free application generates questions and dare ideas for all age group for best truth or dare game. With this application you can experience one of your best truth or dare games, you won’t have to come up with question and ideas. You can download this app for free on your Android or Apple devices and enjoy the best truth or dare game with innumerable questions and dare ideas.

As I have shown you, truth or dare game is the best game to play with friends when bored. The free application for truth or dare will no doubt give you the best experience. You don’t have to waste time to think of questions and dare ideas. Play truth or dare today, discover the secret your friends are hiding and make him/her do some daring tasks.

At comic and anime conventions, attendees tend to be nice and non-judgmental. If you are not sure about what to wear, you should not be worried. No one expects you to become an overnight cosplayer for your first convention. Here are four recommendations that you can follow in this regard:

Dress Comfortably and Respectfully

Fans of anime and comic books are part of a tolerant and respectful community. When you choose your convention attire, you should think about dressing in a respectful manner. Keep in mind that the people at the convention will be coming from a variety of backgrounds, and so this is not an opportunity to make a political statement or to mock a particular genre or character. By doing so, you could offend a lot of people and put a damper on others’ fun.

As for comfortability, realize that you may have to do a lot of walking at large convention centers. Make sure that you’re wearing shoes that you’d feel comfortable walking around in. The event will most likely be crowded as well, and so you should wear shoes that are closed-toe just in case someone ends up stepping on your feet. Often, people want to wear similar shoes and clothes that the character they’re trying to cosplay as does. If those shoes include 6-inch stilettos, though, your feet are not going to be happy after a few hours. Think ahead and try to analyze whether or not what you’ll be wearing will be comfortable after a while as these events can sometimes go on all day.

Take Inspiration from Anime

At your first convention, you will notice a lot of people wearing anime shirts. This is part of a fashion trend that started decades ago. It is not unusual to see fully costumed cosplayers change into stylish anime attire by brands, like Capsule Corp Clothing, that sell clothing that caters to this genre. You will likely see lots of anime clothing when you hit the convention after parties as well. Anime fashion is known to get conversations started and meet interesting people at conventions.

Join Cosplay Costume Groups

Some people take the plunge and arrive to their very first conventions in full cosplay regalia. Cosplay is a lot of fun, but there is more to this activity than just dressing up like superheroes or Pokémon characters. The cosplay community is strong, inclusive and always waiting to welcome new members. If your first convention is a few weeks away, you may want to search online for local cosplay groups whose members are also going. They might be sticking to a certain costume theme that you could participate in too.

Proudly Display Your Otaku Roots

One of the coolest aspects of comic con is that they serve as a meeting point for people with diverse interests. If you are more into video games than anime or comic books, you can certainly dress according to your otaku status. When comic book and sci-fi conventions started getting popular in the 1980s, many people dressed in Star Trek uniforms, but others simply wore Atari ball caps. In 2018, retro gaming fashion is among the hottest convention trends, so you may want to dust off that old Nintendo backpack.

In the end, spending some a little time and effort in your first convention outfit could go a long way in meeting new people. Keep in mind that respect, more than clothing, is the bonding element of the communities that attend these gatherings.