There are loads of games you can play with your friends especially, when bored during a visit, in a party or a sleepover. However, truth or dare is one fun and timeless game for friends (old or young), kids and family, to spend time together and know friends.

What is Truth or dare?

Truth or dare game has been in existence for many years, certainly, you must have heard of it. Besides that, it is a game that promises to enlighten, embarrass and create a strong bond between you and your friends, and surely lighten the mood on a boring day. Our choice game needs a minimum of two players to begin. Meanwhile, it has no maximum number of players. Truth or dare starts when a player picks either truth or dare; he/she must answer a question asked by another player truthfully or perform a daring task given by the other player.

Rules for truth or dare

Like every game, truth or dare has its own rules that guide it especially, for those who would want to evade a question or a dare. Admittedly, the rules for truth or dare game is simple and you can adjust it to suit you and your friends. When one player picks truth, another player asks the first player a question, from his relationships, past, habits, or an interesting question. Furthermore, the first player must truthfully answer the question, as friends; when a player lies one would know, therefore, he/she gets penalized.

Take note, one player cannot keep picking only truth or only dare all the time, it saps the fun from the game and kills the mood. Also, when a player decides he/she wants a dare (picks dare), a dare is given by another player or by the group, tasks for dares vary:

  • Embarrassing activities
  • Difficult or funny activities
  • Singing or Dancing
  • Crazy activities

But definitely safe to carry out. In any case, the dare tasks for your truth or dare game largely depends on the age group of the players, the scene, and safety. Obviously, some players will fail to answer their questions or carry out their dare tasks, such players can ask for a new question or dare, one agreed on by all the players in the group. Nevertheless, if the questions or dare is simple and the player still refuses to answer or carry out the task, he/she is given a penalty chosen by other players in the group.

A player can decide to do a ‘double dare’, the player and the one who gave the dare task has to do a task together, agreed on by other players in the group. In general, the rule is to have fun, embarrass each other (not too extreme) and get to know friends. In truth or dare games, there are no losers or winners, just fun and unforgettable moments.

Why truth or dare is the best game to play with friends?

For starters, truth or dare is fun, a great ice breaker for awkward and boring hangouts or party with friends. No doubt, it’s a game where friends can learn about each other while having fun with funny dares. Unquestionably, unlike any other game you play with your friends, only truth or dare lets you in on your friend’s secrets, strengthens your bonds and gives you the power to order them to do fun, embarrassing and crazy dares for your viewing pleasure.

In turn, truth or dare gives you the room to be free with your friends, spill your high school secrets and have fun being dared. The best truth or dare game creates a bond between friends who play the game regularly because, they have to seat in circles, across or around a large table so everyone can see each other. The eye contact between players has a strong effect on them, even if they are not friends yet, they feel a connection and look forward to friendship or more.

An app to play truth or dare

Appropriately, the question ‘what if we run out of questions and dares’ has already formed in your mind, no worries, this free application generates questions and dare ideas for all age group for best truth or dare game. With this application you can experience one of your best truth or dare games, you won’t have to come up with question and ideas. You can download this app for free on your Android or Apple devices and enjoy the best truth or dare game with innumerable questions and dare ideas.

As I have shown you, truth or dare game is the best game to play with friends when bored. The free application for truth or dare will no doubt give you the best experience. You don’t have to waste time to think of questions and dare ideas. Play truth or dare today, discover the secret your friends are hiding and make him/her do some daring tasks.

According to a study on NCBI, introducing a variety of tastes and food textures to kids at the right time plays a crucial role in helping parents have an easier time encouraging them to try new foods.

Once your baby is ready for solid foods, you can start helping him develop healthy eating habits that he can continue to practice as he grows older. You will also enable your child to increase his nutritional intake – something that is important for his healthy growth and development.

Help Your Child Develop Healthy Eating Habits

Even at an early age, kids can learn to have good eating habits which they can carry well into adulthood. Use the below tips from leading nutrition advisors to help your child develop these.

1.     Being a role model

Babies begin watching their parents’ faces and mimicking some of their gestures when they turn one month old. As such, your child will start imitating a lot of your actions while they are still very young.

 When you show your child how much you love eating a variety of healthy foods, he will learn to follow your lead. Make sure you also have frequent talks with your child on the benefits they can gain when they eat healthy foods, especially during mealtimes. These strategies are highly effective in getting your little one to start trying a variety of foods, like fruits and veggies.

2.     Making dinner and other mealtimes a time for family

Kids who eat meals with their families at home, or even out, usually have better quality diets and a higher intake of fruits and vegetables. When you serve a new dish, make sure everyone at the table gets a healthy portion and make a show of how they like it. Your child will find it hard not to follow the everyone’s example.

Also, allow your little one to make choices and decide how much he wants to eat since this will empower and give him confidence. By allowing your child to serve himself and seeing everyone enjoying the meal, he will know the importance of family meals and that trying new dishes is not something to be scared of – something that will help them avoid picking up the unhealthy habit of picky eating.

3.     Giving your child a variety of options

If your little one is already eating solid foods, do not limit his diet to only soft, mashed food.  With the pediatrician’s approval, nutrition advisors say you can also start offering your child foods with different textures – chunky, crunchy, and chewy ones.

Provide a variety of healthy food choices for your child and let him take the lead in what and how much he chooses to eat. However, make sure you don’t leave your child unattended when he is trying new foods and textures.

Regardless of your child’s age, keep in mind that you may have to place a particular food in front of your child multiple times before he develops a taste for it. The important thing is that you be consistent in offering this food and don’t force your child to try the dish.

If your little one tastes even just two or three spoonfuls, show your appreciation and praise him for trying the dish.

4.     Making healthy foods fun and interesting

When you are introducing a type of fruit or vegetable for the first time to your child, be creative. Use cookie cutters to create fun shapes out of fresh veggies or fruits. You can also make a fresh fruit bar and give your little one a child-friendly skewer so that he can make his own fruit kabobs. Serve a variety of dips as well so that he can experiment with different tastes.

By following this tip, you will help your child be more open to tasting new and healthy foods. He will even learn to love them as long as you are consistent in serving foods in interesting and yummy ways.

5.     Serving familiar foods in new ways

Lastly, let your child know that the same foods can be cooked and served different ways and they will still taste good. For instance, show your child the various ways you can cook an egg: sunny side up, scrambled, poached, soft or hard-boiled, etc.

If possible, allow your child to help you or, at the very least, watch you while you are cooking so that he gets to know about these different prep and cooking techniques. By mixing things up, you help your child develop a wider range of tastes and more adaptability to new foods and situations.

Good eating habits start from childhood. When you help your child learn healthy eating habits at an early age, he will have a higher chance of continuing those habits as he gets older and begins to make more eating decisions on his own.

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Hot air balloons have always captured the interests of the common people since its invention in the 1700’s. Riding in a hot air balloon is often considered and adventure in itself. You float hundreds of feet above the ground, travelling at a leisurely pace and enjoying the bird’s eye view of the Earth below.

Organized float balloon packages offer an affordable means to enjoy this tranquil sport under expert supervision. Here are a few reasons why everyone should try flying in the hot air balloon at least once.

For the adrenalin junkie

Despite its slow pace, flying in a float balloon is absolutely thrilling enough to satisfy any adrenalin junkie. Soaring over the skies gently, the speed and direction controlled by subtly altering the overhead fire is an experience unto none. The serene flight gives you a new perspective of looking at things from high above. Riding in the cramped little basket and the humongous balloon powered by hot air is sure to be a humbling experience.

It’s romantic!

Private float balloon tours are quite popular among lovers who wish to take a romantic holiday. The constantly changing scenery and the gentle swaying of the basket is sure to make anyone’s heart beat fonder for their loved one. With no mechanical noises to interrupt the mood, a hot air balloon acts as the perfect place to pop the all-important question to your loved one. Pack some strawberries, a bottle of champagne and sweep her off her feet, literally!

Discovering new places

Have you ever seen how beautiful vineyards look like from hundreds of feet above the air? How about a mountain from a bird’s eye view? There are few things you can see that can rival those images! Being able to look at such wonders in person is possible only on a hot air balloon as it suspends over the ground allowing you to take in some of the most beautiful sights the world has to offer.

Socializing across cultures

Hot air balloon tours are a great way to meet new people from all over the world. Float balloon are considered a unique experience by many who travel from across the globe to experience it first-hand. This is usually organized as a fun activity for fund raisers, corporate events etc., where you can meet people from all walks of life.

Making memories

Hot air ballooning is a beautiful retreat in itself. It’s a great way to take a break from the daily bustle and spend time up in the air basking the wonders of nature. It not only gives you a new perspective on how things look from above, but is also a great way to clear your mind and give it a well-deserved break from stress. Most float balloon tours offer a whole charade of accompaniment such as toast, champagne etc. which accounts for a picnic in the skies!

Hop on a fancy hot air balloon and give yourself a unique travel experience.

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Every sports fan has the pocket version of his favorite sport stored on his smartphone so he can play it wherever he wants. This list is geared towards older phones too, so you will not need the best Samsung Galaxy phone currently available, but it couldn’t hurt. So what some of the best sports games for Android and iOS on the market? Check out the list of 10 sports game you have to have with you if you want to be a real sports fan:

  1. Real basketball – MobileCraft

Real basketball is a great application for al basketball fans because it offers them the chance to play single player or multiplayer. For this app, you have to connect to the internet if you want to play with people all around the world, which can be a lot of fun. Choose your own team from 40 different uniforms and 4 different courts and choose the game mode which suits you best from 6 different modes. If you still aren’t convinced then let the numbers do the talking; the overall score is 4,6 which is graded by almost 1,600,000 users.

  1. MLB 9 Innings – Com2uS

Baseball is one of those games you have to see to understand. The same thing is with the application, you have to try it to love it. Choose your own ball, pitch, position, anything you need to become a great baseballer. The game is pretty impressive, it has more than 800 players which are rendered in 3D with some serious graphic. The overall score for the game is 4,2 which is pretty good when considering the 55,500 users behind it.

  1. Foosball Cup World – Ludus Studio

Foosball is one highly addictive game and this application makes sure that you can fully enjoy the pocket version of table football. You can choose the size of the table, the player formation, style, the stadium and even the type of the ball. But, keep in mind that you have to win most of the options through the game. Almost 30,000 users have graded this game with 4,0 score which is not bad at all.

  1. FIFA 16 – Electronic Arts

The best way to enjoy a proper soccer application is through FIFA. Electronic Arts are the giant in the gaming world and you can expect only the best from them. This application is more than just playing soccer because you can trade and transfer every player in your team. There is one feature which can improve your skill and that is the Daily Challenge. Achieve every challenge and get your reward. The overall score is 4,0 and the number of reviews is 825,600 which is pretty good.

  1. Archery Master 3D – TerranDroid

Archery is not a basic sport, but it is one of the most addictive ones. In this application, you can choose your bow, archer, types of bows and bull’s eyes and change them all from time to time to spice things up. Just remember, first few levels may be easy, but the higher you get, the harder it is to shoot the target. Almost 800,000 reviews show us that the game is pretty interesting and the 4,2 score shows us that the performance is impressive.

  1. Pro Feel Golf – Behaviour Interactive

Golf is actually pretty unusual sport for an application, but the experts in the Behaviour Interactive did a pretty good job with it. Just like the basketball game I have already mentioned, you can play single and multiplayer mode with people all over the world. The graphics are pretty impressive and the one-hand controls make this game easier to play. Different upgrades and powerups can improve your skills so you can continue to grow in the game. Almost 15,000 people have left a review which leads to the 4,0 overall score.

  1. Ice Hockey 3D – Mouse Games

Hockey is a fast-paced game and with this application, you will feel like you are on the court with them. The animation of the game is impressive and the control of the player is flawless. Just like other games on this list, here you can also choose your hockey team to win the entire game. You can also choose different game modes and find the ones that suit your style best. Almost 92,000 users had reviewed this app and they gave it the overall score of 3,8, which is lower than the rest, but still pretty OK.

  1. Madden NFL Football – Electronic Arts

Another Electronic Arts application is on this list. Madden NFL Football will tie you to your smartphone while you let your team win match after match. The principle is similar to the FIFA application where you can buy and sell your players and by achieving challenges, you can earn rewards. The game was rated more than 1,350,000 which is awesome and the entire game’s score is 4.5.

  1. Pool – 8 Ball Game – Pool Games Studio

Foosball and poll are two table games that are on this list because they are also highly addictive and entertaining. The entire game feels like it is the real deal, there are no unrealistic movements. Improve your skills with daily challenges and become a pro fast. Almost 45,000 users gave this game the overall rating of 4,4, which is very impressive.

  1. Fishing Hook – Mobirix

You can’t compare the real fishing and the game about fishing, but this game is pretty close. This game has 16 different languages and you can also play it on tablets, which is a new thing. The graphics in the game are great and the intense feeling will be always around you. You can’t just tap the fish; you have to put some effort in catching it, just like the real thing. Almost a 1,000,000 people gave this game 4,4 rate which is pretty impressive.