A CMS (Content Management System) is an easy-to-use and-edit platform.  Anyone can use CMS to add content or image without any technical expertise.

There are different types of CMSs present in the market now. Currently, WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal are the most popular CMS in the market. However, it depends on your requirements which suits you best.  There are many factors to look when selecting CMS for your website. If you want simple blogging platform, WordPress is the best choice. For a big online project where there will be many contributors, Drupal is the best choice.`

Main factors to consider while choosing CMS can be broken down into following things:

  1. Business Objective
  2. Features

Ongoing Requirements

  1. Future Needs
  2. Support
  3. Cost

CMS has many advantages over HTML:

  • lowers the price of a website
  • it is easy to use for non-technical minded
  • relatively cheap to maintain
  • it improves site maintenance

Choosing a right outsourcing company for website development is important to the success of a business online. Your decision to hire an outsourcing company will only be reaped if you will select right outsourcing partner for your company website.

There are many things to keep in mind while hiring an outsourcing company for CMS. Here are few important things:

Testimonials – Check past clients of CMS Development Company. Ask them about their past client and contact them if possible.

On-Time Delivery –  Ask them about time and budget it will take to complete the final product. A Good Outsourcing Company will break down tasks and give you the exact time.

Development Team – Get more information about development team and quality control team. Ask them how much effort they put into quality control?.

Support – There can be some glitch which you will find post-development. Go with a company which can provide support for at least 2 months after development.

Communication – Check out communication options available to contact the developer. You better decide the time of feedback communication at the start of the project. The company which can communicate at the scheduled time on Skype, email, and call will be the correct choice for you.

Payment – Project should be divided into milestones. All features should be broken down including hours required to complete them. You should pay only after the company completed milestone.

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Drupal can be considered as one of the best CMS platforms for search engine optimization (SEO). In most of the cases, the Drupal development is very useful for the implementation process of SEO, and is better than other CMS platforms. Starting from the creation of search friendly page titles to optimizing your content for attracting Google and other search engines, Drupal does it all. Both free as well as paid plug-in is available for Drupal, which provides the power of easy customization. Let us go through some helpful Drupal modules:

SEO Checklist

If you are aware of the basics of SEO, then this module can be very helpful. It helps in removing all the guesswork after creation of the functional tasks and modules. Though it does not provide any particular function, it can play the role of a checklist for your on-site SEO. It keeps a proper track of what has been completed and what not. The tasks are broken into sub parts like paths, content, tags, title and many more. After every task, you will observe a downloadable link for configuring the settings in the correct manner.

Path Redirect

The administrators can redirect URLs easily from one path to the other with the help of this particular module. Using any redirect status of HTTP, the URLs can be specifically redirected. The bug report is available through the issue tracker and the module can easily be translated to other modules if required.


If you want to provide structured metadata, this module can really be helpful. Metatag usually refers to the meta keyword and the meta description combined together. These tags if properly utilized can affect the search engine ranking in a positive manner. This module also supports the meta tags used in Facebook or Twitter, therefore helping the content display in the social networking sites.

XML Sitemap

This module can provide a dynamic setup for building the search engines by following all the specifications of the sitemaps.org. The search engines can therefore crawl more wisely with updated results. After the creation of sitemap, it can easily be submitted to search engines like Bing, Google and Ask automatically by this module.

SEO Compliance Checker

It checks the entire content and tells whether it requires any modification or not. When the publisher previews or checks the node, the module performs the operation and provides a feedback depending on the rules. There are various sub modules which are useful in checking the basic SEO rules in the content. It checks whether you have entered the keywords at the right position and have used the meta tags appropriately. The core module helps in gathering information from other modules and performs SEO checks in an intelligent manner.

Google Authorship

If you implement the Google Authorship module, you can be ensured about the improvement in ranking through the high credibility of the authors. You just need to create a Google+ profile of the author and can add an attribute rel= “author”. Now, this can help in increasing the visibility in the search engines easily.

Page Title

In most of the cases, every page contains a title and the Drupal content also includes one title. The title is present in the title tag of the HTML head and also used in the search engine results page for enhancing the ranks. With this module, you can customize the title patterns and the structures. You can also specify the content title and the page title differently.

Site Verification

With this module, you can authenticate your site or verify your domain easily. The verification process can be done in two ways – by uploading a particular file or by the addition of the meta tags. If you can upload the file, it will be easier for you because after the verification, the file will remain saved with a particular file name and therefore you can identify properly.

Menu Attributes

If you want to add some items in your menu, you can perform this function with the help of this module. The items like style, class, rel, id, name etc can be added easily. If you want to provide a particular ID to one of your items, you can use the module by selecting the jQuery. You can also use the Menu Attributes module when you insert ‘nofollow’ to some of the items through your site by sculpting the flow of PageRank.

Content Optimizer

By checking the quality of the content and enhancing the on-page optimization factors, the content optimizer module plays a great role in SEO. It can provide quick analysis of the content including a guide for assuring the best practices of SEO. Essential content statistics and recommendations can easily boost up the search engine rankings.


This is a type of site map generator that creates the sitemap placed in the footers. The caching function can provide better functionality with highly configurable settings. It also supports translation facilities and can modify the CSS and MarkUp easily.

Taxonomy Title

The module has been specially designed for updating the heading tag present at the top of the taxonomy term page. For the heading element, you can use more keyword rich and user friendly words. With the help of this particular module, you have the freedom to control the title individually for each and every term.

Search 404

Instead of using the 404 error page, the module can help you in changing the display. Your site can display that the ‘page does not exist’ and can suggest some other pages instead of the error. This will retain your visitors for a long time.

If you can apply the right combination of the SEO knowledge, quality content and the appropriate Drupal modules, you can easily create search friendly websites. This open source content management system can be helpful to the online marketers, bloggers as well as the web designers. As the module is frequently updated, you can also be prevented from the hackers.