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When it comes to digital marketing trends, they continue to evolve and a new trend comes before you realize it. As we keep depending on forecasts, we need to look for predictions of what to expect and tailor your online campaigns based on the digital marketing trends.

According to an article published on Forbes, digital events as well as experiences for target customers to engage beyond the purview of your conventional sales messaging. You also need to diversify your social networking activities to reach out to more engaged audiences. It calls for improving the overall user experience on your social media accounts by making the most out of the shop and related features to overcome the obstacles of purchasing from your business or brand. You can set up an Instagram Shop to balance your e-commerce campaigns on the digital landscape.

In this article, we will walk through the top five digital marketing trends in 2021 for your business. Read on to learn more.

  1. Popularity of voice search

Voice search will dominate this year affecting digital marketing globally, thus making businesses embrace the voice search technology. Voice search has evolved much and changed the way marketers improve website rankings for specific keywords (KWs) and search phrases.

It is predicted that 50 percent of all web searches would be voice-based soon, thus creating new marketing opportunities for online businesses. You can do numerous things to improve your website rankings in the search engine results pages (SERPs) for voice-based search. Then, you need to use long tail KWs. For instance, you can use KWs like, most expensive men’s fashion brand and not just KWs like a fashion brand.

  1. Smart speakers based on AI technology

Today, smart speakers are dominant and one of the most important trends to watch out for in 2021. Based on the findings of the Social Report, approx 56 million smart speakers sold to customers in the year 2018, and speaker manufacturers would sell around 94 million of such devices in 2019.

The popularity of smart speakers is a great opportunity and soon to become the key channel for digital marketers to use ads and promote their products or services. Here are the two essential ways your brand could adopt smart speaker marketing this year:

When it comes to flash briefing on Alexa, it is a popular way you can receive news about the weather, morning news updates, as well as daily information. People can select or pick sources of news, information, podcasts, and other news they would like their smart speakers to say.

App or branded skill

You can make a branded Google Home app or branded Alexa Skill related to your business, offering a beneficial service to your targeted customers. These days, marketers are leveraging Alexa Skills to reach out to their audiences by providing them with industry-related news, related products, services, and much more.

  1. The use of Chatbots in brand marketing

This year, marketers will make the best use of chatbots to promote their brands and products. Though brands have been using chatbot technology for some time, businesses will capitalize on chatbots even more in 2021. If you like to learn more about the use of chatbots for your business, you can get in touch with digital marketing agency Auckland or similar ones.

AI-based chatbots: A chatbot powered with artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential of offering a customized experience to customers and clients. When it comes to Bank of America’s chatbot technology, they can manage any customer query leveraging prognostic analytics. The chatbot can also foresee buyer needs and help them via complicated banking processes.

Even customers can use chatbots to clear payments, save money, or check account balances. Such experiences are helping businesses and customers. This way, businesses can place themselves as consumer-first.

Social media chatbots: Did you know that chatbot technology is being used in various digital marketing applications to help your business communicate with customers in a better way? Besides, it also improves user experience. The can aggregator company Uber lets people ask for a cab ride via their Facebook Messenger application. Thus, businesses are now incorporating marketing channels with their purchase point. This way, chatbots are ensuring a hassle-free, convenient customer experience as well as cutting back on the buying cycle.

  1. The popularity of augmented reality

Augmented Reality or AR is another popular digital marketing trend and doing rounds for some time. The experts in the industry believe that AR will soon become a rage in 2021 and beyond. When it comes to AR, it has made its presence felt in the digital marketing landscape and one of the top trends this year.

Big brands such as IKEA are already leveraging AR. Started in the year 2017, IKEA’s Place app allows consumers to see precisely how their sofa or couch will look and fit in the living room of their homes even before they buy the product. It is a form of marketing called experimental marketing is letting businesses such as IKEA as well as providing consumers with the best buying experience that makes the real distinction between buying and giving up.

  1. Communication on private-messaging applications

Businesses will make the best use of private-messaging applications in 2021 and beyond. Mobile apps such as Viber, WhatsApp, or WeChat have gained significant traction, of late and therefore, brands will reap the benefits of these private apps and private messaging groups.

As far as WhatsApp is concerned, it has a huge database of 1.5 million users active in more than 180 nations. Therefore, businesses can place their products or services to several people without the need to bring them to their web pages. You can also set up a WhatsApp business profile and make the best use of Facebook ads to allow WhatsApp users to call and message the customer support department with one click.

Ads are to come on WhatsApp soon, which means brands can make the best use of this app and work it towards their benefit.


Embrace these digital marketing trends to improve your products, promote items, and market in the best possible way. Online news marketing has huge scope this year whether you have a new business or an established one.

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If your Malaysia-based brand has not yet joined the millions of brands around the globe that are utilising the power and reach of digital marketing, what are you waiting for? Digital marketing in Malaysia is making successes out of small brands that are competing against much larger brands for market share, website traffic and profitable conversions. 

The success of brands that have gone ‘all-in’ with the concept of digital marketing in Malaysia proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that a digital road is the one to follow towards sustainability and unprecedented growth. 

But many brands are still perplexed by what digital marketing means beyond the ads they see Google and the social media sites they visit. We’ll explain how a digital marketing platform has to be built up to work seamlessly and be successful for your brand.

Preparing for Growth Through Digital Marketing in Malaysia

The first step in entering the digital marketing arena is to establish a digital platform that will serve to represent your brand name and image. 

For many smaller brands that are just getting started in digital marketing, this can mean something as simple as creating a Facebook or Instagram page. Social media platforms have become recognised leaders in digital marketing. They offer a variety of inexpensive ads that can be targeted to reach a specific segment of the marketplace and are often the only thing you need to begin increasing your market share and conversion rate. 

But after you get a taste of the success that digital marketing can provide, your brand will invariably see the benefits of investing in a brand website. 

Investing in a Website that Works for You

Any investment in a website should be thought of as an ongoing expense. This is because digital marketing is a dynamic and ever-changing world where the improvements to websites and ad campaigns launched by your competitors will necessitate a response from your brand. 

You need to commit to the power of digital marketing to be successful at it. Invest in a website that can handle much more that you’ll expect from it at the beginning of your digital marketing exploration.

Partner with an Experienced SEO Agency

Successful digital marketing in Malaysia means engaging with an experienced SEO agency to set up your website to be robust enough to handle all the advertising and transactional platforms that will help grow your brand’s online image and name. The SEO agency will also be the ones to maintain your website’s ranking against your competitors.  

They will monitor your website, as well as the rankings of your competitors, in a continuous battle of rankings. Your brand’s ranking will be improved, the more you undertake digital marketing campaigns. Reaching out beyond your site and posting content, creating backlinks, and otherwise engaging other sites in marketing activities is the best way to both increase your site’s ranking and increase traffic and conversions as well.

An SEO agency is the best friend you’ll have when entering the world of digital marketing in Malaysia. They can handle all your marketing campaigns and keep you apprised of the results with regular reports.  

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In this digital world, every business, whether local or international, is working hard to be on top of its customers’ minds. More companies are moving towards online marketing tactics, leaving behind the traditional methods. So, if your local business isn’t online yet, it’s high time to buckle up and delve into how that can help grow your local brand for more reach.

There are multiple tactics that you can use to drive local customers to your business. You can hire a digital marketing company that is an expert in different digital marketing realms and can make your business succeed locally.

Four digital marketing strategies to grow your local business

  1. Implement SEO techniques

Search Engine Optimization plays a crucial role in boosting your business’ visibility by optimizing your website. The higher your page ranks on the SERPs, the more the chance of local customers learning about your business. There are mainly two ways you can place your business website on top of SERPs:

  • Posting regularly on “Google My Business” page.
  • Filling out all the necessary data in the information section of “My Business” dashboard.

Besides, you can also implement a Google review strategy to quickly market your venture and bring it in front of your target audience.

  1. Create social media accounts 

By creating social media handles of your local business on multiple platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc., you can easily engage with your customers and increase brand awareness. However, having social accounts is not enough. You need to update them regularly and post interesting and useful content that persuades your potential customers to take action.

Some tips you can consider are:

  • Avoid creating accounts on every social platform. Do proper research and check where your target customers hang out the most.
  • Be consistent with posting content, and make sure it attracts more customers.
  • Go beyond just posting about your products and services; share behind-the-scenes reviews, testimonials, giveaways, etc., to show brand personality.
  • In addition to text, use different formats, like infographics, carousels, videos, etc.
  • Engage with your audience regularly. Reply to their messages and comments to show them that they are important for you and your business.
  1. Use social media ads the right way

Many local businesses utilize social media advertising to reach their target customers. The biggest advantage of social media ads is that it allows you to target specific demographics via location, age, sex, interests, etc. Here’s how you can do it correctly:

  • While creating ad campaigns, add various relevant details to make it more specific.
  • Add an actionable Call-to-action (CTA) at the end of your campaign and try to be as precise as possible about what you’re conveying.
  • Measure the campaign performance through different metrics and keep experimenting.
  1. Invest in content marketing 

Content marketing is one of the effective strategies to take your local brand to another level. This helps boost the SEO rankings by adding different types of content, such as blogs, infographics, videos, etc., on your website to entice your customers. However, make sure that the content you’re creating caters to the needs of your local audience.

For example, if you run a digital marketing company in Delhi, you can write a blog post related to the best digital marketing companies in Delhi to attract business owners in Delhi who are looking for such services. If you create content with no or little understanding of your target market, it can only lead to wastage of time and resources with zero positive results.

Final Words 

In a nutshell, implementing these four strategies in your digital marketing campaign can help generate more local leads for your business in no time.


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It is no exception. On the flip side, you can encounter plumbers who will provide you unbelievably reduced estimates, then inflate the price once work has begun.

Now, influencer marketing isn’t only for the fashion market. Pay-per-click advertising only puts your message or ad before people actively looking for your services. Internet promotion is one of the greatest strategies to reach an immense number of prospective customers quickly, while giving them the opportunity to opt into monthly newsletters, blogs, totally free plumbing guides and more. If you’re prepared to implement an online marketing strategy for your plumbing company, continue reading! Figure out how SEO company in Pune can make an effective online advertising strategy for your site.

Content marketing was and will always be among the most important search engine optimization trends for many years to come. It is the key Google wants to see in helping you improve your position on search engines and get more traffic to your site. 1-way plumbers can offer decent business against very smaller investments is to use their cellular phone to shoot decent excellent videos showing how they’re executing live plumbing works and post them to their FB business profile.

No matter your reasons are, the area of luxury plumbing is a good way to save money whilst still living the fantastic life. Locating a work even in an industrial center might also be simple if you know the place to begin. The fantastic issue is that you aren’t by yourself. Now, you’ve got five to ten ideas for your blog.

An upgrade could be essential to accommodate the pressure. Therefore, it will no longer be an alternative for plumbers to have a mobile-friendly site.

By the time your potential clients need professional plumbing support, you will probably be their first choice as your videos help you keep on top of their minds. Your products or services is the foundation of your advertising strategy. There are a couple of different members of the market that are jobless like you. Digital marketing trends are the same.

Speaking about link building, you always have the option to add links to your site content, blog posts or sharing posts on social networking. You may add your site’s keyword as the alt text for the best SEO value. Websites which connect you with workers might be wonderful aid in deciding. You may not think your website is essential, but your site says more about you than you believe. When a site takes a while to load on any device, the readers may leave the site instantly because nobody would want to wait around for too much time to read something. The best method to optimize your site’s content is by outsourcing it to a trustworthy content promoting agency that will assume the job for your benefit. Then be certain that your plumbing website isn’t hard to navigate and appears appealing.

The growth of voice search technology brings they should concentrate on more long-tail search keywords and a pure language that fits with your target audience’s conversational tone. Search engine optimization is currently firmly part of the total advertising procedure, and great marketing will just help improve rankings and drive more traffic. SEO for plumbers require a mix of efforts and tactics. In 2017, SEO is the best plumbing internet advertising tool available. Linking to any random website solely for the interest of linking may not impact your SEO in any way or might even lower it. It’s possible for you to utilize Google’s Page Speed Insights to analyze your site’s speed and allow it to be better accordingly. As the internet grows more visually focused, there’s a fantastic opportunity for plumbers to explore the ability of visual content search.

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This article will focus on how to get likes for effective digital marketing. This article will briefly explain the strategies for effective marketing. Every one of you already knows the stories about why Instagram is important for businesses. But the point is how you can believe it is really important for your business. When you don’t want to waste your time trying this. There is no doubt that Instagram is one of the biggest social media around. And still, if there is a businessman who is not using it they are missing something big. Whether you are running social media of a firm, or a small business or if you want to promote your personal brand, you must have incorporated Instagram into your business strategy.

If you are uncertain why Instagram is so good for business then look at the points which are described below briefly but precisely. These reasons will tell you why it is important to get Instagram likes for SEO company in Pune

  • First and foremost reason is telling a story on Instagram

People love to listen to stories rather than reading long boring captions. Since our childhood, we came to know about stories of different celebrities. If you think from a business point of view, when you tell an interesting and amazing story you will create an emotional connection and interaction with your audience. This will brings reach and likes to your business account.

Sharing of visual content is the best way to promote your brand. Let your audience know what you are about and build a relationship with potential customers. Customer focused approach than a product-centered approach has proven to be more successful in marketing. You should focus on the emotions of people rather than pushing your product into the news feed. You will get more reach and likes, as a result, you will get more response to your business. You can also utilize this story option to let people know about “behind the scene” clips which are behind your brand.

  • Worth of visual content

Photos have been proven to be the most engaging content on social media. And gets 100% more engagement than the posts which contains only texts. Instagram is a platform to keep people engaged and they should be coming back to your account for more. Imagery techniques will keep your followers engaged and bring lots of likes which will help in an effective marketing strategy. The image you used on Instagram can be used on other channels like blogs etc. for marketing purpose. Focus on the consistent color finance scheme this will makes your Instagram feed to identify your brand easily.

  • You must have access to a lot of users in order to get likes

Instagram has over 700 Million users monthly on its platform. This allows businesses to target a huge potential audience. When you are posting consistently on Instagram, hashtags are the best way so that your content may reach the targeted people. You must search the relevant tags to brands and use the tags for what your audience is looking for. Targeted ads can help you reach more potential customers. This will be possible if you are willing to spend some time and budget in doing this. This strategy will help to gain likes from a targeted audience and effectively helps in digital marketing. One thing to avoid don’t use overused and banned hashtags this will have a negative impact on your account.

  • Build interaction and engagement with the community to gain more likes

Instagram has defeated other social media apps like Facebook and Twitter when it comes to the engagement factor. It has the highest brand engagement rate. It means people are looking more for brands on this platform. You can build an effective community by making comments and likes on their posts. This is the strategy most of the brands are using.

You can ask them to join in using relevant hashtags. Your target should not only to do engagement with people for your product or brand. But should build a permanent connection with them this will create an emotional connection between you and your customers. The term real engagement will result in real sales and brings loyal customers and followers. This will be handy in getting likes for effective business marketing strategy.

  • Your feedback is worth a Million so don’t waste it

If you want to be smart in the field of marketing, you must have evaluated conversations about your brand products on social media. You must have tracks of where you were mentioned like forums, blogs, and Facebook, etc. You must have an awareness of what people are posting about your brand on Instagram.

Whether your brand is present on the platform or not people will discuss it. This is the beauty of this platform. You will not see this on any other platform. They are posting videos, recordings, and images of the products they purchased from your brand. You can use this feedback to the best you can. So Instagram provides you the goldmine insights so use it before it’s too late. There is a tool name as Iconosquare will help you find what people are saying about your brand. This is the best strategy to get engagement and likes on your posts and builds an effective business.

  • Don’t overlook the work of your competitors

You might not have used the Instagram channel for marketing career purpose but others have already done that. So you can use that platform it will let you know how they are interacting and communicating with their community. Look for content what they have posted? When they are posting and how is the response rate. In what way they are engaging with their fans? Do they have any contests running on Instagram? After you get answers to these questions you will be able to build your own strategy in an effective way.

  • Buy 50 Instagram likes without cheating

There is not always time for yourself to get more likes. And all users want to get a quality and guaranteed result. I recommend visiting for a visit. Here you can buy 50 Instagram likes and not worry about quality. The site has all the necessary requirements:

No registration.

And this means that in order to buy likes, you do not need to spend extra time on this procedure;


In a special tab in the site menu, the user can see the item, which states that the seller guarantees the high quality of work and that the resource will come in the quantity ordered and on time;

Reliable payment systems.

This means that your money will not go somewhere to “unknown” people and will definitely reach the seller. And it also says that the service is reliable, because large systems do not work with untested organizations;

Excellent reputation.

This site is on the first positions google request buy 50 Instagram likes and write about it only positive reviews and opinions.

In addition to these advantages, you can add low prices.

  • Conclusion

This is the way you can get more likes effectively and these like and follower’s strategy will help in building an effective marketing strategy for your businesses and this will take your business to the next level. So one thing is clear that Instagram is no longer just for personal use it has to provide the brands to promote their brand and be successful.

Digital Marketing job opportunities are galore. It all depends on how you grab them. With the right kind of approach, getting Digital Marketing jobs becomes easier and smoother. So, here is an insight into how to get that job, and make the maximum out of the available Digital Marketing job opportunities. This is what the experts in this field recommend,

Become findable, irresistible and empathetic

This becomes necessary to ensure that you get noticed by the employers…

Being findable implies making use of the correct words. Be it your resume or your LinkedIn profile.

Becoming irresistible – This involves positioning yourself to be the missing link to the success of your probable employer (tactfully, but obvious).

Showing empathy means seeing to it that you do not waste the time of the hiring manager. Rather, concentrating on saving their time. 

Becoming certified

You need not bother about a degree, particularly in Digital Marketing, in order to land a job in this field. There are numerous degrees, such as PR and Advertising, Journalism and Business Studies, that which can take you there naturally. Although, if you wish for a better attempt at employment, it is beneficial to be certified by an authorized body. Along these lines, Digital Marketing courses in Pune would be a good place to begin, if you are residing in the city. Also, numerous colleges or universities offer short term top up courses that just about require few months to complete. Check out with a local college in your vicinity, to see what they have on offer.

As a matter of fact, the major portion of your Digital Marketing training and education will take place at the workplace. However, a qualification will establish the foundation of your knowledge, and assist you in understanding the theory, and it would appear much better on your resume.

Go for continued learning

Here is one industry that happens to be all about knowledge. Marketers have to gain mastery in their respective field, in addition, they likewise should respect the thing that the best practices in marketing are always showing signs of change. What works in one week, might not work in the following. There are a number of sites and blogs that would help you en route. E.g. So, do check them out.

Get familiar with the tools

Digital Marketers depend on a wide array of online tools that enable them to streamline the tasks and bring about an increase in productivity. These tools comprise of the SEO checkers, Social Media scheduling frameworks, Email automation services to illustrate a few. During an interview, you might be asked, which tools you use often. So, get acquainted with them.

One way to learn the tools and Digital Marketing in general, is by enrolling into a Digital Marketing Courses in Mumbai, or a one in your home town. Choose wisely!   

Be proactive in your approach, while applying for jobs

Do apply for jobs, regardless of whether you are a 100% match or not. The beginner level positions comprise of marketing co-ordinator or marketing specialist jobs. Begin from here for the best outcomes. Search for jobs by means of sites such as LinkedIn, Indeed etc. Ensure that your resume is present on these top platforms, so as to get noticed by the potential employers. At the same time, also keep an eye on the spam, intern, co-ordinator kinds of positions. While applying for jobs, do not forget to incorporate a personalized message in your cover letter. This got to feature your qualifications, skills, and interest for the job.

Have a mentor

As you might be knowing, it could be hard to completely submerge yourself into Digital Marketing, in case you’re not as of now working in this particular sector. The best approach to defeat this, is to consult a mentor from whom you can learn. What you can do is, get in touch with the experts whose career you praise and meet them over a cup of coffee, or have an email exchange. They can provide you with an advice on some of the best professional choices to make and tell you about any opportunities that emerge. Do not be stressed over bothering somebody, or thinking that they are too occupied to even consider helping you. On the off chance that your demand is polite, the majority will be glad to help you out.

Work on your Email address

Although this might not seem significant to you, potential employers and other stakeholders will form an impression depending on your email address. It happens to be human instinct. You can create a Gmail account that is essentially based around your first and last name (middle if required). Omit the undesired references from your email address, and abstain from numbers if possible. Make use of Gmail to create an address with ease, or, in case you’re savvy, come up with a custom email having your own domain name.

A Digital Marketing job is not far away. All you need is, gain knowledge and skills by joining a suitable course amongst the various Digital Marketing courses in Pune, and working on the above pointers. 

The marketing strategy plays a prominent role in the success of any business – whether it’s B2B or B2C, though the approach for both varies. If you have hired an agency to devise and run a marketing plan for you, they will try to use both the direct and outbound as well as inbound marketing techniques to reach out to the maximum audience. The outbound techniques involve sending messages to prospective clients. It works on the clients that you have already identified, but to create reasons for the targeted audience to come to you, you need to involve the inbound marketing techniques.

Here are a few of the marketing techniques that will help you in 2019, if applied correctly.

Find the Right Target Audience

This is the most critical step as unless you communicate with the right audience all your marketing strategies will fail. Suppose you run a play school and you send notifications to people having grown-up children. It will be treated as spam by them. You need to identify the right audience using the tools available. This will help in targeting the right demographics taking factors like age, gender, and location into consideration. Once the audience is identified, it can be further defined and refined.

Have an Informative and Engaging Website

The strategies of SEO services Delhi that you might have hired for improving your rankings in SERPs and diverting traffic will be fruitful only if you could engage the visitors that come to your page or website. The attention span of a visitor is only 3 seconds and within that time he or she decides to either abandon or explore the website further. You need to utilize this properly. The website is your first impression on your prospective buyer and it needs to be strong and very appealing. The website designing should be done keeping in mind the B2B prospects and what will appeal and engage them to take further action. Thus, the professionals that you have hired should know what to share and how to share to make a lasting impact.

Make Use of Social Media

Social media has gained a lot of attention and you need to include it big time in your B2B digital marketing plan apart from using other forms of media. There are 60% buyers out there who first check on social media about a new service provider before even visiting their website. So, in 2019, make maximum use of social platforms like Facebook and Instagram, filling your social media profiles with all the relevant information that you want your B2B customers to be aware of.

Besides that, have relevant content on reputed blogs having backlinks to your website, post updates about your products and services and how it is good and different from that of your competitor. Make things informative and interactive on social media by including success stories, testimonials, FAQs etc.

The year 2019 will require to take your attention away from traditional methods like email marketing, telemarketing, direct mail etc. and focus more on the digital world. It’s not easy to get a foothold in the digital world, but by taking the help of right tools, you will get a grasp of it. It is full of opportunities and resources for a B2B business. All you need to do is hire a reputed Digital marketing company in India or anywhere you want to devise the best strategies.

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Before you dive deep into digital marketing, you should know about digital marketing and its importance. In this highly competitive ear of digital journey, most of the officers and managers are interested in optimizing their marketing campaigns and fixing up their new digital strategies.

They work for must and must pay attention basis to the world of cut-throat digital marketing. They sometimes believe to face it, because they know this is the world of dumb marketers. But as a manager you should commit to operate the excellence as well as expedience that can make you master in this art of digital marketing, designing and implementing the customized digital marketing approach.

Why Digital Marketing for Business?

Digital marketing is not only a booming career but also a domain that helps grow your business online. Digital world is compact and spared every corner of the world, so the impact of digital market is undeniable. In order to building a brand of your business in this online sector, as a corporate sales trainer or a marketing manager digital marketing can boost your essence of marketing. Though, you may think it is not your cup of team, because you are a hardcore marketer, but you cannot deny the influence of digital world and how the marketing of digital world has change the perspective of buying and selling.

Understanding the core of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a way by which your marketing can be accelerated. To gain momentum in business without hardcore field marketing, digital marketing is smart and simple and can accelerate your buying and selling process in every corner of the world. You buyers need not to come to you or your shopping corner to shop. He or she can be from any part of the world; just basic information gives them a better marketing user experience. To gain the better understanding of the digital world and digital marketing, you can consider the following essential components.

The understanding the fundamental of digital marketing, like Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Algorithm, Search fundamental, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster tools etc.

The understanding the fundamental of social media optimization and social media marketing like, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and other social media that help boosting one’s marketing campaign.

The knowing and unknowing facts of digital marketing and you should know whether SEO, SMO, SEM, PPC or other digital marketing experts would be the best help for your digital marketing campaign.

There is a difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing. The importance of traditional marketing cannot be denied, because it plays a major role in today’s world. Whereas, digital marketing is a growing sector or a domain that helps marketers pitch their products and or services online.

Where 85 percent near or far visitors are there who come to buy and sell something online. So, the prosperity of digital marketing is a way by which you can understand how it is affecting the world of business, no matter what kind of business you are having or the kind of products or services you are offering to your customers.

Your customers today are global customers and you can sell your products and or services throughout the world. The background of digital marketing is no doubt traditional marketing, because traditional marketing is the backbone of digital marketing and due to the reason most of the people believe you need to know the basic of marketing.

The marketing which is also a part of digital marketing, because you are promoting your business by way of digital channels and that channels are nothing but medium and online is the best among them.

20 1

What do they do? And is your company missing out?

Put briefly an SEO Company is employed to develop, implement and manage marketing “campaigns.”

First, let me clarify what is meant by a marketing campaign, it sounds fancy, but it is simply another word for a plan. A plan that usually involves a suite of different digital mediums like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the internet.

Digital Marketing companies develop specific “campaigns” or projects that target and attract prospective clients who are looking for services in your industry. Digital Marketing does including advertising; however, it is only a part of the campaign. Modern digital marketing involves more than placing ads online (and through google), managing social media and writing website content.

Let’s cover the development of a marketing campaign and how they aim to help a company. A digital marketing company should (not all do) meet with you and learn about how your business works, the products or services you sell, your business goals and which audience you would like to reach.

All this information is funneled into a marketing and SEO campaign specific to your business. They will take into consideration your target audience, and it should be designed based on how young or old the target audience is, the industry and how customers search (Google, industry specific directories, social media, etc.).

Now for the implementation. Once all the above factors are injecting into a plan, they need to be put into place. Let’s start with the basics, building a company website that is easy to navigate, hopefully, mobile friendly and informative and easy to read.

This is the first step, and next will be social media, of course depending on your company’s industry however usually most will need a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. which will link to your website. Your website and social media should have regular updates, which advertise products, showcase special offers and if feasible, include regular informative blogs and industry tips which will attract prospective clients to your site.

Even if it is to view a blog or article, you have increased your online traffic and exposed them to your services and or products which they may now or in the future purchase, recommend and anything else that can benefit your company. Now for Google, an important tool for most searching, and I don’t know about you, but when you search the top of the page or at most to the bottom of the first page is as far as you go. To get your company on the top or even onto the first page – well your search engine and marketing company will need to pay Google to advertise and will use a handful of behind the scene tools like keywords, Meta Data, picture tags and cooler technical tricks. I’ll let them explain.

The management of a campaign is the most technical by far. I will briefly skim over the handy tricks (not dodgy) that digital marketing companies use to check the progress of your campaign. Some tools can track how many people visit your website, how far they click into pages, how long they spend on your site and if you choose phone call analysis a marketing company can even assess customer service and how services are promoted and quoted to clients.

I have left out one of the most popular forms of digital marketing, and I assume most people use a Google search or the equivalent to the search for services or information am I right? Well, Google has its tools to keep up with web traffic specific to not only your website but your industry.

This gives the digital marketing company a great indication of how your business’s website and advertising campaign is doing compared to other companies. Google does a lot cooler stuff but let’s just leave it here.

Is your company missing out?

Unless you are happy with what you have, may it be paper adverts in the local paper, billboards, branding on your car, mailbox drops or by the good old method of word of mouth recommendations you may not think you are missing out.

However, times are changing, and the internet is dominating, with not only the young using the internet to search for services and research, but also the older generation has also embraced the internet and how shopping around for services can save money.

And this is exactly what digital marketing is one way or another trying to do, attract prospective clients when they are searching for information on a topic or are searching for a service.

For digital marketing managers and digital marketing companies, please excuse this very brief and simplified explanation of digital marketing streams and campaigns. We are only covering the basics here.

Wrap up

So now you know what digital marketing is in some shape or form and how it can help your business now if you have decided that digital marketing is something you want to use to promote your services now to choose a digital marketing company.

Unfortunately, they are not all the same, and I’m not going to go into the specifics. There is an easy way of assessing the “one package suits all” marketing companies to the “client centred” marketing companies.

The first and most telling sign is that the marketing company will want to meet with you (in person!!!) and learn about your business, how it works, your target audience and your company’s goals. Even if the marketing company has other clients in the same field, every company is different, and if they are taking the time to meet with you, they truly understand this.

Now, that’s the biggest one who will cross off a lot of companies. From here things can get tricky. And if you don’t know much about digital marketing you should probably go and see a digital marketing company that is happy to explain step by step how your money is being divided up into different streams of marketing (e.g. how much is spent on Google ads, content writing, website management costs). Usually, digital marketing companies will charge month by month.

However, most can be flexible. Most will have contracts which state that you will commit to 12 months or 24 months and what and how they are committing to do to market your company.

There it is. A brief and hopefully informative run down on digital marketing companies, what they do, how they do it and how it can help your business thrive and increase your brand’s coverage and of course increase revenue.