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Crafting is one of the best activities for kids. It delivers several important benefits for children, such as helping them express themselves and improving their coordination and fine motor skills.

And with so many kids having the longest summer vacation of their life so far, crafts can prevent you from having to hear “I’m bored!” multiple times.

So why not get them involved with a fun craft? It will get their creative juices flowing and—if they can do it themselves—earn you a well-deserved break.

Here are five awesome craft ideas for kids that you and your child have to check out!

  1. DIY Balloon Bowls

With a balloon, some confetti, and Mod Podge, your child can easily turn out a colorful bowl to display in the home and hold odds and ends.

You just want to blow up a balloon and begin gluing confetti pieces to the wider part of the balloon, stopping about halfway up. After the confetti has dried completely, pop the balloon with a pin.

Voila—you have a makeshift home accessory.

  1. Make a Key Windchime

Have so many extra keys lying around your house that you have no idea what they go to? Turn them into a colorful wind chime for your garden or front porch. Place them on newspaper and spray paint them in various fun colors.

Then tie them to a rod using colored yarn or string. They’ll tinkle in the breeze and delight the family.

  1. Knit With Your Fingers

Is it possible to knit something without needles or a lot of knitting knowledge? You bet when you try finger knitting! All you need is a pair of hands and yarn.

This is a great way for kids to use up yarn scraps and create a scarf for their doll or a bracelet for themselves. It’s not just for kids, as these projects demonstrate. You can have a lot of fun trying your hands—literally—at this knitting technique.

  1. Make a Paper Collage

Show your child how to cut out paper shapes and glue them onto a background to make a collage. The artwork is limited only by imagination—Japanese paper collages and quite detailed and depict everything from people to birds.

Use Washi paper for this kind of project. It’s thin and available in several colors to help your child pull together the perfect collage.

  1. Paint Rocks

Maybe you and your child have walked through a park only to find a strategically placed rock with an inspirational saying painted on it. You can make your own at home by choosing flat, smooth rocks and painting them with acrylic paint.

You don’t have to place happy saying on them, though—you can paint rocks so that they look like animals or flowers. Then you can use them as paperweights.

Try These Craft Ideas for Kids Today

Your child will never be bored with these craft ideas for kids. The best part about them is that they can be made using materials you probably have already lying around your home. As it’s even better when two people craft together, why not try these with your child today?

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