Every business owner wants to understand the key to corporate business success so that they can grow their company and help it to reach its potential. While there is no grand secret and there are various factors that will impact any business’s success, there are a few areas which are sure to help any company in any industry to grow and improve.

Mission & Goals

A business must have a clear established mission if it is to succeed as otherwise, it has nothing to work towards. Following on from this, it is also helpful to have clear goals for business in both the short and long-term to keep you focused and on track. These goals should always be attainable and celebrated once they have been achieved.


It is vital that a business is sustainable if it is to succeed. In the business world, this means managing financial, social and environmental risks, obligations and opportunities. When a business is not sustainable it can never grow and is destined to fail in one way or another in the future. In order to be sustainable, a business must be aware of the problems and issues that it faces now and in the future and takes measures to operate in a sustainable manner.


In the business world, you very quickly realise that everything comes down to relationships with people. Fostering and maintaining good relationships with people internally and externally will always power a business and lead to success. These relationships will include employees and keeping morale high, maintaining positive relationships with affiliates, suppliers etc and treating customers/clients with respect. It is important to view this aspect as a constant and ongoing process.


In order to succeed, a business must be innovative and able to adapt to the times so that they do not get left behind. A clear example of this is the internet – businesses have had to take their operations online and make sure that they are highly visible in order to succeed in the internet driven marketplace.

Office Real Estate

Much like an individual needs a home that suits their lifestyle, a business needs a property that allows them to carry out their mission each day. This will depend entirely on your company and what industry you are in, but it can be helpful to speak to experts like GVA Worldwide when property hunting to find the best place for your specific the company.

There is no secret to corporate success and what works well for one business may not work for another, but the above are all crucial factors for success in any industry. Carefully consider these aspects and make any necessary adjustments to put your business on the path to a brighter and more lucrative future.

The United States of America are rife with business opportunities and a booming economy. It is a country where the top business peoples roam, the biggest companies operate and of course, where the best deals are to be had. In every city there’s another deal, but some are bigger than others on both fronts!

Nevertheless, some people assume that the USA is so big that it is impossible to venture both to and through easily. However, this consensus couldn’t be further from the truth, and business travel has never been more readily accessible. So, which city do you target for a business trip? Let’s take a look.

5) San Francisco

Tourism is a booming industry, and San Francisco is up to the challenge from a business perspective. As tourism becomes more prominent in the area, the hotel business stands firm on the frontlines meet the demand. Of course, this leads to San Francisco’s hotel business sky rocketing, and keeps it as one of the strongest in the States.

There’s also a demand for seafood, and the city by the bay is more than happy to provide it. Additionally, pioneers in the tech industry like Google and Twitter have set up shop in the city. San Francisco knows it’s talents and owns them well, making it a worthy destination for a business trip.

4) Chicago

Chicago, Illinois is at the centre of a prosperous technology industry. The city flourishes under refined education and a practical business environment where new entrepreneurs can hone their skills. In the end, it doesn’t take long for humble beginnings to grow into something bigger here.

Chicago also has its share of huge company success. In a stunning feat, 31 Chicago based companies made the Fortune 500 List, boasting big names that raked in the billions such as Motorola Solutions and Baxter International. There’d be a lot to learn from a business trip here, as it’s where some of the biggest companies situate themselves.

3) Las Vegas

A resort city renown for it’s tourism, gambling and nightlife, Las Vegas, Nevada has a reputation for gamblers losing their hard-earned money. However, the city thrives off of it, and is a big earner in the US as a result.

24-hour casino’s keep the money pouring in, so businesses working in this sector would have a lot to learn from a business trip here. The biggest companies, such as Caesar’s Entertainment, Stations Casinos and Boyd Gaming rake in billions, largely thanks to the thriving entertainment scene.

2) Los Angeles

Entertainment plays a huge role in the culture of the United States. Los Angeles, California is the hub of moviemaking, and by extension, a community of thriving artists across illustration, music, writing and more. Of course, for all the celebrity star power and magnificent movies they make; it’s all bound to translate into dollar signs one day.

The film studios here make a huge amount of money, so for any creative business, a trip here could be the way in to the movie moguls and yellow brick roads. The climate also makes it a viable destination for tourism too, and to be quite honest, there’s never a quiet period in this city. This is a town of serious creative industries that has spanned generations, so the wealth and breadth of history here is unmissable.

1) New York City

The Big Apple is iconic of a booming business environment. After all, the city is a magnet for success and opportunity. It’s home to dozens of businesses that rake in endless billions, and ‘the city that never sleeps’ truly lives up to it’s motto. It’s all going on here, and it never switches off.

Most of the bigger brands have a headquarters in New York City. Apple, Google, American Express and MetLife – they’re all here. Need we mention Wall Street? Deals big and small, esteemed entrepreneurs or new and exciting start-ups – experiencing all of this first hand would be nothing short of an exciting whirlwind for any company undertaking a business travel.