If running an online business, you will be aware that use of the traditional means of marketing are no longer providing benefits. Marketing your business by posting it on magazine, newspaper, or ads will not help you to attract potential customers and generating revenues. Your customers are not only looking to get the amazing products, exceptional customer services but they are also looking to get valuable content on a daily basis as well. This is the point where content marketing strategies come into the picture.

If you are planning to uplift your business to the next level, then you have to devise a way to generate revenue. Following are some simple creative content marketing strategies that will help you in getting high-quality leads to get more sales. But before moving on to the tips regarding content marketing for sales, let’s first have a look at the meaning of content marketing.

What Does Content Marketing Mean?

According to the Content Marketing Institute, it is an act of creating and distributing relevant and useful content on a regular basis. The purpose behind the designing of content is to attract a specific target audience to your website. This is done to convince them for taking a certain action that can be related to subscribing, reading content, or making a purchase. best ecom amazon affiliates

Content marketing is one of the effective ways to drive traffic on your website. It will also assist you in developing long-lasting relationship with your audience that leads to an increase in sales. Content marketing strategist keeps all these things in mind when developing the strategy.

Remember one thing that content marketing is not just about creating content. It is more about the experience people they are getting on your website along with how well your brand and website is performing.

Furthermore, to improve the ranking and visibility of your website, you need to contact SEO services company Boston for getting better results. You can also get content writing services from such company as these two are interconnected to improve sales of your business.

Now, let’s have a look at the content marketing strategies to increase the profit:

1-Optimize Speed and Performance of your Website

One of the content marketing strategies that you should add to your list irrespective of your industry is to go for website speed optimization. This will not only help you in the SEO efforts but also improve your website rankings and offer great user experience. If your website is loading faster, people will stick around for a longer time to view the things and will more likely to convert.

To analyze the speed of your website, you can use free online tools like Google PageSpeed Insights. Once you will use the tools, it will tell you about the speed of your website and also provide suggestion to make improvements.

For improving website performance, you can consider doing the following:

  • Reduce CSS, JSS, and HTML files.
  • Compress images into smaller files.
  • Enable browser caching.
  • Use a CDN.
  • Invest in better hosting.
  • Minimize server request.

Keep one thing in mind that if your website is taking more than three seconds to load, then 40% of the visitors will leave your website instantly. No one will like to miss the leads due to a slow loading website. So, it is better to analyze your website speed and fix it if not up to the mark.

2-Keep Eye on Competition

Creating original and relevant content on your website on a regular basis is not an easy task to do. If you are running out of ideas, then you can get inspiration from your competitors. Analyze your competitor’s website to do competitive analysis in marketing for checking what they are doing and what they are missing so that you can work on the thing to improve your website.

If you are able to do the things right, then you can drive more customers to your website as compared to your competition. To spy on your competition, you can take help of competitive analysis tools like SEMrush. You just need to enter the URL of your website that you want to check and use data to help in content creation. You will see data like:

  • Number of backlinks.
  • Organic and paid search volume.
  • Top keywords used in the search ranking.
  • Example and images.
  • Top competitor and their URLs
  • Number of ads displayed.

You need to analyze the performance of competitor by looking at their blogs, see what they are writing, what topics they are selecting to engage the visitors. You can take those ideas and start creating your own content to increase your audience engagement. To create engaging content, you can hire a content marketing specialist who can create original and relevant content for your audience.

You can use a platform like Answer the Public. This platform gives you the results that potential customers are searching in the search engine search bars. You can enter your keywords and see the relevant results. After you know the need of your potential customers, you can create content to fulfill their needs. This will also help you to rank higher in the search engine and help in boosting sales.

3- Pay Attention to Cyber Security

If you are trying hard to improve your sales, then you need to ensure that your customers feel safe when entering personal and financial information when purchasing on your website. You can do the following two things to protect your customer’s privacy:

  • One of the important thing that you can do is to add trustmarks to your website to show data is safe once entered on the website.
  • You can also install a SSL certificate installation to encrypt data that is sent from the customer’s browser to a web server.

Moreover, if you want to ensure that business data and customer information that goes on your site are protected, then you should invest in SIEM services. With these security services, you can expect the following:

  • Proactive blocking of all incoming threats.
  • 24/7 real-time monitoring of traffic and website.
  • Penetration test for inside weakness that allows malicious traffic to enter inside the website.

This will keep you safe from cyber-attacks as a cyber-security team will be there to stop the threat before any damage. Website security certificates will save your time and protect your important assets like your customer’s data.

These are the three content marketing strategies that you need to keep on top when crafting your content marketing strategy. Moreover, if you are not having proper resources to create useful content, then you can get in touch with professional companies to avail the content writing services.

Currently, the marketing landscape has significantly transformed with more companies increasingly coming up with creative ideas to harness the power of the Internet and other computing technologies. Consequently, marketing teams through collaborations with the IT departments and solutions service providers are coming up with innovative marketing ideas that are effective on lean budgets. One such innovative and effective marketing idea that has radically transformed how businesses market their products and services is content marketing.

Why Opt for Content Marketing?

This form of marketing has various benefits that make it suitable for both small and large business entities.

  1. Low budget: Despite the vital role it plays in business branding, product visibility and awareness, sales volumes and profit margin, marketing can be a colossal sinkhole for a company’s finances if not expertly executed. It comes with low financial outlays to plan and execute thereby has the potential of increasing a company’s profit margins.
  2. High impact: It uses highly interactive such as videos, social media and blogs which have high impact capabilities compared to other forms of marketing approaches. They are highly customizable and hence can also reach larger masses and niche markets and demographics such as millennials.
  3. Effective: Because marketing materials and tools allow for the creation of lasting relationships with targeted audiences, they are highly effective in creating brand visibility and generating and directing traffic to the brand’s products, services and other personal platforms such as websites.

How to Get the Most Out of Content Marketing

  1. Always publish excellently curated content: Due to intense competition to get the attention of customers, who are increasingly becoming technological savvy, always invest in creating excellent content for building brand awareness and visibility.
  2. The key is the keywords: Taking time and effort to create content that resonates with the targeted audience would be a futile endeavor if it lacks relevant keywords that are thought-provoking and are easily detected when customers use various search engines.
  3. Data over narratives: Skepticism by customers over facts written in narrative form is commonplace in marketing circles. Therefore, win the skeptics using data instead of wordy sentences. Customers are more accepting of narratives backed up data.

Despite being a relatively new concept, this marketing technique has significantly grown in popularity due to its flexibility in message content needs diverse market segments and demographics. It is also highly effective, pocket-friendly and has high impact. However, the key to using this relatively novel marketing approach is curating your content to meet your marketing needs.

SEO and content marketing realm have changed the game for many businesses. Since Google loves regularly updated pages, blog posting is one of the most popular content marketing efforts.

While you’re already facing a challenging competition in your niche, it becomes your top priority not to lose your readers and potential customers by providing them with outdated content. In the arena of content marketing, you can keep existing customers and convert new readers by regularly updating the blog of your company.

So here are the 3 main reasons why you should have a company blog and regularly update it:

It engages and generates more leads

The more leads your blog generates, the more likely you are able to make a sale. One of the best parts of blog content is that you’ll be able to receive new leads even if you’re not working on it. Old but gold blog posts can provide a lot of conversion and new visitors if they offer informative content and receive organic traffic. Blogging helps your customers to find your products or services, and learn more about your business.

Posting on your blog regularly lets you build trust and engage with your customers. Potential buyers who read your company blog are more likely to be open-minded to your brand. Blogging also enables you to find out how your existing customers feel about your products or services. Let the people leave comments below your posts in order to encourage discussion and receive feedback.

Google loves fresh content and regularly updated blogs

The fact that Google prefers regularly updated content is well-known. And you will know this very well if the passion of Google with your blog decreases, it can be a challenging task for you to gain it back.

You might be updating your blog with additional content. The longer you write, the higher you rank as informative and resourceful long articles are ranked well.

Because as the famous phrase says, “Content is the king” and Google loves it when you praise the king.

It’s a free (almost free) advertising method

If you don’t have enough budget, you can just do your blogging by yourself. After all, as a business owner, you are an expert in your area of business, and I bet you can talk/write about it for days. Also writing about topics you’re already familiar about should come to you naturally. Blogging doesn’t have to cost you a fortune, unlike expensive ads such as Google Adwords.

Yet, while you are filling out your blog with relevant and informative posts and thinking about how much cost you cut by not paying someone else to do it for you, you actually lose money indirectly. The time you spend on new ideas for tomorrow’s blog, on writing and editing the content is too much for someone who has other responsibilities such as… running the business!

Just sit down and do the math, decide how much your time worths. If you realize that you are stealing the time from more productive and crucial tasks, then you might want to outsource your blog content needs from a content writing platform.

There are many content writing platforms out there, and many of them offer you a wide-scale of expert writers you can choose. But what you need is more than that.

As I’ve mentioned before, you’re an expert at what you do as a business owner, so you can talk or write for days about it. And when it comes to outsourcing your content needs, you’ll need people like you. For instance, if you’re a real estate agent, then your content writer should have a real estate background.

I would recommend using freelance content writing services solely focused on creating high-quality content. But again, you need to find the content writer from your industry, someone who can talk about your business, not just because he/she is a content writer with strong writing skills, but also because you share the same field of expertise.

WritingWizards has a feature that you can filter talented content writers by their expertise and industry information. You can also browse profiles, see their reviews and portfolios. So with that way you can find the perfect match for your content needs.

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After ringing in the new year, it is the perfect time for digital marketers to sit down and evaluate new opportunities for the future. This process not only involves looking ahead but also looking to the past. Evaluating marketing techniques that you have been using thus far will help you determine what is and isn’t working. Using this information, you can then come up with a plan for how to continue getting great results in the future.

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when it comes to marketing is playing it safe. Continuing to do exactly what you have been doing without making any changes is a surefire way for your marketing campaigns to become stagnant. As tempting as it might be, you can’t count on your current strategy working forever. Digital marketing is always changing. If you don’t keep up with these changes, you will quickly fall behind. The following section evaluates some of the most effective digital marketing strategies that you can use to promote your business in 2018 and beyond.

Video Marketing And Live Streaming

Online video consumption as at an all-time high. In fact, every single day, users log on to Facebook and watch 8 billion videos. On Snapchat that number is closer to 10 billion videos. Those numbers are staggering and are a clear indication of why video marketing is so important for any business.

Evaluate your current online presence, thinking about how effectively you are using video in your marketing efforts. Sit down and brainstorm some ideas for videos that you can create that will actively engage your audience, keeping them entertained and helping to build long-term connections with your followers. You may need to test and tweak your approach after seeing how your followers respond to your videos. The important thing is to start using this powerful marketing medium to your advantage. You can always fine-tune your strategy as you get feedback along the way.

Content Marketing

Ask any NYC SEO expert and they will tell you that creating fresh, relevant content on a regular basis is absolutely essential if you want to succeed in today’s online world. A good way to make sure that you stay on task is by developing a content calendar. This calendar can be used to plan out the various types of content that you plan to share through all of your online channels.

For each piece of content that you develop, you need to determine which delivery method will help it have the greatest impact. Every piece of content needs to be targeted to the audience that will receive it. When putting together your content calendar, make note of not only the types of content you are going to develop but also how you plan to deliver them to your customers.

You need to take different approaches for each of your online marketing channels. Really think about the people who utilize each of the platforms that you use. For instance, the people who follow you on Facebook may be far different than the ones who follow you on Snapchat. Likewise, people who visit your website are most likely looking for different types of content than those who find you through your YouTube channel. Your goal should be to create a consistent brand that provides targeted content through each of your online marketing channels.

Consider Tapping Into AI and VR

Artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) are major buzzwords in today’s world. With some creativity, you may be able to incorporate these cutting-edge tools into your marketing plan. Think about how you can leverage these new technologies for your business.

Influencer Marketing

Major influencers on social media have tremendous sway when it comes to convincing people to buy certain products or use certain services. If you can get these influencers to endorse your products or services, you can dramatically increase your sales while at the same time building name recognition for your brand.

An important part of your marketing strategy should be identifying these influencers. You should then keep track of the types of content that they post and the types of people that they are able to reach. When you identify potential partners, contact them to see if they are willing to work with you.

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The phenomenon known as content marketing has become more relevant over the recent past due to the progressive advancement in the digital world. It has made a niche in the success stories of several startups and business ventures.

For the newly opened business houses, the content marketing proves to be significant as a way to draw in customers or clients through different platforms. It can be found anywhere from startup company’s website to social media platforms likes of Facebook, Twitter and Email Newsletters. However, the right way to approach content marketing or posting content on blogs as guest author is the subject to focus upon.

To build the brand and reputation, follow these tips and fetch the right audience from the right market.


  1. Pen Down To Right Audience:

The style and tone of the content must be directed towards your prime demographics. And when your audience is diverse, opt for the conservative side. Initially you have several platforms, including LinkedIn, Tumbler to adapt your content accordingly.


  1. Avoid Too Much Proofreading:

Attracting as many eyes on the content is a must have. In an ideal world, you’ll have a marketing editor on the board to proofread and put the content in the coherent way.


  1. Include Subject related Matter:

Pick a professional content creator to make the most of your effort. Writing for business is an important area which gets overlooked as seems to be easy. You need to put yourself in the shoes of prospective clients to understand the vitality of their needs and preferences. A good content writer caters to their search and requirements with the key elements.


  1. Short and Crisp:

Don’t go in for lengthy and tiresome content. The readers need white space to breathe. Since your content will be online and on various devices such as tablets or smartphone; digestible and prompt-to-read chunks of write-ups would turn on the readers!


  1. Text with Graphics:

The content marketing is termed as text, but it can also include videos, images or infographics. A good blend of all the elements can involve readers and draw their attention. Now-a-days marketers are more inclined towards graphical based information.


  1. Consistency:

As a startup, you must work out your style, message, brand, name and reputation. Once it is developed, assure your content aligns with it. The content must be written corresponding to the same entity, and must display the consistency. To ensure all measures are followed well, you may get in touch with a digital marketing service providers such as Submitcore.com.


  1. Right Amount of Content:

The right amount of content plays another crucial role. It must deliver the best of your startup and platform. The newsletters must be sent once or twice a month, and Facebook postings can be done three to four times a week. Research well for an impact worthy content marketing!


  1. Be Informative:

Finally, the content displayed must be engaging and informative. Some fascinating facts or figures also help to pitch the attractiveness of the copy. Have something to say about your company and if you don’t have, wait until you do.

So, follow these content marketing suggestions and have a great startup experience!