There are several reasons why communications fail. If the receiver of information responds differently than you intended, it means there is a barrier in your correspondence. Therefore, it is essential to check the feedback of the receiver of the message so as to identify whether they understood your information.

If the receiver is practicing interpersonal communication skills like listening actively, but still their response is not as intended, find out whether there are communication barriers. Barriers waste time and money, not mentioning the receiver acts on distorted message. For example, if you are giving instructions to your employees, but they fail to understand, they will work on distorted information which will lead to unattractive results.

It is therefore essential to improve your interpersonal communication skills whereby you have to ensure that the receiver understood your message or if you need to clarify.

Barriers of Communication You Need To Rectify

  1. Attitudinal barrier

If there is a conflict among your employee, expect attitudinal barrier while receiving their message. Also, if the employees are less motivated, they’ll portray attitude when delivering a message. The employee should work towards eliminating an attitudinal barrier for effective communication. As an employer, find out why the employee has a negative attitude.

  1. Physiological barrier

Another point that affects interpersonal communication skills is the physiological barrier. If one employee has a hearing problem, they might not grasp your entire message. Therefore, to reduce such scenarios, reduce communication noise, and use relevant nonverbal communication to help the employee understand your message.

  1. Psychological barrier

Suppose an employee is distracted with family issues. Their effectiveness in receiving the message will be undermined by stress. However, if the employee learns how to manage stress, it will improve their interpersonal communication skills.

Also, if you’re sending a message while stressed, you might stray from your message and say something you’ll regret later. Additionally, if you have low self-esteem, you’ll not be assertive while communicating. This will limit how your message is received.

  1. Language barrier

If someone doesn’t understand the language, you’re using. They will not capture your message. Moreover, if you are using a language they know, but you use complicated terminology, it will be challenging to pass the message.

It is, therefore, essential to limit technical jargons. Suppose you are a nurse and you’re prescribing physical therapy using confusing terminology. Your patient will not understand your message and therefore, will not respond correctly.

  1. Systematic barrier

Another barrier to practice interpersonal communication skills is a systematic barrier. If the people in the organization don’t understand their role, they fail to take part in communication. Therefore, ensure your employees’ roles are defined so that they know where to contribute during a discussion.


To eliminate the communication barrier, you need to understand your message receivers. After that, minimize communication barriers that are undermining your message. It is essential to put your employee under a program where they’ll learn about interpersonal skills they need to improve. Ideally, each employee should take interpersonal skills assessment test to identify where they need to improve.

Humans and technology are interconnected, not even a single tech could eventually work without the involvement of human input in it and as the technology moved ahead with increasing advancements it leads to having a greater impact on our day to day life. Hence, technological advancements have to lead to revolutionary change in the ways Voice note of conducting business, new high technology gadgets and approaches have made life and business much easier and comfortable and also increased the approaching front of each business.

One of the aspects of these advancements is the Cloud computing, due to the changes in the old module of conducting business it is now very vigilant how cloud computing has taken the limelight and made a place in the mainstream of the digital transformation.
There are many companies providing with the cloud computing but there are few leading such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon etc.

Despite many similarities, there is point which are could be analyzed and used for spitting differences between the two platforms and choose accordingly.


There are some headings under AWS VS AZURE which the comparison could be done:

1) Features of both the cloud platforms
2) Compute
3) database and storage provided

4) The network provided for communication
5) Pricing factors of both cloud platforms


The aspects such as the data analytics and the visualization techniques and other technical support are covered by both Azure and AWS, but according to the stats, there is a huge number of believers who find Azure as a more preferable choice in this area. While in comparing both of the platforms have their own unique way of distribution of elements of a different kind.

In this era of constant competition and tough market, one needs to be on constant growth and for maintaining the growth rate one must be careful making decisions about the next step to be taken similarly for choosing the cloud one must focus on the requirements and also the economical substitutes for the same.

The basic question which arises before the selection of the platform does your business needs an efficient costing in the first place or not, and rest of the things still stand second on the priority list for selecting the platform.

When we talk about technological advancements and the introduction of machine learning tools in the systems both of the cloud platforms provider is well leveled in the race as both have included the machine learning tools and also advance features like server less computing etc. Both provide a more free hand to the customer and also a better service so that the working becomes easier and faster. Conclusively both the platform providers are equally strong in this aspect.

Microsoft Azure hereby felicitates the customers with numerous features, they also end up providing different add-on in the capabilities of the customers depending upon the traffic of users, such kind of features help the organization to earn profits.


AWS the Amazon Web services help themselves and the customers by providing EC2 instances, these are designed to be comprised with a huge number of options. This platform also brings up a new service EC2 container for performing certain activities such as application deployment etc. These EC2 instances are however equal to a virtual server and are immensely beneficial.

Azure brings up the option of Virtual machines which are an IaaS service which hereby allows the deployment and management of things inside a VNet.

For successful proceeding of large scale parallel and high-performance computing, Azure provided us with Azure batch which is said to be a managed service.



Taking a look in the database and storage offered by the Amazon Web services we get the elastic block storage (EBS), it also gives the large volume data transfer service for the input and output data packets, also includes the pack of Simple Storage (S3), Elastic File System (EFS), being the most important part the backup storage the AWS is loaded with glacier archive backup and storage gateway which unified with the aura of the premise.
Microsoft Azure takes the opportunity to present us with its own Azure blob block storage as well as a queue. Moreover Azure provided the Core Azure storage services and also the Azure backup with import-export and site recovery options.


In this part of the comparison, the competition between both the platforms remains neck to neck and they probably offer the same things to their customers making the situation a tie in this case. Both of the servers offers efficient network services keeping in mind the load balancing at automated servers and connectivity with the system on premises.


Money is all that matters when it comes to business and providing better services at a lower cost with no doubt increases the traffic of customers as well the benefits. Keeping this in mind both the platforms have surprisingly cut down there prices which in terms resulted beneficially for both customers and the organization. As a bonus after price deduction both the platform has given the customers the new means of payment that is PAYG (pay as you go) pricing, not only on monthly basis but on an hourly basis, Azure even has the option of pricing at the minute to minute basis. Both the platforms have come up with customers friendly and impressive means of pricing.

The telecom industry is a top performing domain in the past few years. Testing business in the domain, needless to say, has picked up speed to a great extent because of the existing demands in the domain. Testers face unique challenges in the domain technologically. Given the high customer demand in the domain, testers have diversified their skill sets to the wide range of sectors in the same. Some of the sectors in the telecom industry include wireless communication, satellite communication, Internet service provider, etc.

It is important to understand the role telecom industry plays in determining the significance of telecom testing. Telecom industry builds, operates, and maintains telecommunication network and thereby makes communication possible globally through Internet or phone.

Telecom services are based on the following systems:

Business support systems: BSS basically deals with Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) and processes such as IVR’s call center, taking orders, generating invoices, processing bills, collecting payments, and more. In other words, customer-facing activities get involved in Business Support Systems.. The provider

Operations Support Systems: Unlike BSS, OSS supports back-office activities like telecom networking, provisioning, inventory, maintaining customer service, etc. Sometimes it is also called as Operational Support Systems.

Things to keep in mind

In the telecom industry, the provider takes the first step in reaching out to the customers with new service

Only if the customer feels that the service is good, will he generate an inquiry. Here, the customer is more interested is knowing about the service and the plan.

Once the customer is satisfied with the quote and is happy with the trial period, will he ask the TSP for his service.

Here comes the service provider’s role of confirming whether what he offers is meeting the expectations of the customer. The TSP also evaluates whether the service can be provided in the customer’s area or not. After the successful evaluation, the TSP starts working on the execution of the service request.

TSP always tracks the order status and if due to some reason the order implementation stops, the TSP ensures that the issue is resolved on priority and the customer continues to enjoy the services uninterrupted. In today’s world customer satisfaction holds the key to all business successes.

After successful implementation, client or customers start using the services and the billing cycle begins. Going further, if there are any technical issues, the quality assurance company will be available for support.

Types of telecom testing

There are different types of telecom testing, which are:

  • Interconnection testing
  • Conformance Testing
  • IVR Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Automation Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Interoperability Testing
  • Protocol Testing

Testing Lifecycle in Telecom Industry

Here is how a typical telecom industry functions. These will be described in stages:

Business View: Feasibility-based artifacts, requirement-based test artifacts, standard and policy identification-based artifacts, operations and maintenance considerations-related test artifacts.

System/architecture: System test artifacts include security and installations, test artifacts for virtual prototype, special system testing artifacts (which includes interoperability disaster recovery).

The next step is that of implementation, which includes unit test artifacts, integration test artifacts, quality and performance artifacts, regression load testing, sanity, etc.

The last step is that of deployment, which includes acceptance test artifacts, integration test artifacts, quality and performance artifacts, and alpha/beta test artifacts.

Types of protocol used in Telecom Industry

Some of the popular protocols used in the Telecom Industry include:

Signalling and Protocol: SIP, ISDN, Codecs, H.323

Wireless Technologies: GPRS, CDMA, GSM, UMTS

Infrastructure/Security: ATM, TCP/IP, LAN/VLAN, SSH

VoIP Technologies: VoIP, IMS, MPLS, ISDN, PSTN

Layer 3 Protocols/ routing: ICMP, BGP, ISIS, MPLS

Network Management:SNMP

Layer 2 Protocols: ARP, STP, L2TP, PPP

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It can be emotionally taxing to go through a divorce. When you add children to the mix, things get even more complicated. After all, you have a lot more factors to consider. Who is going to be their primary caregiver? How often will visitations be? How will holidays work out? This can lead to a lot of argumentation and negative attitudes. To help you and your ex avoid this type of drama, here are several tips to help ensure that you have a healthy divorce.

Keep Lines of Communication Open

No matter your differences with your partner, you will always have a past together. If there are children involved, you will need to be able to communicate with one another. It’s in everyone’s best interest if you can keep things civil. This may seem like an impossible task. Realize, however, that you can only control your own behavior. Ending things on good terms means that you need to accept responsibility for your own actions. Don’t let things get out of hand and stop communicating. Keep talking so that things can end on a god note. If children are involved, this will help set you two up for a healthy co-parenting relationship.

Look Into Mediation

There isn’t any reason that every divorce needs to end in a court battle. Look into mediation techniques so that you can resolve your differences amicably. Have a divorce attorney present to help you navigate the process. They can draw up any necessary paperwork involved with the dissolution of your marriage. You may be able to avoid a lot of the hard feelings that come with drawn out divorce proceedings. This can make it a little easier on the whole family and help everyone to have their voice heard so that everyone’s needs can be fully met.

Seek Professional Help

Having an outlet for your emotions can help with the stress of a divorce. Consider seeing a psychologist so that you can work through your emotions in a healthy manner. Consider having the whole family attend these sessions. You likely aren’t the only one having a hard time coping right now. Having this outlet will help you to process the changes in your life. The goal is to be able to see yourself in a better place. A divorce doesn’t need to be the end, but rather the beginning.

Don’t Forget About Yourself

Take time for yourself throughout the process. You won’t do anyone else any good if you fall apart. Your children still need you to be their parent. Even if you don’t want to seek professional help, you still need a support structure. Surround yourself with friends and family to help you through this difficult time. One of your friends may have suggestions to get you through it with grace and reason. Do something just for yourself so that you can clear your head.

Divorce doesn’t need to be an ugly thing. Sometimes the best thing for a healthy relationship is to live apart.


Quick question: if you’re stranded on a lonely island in the middle of the vast ocean, where there’s not evidence of a single human, would you be happy or miserable?

If you think you would be happy, think about it for a minute. I know how much you’ve suffered at the hands of certain types of people in life, and wish more than anything to get away from them. I totally support you, but isolation is not the answer. It is a bitter alternative that’s never easily digested and can drive you mad.

We’re all born with an inherent urge to communicate. By interacting with others and exchanging our thoughts and feelings, we develop more. We’re social animals, after all.

Right now, we’re standing at the dawn of a major technological revolution. From the horizon, we can witness the emergence of the internet phenomenon, and experience its groundbreaking impact. Not only has it provided better mediums of communication, but has actually made the whole process of communication faster, smoother, and cost-effective. It has converted the world into an interconnected global village, where a region can link with another one located on the opposite pole in a matter of seconds.

Not only this, the internet as a communicative platform has massively altered the language patterns of this new generation as well. Instead of complete words, meaning is transferred in the form of symbols, spaces, and emoji. For example, “I love you” is written as “I <3 u”, or “Be Right Back” as “brb.” Why? Because it’s convenient, cool, and time-saving. But would someone from the 60s be able to interpret these codes? I don’t think so.

On the same note, let’s examine the changes brought by the internet in the following facets of our lives.


Take a trip down memory lane. Recall one of those visits from a well-suited, handy-dandy man, possessing both a wonderful smile and a product in his bag. He’s the salesman, travelling from state to state, knocking on doors, meeting people, and selling goods using his glossy words. Do you recognize him? Yes. But how many on-foot salesmen do you come across now? Almost none. Why? Because marketing strategies have taken a turn towards e-commerce. Businesses have shifted online. The days of the flashy salesmen are over. Now, advertising, client meetings, critical transactions, and employee conferences are conducted over a lightning-paced network connection, like ATT Uverse internet. It’s fast, it’s cheap, and it’s unlimited. Sounds like the perfect combination, doesn’t it? And if that’s not enough, the folks at has made this AT&T guide.


Gone are the days when you had to write long letters and go through the hassle of postage, just to ask after your loved ones who lived far away. The absolute tyranny of wooing someone you like, and finding out their interests and passions through exhaustive means, has come to an end. Why? Internet has changed the whole human relationship scenario with social media and dating apps. Nearly everyone has an online profile, which is a reflection of their personality. Just hit them up, send them a request, and chat with complete convenience. Leaving them likes, hearts, tagging them in memes, and sharing stuff is also a way of communicating with them. You’d be surprised to find your old friends, acquaintances you met years ago, and even your grandparents are all actively interacting on these wonderful platforms.


Ideas are like seeds which sprout only when they are debated and discussed. This is how they branch out, grow upright, and lead to a new generation of knowledge. As we’re all aware, human beings have a thirst for knowledge. Coincidentally, much to our advantage, the internet has made communication of ideas multidimensional by providing multiple channels and modes. If you wish to share your thoughts, expertise, or research with a worldwide audience, write a blog, compose a podcast, or create a vlog. You voice will surely reach out to others online, and will not stay embedded under the current. There are proper forums online where you can ask any question that pops in your mind, and you’ll get the answer you’re looking. If you’re looking for academic advice, you’ll surely find it online, along with lectures, and the latest news. You can also utilize the internet to further your education. With various universities offering courses like a masters in tesol online, you’ll be sure to find a degree program that fits best with your career plans.


After a grueling week, you’re looking for a way to release your pent-up frustration. What do you do? Play ping-pong and be done with it? Perhaps some of you do, but most of us go online to be washed over by waves of pure entertainment. You can watch a movie, an entire season of a great show, and then join forums dedicated to gushing over them. You’ll also find countless websites filled with fan-fiction. You can discuss how a movie should have ended, how it should be ranked amongst others of its genre, what’s coming up, and more. Not only this, you’ll get a chance to play online games, with competitors from around the world. Cool, right?

The internet has brought radical changes in the way we communicate with each other. These changes are more beneficial than detrimental, don’t you think?

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Being a social housing officer not only gives you a stable job, but also provides you with an opportunity to do some good in your life by enabling you to allocate homes to the homeless and needy. And if this profession interests you, then you need to know a few things as to what the job is all about.

Understand The Role

You should have a clear understanding as to what the duties of a housing officer. An officer is usually responsible for checking the needs of the people who are applying for social housing, to keep track of vacant homes, and to allocate such homes to the people with the greatest need. In addition, the officer is also responsible for deciding on the rent of the homes, for collecting such rents at correct times, and to collect the arrears when they become due.

They should also be mentally strong enough to deal with all kinds of anti-social and violent behaviors some tenants might show. In addition, the officers are also required to do a routine inspection of all homes and check them thoroughly to ensure that they are in a good state and have not been damaged in any way. And in case they do see any damage to a house, they must arrange for repairs as soon as possible.

Pick A Good Hiring Agency

The best way to get hired by a good social housing provider is to go through a reputed social housing recruitment agency. Such agencies are always in touch with the numerous housing organizations. As such, you can get your desired job by meeting a single agency rather than having to deal with multiple social landlords.

Have Good Communication Skills

When you become a social housing officer, you will be dealing with a lot of people from diverse backgrounds. These include homeless people who may have even forgotten what it is to have a roof above them, minorities who may feel threatened, abused people who may have to leave their homes under stressful conditions, and so on. As such, it is necessary that you have the communication skills to talk with them in a way that does not offend or hurt them in any way.

Education Qualifications

As far as education is concerned, a few of the employers might expect you to have a degree in a subject matter related to the job. These include degrees in community development, social development, housing etc. And in case you already have work experience related to any of these fields, then the employer will definitely see you more favorably. You should also have good knowledge about the issues tenants may face, like drug abuse, welfare, and so on.