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An essay is a piece of writing giving the authors their argument. essay writing falls in the category as either formal or informal. For a formal essay, it features the length, logical organization, dignity, and purpose but informal essay features include personal element, graceful style, humor, the novelty of theme, unconventionality and rambling structure.

You will find that essays are the author’s reflections, recollections, daily life observations, learned arguments, political manifestos, and real criticism. Most of the modern essays work in verse but most written in prose.

In some nations, you will find essays used as part of formal education including Canada and the United States. High school students learn how to structure the essay formats to improve their writing skills. Most universities select applicants from their admission essays, and for social sciences and humanities essays are therefore used as a method of assessing the performance of the students during the final exams. According to Huxley, themes should belong to literary species with the extreme variability that can be studied and mostly within the three-poled frame of reference including:

  1. a) Personal And Autobiography

For comfortable writing o this category, essayists write fragments reflecting autobiography looking the world through description and keyhole of anecdote.

  1. b) Objective, Concrete And Factual Essay

The essayist doesn’t speak to themselves while writing this pole but turns their attention to some scientific, political or literary theme. The art will consist of drawing general conclusions, passing judgment upon and setting forth form relevant data.

  1. c) Abstract Universal

Here, you will find essayist doing their work in high abstractions world, and they are never personal or seldom mention particular experience.

Essay classification

  1. a) Compare And Contrast

These essays are categorized based on analogies, points of comparison and basis of comparison. When comparing, you will highlight the similarities found between two objects or more and contrasting highlights their differences.

When you want to write a compare and contrast essay, you will need to determine your purpose, consider basis, consider audience, consider points of comparison, develop the comparison and consider their thesis statement.

  1. b) Expository

The essay is used to inform, explain or describe a topic using essential facts and helping the reader on the subject. It’s mostly written on the third person. They use formal language.

  1. c) Dialectic

The type of an essay that you will find common in philosophy. The writer will make an argument and thesis.

  1. d) Exemplification

Its characterized by relevant, believable, representative and generalized examples that include anecdote. The writer considers their subject, audience, purpose and specific examples.

  1. e) Familiar

You write this type of essay when you are speaking to a single reader about a particular subject.

  1. f) History

It’s sometimes known as a history thesis essay and describes a claim or an argument about historical events where it supports the claims with arguments, evidence, and references. The texts are clear to the audience on the demand or argument.

  1. g) Narrative

The essay type uses some tools like transitions, flash-forwards, and flashbacks that builds to climax. When writing the description, the critical focus is on the plot. The author must also determine a purpose, establish a point of view and consider the audience, use dialogue and organize narrative. You should arrange it chronologically. 

  1. h) Reflective

Its an analytical writing piece where the writer will describe an imaginary or real scene, interaction, event and adds a personal reflection relating to the topic meaning. You will find the focus when not merely descriptive.