Waste management involves reusing materials wherever possible, and this practice also extends to coffee pods. Single-use pods mostly have an aluminum or plastic material composition, neither of which is recyclable. With reusable coffee pods, you can enjoy your beverage and manage waste.

Unlike biodegradable coffee pods, their reusable counterparts are not challenging to dispose of. The latter is devoid of plastic, does not emit methane, and breaks down faster. You can even utilize your spent grinds by adding them to your garden compost, thereby repurposing them most effectively.

Switch from Single-Use to Reusable

The reusable pod you select must be compatible with your coffee machine. A durable, refillable capsule like a stainless steel pod can capably outlive its corresponding appliance. When your main priority is positively impacting the environment with your choices, a good quality reusable coffee pod supports your mission.

Opting for reusable coffee pods makes long-term sense for the listed reasons:

More Cost-Effective

By refilling your pods at home, you end up spending far less per kilo of freshly brewed coffee. Refillable pods are undoubtedly an economical choice when you consider your annual savings. 

When you can repurpose items, they automatically become budget-friendly as your initial investment assures you of valuable returns for longer. On average, you could spend almost five times more on consistently purchasing single-use coffee pods.

Preserves the Environment

If you are a regular coffee consumer who consumes one cup per day, a mere switch from single-use to reusable pods makes a huge difference. You alone annually keep out a massive 365 disposable pods from choking the landfills. 

Besides, you also prevent nearly 15kgs of greenhouse emissions from entering the atmosphere. As a single contributor, you are meeting two planet-friendly purposes with this one responsible step. 

Allows You to Brew Your Favorite Beans

Quality fresh coffee usually bursts with complex spicy notes, rich flavors, and sweet aromas. Often pre-filled pods contain added flavor enhancers to pass off as strong espresso. When you ditch disposable for reusable pods, you can source the finest coffee blend of your choice to relish a satisfying cup.

The complexity of your latte depends on the coffee you fill your DIY pod with. Making a perfect selection involves settling for an optimum grind size and intense, rich roast. These key considerations assure you of consistently good results in terms of flavorful coffee each time round.

Cleaning Reusable Pods

You can burn your fingertips if you risk removing the pods right after they complete their job. On cooling down, you can empty, wash, and clean these pods easily. Begin by scraping the used coffee grinds straight into the compost container. 

After that, use a soapy sponge to wash the lid and clean the clogged mesh using a tiny brush. Reuse a pod only after you eliminate all traces of moisture by drying it out. Regularly descaling stainless steel pods keep blockages out.

Satisfy your caffeine cravings and promote minimal waste by leaning toward reusable over disposable coffee pods. 

Learn about making responsible choices by visiting a platform led by passionate green campaigners who introduce you to making small yet impactful beginnings.


There are 1.40 million hectares of forests in the UK. It includes some of the most picturesque ones in Europe, like the Grizedale Forest in Cumbria, the Epping Forest in Essex, and the Kielder Forest in Northumberland. These areas are run by the country’s Forestry Commission.

To preserve these woodlands and forests, plenty of environmentalists and concerned citizens began to use products and services that will not hurt the environment. It starts with their personal items like their toiletries and other home essentials. They also choose to reduce their waste products by purchasing and using items like eco-friendly coffee cups in the UK. However, some people have no idea why they need to switch to these products to maintain nature’s beauty. They are not aware that recyclable coffee cups help keep the forests green and lush for years to come.

To remind you why you must invest in eco-friendly coffee cups, here are some of the reasons why this small move can help preserve the environment.

1: Decreases Waste

The main reason why you must avoid using disposable coffee cups is to conserve the environment. Recent reports revealed that in Britain alone, 2.5 billion coffee cups end in landfills in the country every year. While consumers believe that cardboard cups are sustainable, the same report revealed that only 1 in about 400 cups are recycled. These disposable cups use a plastic lining to make them waterproof, making them very difficult to process recycling. So it would be better if you choose reusable eco-friendly coffee cups in the UK for all your coffee breaks.

2: Keeps Coffee Warm Longer 

Because of your hectic schedule, you might find yourself holding on to your coffee longer than intended before you consume it. The hot beverage may become lukewarm once you find the time to enjoy your coffee. So it would help if you put your coffee in reusable insulated cups to keep them warm for a long time.

3: Maintains Coffee’s Best Flavor

Disposable cups may add a weird, unsatisfying taste of plastic to your coffee because of its plastic content. Some lids are also made with toxic BPA plastic, which can contaminate your drink and end in your body. These dangers will be eliminated if you use ceramic or stainless steel reusable coffee cups for your usual cup of brew.

4: Makes Coffee Drinking More Fashionable

Nowadays, the reusable coffee cups in the market come in stylish designs that are pleasant to the eyes. Some of these come in chic aesthetics. You may invest in several cups and match them with your outfit for the day to serve as a functional fashion piece.

5: Helps You Save Money 

Aside from saving trees, if you are to buy eco-friendly coffee cups in the UK, they can also help you save money. Major coffee chains and even the boutique, charming cafes on the high street charge a lot for a single order. But most of them will give you a discount if you bring your own cup. You may also brew a drink of your own at home and take it with you using the reusable cup. It will definitely save you a lot from your coffee budget.

Using eco-friendly coffee cups come with plenty of perks that are good for you and the environment. So always make it a habit to take your reusable coffee cups anywhere you go.


The best medicine for all our stresses and worries should be a cup of good coffee which is served while there is fresh air in the morning. For this to become a dream come true, you may need a beautiful coffee table that will support the kind of breakfast that you would want to have.

Coffee tables come in shapes and sizes but finding the right one that can be your ideal one for you and your family maybe something hard to get. This should not worry you because you have the option of creating one for yourself that will satisfy all you needs and tastes. The following are some of the diy coffee tables that you can you can choose from having different designs. You can read through to see if you will be able to get one that suits you.

  1. Some old wine crates combined in a skillful way

Imagine having a coffee table that has been made from recycled wine crates? Recycling such old wine crates will make you have a good coffee table especially when you use the old wooden crates to make your table.

  1. Refurbish old coffee tables

If you have an eye for good things, then you can definitely turn your old coffee table to receive an extreme makeover to give your living room an artistic impression.  You will not only have a good coffee table but will also have something that will be an attraction.

3.     Recycle old wooden doors into large coffee tables

Other great examples of diy coffee tables are when you recycle old wooden doors and turn them into large coffee tables. There is nothing that can ever limit the creativity that one has.

4.     Use an old large crate

For those who are romantic this definitely something that you should try out to give your living room a different kind of taste that you and your spouse will always enjoy.

5.     A glass coffee table

Most people do not know but glass coffee tables can become one of the most points of focus in your whole interior design. This means that you have to choose carefully what you would want to include in your coffee table.

6.     French marble coffee table

Did you know that there are so many possibilities that as humans we are yet to discover? That you can simply recycle your old coffee table and give that French touch and a handmade marble added to the top. You can choose a white plain marble so as to give a good color contrast with the black that you have.

7.     Recycle an old vintage clock

No one can doubt how beautiful vintage items are, but imagine using your creative ability into transforming them and making a coffee table that can serve you just like any other coffee table that you have.

8.     Pallet coffee table

You can also work on transforming your wooden pallets to make something that is very artistic in nature. Developing the wooden pallets is very easy and it is a project that is low in terms of cost.

9.     Wine barrels transformed into a beautiful

Another good idea would be to transform an old wine barrel into a beautiful coffee table.

If you are a coffee enthusiast and love to have a delicious, light latte at any time of day, then, isn’t it great to be able to make one every time your caffeine craving hits? It’s even better when you don’t have to wait in line at a coffee shop just to get some coffee. Just imagine having your very own portable barista machine at home that delivers instant lattes in just a press of a button!

You can have your very own cup of joe made for you by a machine that would technically cost only a few dollars in comparison to how much you spend on cups of barista-level coffees in a single day. But of course, the question you need to ask before buying a coffee machine is – what type of coffee machine should you buy that gets you bigger bang for the buck?

Automatic Coffee Machine

Automatic coffee makers are designed to pull a shot of espresso for you in a simple press of a button. Some may require you to grind and tamp your beans, but majority of the automatic models takes care of every parameter in making coffee – from grinding the beans to steaming and frothing the milk.

Many users choose automatic models simply because of their ease of use and convenience. It actually doesn’t require you to have any professional barista training and master the technique to produce high quality cups of coffee. Plus, it is quite easy to clean due to its automatic cleaning features.

Automatic models may be a bit on the pricier side since it guarantees you with consistent results on your brewed coffee and, more than anything, its simple design makes it very user friendly and requires minimal effort for the brewer which makes it a practical option for those who love to multi-task and do everything in a snap.

Semi-automatic Version

 This model may require you to have a little bit of familiarity and experience with using a classic espresso machine since the semi-automatic gives you a sense of control over the brewing process and customise your drink while also enjoying the automatic convenience it provides. This is actually a favourite choice for coffee lovers who want a bit of flexibility in creating specialty beverages from your typical latte to cappuccinos and macchiatos.

If making latte art is your cup of tea (I mean coffee), then the semi-automatic is perfect for you. This is likely the option to choose for those highly dedicated home baristas who don’t mind taking a more semi-traditional process and love to dive in to the art of brewing their coffees.

To really get the perfect cup of latte, semi-automatic models are much more favoured due to its combination of flexibility of a traditional manual coffee maker plus its automatic features that make it easy to use. Given that it has a bit of a learning curve for beginners when using the machinery, overall, the balance between its fully automatic and manual capabilities is a nice touch since it gives you both control and convenience in one.

Have you at any point imagined a delightful night across your mind, such that the sky was filled with twinkling stars, as the world outside your camp just left in peace? Narrate to your kids these myths & legends, promise your cherished one or even give yourself some internal talk, somewhere down in meditation. And while a great cup of morning coffee will get the the blood flowing and get you started on your day, it is important not to forget the importance of a good sleeping arrangement.

It sounds simple, but actually one of the most important things to have in mind when you’re camping on the rough. There is hardly anything as annoying as spending a full night awake in the tent, tossing and turning, because of some form of discomfort, whether from the cold or hard ground below, or whether it’s from a lack of proper insulation from the tent. But more importantly, if you don’t sleep properly when you’re off in wonderland, you’ll also lack sufficient energy for the next day’s trials. Whether you opt for a normal tent or a portable tent, the sleeping mattress and sleeping bag are as essential to enjoying your morning coffee, just as quality gear is necessary for the hunter or fisherman camping outdoors.

What will be included while camping? Coffee definitely, right?. Here are 5 ways to brew coffee while camping:

#1 The cowboy coffee 

This strategy presents to you an image of the western cowboy strolling in the desert. However, as of now, this story belongs to you.


• Make a fire next to your camp & after that heat the water up.

• Add the coffee grounds in that water & wait for a few minutes.

• Remove your pot down till your liquid boils.

• Cool it down to allow the coffee grounds settle at the bottom.


• You can’t a smooth & strong taste since there is no filter.

• It is difficult to clean.

#2 French Press 

A good French Press is going to serve both your custom made & camp coffee. In the event that you went camping via car together with your relatives, it is precisely an incredible alternative. Provided that you are a talented custom made coffee maker, you can likewise accomplish decent cups as you camp at home too.


• It is recommended that you pack it in your car due to its weight.

• Requires careful handling.

• It must be cleaned in time in order for it to operate next time.

#3 Instant coffee 

In some cases we simply camp at impulse or look for some stay with nature in order to incidentally appreciate a life with much ease. While there is no coffee gear that had been prepared in advance, one can make it by the instant coffee situated in their backpack. Ensure you have some hot water & afterward add the instant coffee. At long last, stir the coffee blend in order to have a smooth one.


• Separate & smaller packages that are packed easily.

• Fixed amounts which becomes convenient for individual use.


• Deprived coffee brewing method.

• No solid taste & scent as compared to drip coffee.

#4 Percolator 

Another great coffee making option when camping is utilizing the percolator. It’s by all accounts a blend of drip coffee & cowboy coffee that trickles boiling water through the coffee into your basket.


• Apart from the pot that you put coffee grounds directly in, the percolator provides a basket for doing so.

• It is simple to clean.


• Ensure that the water keeps boiling when you begin brewing your coffee.

• No need for additional equipment.

#5 Self-made bags of coffee

Making coffee bags all by yourself is the most appealing coffee-making strategy while you are outdoors.


• Prepare some filters of paper coffee, where you are capable of laying a certain amount of coffee grounds at its center.

• Seal your coffee pack firmly using strings. Ensure that your heated water boils.

• Then soak the coffee packs into it.

• After several minutes you can check the outcomes.


• Pure flavor is not guaranteed in comparison with the brewed coffee.

The impact of global warming is becoming very difficult to ignore. With the ice caps melting, sea level rising, a whole array of species slowly dying out, and the climate constantly shifting and causing natural disasters, it is no longer just a distant problem that might affect someone, some day far into the future.

It’s happening right now, it’s affecting us, and it’s going to make sure that our children have a much poorer quality of life than we’ve had. And global warming is just one of many issues that plague a modern man: overpopulation, the loss of biodiversity, water scarcity, deforestation, the issues with waste disposal are slowly threatening to spiral out of control.

But what can be done about it? Can a single person even contribute in a significant way? Absolutely! Let’s discuss how.

Go vegan

Contrary to popular belief veganism is not, in fact, only about saving animals. The biggest benefit of going vegan (besides better health), is saving the environment. It takes about 2,400 gallons of water to produce 1 pound of beef, and forests and fields are bulldozed every day to make more room for farmed animals, thus using up about 30% of the Earth’s landmass. In comparison, 1 pound of wheat takes 25 gallons to produce.

Farm animals also produce a lot of greenhouse gases responsible for global warming – methane, carbon dioxide, and nitrous oxide. And here’s the thing: you don’t have to make a complete switch. Simply reducing your meat intake by at least a fraction helps, and your path to veganism can, and should, be done over a certain period of time.

Wear sustainable clothing

Clothing, along with gadgets, cars, and beauty products, is one of the biggest indicators of an increasingly consumerist culture that demands that we give into companies and push ourselves to waste money, time, and frankly space, to own more and more things that we don’t really need. Most of those companies also have very unethical supply chains and their factory workers live in extremely poor conditions. It kind of kills the joy of owning a brand new pretty sweater once you know that people who made it are underpaid, overworked, and treated like they are subhuman (child labour is also a huge issue).

What’s the solution? There are several. Secondhand clothing, for example, is a great option, or simply brands that vow to engage in ethical production and distribution. Another fantastic option is sustainable bamboo clothing because the fabric made from bamboo has some awesome properties – it keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer, it’s breathable, it’s soft, it’s biodegradable, and has some antibacterial properties. Bamboo also requires a lot less water and pesticides to grow.

Make little changes to reduce your carbon footprint

From riding a bike to work to taking shorter showers and turning off the lights as soon as you leave the room. Small changes can make a huge difference, so it’s worth making an effort as it’s not even that time-consuming. While not everyone can afford to install solar panels and drive a hybrid car, all of us can do small things to live more sustainably.

Minimize waste

By this, we mean to minimize the use of disposables (wet wipes, kitchen towels, plastic razors), and plastic containers. Avoid ordering ordering coffee at Starbucks by bringing your own coffee from home in reusable coffee cups, buying tiny bottles of food, beauty products, and hygiene items so you would contribute to minimizing plastic waste. Try not to waste food either, because about one-third of all food produced ends up being disposed, spoiled, or squandered in some way.

Start the discussion

One of the most shocking things is the fact that about two-thirds of global warming can be contributed to only 90 big companies who waste insane amount of resources to keep running. How, then, can a single person even begin to make a change? Will using LED light bulbs really make any difference? Yes! Absolutely, yes!

It’s not just about you living more sustainably, it’s about starting the discussion on environmental issues, it’s about changing mindsets and demanding better from those that are in power. Show companies that you don’t want products that were made unethically, show them that you will do no business with someone who is too irresponsible, arrogant, and selfish to care about the impact they make on the environment and see you as anything other than a foolish consumer. Hit them where it hurts – their wallets. That is how you make a change.

You’re the one with power here, and making a decision to live a better life is liberating. We encourage you to try these tips, get creative and come up with your own solutions. Let’s make this world a better place.