Creating any concept for your business requires moments of patience and sheer observation. You need to learn something new and in-depth about the idea for excellent actualization of the project. Without this, your framework can have a detrimental effect on the joomla project. 

Below is a list of few things that you should know about headless CMS before building one.

What is Headless CMS?

Similar to Butter CMS, headless CMS is a new method to content management with several merits compared to the former process.

This CMS permits you to construct websites as well as apps that are separated from their content management tools and integrated via API.


This allows you the freedom to build your frontend with tools that you prefer, like Rails, Node, JS, Angular, and integrate a customized CMS without stress.

What’s more, a headless CMS also provides you with a back-end database where you can store all your content and digital assets.

Interestingly enough, its API is versatile and sufficient to connect the back-end of the CMS to any channel or device. This is incredibly helpful in ensuring a more flexible and faster delivery content as well as rapid deployments and enhanced security.

Navigating Choices

Once you have concluded that a headless CMS is your choice, you can start to rummage through the available options. You will locate the several API-based approaches and offer different varieties of features, along with add-ons. You will stop SaaS options that charge you at least $1000 every month, and remove derelict open-source Github projects. You can also locate several articles about WordPress API, plus Drupal, with frontends that are different.

Breaking down the Categories

This program could be quite confusing. Some of the latest forms bear “API-first,” whereas several others have changed to offer an approach that is based on API.

A typical example is REST API, which was recently created by WordPress and managed by some client libraries. By utilizing these API’s, you will be able to add any frontend with a WordPress or Drupal.

Hosting or Self Hosted?

Sometimes, you need to think about hosting, that is whether you should do it yourself or not.

If you are using the standard providers like WordPress, self-managed hosting might be the sole choice to customize your CMS more than the default settings level. When you do this, you are taking complete responsibility to ensure that the website is secured and works well. While the program allows self-hosting, the hosted option helps you to take up the maintenance responsibility.

You should bear in mind that the main merit of this program is that it saves your development team from excessive consumption of both time and money. You cannot outrun working with your preferred tech stack when you don’t have the much-needed maintenance. A proper choice that involves maintenance will allow you to launch your project with the speed of light and then progress to the next plan of action.

The choices for marketers in the digital age are numerable. But how many are actually effective and deliver a ROI?

Digital marketing may give small businesses the potential to grow, but unless you can reach your customers and influence their purchasing decisions, the time, money and effort spent on your marketing strategy is all in vein.

SMS marketing has a way of cutting through the noise.

Positive open rates

Multiple surveys report the open rates of SMS marketing messages boast the highest open rates of any marketing strategy. Results range from 90-98% the bulk of which are read within the first 3-seconds of receipt.

Not only does SMS have the highest open rates, the conversion rates are impressive too. Statistics compiled by Adobe show 32% of recipients respond to offers sent by SMS and mobile coupons sent by text are redeemed 10 times more than traditional coupons.

Personal touch

Brand marketing is evolving, and as relationships between brands and consumers become more distrusting, facilitating a two-way conversation becomes increasingly important. SMS does not have to be used for sending ads, but can also be utilised to encourage conversational responses.

In order to foster long-term loyalty, brands have to find solutions that enable you to effectively nurture customers and provide a service that makes your customers feel like a person rather than a statistic. SMS is highly versatile and one of the best marketing tools that deliver personalisation in a meaningful way.

Consumers are open to text messaging

One of the biggest research project on mobile messaging, performed by Twilio, surveyed more than 6000 mobile owners across Europe, Asia and North America. The results revealed that 9 out of 10 consumers prefer to use SMS to communicate with the brands.

Whilst customers are open to receiving text messengers, marketers should be respectful towards your audience. When somebody has been kind enough to provide you with their personal contact details, it is not polite, nor a good marketing strategy to send too many offers or messages that are not irrelevant.

Easy to install and use

Technology is served to us with the promise it will make our lives easier and increase productivity, profits and a merry-go-round of other potential benefits. This is true, although many of these technologies require time and patience to learn how to use them effectively.

SMS platforms integrate into your existing CMS system where you can use tools you are already familiar with. The user-interface is minimal and intuitive so it is easy to create and send messages, then monitor and measure performance both in real-time and over scheduled periods.

Supports overall marketing strategy

Digital marketing promises huge potential for enterprises, but for small businesses on a small budget, online visibility can take a while to achieve. SMS marketing is more direct and provides you with a platform that enables you to reach your audience every time.

As mentioned above, SMS messaging should be relevant and does not always have to include an ad or offer. Modern consumers want information and because you can insert links, videos and images, you can drive traffic and create a unique user-experience.

If you haven’t tried SMS marketing yet, you could be missing out on opportunities to communicate with your audience and build a loyal customer base. Whilst your rivals are distracted with digital marketing strategies that take time to nurture, why not get ahead of the game and go mobile.

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WordPress is the type of software that enables you to create a blog or a website to attract visitors to your site. WordPress can turn around your business in the twinkling of an eye once the site is viewed, liked and rated. It accommodates over 6- million websites advertising and promoting businesses to feature better to the buyers.

E-commerce refers to the defined way of selling products through the online means and as such WordPress ecommerce is well understood as the way a business is hosted online to sell out the products. Online stores have all the types of goods you wish to make.

Below are a few reasons you should use WordPress for your Ecommerce Site

Hosting WordPress is free

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Starting WordPress is entirely free such that even if you are not a competent person in exploring the software, once you start off and install you will manage to build it according to your preference, it flows easily and with time you get perfected in the field.

Manageable and Flexible

Once you install let’s say that you have started small and your online business has not picked at the beginning, but as time moves, you build traffic and sales increase. WordPress is flexible enough to upgrade from the small store you were initially to the medium size and eventually to large stores ecommerce.

Well-designed themes and plugins

It offers a wide range of plugins and the modernized templates which feature well in the business world. For instance, a wedding theme that is customized to attract people who are preparing for their wedding, they will opt to go for the best template online and consider doing business with them. Everyone loves to be organized, and the themes help the entrepreneur to choose what best fits him to become viable.

Easy to understand SEO

As soon as WordPress has been installed, it immediately starts to feature in the Google information site. This tells you that you are live online and once you use the best theme for Ecommerce, traffic will start building. This is the main aim for every business, young or old, to be the best economically. The positioning of SEO will work for the good of the business.

Continued Upgrade of the CMS system

When, the developers, realized that WordPress in becoming popular every other day, they have since kept maintaining and upgrading the software to ensure that the customers do not get challenges when trading their eCommerce sites with it. This has since enabled businesses to expand since many business people have built trust in Word press and it is always a norm that if services are good, people will tend to rely on them more often,

The design of the admin panel

All websites have an admin panel, and WordPress for ecommerce is not an exception- It has a friendly panel that helps you to manage the content of the word pages. It does not matter how experienced or green you are in computer operations, and the panel is easy to understand and manage. Editing of images becomes a great experience, and you can update your contents as you expand your business.


WordPress will help you publish all your content and expand your sales using the CMS system, and you have the freedom to use it for all your ecommerce needs. Therefore I recommend installing and adding one of best WordPress ecommerce themes to jump-start your business and stand out from the crowd.

A CMS (Content Management System) is an easy-to-use and-edit platform.  Anyone can use CMS to add content or image without any technical expertise.

There are different types of CMSs present in the market now. Currently, WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal are the most popular CMS in the market. However, it depends on your requirements which suits you best.  There are many factors to look when selecting CMS for your website. If you want simple blogging platform, WordPress is the best choice. For a big online project where there will be many contributors, Drupal is the best choice.`

Main factors to consider while choosing CMS can be broken down into following things:

  1. Business Objective
  2. Features

Ongoing Requirements

  1. Future Needs
  2. Support
  3. Cost

CMS has many advantages over HTML:

  • lowers the price of a website
  • it is easy to use for non-technical minded
  • relatively cheap to maintain
  • it improves site maintenance

Choosing a right outsourcing company for website development is important to the success of a business online. Your decision to hire an outsourcing company will only be reaped if you will select right outsourcing partner for your company website.

There are many things to keep in mind while hiring an outsourcing company for CMS. Here are few important things:

Testimonials – Check past clients of CMS Development Company. Ask them about their past client and contact them if possible.

On-Time Delivery –  Ask them about time and budget it will take to complete the final product. A Good Outsourcing Company will break down tasks and give you the exact time.

Development Team – Get more information about development team and quality control team. Ask them how much effort they put into quality control?.

Support – There can be some glitch which you will find post-development. Go with a company which can provide support for at least 2 months after development.

Communication – Check out communication options available to contact the developer. You better decide the time of feedback communication at the start of the project. The company which can communicate at the scheduled time on Skype, email, and call will be the correct choice for you.

Payment – Project should be divided into milestones. All features should be broken down including hours required to complete them. You should pay only after the company completed milestone.

Macrew is a leading CMS Development company. Macrew Team develops your website considering your business goals, users, and search engines. Our professional CMS development team makes sure that your website is attractive and user-friendly. If you are looking for CMS Development Company, or wish to just contact us. It’s Easy To Get In Touch With Us – Anytime Of The Day Or Night.

All WordPress website creators look for Free/Premium WordPress themes to create WordPress websites for their clients and customers. The good selection of a theme helps them to create awesome WordPress websites easily and quickly and get more projects from clients.

Due to the abundance of WordPress themes, choosing a good theme is a difficult job in most of the cases. Therefore, we are reviewed numerous WordPress themes and prepared a list of the most popular WordPress themes. Just see them and choose WordPress themes which you deem suitable for your needs:

  1. Bitunit

Due to the rapidly increasing use of cryptocurrencies all over the world, the demand for cryptocurrency websites is on the rise. New cryptocurrency websites are being made on a daily basis to capitalize the trends of the cryptocurrency market and make lots of money. Using this theme, you can easily create awesome, visually appealing, professional and highly functional cryptocurrency websites with the WordPress CMS and meet the increasing needs of clients easily.

  1. Talking Business

There is a high demand for business websites built with the WordPress CMS because almost all established and start-up business organizations have taken their business to the online platform to contact millions of new potential customers from different parts of the world and expand their business activities by leaps and bounds in a short duration of time. If you are looking for an ideal WordPress theme to create feature-rich business websites, use this theme.

This theme is fully responsive to all mobile devices. So, you can easily create WordPress business websites with a mobile-first approach. Moreover, it is SEO friendly too. So, it helps in your SEO efforts and assists your website to perform well in the SERP of Google and other major search engines. Useful features, such as Drag and Drop page builder, multiple layout options, content modules, custom widgets, and live customizer allows you to make vital changes to your WordPress business website and make it more useful for the targeted customers.

  1. PsycheCo

These days, medical professionals, doctors, psychiatrists, therapists, psychological counsellor, individual psychologists, psychology clinics and hospitals aim to reach out to the maximum number of patients and assist them with their needs. Using this theme, you can create awesome websites for them and help them enhance their medical business without any problem.

  1. Catwalk

Catwalk is an ideal WordPress theme for model industry websites. It is built with drag and drop page builder and is fully responsive to all mobile devices. So, you can easily create responsive websites for modelling agencies and help them excel in their business activities. You can also purchase a dedicated theme from a WordPress theme customization company for the creation of an awesome website for your modelling agency.

  1. FinancePlus

This is a good theme for the creation of high-quality websites for corporate organizations, Wealth Advisors, Financial Advisors, Accountants, Law Firms, and business organizations. It comes with numerous features, such as 12+ preset colour styles, 6+ headers, lots of customization options, awesome sliders, premium plugins, unlimited colour and fonts, active human support. You can use all these features to create awesome websites for professionals and please them with your website building skills. The theme is SEO optimized and facilitates the creation of Multilanguage websites with the WordPress CMS. So, it has the potential to skyrocket your business and make you a leader in the business World.

  1. Authentic

If you want to run a personal WordPress blog and share your life experience with others, this WordPress theme is ideal for you. It is built with a super clean design and is highly customizable. So, you can customize your website many times and make the required changes to it.

The theme provides Additional Content Formatting Features and has many ways to display your content. So, you can glamorize your content to attract the attention of numerous visitors towards your website. It also offers numerous Widgets. So, you can use them and add more features to your WordPress website to easily satisfy the demands of the targeted audience.

  1. Bridge

This WordPress theme can be utilized for the creation of all types of WordPress websites with an attractive and interactive interface for the targeted audience. The theme is built with retina ready technology, which allows viewers to easily read the website content easily on all systems and mobile devices.

The theme comes with a minimal layout with drop-down menus, icons, built-in side menus and many other attractive and functional design elements. You can use them to beautify your website. It also has built-in vector icons, a library with over 600 Google fonts, a background slider for multimedia content and a collection of animated transition effects for AJAX, making it easier for you to make vital changes in your WordPress website in an easy way.

Final Words

The careful selection of good themes is essential for the creation of awesome WordPress websites. In 2018, these are some top-rated WordPress themes in high demand. Just go through them and choose one if they meet your specific needs.

contact management

Contacts (which could be leads or customers) form the heart and soul of any business. The all-important goal of any business, regardless of size and industry, is to retain customers and keep cross-selling and up-selling while finding new ones. Finding new leads through lead generation helps you fill the top layer of the sales funnel and expand the business. Whether you like it or not, few customers eventually drift away from your business. Hence, it’s important to steadily acquire new leads and have a good chunk of old customer data in hand.

Relying on spreadsheets and emails to store your contact list could be the worst thing for a business to do. Why? Because it is an old school technique which is not a good fit for today’s dynamic business environment. Why spreadsheets are not an option for your business?

  • Spreadsheets involve manual entry of data – Businesses today need more efficient systems to create, capture, share and consume data in the most effective way
  • The data in spreadsheets is more siloed – Businesses need robust tools to manage data from various sources and put everything at one location, a centralized address book
  • Spreadsheets cannot analyze data or deliver information – A smart solution should analyze the data and produce information

So how do you keep the company contact information safe?

The solution for all the above issues is to have the contact data in a contact management software that allows automation, integration, and tracking. It gives a complete view of customer information, customer activity, contact details, communication history, social media activity, on a single page. Let’s look in detail at the benefits of contact management software for businesses.

  1. Pull and sync contacts across platforms

You can have a well-organized contacts book if the data is low. But as your business grows, so will the number of customers and keeping a track of hundreds of contacts across different platforms is not an easy task. Contact management system imports the contacts from email, mobiles, social media and also allows you to export them to other platforms easily. The idea is to cobble together your entire contact list and build a single source of information. Few contact management tools even allow you to scan the business cards and pull the data.

  1. Run a quick search for information

Contact management software (CMS) compiles complete information of all the contacts and provides an efficient way to pull it at any moment. It keeps you ever ready for those surprise calls from a customer or prospect, so you can easily sort and search their data. A contact’s email address on the search button can give a full record of when the last call or email interaction happened, what the interaction is all about, and what should be your next step. This is one way of searching for data.

Sometimes you need to make a more advanced search to filter and pull a categorized list of contacts for the next email campaign – even this is made pretty easy with CMS. And did you know that you can save these search results? You can absolutely do that, just define the search criteria, give a name and save. You can define the search based on different criteria – like the type of lead score, buyer persona, campaigns, touchpoints, prospect conversion actions etc. For instance, make a search for all of those contacts which belong to a particular industry, designation, location, and find your ideal profile and run a campaign exclusive for those contacts.

  1. Track the user behavior with analytics

The most interesting part of any business is to learn about their customers, what they do with your emails, which pages do they refer to the website, what part of your website pulls their attention. Wouldn’t that be great information to sketch your next move? Contact management software when integrated with CRM gives you the actionable insights into customer and prospect activity on the website, mobile app or email.

Analyze the customer’s interests, web patterns and get a full report along with real-time alerts. Web behaviors help you check the buying pulse of prospects which could impact directly on conversions. If a prospect has spent an hour or more on the product’s page, he might be in the awareness stage, so you can email product catalogs or comparison sheets his way. Analytics tell you which page a customer is interested in, time spent on each page, on which page they left the website, customer’s location. This allows you to target the right content to the right set of audience.

  1. Dwindle your emailing efforts

The traditional form of email is a thing of the past since emailing has changed over the last 20 years. The new technology of email has changed the way businesses run. Now you don’t have to panic in sending 1000 or more emails in a day – CMS does this for you with ease. Sending bulk emails through CMS is easy and quick, just prepare a list of contacts with email content and click ‘send’. CMS reduces the efforts and time involved in emailing. You can also clean the contact list (remove the email addresses) based on the bounced list of email addresses.

  1. Listen to the social interactions

In today’s world, if there is no ‘social’ element added, you are missing on lots of potential data for the business. CMS pulls the social interactions of every contact from LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and puts the data in one place. These interactions guide you to what customers are saying about your products or services, gives you a chance to get involved in the conversations and respond to their questions. A deep insight into these conversations can also help you in enhancing the product features.

  1. Improve customer experience

When you have all the customers’ information, web analytics, purchase history, demography and more, you are well informed and prepared to respond to their queries. This helps in making better conversations now that you know your customers and their behavior. When you proactively address customer issues before them mentioning it, you win their trust.

The #1 complaint of every customer is that they are asked to repeat themselves each time they call. Not anymore. Every employee in the company can now carry a single voice because all the departments can access and update the information in the contact management software, which will apparently reduce repetition. As a matter of fact, you can foresee the issue and solve it proactively. Customers will surely be impressed with the efficiency and timely responses of your representatives, thus enhancing customer satisfaction.

  1. Prepare for sales meeting on-the-go

A mobile contact management system gives access to all the customer and prospect information so that you prepare for customer meetings on-the-go. You can now take sales calls more confidently as well as update the meeting information as soon as you complete it. As soon as you update the data, management can take the call on their next step, so you don’t miss the lead. This becomes crucial when you are out of town for the sales/ customer meetings which are in a different time zones than that of the management. This boosts the productivity and maximises sales.

  1. Increase the return on investment

When customers are satisfied with your service, when you see more conversions, when the leads move quickly down the sales funnel, when sales team close more deals, you know that you have made a better investment. Contact management system drives all these by building efficiency to every department of the organization. It’s good to have a system that eliminates the administrative tasks of the employees so they can invest time in more productive tasks.

Not just that, CMS improves upsell and cross-sell opportunities because you know the customers well. You can also gain new customers through the word-of-mouth of satisfied customers. Many companies have benefited from CMS to upsell and cross-sell their products to customers.

A customer relationship management solution has an integrated contact management software along with various other solutions for marketing, sales and customer support. You can check for further information


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Drupal can be considered as one of the best CMS platforms for search engine optimization (SEO). In most of the cases, the Drupal development is very useful for the implementation process of SEO, and is better than other CMS platforms. Starting from the creation of search friendly page titles to optimizing your content for attracting Google and other search engines, Drupal does it all. Both free as well as paid plug-in is available for Drupal, which provides the power of easy customization. Let us go through some helpful Drupal modules:

SEO Checklist

If you are aware of the basics of SEO, then this module can be very helpful. It helps in removing all the guesswork after creation of the functional tasks and modules. Though it does not provide any particular function, it can play the role of a checklist for your on-site SEO. It keeps a proper track of what has been completed and what not. The tasks are broken into sub parts like paths, content, tags, title and many more. After every task, you will observe a downloadable link for configuring the settings in the correct manner.

Path Redirect

The administrators can redirect URLs easily from one path to the other with the help of this particular module. Using any redirect status of HTTP, the URLs can be specifically redirected. The bug report is available through the issue tracker and the module can easily be translated to other modules if required.


If you want to provide structured metadata, this module can really be helpful. Metatag usually refers to the meta keyword and the meta description combined together. These tags if properly utilized can affect the search engine ranking in a positive manner. This module also supports the meta tags used in Facebook or Twitter, therefore helping the content display in the social networking sites.

XML Sitemap

This module can provide a dynamic setup for building the search engines by following all the specifications of the The search engines can therefore crawl more wisely with updated results. After the creation of sitemap, it can easily be submitted to search engines like Bing, Google and Ask automatically by this module.

SEO Compliance Checker

It checks the entire content and tells whether it requires any modification or not. When the publisher previews or checks the node, the module performs the operation and provides a feedback depending on the rules. There are various sub modules which are useful in checking the basic SEO rules in the content. It checks whether you have entered the keywords at the right position and have used the meta tags appropriately. The core module helps in gathering information from other modules and performs SEO checks in an intelligent manner.

Google Authorship

If you implement the Google Authorship module, you can be ensured about the improvement in ranking through the high credibility of the authors. You just need to create a Google+ profile of the author and can add an attribute rel= “author”. Now, this can help in increasing the visibility in the search engines easily.

Page Title

In most of the cases, every page contains a title and the Drupal content also includes one title. The title is present in the title tag of the HTML head and also used in the search engine results page for enhancing the ranks. With this module, you can customize the title patterns and the structures. You can also specify the content title and the page title differently.

Site Verification

With this module, you can authenticate your site or verify your domain easily. The verification process can be done in two ways – by uploading a particular file or by the addition of the meta tags. If you can upload the file, it will be easier for you because after the verification, the file will remain saved with a particular file name and therefore you can identify properly.

Menu Attributes

If you want to add some items in your menu, you can perform this function with the help of this module. The items like style, class, rel, id, name etc can be added easily. If you want to provide a particular ID to one of your items, you can use the module by selecting the jQuery. You can also use the Menu Attributes module when you insert ‘nofollow’ to some of the items through your site by sculpting the flow of PageRank.

Content Optimizer

By checking the quality of the content and enhancing the on-page optimization factors, the content optimizer module plays a great role in SEO. It can provide quick analysis of the content including a guide for assuring the best practices of SEO. Essential content statistics and recommendations can easily boost up the search engine rankings.


This is a type of site map generator that creates the sitemap placed in the footers. The caching function can provide better functionality with highly configurable settings. It also supports translation facilities and can modify the CSS and MarkUp easily.

Taxonomy Title

The module has been specially designed for updating the heading tag present at the top of the taxonomy term page. For the heading element, you can use more keyword rich and user friendly words. With the help of this particular module, you have the freedom to control the title individually for each and every term.

Search 404

Instead of using the 404 error page, the module can help you in changing the display. Your site can display that the ‘page does not exist’ and can suggest some other pages instead of the error. This will retain your visitors for a long time.

If you can apply the right combination of the SEO knowledge, quality content and the appropriate Drupal modules, you can easily create search friendly websites. This open source content management system can be helpful to the online marketers, bloggers as well as the web designers. As the module is frequently updated, you can also be prevented from the hackers.