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Did you know that the US landscaping industry employs more than 1 million people and it has been valued at approximately $90 billion in 2018? This industry specializes in lawn care and maintenance for residential, commercial, or industrial properties.

If you require landscaping help, you should definitely work with a prestigious landscaping company. However, there are also a lot of tips and tricks you can put into practice yourself to make your lawn or garden more attractive. Keep reading to find out.

Invest in Automated Irrigation Systems

Automatic irrigation systems are not that expensive and they can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Such systems consist of a series of sprinklers installed around your lawn or garden. They come with timers, so you can program them to water your lawn at certain intervals throughout the day or night. As a result, you stick to a watering schedule, you don’t have to do it manually, and sprinklers also irrigate lawns more efficiently.

Fertilize the Soil on a Regular Basis

Soil fertilization is paramount when it comes to enjoying a lush, vibrant lawn or garden. Remember that nutrients are depleted from the soil each year. By fertilizing your soil, you put some of these nutrients back. To find out what types of fertilizers you need, go with a soil sample to the nearest gardening store. The specialists out there will tell you how often you should fertilize your soil and what products to use.

Add Hardscape Features

“Hardscape” features go hand in hand with landscaping features. For example, walkways, fountains, or block retaining walls are viable hardscaping elements. They complement your landscape, prevent soil movement, and add value to your property. You can begin with a beautiful fountain installed somewhere in your garden. Adding a few walkways through a floral garden will also make your property look sublime.

Have a Gazebo for Relaxation

Why go to a park for relaxation when you can sit down and relax in the comfort of your own garden? You can do that by installing a beautiful gazebo, preferably somewhere close to a tree. The gazebo offers you shade during hot summer days and makes you feel comfortable while you sip a coffee and read the newspaper in the morning. The market offers you plenty of gazebo variations, based on your budget, preference, and available space.

Care for Your Trees

A large tree also offers you plenty of shadow and oxygen, so it would be great to offer it something in return. Make sure that you trim the branches of your trees every year. Inspect your trees for signs of disease or pests. Do not add walkways very close to trees as this can prevent the tree roots from growing naturally. Contact Pat Calabrese & Son LLC for professional landscape maintenance at affordable prices.

Work With a Reputable Company If You Require Professional Landscaping Help

If you want to save time and effort, you can also collaborate with a landscaping company to get tailored landscaping help at an affordable price. Landscaping specialists know how to trim your trees and shrubs, how to install a gazebo, or care for your lawn, so you always have a stunning green area next to your house.

In the meantime, make sure that you also check out the other articles on our website to learn more tips related to gardening, landscaping, and how to improve your property.

About Burnaby
If you’ve decided to make a trip to Burnaby, you’ve made an excellent choice! Burnaby is beautiful city located directly east of Vancouver. By population, it is the third largest city in all of British Columbia. As a booming metropolitan area, there is no shortage of things to do and see.

Many real estate professionals have found that plenty of people living in Burnaby were not born and raised there. Instead, they travelled there and ended up liking it so much, they moved. This mortgage broker in Burnaby notes that Burnaby was once voted the most well run city in all of Canada! Below we’ve compiled some of the top things to do, see, eat, and drink in Burnaby:

Where to Eat

Chad Thai – For authentic Thai cuisine, you need to visit Chad Thai. Their menu contains over 100 items, consisting of various soups, curries, noodles, seafood and salad. We recommend going with a group to try various dishes. Don’t forget to save room for dessert, as Chad Thai offers deep fried ice cream.

Anton’s Pasta– This restaurant is known as Vancouver’s original pasta bar, and for good reason! It is common to see a line up out the door of this restaurant, it is that popular. Not only do they have over 70 types of pasta creations, the portions are huge, and the prices are reasonable.

Horizons – Located on Burnaby mountain, Horizons is a popular dinner hot spot for tourists and locals alike. The restaurant has a unique, window wrapped dining room, giving diners a 360 degree view – something no other restaurant in Vancouver offers.

Where to Drink

Joey Burnaby– Joey Burnaby is conveniently located in the city’s central shopping district. They boast a massive dining room and wrap around bar, plus a gorgeous rooftop lounge. Happy hour is every day from 3-6 where you can Joey’s famous Super Sonic Gin and Tonic for only $4.25.

The Keg – Located in the heart of Burnaby, The Keg is well known for being one of the busiest restaurants in the city. This restaurant’s casual upscale atmosphere is the perfect place for enjoying a few cocktails. We recommend trying the Famous Keg Caesar – and don’t forget to Keg size it!

Hop& Vine Tap House – The Hop and Vine is what locals would describe as a “hidden gem.” They offer 24 rotating draught lines and the biggest selection of Craft Beer in all of BC. If beer isn’t your thing, they also have a long list of delicious cocktails and wines.

What to do During the Day

Visit Metropolis – If you like shopping, Metropolis at Metrotown is where you belong! Boasting almost 400 stores and services, this shopping center is the largest of its kind in all of BC. All of the shops are spread across three floors. You’ll probably want to grab a map to avoid getting lost!

Go Golfing – Burnaby Mountain Golf Course boasts a breathtaking and serene environment. The 6400 yard golf course is lined with tall trees, and composed of lush rolling terrain. This course was rated as one of the best courses to play on in all of North America by Golf Digest.

Visit the Burnaby Art Gallery– This art gallery is located in a beautiful heritage home in Burnaby. It has been in operation since 1967. The gallery is operated by the city and is open to the public from 10am to 4pm most days. Impressively, the gallery cares for and manages over 5,500 works of art!

What to Do at Night

Go Bowling at Revs – Revs is an excellent spot for a night out for adults, kids, and families. They are western Canada’s largest 10 pin bowling facility, boasting 48 lanes and up to 300 bowlers in one shift! We recommend heading over to REVs with some friends to take part in their Cosmic Bowling.

Grand Villa Casino– If you’re looking for something do after dinner, look no further than the beautiful Grand Villa Casino. Open 24/7, the casino offers guests 60 gaming tables including a 10 table poker room, and over 1200 of exciting slot machines. For those interested in a more high stakes game, visit the VIP Cypress Room for baccarat and high limit blackjack.

Karaoke at Metro Max – Metro Max is the perfect place to let loose. The facility is very clean and modern, and they offer snacks and drinks as well. Metro Max is open 7 days a week, and has extremely affordable rates.

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With approximately 250,000 people from around the world moving to Canada, every year, it is a favorite country for immigrants. With its flexible and relatively relaxed immigration and citizenship laws and policies, immigrants find it easy to shift there. To migrate to a country, one must be acquainted with all the rules and regulations surrounding the process. Here we are with valuable information regarding just that.

Pre-requisites for immigrating to Canada

Immigration programs in Canada have various segments under which an individual can apply for immigration. An individual must fall under one of the categories to apply for immigration:

  • Skilled immigrants program (express entry): for qualified and talented immigrants via selection system. It is completely electronic.
  • Quebec selected skilled workers: Quebec is the largest Canadian province with an advanced economy.This program is managed entirely by the provincial administration.
  • Canadian experience class program: after spending some time in Canada on a student visa or work permit, it is assumed that the person has achieved required skill experience and good language proficiency (in English or French). Such individuals are eligible for this category.
  • Startup visa program: to allow immigrant entrepreneurs to set up business in Canada. For this, one must have a business idea that is convincible and secure a minimum investment of $200,000.
  • Self-employed person program: for individuals engaged in cultural and artistic activities, and sports at world class level.
  • Family sponsorship program: under this program one can sponsor, his/ her spouse and children for a residential visa of Canada.
  • Provincial nominees program: Different Canadian provinces administer these programs
  • Caregiver program: As a worker who takes care of children, elderly, and physically or mentally challenged people.

These are the primary programs under which one can apply for the immigration. Now, the essential requirements/pre-requisites which one must fulfill for the same are listed below.

  • Language proficiency: One must provide proof that his/ her language proficiency is in at least one of Canada’s official languages (English and French) via recognized certification agencies. For example IELTS (international English language testing system) for English where the required score is CLB 7.
  • Education: One must provide a foreign Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report.
  • Health requirements: Medical fitness certificate, in a format prescribed by the authorities, is a must requirement. Talk to a doctor, or consult with a Canadian Pharmacy for more information.
  • Character requirements: One must have no criminal records in the previous country and must obtain police clearance certificates addressing the same.

There are many organized companies providing consultancy and Canadian immigration services for it. You can get in touch with them for immigration details and visa.

Procedure for migration to Canada

Following the list features necessary process to migrate to Canada:

  • Check above mentioned four pre-requisites
  • Consider which category you fall under for immigration
  • Apply for the class of immigration you fall under
  • Apply and all the required documents via mail.
  • Pay the application fees
  • Wait for your visa to arrive: usually takes from 1 month to 6 months.
  • Then collect the documents, and move to Canada

Immigrating to Canada is not a difficult task, and one can manage it efficiently with the help of a professional immigration consultant.

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Home of one of the oldest Kingdoms in the world

  1. Hans Island is a small island that lies somewhere in between Greeland and Canada. Both the Danish and Canadian government claim the ownership, and even go as far as to send military personel to remove the opposing countries flags, and set up their own instead. [Source]
  2. In both Denmark, Norway and the Faeroe Islands, an old tradition had girls knitting a penis warmer, or cock sock, for their partners. This was the ultimate test for their relationship, because if the guy did not want the present, then it meant he did not want to marry the woman. [Source]
  3. The LEGO factory is so advanced in technology, that no people working there ever see the small LEGO blocks when produced. So when you purchase a pack of these squares, you’re the first one to set eyes on them! [Source]
  4. Denmark has been at war with the Spanish city of Huescar for more than 170 years. Both sides had forgotten about the war that was only started due to alliances, until a historian uncovered evidence of this ancient casus belli. No casualties were recorded for either side in the longest war of all times. [Source]
  5. In the 1700s a number of depressed and religious Danes were so afraid to commit suicide because they would end up in hell for their sin. So they chose to murder innocent people, so as to be given the death penalty and therefore die without sin. [Source]
  6. Denmark is one of the few countries that openly have so called “drug rooms” where drug addicts can take their drugs under a supervisory professional. This has helped eliminate a number of deaths due to bad injection since the establishment.  [Source]
  7. Since the Danes in 2003 decided to limit the percentage of fat in foods, the people have had 50% less heart diseases and attacks related to this cause. In general the Danish people are some of the most healthy on earth, in no small part to their attention on diets[Source]
  8. Back in the early 700s one of the very first Danish kings, Harald Wartooth, was afraid to die out of combat and thus relinquish his right to join his fallen brothers in Valhalla asked the rival king of Sweden, Sigurd, for a full on battle. The Swedish king agreed, realizing he could gain rule of Denmark if he were to win. Harald was killed alongside more than 30,000 soldiers from both sides, and Sigurd claimed Denmark for his own. [Source]
  9. There’s a tax on the majority of new car sales in Denmark of more than 170%. Lately this number have been changed to reflect a slight decrease in regulations, but still a drivers license costs most than $1600 USD. [Source]
  10. During World War Two, Germany was sending spies across the border in alarming numbers. The Danish officers were instructed to ask for identification by pronunciation, meaning that anyone claiming to be Danish should be able to say “Rødgrød med fløde” – a notoriously difficult sentence to say. [Source]
  11. Keeping to the war, when Hitler sent a memo to organize all Danish Jews to be sent to camps, the Danish people rallied together and evacuated more than 99% of all the jews in the country via route of Sweden. [Source]
  12. The small coastline heavy country exceeded it’s own power needs by producing an excess power of wind energy. Most of the wind turbines are located in the ocean and out of the way for most people. The country is known for it’s environmentally friendly policies, and their pledge of having their entire country run by clean energy. [Source]
  13. The Bluetooth technology was actually named after an ancient Danish king by the name of Harald Bluetooth. Even the logo has his stamp on it, since it is based his initials written with archaic Nordic rune scripture.  Furthermore, the Dutch mobile app scene is also including Viking mythology in various ways. [Source]
  14. People in Denmark love to bike. In fact, in the capital of Copenhagen there are more bicycles than citizens. The medieval city has more than 300 miles of designated biking lanes, and the number of bikes outmatch that of cars five to one. [Source]
  15. Danish scientists have concluded in their research that blue eyed people might be related to all other blue eyed humans ever to have lived. They believe that there was a single individual known as the “founder” who was responsible for the spread of the eye color. Being the only blue-eyed male when everyone else’s eyes was brown must have been quite the treat, or curse. [Source]
  16. It is illegal to set fire to flags from other countries, but actually fully legal to burn Dannebro, the official Danish flag. [Source]
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The North American country, Canada has three territories and ten provinces in total. Its border is by far the longest in the world. It has two official languages viz. French and English. Yes, it is one of the world’s highly developed nations and boasts the highest standard of living across the planet.

The nation offers a lot to the travelers hailing all around to experience the expanse of its natural beauty. An unparalleled possession of mountains, lakes, glaciers and lush green forests, you find it here. The friendly and multi-cultural intertwined cities make it a must-visit place.

It is the world’s most lovable nation where you can enjoy the rich history and startling natural beauty simultaneously. To get the traveling formalities and the paperwork required, you can browse through

Here are some reasons why you should place Canada on the top of your bucket list:

· A tour to spectacular Canadian cities such as Vancouver, Niagara Falls, Calgary, Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Victoria and others will make you go gaga. These are planned and maintained so beautifully that you would like to spend your rest of the life here only.

· The natural wonders of Canada are Nahanni National Park Reserve, Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks, Cabot Trail, Dinosaur Provincial Park, and the world-famous Niagara Falls.

· Not that expensive place to plan a vacation. The Canadian dollar is cheaper than the US dollar. And Ottawa is reckoned as the most budget-friendly city in North America.

· If you’re an adventure freak, you can opt out anything from an array of activities. You can choose among the camping, mountain biking, mountain climbing, fishing, hiking, golfing, canoeing, kayaking, Snowshoeing and much more.

· Next, you can take part in festivals and events happening in Canada. The Calgary Stampede, the Celebration of Light, the Toronto Film Festival, and Celtic Colors Festival are to name the few.

· You can plan to visit the nation in any of the seasons viz. Winter, Spring or Summers. Whatsoever the season is, the travelers can enjoy a spectrum of activities throughout the year.

· It is an ideal vacation destination for the entire family. A huge variety of fun packed indoor and outdoor activities.

· Travelers can enjoy the diversity of climates, cultures and landscape beauties. Ask your travel agents to craft you an itinerary filled with all the amusements of Canada.

· Apart from the natural wonders, the nation offers fascinating man-made attractions including the CN tower, top-class museums, galleries and Quebec City.

So, here is your complete guide to activities, events, and attractions you can seek pleasure in while staying in Canada.

Have a wonder and memorable time at the ever-captivating nation of North America. It’s worth visiting!