There’s no greater addition to a household than a puppy, and children especially will fall in love with their new, and oh so cute, family member. It’s important to remember, however, that moving into a new home can be a confusing and even frightening experience for a young dog. As it grows up it will give you years of love and loyalty, so give it lots of love when it needs it most by doing all you can to ensure that your new puppy feels happy and at home from the moment it arrives.

Give Your Puppy a Calm Welcome

When you carry your puppy into its new home, everyone is going to be excited. Young children especially will want to pet it and cuddle it, but at first that could be completely the wrong thing to do. To help a puppy adjust to its new surroundings, create an environment that’s as calm and quiet as possible. It may take a day or two for a puppy to get used to the completely new sights, sounds and smells of your home, but once they’ve done that you’ll notice their confidence grow and they’ll seek you and other family members out. At this point it’s fine to stroke and cuddle them, so ensure that you talk to your children and do some research on the popular dog breeds before bringing a puppy home and stress the importance of being quiet.

Create a Safe Space for Your Puppy

Dogs are territorial creatures, even from an early age, so ensure that you have a small area of your home that’s specifically for your puppy. Put a dog basket filled with warm towels in this areaand place your new puppy gently into it. It won’t be long until you find your puppy heading towards it naturally, and this is a habit that will last for years. It’s a good idea to have a puppy toy or two in this area as well, and there should always be a fresh supply of water nearby as well as nutritious food to eat at mealtimes.

A Healthy Puppy Needs Exercise

A balanced diet is important for puppies as well as humans, especially when they are small, and the same is true of exercise. It’s important to get in the habit of walking your puppy on a daily basis as soon as possible, as this ensures that they grow up to be fit, strong and healthy. As they get older you can walk them for longer distances and more frequently, which is great exercise for the owner as well. Expert puppy walking tips can be found on the internet or from your local vet, but one key point to remember is that they must be correctly vaccinated first. It’s a good idea to carry out lead training first as well, and always remember to make your puppy’s walks as enjoyable for it as possible.

Give your puppy a wealth of love and it’s sure to return it tenfold in the years to come. Important steps to remember are to give it a quiet and calm first day or two, ensure that it’s had its vaccinations, and have a puppy bedding area for it with lots of water available nearby. Other than this, give your puppy regular walks and regular treats, and you’ll have a new member of the household that will enrich the lives of everyone within it. Buying a puppy is one of the greatest things you can do but remember to always consider their physical and emotional needs.

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With the rising levels of stress in our everyday lives, many of us wish for an escape where we can rejuvenate and connect with our inner being more effectively. This shutting off from external stimuli can not only help us recover physically, but also help us to achieve an inner sense of calm and equanimity.

This urgent need to ‘escape’, especially in urban scenarios, is becoming an evident reality, and can be addressed through the use of modern getaways like spa’s and other therapeutic centres.

Traditionally spas have been viewed as places where the rich and elite go to unwind and relax. However, this simply is not accurate and pretty far off from the truth. Many studies have shown that spa treatments can deliver users with a plethora of benefits, some of which include deeper relaxation, self-reflection, detoxification/ body cleansing and other beauty based results.

Modern-day spas have also been found to cater to a large range of health – promoting experiences. Lastly, the nurturing touch of a skilled therapist can outweigh any benefit that can be achieved through a massage chair or some other such device.

Some of the core benefits involved:

(i) Stress Alleviation: various studies conducted in relation to stress and anxiety has shown that saunas have the ability to relieve symptoms of pressure, nervousness from our systems. This helps in increasing our cognition and overall mental sharpness. Visitors from some of best spa in Sydney have reported feeling lighter after a simple 40 minute session at their local therapy centre.

(ii) Blood Circulation: a simple massage at the spa can help in losing the knots in our muscles and tendons that might have occurred due to various stress based factors. A clinical trial has demonstrated the circulatory efficiency of our body can be increased up to 37% through regular use of heat based treatments. Thus, for anyone looking to regulate their blood pressure levels, a weekly visit to their local spa is advisable.

(iii) Serotonin Release: this hormone is also called the ‘happy hormone’ by experts, and is known to induce a sense of well being and calmness into our bodies. It actively works to elevate our mood states, thereby allowing us to feel calm and collected through all our daily work related activities, and in addition to that it works well to reduce stress levels.

(iv) Physical Recovery: this aspect of spa treatments is often overlooked but can be of great service to us. For example, many athletes from AFL club Sydney Swans have utilised the use of day spa sessions wherein the players are made to undergo various massage based/ heat treatment therapies to help their bodies recoup from physical wear and tear.

(v) Structural Pain Relief: while all of the above mentioned benefits are associated with internal health optimisation, regular spa visits have also been found to greatly help the elderly with their mobility needs. Clinical data has pointed to the fact that steam baths can help people over the age of 55 manage various chronic conditions such as arthritis, sciatica and muscle spasms. This results in lesser pain and increased movement.

Beauty related Benefits.

While we have discussed many physical benefits in the previous section, here we will look at all of the beauty based results we can obtain through regular spa visits.

  • Weight Management: body contouring services that are currently being offered at many of the best day spas around the world can help users keep extra pounds off their bellies, thighs and other problem areas.
  • Skin Cleansing: a regular facial can help in gently exfoliating our skin, thereby promoting cellular rejuvenation, pore purification and increased skin uniformity.

  • Epidermal Hydration: many a time, our skin can be faced with various issues related to cellular degradation due to the fact that our bodies are not receiving adequate aqueous supply.

This can be corrected quite simply by going for a day sauna session once a week. This can help infuse our skin layers with pure water that can rejuvenate our skin cells.

  • Radiant Skin complexion: therapeutic muds that are commonly used in some of the best day spa in Sydney have been shown to be a highly effective means of exfoliating dead skin cells, eliminating toxins and increasing blood circulation.

Resulting in a more glowing, radiant complexion that allows us to look our best at all times. Additionally, over 94% of all women who visited spas within the Sydney area, claim that they saw a noticeable difference in their skin complexion after just one visit.