Have you ever wondered why your foot has an arch instead of being completely flat? Well, the truth is that the arch offers the crucial support that you need and acts as a shock absorber during movements such as walking and running. Those who don’t have this arch are said to be having flat feet.

Often referred to as fallen arches, flat feet affects an estimated 30 percent of the total human population. While the condition can be painless, in some people it can cause mild discomfort. Thankfully, with proper footwear sufferers can ensure that they don’t suffer any problems. Here are the top 5 tips for picking the right shoes for flat feet.

  1. Choose orthopedic shoes if you can tolerate their stiffness

If you have a severe flat foot deformity, you need to purchase quality orthopedic shoes with steel shanks and hard heel counters. Many manufacturers also provide orthopedic shoes with unique features such as heel locking mechanisms, built in orthotic insoles, well-padded collars, and steel heel counters.

  1. Buy a pair of running shoes

If you can’t find footwear with inbuilt support then you need to add a pair of running shoes to your shoe collection. This is because running shoes offer much better support as compared to other types of shoes. In addition, running shoes are not only light but also have perfect cushioning which will add comfort. To support you further, they also boost your stability control to ensure that you balance well.

  1. Look for sandals with arch support

There are many new sandals currently on the market with more support than the traditional sandals. For most sufferers, the arch support in the sandals is enough to ensure that their foot functions properly. However, if you decide to give these sandals a try make sure you start gradually and only try them out for shorter periods in the beginning until you are sure that they are supportive enough.

  1. Choose motion control shoes

If you tend to severely pronate while moving then you need to look for a particular motion control shoes. Apart from providing optimum stability, these shoes are designed to control your feet during movement. They also have dual density foam which provides motion control and stability.

  1. Buy a durable pair of shoes

If you are suffering from flat feet then you might feel a bit unstable while running or walking. In order to overcome this, you need to select more durable shoes to provide you with enough support. By having these shoes, you can rest assured that every step that you make is as durable as the type of shoes that you are wearing. More so, these shoes will not twist in the middle hence your feet will maintain the flatness that they already have.

Final words
Since there are several shoes out there you’ll definitely find one that fits you quite well. If you are suffering from flat feet then you need to be a bit careful about choosing your shoes. Consider these tips and you’ll end up with the best shoes.

5 Reasons why finding the best work boots for you is crucial

In our daily work environment, there are many occasion where our feet would be exposed to dangers. However, the risks and several of the foot related injuries like the piercing of objects on the feet, falling of objects, electrical hazards and rolling over of objects can be minimized by the wear of work boots. Proper work boots do prevent unnecessary injuries. The boots offer safety and comfort advantages to those on work for long hours. It is therefore paramount for anyone working and on their feet for long hours to consider work boots. Some of the benefits that can be accrued for the best work boots include;

  1. The best work boots will provide safety

Boots protection against a number of work-related injuries. They cover one from trips, punctures, and burns on someone’s feet. On most occasion, your best boots are of withstanding materials to cushion one from workplace hazards.

  1. Boots provide support and comfort

By virtue of working for long periods, the feet need to be supported and cushioned. Finding the best boots will provide you needed support and comfort enabling proper posture at work. This reduces fatigue and muscle strain from working long periods of time. With substantial comfort and less fatigue, you will be in a position to work more efficient, faster and effectively.

  1. Prevention of lawsuits

Finding your best work boots will also protect you from the lawsuit. This prevents the company from being sued for any untoward accidents since the wear is part of work environment regulation to be adhered to at all times. Wear of the work boots protect you against accidents and dismemberment, therefore, follows that you and your employee should have the boots at all time in work to avoid costly lawsuits, this depletes the company resources that can equally cost the company’s license and permits.

  1. Work boots protects you against extreme weather condition

Some health complications can be brought about by extreme weather conditions. Conditions such as extreme low temperatures can result in nerve damage due to the reduction of blood circulation on one’s feet. Extreme cold can also lead to hypothermia and frostbite. In our day today’s life working in such extreme weather is inevitable and therefore exposure to such risks of extreme weather condition is a must. However, with insulated, waterproof work boots provide protection against this weather condition. This ascertains that having the best work boots is crucial.

  1. Work boots provide and maintain health

Work boots will protect you against muscle disorders like a lower back pain especially if your work involves standing for long periods of time on the concrete surface. As a result, the muscles will get tired and result to back pains. Therefore, with appropriate work boots, they would provide arch support and cushion thus preventing you against health complications.

Finally, there are a number of things you must consider while choosing the best work boot. For instance, the work boot must be chosen based on the hazards that are present at the workplace, materials handled at the workplace, the risk of equipment handled at the workplace must be put into consideration before finding your best work boot. This will help you choose the best work boot that fits you.