If you want a break from that daily schedule of office, college, etc. but don’t have enough time for planning a 2-4 days long trip, then try a boat trip this time! A boat trip will be one of the best ways to have fun after the Covid 19 pandemic, which had really created a mess in our lives. 

A boat trip is much more exciting than it sounds. It is not like any road trip because the planning for boat trip is strikingly different from that of a road trip. A boat trip requires much more planning than latter. One needs to take many parameters into account while planning for boat trip, and this can be a difficult task for those who are doing it first time. We will be discussing about how to plan a boat trip.

 Here are some things that should be kept in mind while planning a boat trip:

  1. Destination: The first step while planning boat trip must be choosing a right destination. A lake is quite perfect for boating. While choosing right destination one must ensure that weather conditions are good, it must not be too far, must not be in extreme forested area, etc. 
  2. Weather: A pleasant weather will surely add joy to your trip but harsh weather conditions can be really dangerous. While looking at weather you need to confirm that the wind speed should not be so high, it must be sunny with very low chances of precipitation, the tides must not be high, etc. If you find any of these parameters prevalent you must avoid a boat trip because it could be dangerous.
  3. Boat: The boat one chooses for the trip must be in good condition. It must be safe to travel. While planning for boat trip you must look if the boat has any issue and if it has it must be repaired. One must check whether all parts of boat are functioning properly or not. These steps must be taken while planning the trip because after planning if you find any issue you will not be able to enjoy the trip.
  4. Take away list: While planning, one must also plan for list of things one will require while the trip. Some of the things like water bottles, eatables, electronics like AirPods, GPS tracker, navigator, etc. must not be left. For skincare one must include sunscreen and towels to prevent tanning. Planning is the most crucial step and it must be done properly to minimise the problems. 
  5. Other things to keep in mind: One must ensure that all the members get notified about timings and venue. It must also be ensured that no one is thalassophobic (phobia of water bodies) and motion sickness. Everyone must take good sleep prior to the boating day to enjoy to fullest. If you are with your children then give them proper indications before commencing the trip. One should focus on these things to enjoy the boat trip.

A boat trip is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires huge planning and plotting. If you make wrong planning the entire trip will be ruined. A boat trip can be much more joyous and exciting than outdated road trips. You get lost to learn and you get to spend time with yourself in a boat trip. So next time when you think to have a break then do plan a road trip. If you are afraid of a boat trip, then don’t worry because it just takes proper planning.

There’s something almost primal about the ocean. It’s where we all came from as a species. It’s what all our ancestors crossed to come to America. And it’s how many people make their living to this day. Water and boats are of huge interest to many people.

If this bit of introspection has you nodding along, then you’ll want to check out an upcoming event that puts a spotlight on boats.

Event Details

At the CenturyLink Field Event Center, the Seattle Boat Show will be displaying some of the finest shipping boats in the world. With all of the luxurious boats in one place, you can get an inside/outside view of many different crafts. Plus, you can get a chance to meet up with some of the private owners, who will also be checking the show as well. You can make new friends as well as meet up with the familiar people from the Northwest Marine Trade Association, who efficiently produced this show. 

The tickets are on sale as of December 3rd, so delay! These tickets will go by pretty quickly. The terrific show will be located just south of downtown Seattle.

  • WHO: Northwest Marine Trade Association
  • WHAT: The Seattle Boat Show
  • WHEN: January 24th, 2020, to February 1st, 2020
  • WHERE: CenturyLink Field Event Center at 800 Occidental Ave. S., Seattle, WA 98134
  • FACILITY OPEN HOURS: 11 AM to 8 PM Monday-Thursday, 11 AM to 9 PM on Fridays, from 10 AM to 8 PM on Saturdays, And from 10 AM to 6 PM on Sundays

Besides admiring the many boats on display, there will be tons of activities to enjoy. On Thursday, January 30, you can participate in Dogs on Deck. If you’re local or traveled with your pet, you can take them to the boat show and let them meet other dogs, stroll a red carpet, and get a new piece of neck bling via a custom engraving opportunity. There will be an exhibit showing the history of boats and bathing suits over the years; there will be a show with live models on Friday, January 24. There will also be seminars and panels presented by experts where you can learn about new technology, electronics, communications, and navigation. Plus, there will be various family-friendly activities like a trout pond and the Kid’s Aqua Zone.

Local Accommodations

If you’re coming from out of town to the boat show, you’re in luck. You don’t have to stay right in Seattle to get a high level of service. Bellevue, WA, a sister city just across Lake Washington, has several highly affordable hotels that are still near the boat shoe. Here are three great options.

The Hyatt House Seattle/Bellevue is a stylish, comfortable option right in downtown Bellevue. If you are looking for a long term stay hotel in Bellevue, WA, this hotel is your best bet. It’s convenient to many local attractions and offers guests many great amenities. You can expect onsite dining, a pet-friendly environment, and an indoor pool.

The Seattle Marriott Bellevue offers affordable, high-quality service. Located near the Meydenbauer Center, it is popular with tourists and business travelers alike. Visitors enjoy free breakfast and access to a fitness center.

Hilton Bellevue is an upscale hotel that puts you just 10 minutes from downtown Seattle while being in the premier business district of Bellevue. It features large guest rooms, a seasonal outdoor heated pool, and a complimentary shuttle within a 1-mile radius of the hotel.

Hobby Maintenance 3 Boat Winterizing Tips You Cant Forget

Buying a boat can be a serious investment, and that is why it is so important to make sure that you properly winterize your watercraft at the end of every season. Even though many companies offer comprehensive winterizing services, every boat owner should know how to carry out basic maintenance tasks. Here is a look at three winterizing tips that will help you avoid some major headaches next spring.

Stabilize The Fuel

Prepping your engine for the off-season is the most important step in this process if you want to prevent expensive damage. Unfortunately, many experts disagree on how to stabilize the fuel and what should be done with the gas that is left in the tank. As a general rule, the fuel tank should be filled to the halfway mark before adding stabilizer to the system. Those who don’t know how to stabilize their fuel need to contact a local boat mechanic to make sure that this step is carried out correctly. An experienced mechanic can also help you with other winterizing tips such as what to do with the battery and how to properly dispose of toxic liquids.

Spend Some Extra Time On Hull Maintenance

Stress cracks and hull blisters must be taken care of whenever you plan on storing your boat for an extended period of time. Minor cracks and fractures can quickly turn into extensive damage once the weather begins to cool off or the humidity levels change. Luckily, most blisters and cracks can easily be repaired with an epoxy-based filler. This type of filler is specifically designed to withstand seasonal changes. It is also extremely easy to use and relatively inexpensive. Investing in marine hardware is crucial if you want your boat to be 100% safe at all times. This is one of the essential things you should be looking to spend money on.

Don’t Neglect Your Dock

Even though dry storage might seem like a good option, your watercraft will be much more susceptible to temperature fluctuations if it is out of the water. Those who decide on wet storage should contact a dock repair company, like the professionals at Abbotts’ Construction Services Inc., a few weeks in advance to make sure that there is ample time to carry out any maintenance that is needed. Once the boat is in the water, you should invest in a high-quality cover designed specifically for the make and model of your boat. The cover is your boat’s first line of defense against the elements.

All of these steps can be carried out by professionals, and you might want to think about contacting them if you have any questions or concerns. Properly winterizing a boat is extremely dependent on the local climate, and that is why working with nearby experts is often well worth the money. Use the tips above, as well as any you find in your own research to winterize your boat to the best of your ability.