2020 is rolling out! We are here with our first-weekend sale of 2020! Our best deals have kick-started the year well enough!

Are you thinking about buying bed-sheets online? Our offering of best deals on comforters and bed sheet sets are here. The sales are as fresh as this decade!

Check out our top 10 best deals from the first weekend sales!

Best Deals – Up To 50% Off

  • Mix It Up King Size Fitted Sheet!

Get your sleeping gears up! You are about to have the best experience!

Our quirky cloud-print bed sheet set ensures that you feel snug and comfy! What more could you require?

Prices? Well, our Mix It Up collection’s bed-sheets online are all 50% off. This particular set is available for Rs. 900! Talk about the best weekend sales!

They are ideal for those young at heart and mind! Fresh sheets with the smell of new linen await your room!

  • Sparkle Queen Size Bedsheet!

You can’t go wrong with floral prints when it comes to buying bed sheets online!

With its perfect blend of inviting and classical motif, they are a staple in any household.

Know this – they are available with a discount of 50%!

Why are you still waiting? Look into our Sparkle collection that’s on 50% off and give florals a chance to liven up your room!

  • Percale Red Bedsheet Super Kings Size!

There are bedsheets for daily use, and then there are “occasion” bedsheets. Our latest offering caters to the latter.

Get your hands on a bedsheet in a bold hue that brings out the persona of the room! Enjoy the reflection of passion and confidence with this set of luxurious bed linen.

With our weekend sales, you can get a hold of the Percale collection at affordable charges (50% off).

Enjoy the touch of sensuality in the backdrop of a minimalism-based room!

Percale Red Bedsheet Super Kings Size – Rs 900

  • Archie Bedsheet King Size!

Does your bedroom need an ethnic Indian touch?

Well, we have the perfect solution for you – Bandhani Saris-based prints.

A part of the Archie collection, these are the best deals in this collection. Check out ones that are at 43% off today!

Enjoy the blend of ethnicity and tradition at affordable prices!

Archie Bedsheet King Size Set – Rs 1699

  • Satin Stripe Premium Fair Aqua Bedsheet!

Are you torn between options when you opt to buy bed-sheets online for your new bedroom? Here is a safe bet for you – a set of satin stripe sheets!

Reflecting class, grace and sophistication, they are all that you need. Fall back upon this set as ones for your regular use! Better still, grab on to the Fair Aqua shade that’s now selling like hotcakes!

We offer the best deals on these with 50% off, to sweeten this up further. Could it get more affordable?

Add this to your cart in case you’re looking at investing in bed linen!

Satin Stripe Premium Fair Aqua Bedsheet – Rs. 1300

Best Deals – Up To 25% Off!

  • Eldora Queen Size Comforter!

Are you looking for the best deals on comforters?

You’ve come to the right place!

Our 100% cotton comforters from the Eldora collection are 25% off.

The one, pictured above, was a best seller in the first weekend sales of 2020. The hints of pink on this comforter are perfect for a room that needs a pop of bright colour.

Eldora Queen Size Comforter – Rs. 3750

  •  Rainforest Single Comforter!

Tropical leaf print caught the bed linen market 2019 by a storm. 2020 is going to be no different!

At Portico, we offer you an entire collection called Rainforest that plays around with this trendy print.

We also have the best deals on offer for the comforter sets – they’re all 25% off!

Here is the much-needed touch of nature to your room!

Rainforest Single Comforter – Rs 3000

  •  Liva Vintage Bloom Bedsheet Set!

Are you looking to impart a subtle touch of the pretty floral theme to your room? Let our Liva Vintage Bloom collection be your utopic choice!

Enjoy the blissful subtlety, and bask in this exquisite backdrop! Go ahead with the purchase of bed sheets online and enjoy discounted price!

At 25% off, it’s one of the best deals in the Liva Vintage Bloom collection. Accessorize with fresh flowers on your night side table to elevate this soft-feminine aesthetic even further.

Liva Vintage Bloom Bedsheet Set – Rs 1875

  •  Africana King Size Comforter Set!

Ahoy Africa-lovers there! Like the signature style prints, patent to Africa?

We have something for you! The blissful amalgamation of African rhythms, tribes, colours and prints – the bed linen collection tunes in all of them along a single string!

They are made of a 100% pure cotton and come with a discounted offer of 25% off.

Check out the best bed-sheets deals collection HERE.

Africana King Size Comforter Set – Rs 3150

  •  Just Us Comforter Set!

Here is a set of bed sheets online that is Grace and Luxury incarnate! Tagged as ‘Just Us’, this is a choice for individuals with a taste for the aristocracy.

Higher thread count, more discounts – these make it one of the best deals we could offer.

At 25% off, they don’t get any cheaper. Nor will these stay on the list for long.

Grab on to them today!

Just Us Comforter Set Gold – Rs 5250

Those were some of the top 10 best deals from our first weekend of 2020. There are many more deals coming up, so stay tuned and keep checking the Portico website for fresh stock and new prices!