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Good quality bed sheets are the most essential accessory to your bedding decor. A well-chosen piece can instantly uplift the vibes of the entire set-up. Because one sleeps around a third of their lives, it’s critical to pick bed sheets that are both soft and supportive so that you may rest well at night.

Thread Count: What Is It?

A fabric’s thread count is the total number of horizontal and vertical threads in a square inch. It is also necessary to include the thread in each additional layer of cloth if it is multi-ply.

There are 300 threads per single centimetre in a single-ply sheet with a weft and warp count of 150 and 150, respectively. The thread count would’ve been doubled to 600 if the sheets were made of two-ply yarn. As long as it’s not too high, thread count isn’t guaranteed quality. If you’re looking for the best Egyptian cotton sheets on the market, you may need a thread count of 300 or 400.

Comfort, durability, and pricing are all factors to consider when purchasing bed sheets.

Pillowcases and sheet sets made of cotton are among the most popular bedding products on the market. Cotton with long fibres, known as long-staple cotton, is ideal for bed sheets. Long-staple cotton includes Egyptian linen and Pima cotton. Sheets consisting of shorter strands, called upland cotton, are less expensive. Sateen or percale weaves are the most common choices for cotton bedding. When it comes to linens, percale will be more to the taste than sateen because it is more wrinkle-resistant.

A heavier and more substantial version of cotton, linen sheets are less strong than twill, but they are more severe and thicker. Cotton sateen and percale sheets have a higher thread count, whilst linen sheets are lower. Good linen sheet sets have a thread count of 200 or more. The moisture-wicking qualities of linen sheets are compromised by their wrinkling proclivity.

To generate a softer feel, flannel sheets are constructed of cotton strands that have been shrunk into smaller pieces. Under the colder months, many people like to sleep in flannel sheets to keep warm. There is no thread count for flannel sheets; instead, they are measured in grammes per square metre or ounces per unit of land area. While high-quality fleece sheets can survive for many years, low-quality sheets are more susceptible to pilling and wrinkling.

Silk sheets: Satin is a weave of vertical threads, not a specific substance. Even though satin sheets come in various fabrics (cotton, rayon, wool, bamboo, etc.), they all have a similar sheen and slickness.

Sheets of polyester: Polyester is a petroleum-based synthetic material. Pure cotton sheets are more breathable, but polyester sheets are more durable and less expensive.

Polyester fibres that have been shredded and finely woven are used to make microfibre sheets. It’s hard to find a better value for your money than microfibre linens, which have high thread counts per square inch and are exceptionally soft. They’re not suitable for hot sleepers because of their lack of breathability. These sheets are also possible to pill after a few washing items.

Sheets made of silk have a silky feel, are hypoallergenic, and are antibacterial. To produce silk from silkworms, which is a lengthy procedure, silk blankets are among the most expensive linens on the market. Silk sheet sets are costly, but they last for decades when well manufactured.

Bamboo sheets: The silky smoothness of bamboo is available at a fraction of the cost of silk. As a natural fibre, bamboo sheets are both antibacterial and ventilating.

Bamboo or eucalyptus fibres dissolve in lyocell, a rayon derived from their dissolved pulp. In addition to being breathable, lyocell sheets are also reasonably priced.

Every single one of us knows how important sleep is for our lives. Getting the right amount of quality sleep has a lot of benefits which have a huge impact on our mental health and productivity. Creating a perfect environment in your bedroom and finding the right mattress surely sound like top priorities, but a lot of people tend to forget how important it is to find the right bedding. We spend about a third of our lifetime in bed sleeping or resting, so making sure that our rest is flawless is extremely important. Good bedsheets can completely transform and improve your quality of sleep. Choosing bad, cheap bedsheets for your bed can cause a lot of discomforts and even turn into a health hazard. All these little details can create a bad environment in your bedroom, which will disrupt your sleep, causing you to feel anxious and fatigued. Our body depends on the quality of rest we get. If you find the right bedding for your bed, the quality of your rest will increase exponentially.

But finding the right bedding is not as easy as it may seem. There are many tremendous options which you can take into consideration, so choosing the right one for yourself can be quite tricky. If you are determined to find the right bedding, you have to pay attention and evaluate every possible detail. Choosing the right material for bed sheets is probably the most difficult task. Here are some tips which will help you make the right choice


Cotton is by far the most popular fabric used to make bedding. The softness, durability, and breathability it offers for such an affordable price are pretty incredible. However, there are a few different types of cotton.

Egyptian cotton 

Egyptian cotton is the most expensive, but reliable choice. This is the best choice if you want to have a very soft, comfortable, high-quality bedding. Egyptian cotton has unusually long fibers, which are capable of creating exceptionally smooth fabric.

Upland cotton

Native to the Americas, upland cotton is the most commonly grown cotton in the world. There is a very high chance that you have used upland cotton bed sheets at least once in your life. The fibers are not as long as Egyptian cotton, so don’t expect the same softness, but the price is significantly lower.


Flannel bed sheets might be your best choice during the cold winters. Flannel is made from cotton fabric that’s been combed and wool. It is designed to keep your body as warm as possible. Flannel is comfortable and soft, but much heavier than other fabrics. It is exceptional at trapping your body heat. If you live in colder areas of the world, flannel is a great choice, but it is practically unusable in a hotter climate. Flannel is a great choice for bedding during the winter. If you plan to buy flannel bed sheets, you must know that the quality of it is determined by weight, not thread count.


Linen is a very durable and reliable fabric made from the flax plant. For centuries it was known as the strongest natural fabric in the world. The variety of very healthy, unique features will have a tremendous impact on your quality of sleep. Linen bedding is very versatile and can last for life if you take good care of it. The fabric might seem a bit heavy and rough at first glance, but washing it will only make it softer without sacrificing any of its strength. Linen’s versatility makes it a perfect choice for any climate. The ability to wick away any excess heat and humidity will keep your body cool and healthy. 


Polyester is not an organic fabric but has quickly become one of the most popular bedding choices on the market. It does not fade, shrink or wrinkle alike other organic fabrics. The breathability and softness of polyester are simply unmatched, but it will not have the same health benefits of Linen.

With the colder temps upon us, we may be spending more time inside and looking for as much coziness and comfort as we can find.  Pronounced as `Heurgha`, hygge is a Danish term that is used to define the absence of anything emotionally overwhelming or annoying. Besides that, it is also a way of living that defines taking pleasure from the presence of soothing and gentle items. For instance, the Danes will often burn candles, and this one of the main aspects of their hygge culture.

For those who are wondering can you hygge like the Danish? Well, this is easily incorporated into your days, which you will see once you learn a little bit more about this cozy culture. It also plays a part in making Denmark as ranked among one of the happiest nations in the world today. An important aspect of this relates to the hygge culture and the elevated levels of contentment that it encourages in the Danish culture. They are consistently at the top of the ‘World’s Happiest People’ lists, so take a page from their practices and get happy with hygge!

The following are some of the best techniques to get you to hygge like the Danes.

Get Cozy and Warm

One of the main areas to focus on and look at when it comes to being hygge like the Danes is to consider your quality of sleep. Your bedroom should invite rest and relaxation.  This means that you should invest in finding the ideal bedding that is available to keep you warm and cozy throughout the colder winter nights. A good example would be to get the best flannel sheets, which are beneficial due to their unique texture and fabric quality, and their ability to keep you warm.  Check out the research on Thoroughly Reviewed to find the best sheets for your sleep. Not only will you find additional warmth in the cold, but as a result wake up well rested and more likely to feel calmer and more collected throughout the day.

Light Candles & Incense

Additionally, another technique that you can consider when it comes to hygge like the Danes is to burn candles. Burning candles are important since they can improve the comfort and coziness of a specific space in your living area. More so, the scent is also important when it comes to achieving the homely feeling, and you should choose the scents that invoke comfort in your mind.  We love a cookie scent or something that smells like the autumn and winter seasons.

Make Time for Friends & Family

Hygge involves more than just a cozy room that is packed with candles, good food, and company. It is more of a way of life, a worldview and perspective of doing things. In fact, it has allowed people from all corners of the world to understand the importance of living life to the fullest and embracing the people and things that we find comfort in. A good way to start practicing this approach would be to spend time with friends and family interacting at home. Research has also shown that feeling content with family members is an important aspect of happiness in life.  Making those people a priority will result in higher overall happiness for you as well.

Prepare Comfort Foods

When it comes to feeling cozy, as the famous hygge culture suggests, making meals and pastries as another component of the overall vibe. This is because preparing meals play a significant role when it comes to spending quality time with our close acquaintances as we come together to drink and dine. With good food and drink, conversation will flow and memories will be made.

Make Your Home Hygge

The Danes can take the design concept to the next level, and their ideas are always amazing. The conventional Danish home setting seems like something acquired from a movie, and with lots of natural components such as leather and wood, which are artfully placed to create soothing pools of light. More so, an important aspect of trying out this design would be to use strategic lighting techniques. Light always plays an important role in the feel of a particular space or room.

One suggestion would be to try out low light dining room table chandeliers, which tend to enhance the overall appeal of any room. This type of lighting can make a vast difference in the home design and atmosphere.  Your room can be accentuated with various other additional home design elements that complement the natural and uncomplicated design.

The concept of Hygge is something that is more prevalent in the colder and winter months. However, when you realize that being comfortable, cozy, and surrounded by family and friends enjoying life are the basis of this delightful Danish concept, you can’t help but wonder if it shouldn’t be something we focus on year-round?  Start now so that by springtime you are ready to carry over innovative ideas that keep the hygge in every season of your life.

When guests arrive at your home to stay overnight whether it be for a night or a week, you want them to feel special. One of the best ways to successfully achieve this is to prepare early. In fact, just a few days before your family or friends arrive, you should spend some time creating the ambiance that creates a retreat for them which is special. One in which that says, it is their home away from home.

1. Think Like a Hotel

First, you want your guests to have everything that they need during their visit. It does not matter if it is a short stay or a relatively long length of time. Whatever the case, think through a day of travel and what you would use if you were at a hotel. Like forethought and preparation of a hotel staff, there are some common toiletries that are always appropriate. You could setup a nice little basket of assorted items that might include the following:

  • Hand towel
  • Bath towel
  • Bar soap
  • Body lotion
  • Hair Shampoo
  • Razor & Shaving Cream

2. Stage the Room

If you want your guests to feel like particular care has been taken, you will also take the time to stage the room as part of your preparation. For instance, some hosts say that they like to leave a bottle of water by the bed and some mints as or chocolates their special touch. Because people will often become thirsty during the night, a bottle of water close to the bed is the very minimum that.

Also, if your guests are from out of town, you may also leave a guidebook of the area in the room or a list of suggested things to see. This is a terrific addition to any guest’s bedroom since it will not only give them some useful material to read late at night, but also help them with planning their next day.

3. Superb Slumbering

At the end of a trip, a cozy and comfortable bed is the reward we all look forward to.  Having a bed that is welcoming, with clean and fresh linens on it is the ultimate treat for a traveler.  Provide enough pillows and blankets so that they can adjust to their preferred temperature when sleeping.

Go the extra mile by buying the right bed sheets that will have your guests feeling well rested and renewed each morning. Typically, most people go for high thread count when they are purchasing the best types for their beds. However, there are other factors that should be considered as well. Do your research. This is why some people consider the type of cotton used in the sheets that they buy. Today, the best cotton choices recommended are 100 percent Egyptian cotton and 100 percent pima cotton. So, it is best for you to shop around to make sure that the sheets selected are soft and smooth enough for your guests to relax and sleep comfortably.  You can take it even one step further by spraying a lavender spritz on the bed to encourage a good night of sleep – and a pleasant scent!

4. Special Touches

Another key to making your guests feel like they are special and being pampered, is to put those extra touch items in the room that might not be commonplace.  For example, fresh flowers by the bed, a luxurious robe that they can keep, or a set of slippers.

5. In-House Room Service

Be sure that you are aware of any dietary restrictions before your guests arrive.  This will allow you to stock up on foods that they like, and avoid foods that they can’t have.  You can have a choice of breakfast pastries set out with the coffee machine prepped, or you can make up little menus for them to choose from while they are with you for their morning meal.  Having freedom to come and go as they please may be important to them, but ask if you can set aside one night for a group meal and this gives you the time to spend together as well.