For a long time, Atlanta has been prevailing perceptions of South that’s why people called it southern charm. This charming city is the capital of Georgia. Metro areas are vastly growing and warm welcomes newcomers with great hospitality. Atlanta has an award-winning restaurant, chefs, theatre, CNN Centre and the largest indoor aquarium, which attracts the tourists and locals to enjoy their life and live their best moments there. In this sprawling city, the Stone Mountain offers an instant escape from a tiring life. Families come with their kids to have a great time with their loved ones.

Luxurious homes and apartments are at an affordable price. Quaint shops and delicious restaurants are everywhere and serve people with pure and tasty things. Atlanta’s life is just waking up in heaven. Every year, many visitors come with families and spend their best time at Atlanta kid attractions.

Let us look at those places that are more visited and preferred by families to make their kids happy and chill.

Top 5 Best Places for Kids in Atlanta

Atlanta has a diverse environment, where people of every culture and cast can live their best lives with no worry. Families with children come there visiting places to make their kid’s childhood memorable and happiest. Here, we are discussing top adventurous places in Atlanta, especially for kid’s joy. 

1- Stone Mountain Park

Worlds famous and Georgia’s most visited place is the stone mountain park. It is in almost 3000 acres plus an area and with many outstanding spaces. The place is famous by a mountain, but it is an adventurous place and surrounded by an amazing visiting and playing area. A younger kid can easily hike up to one mile on this stone mountain. 

There are many options for kids to make their day memorable. Summit Skyride, a train ride, mini-golf, laser show, a high-speed Swiss cable car, and kids love many more watching shows and playlands. Every year, thousands of families visit it to make their time unforgettable. 

2- Centennial Olympic Park

This Olympic park built in the 1996 Olympics and now is a thriving place in the mid of downtown. There live music concerts, picnic parks, and special festivals celebrations that attract many people towards it. Many people come from all of Georgia and from all over the world to enjoy the best moments.

Especially in summer, it attracts families where children enjoy fountain rings, which makes them cool off.

3- Georgia Aquarium

Georgia Aquarium is out of many Atlanta kid attractions places. It is a fabulous magical space, which is near to Centennial Olympic Park. Aquarium has 70 dynamic habitats; Thousands of species of marine animals and water are up to 10 million gallons. This special aquarium is full of sharks, dolphins, whales, manta rays and many more unique and beautiful sea animals. 

Deepo’s Undersea 3D Wonder show” is animated and for all aged people. It entertains people about animals, their protection, their species, and the natural environment. Aquaria café serves with delicious food, salads, sandwiches, and desserts. Shops are with unique collections. The special animated encounter show enables you to face-to-face meet with dolphins. Overall, Georgia aquarium is an amazing, adventurous place, especially for kids.

4- Botanical Garden

This botanical garden is full of hands-on, greenery, playful, and many more to connect you with natural beauty. In this amazing garden, you will find amazing places, some are;
Canopy walk
It is one of the beautiful hardwood forests in Atlanta. It is the 600-foot long and filled with plants and trees.
Outdoor garden
A garden filled with fruits and vegetable plants, kids enjoy with beautiful color blooms, flowers scents and by identifying herbs of a different type.
Kid’s program
There, different kids’ activities organize like storybook time, garden playtime, kids related projects. Kids take part and enjoy their moments.
Besides that, visiting trips, special events, imaginary world visits, and many more activities are here to make kids’ time special.

5- Atlanta Zoo

Atlanta Zoo is one of the finest zoological centers full of wildlife. Zoo welcomes visitors with over 1000 plus animals of different types. As kids get curious when they listen about different animals, they get excited to visit this zoo to meet with a variety of animals at the same time.

Giant pandas, Xi Lun, Ya Lun, many more unique animals’ species are here. A zoo is a historical place, where you also know about the history of different animals as kids listen to it so excitedly. Atlanta Zoo is also a global care Centre for animals, also enhances your knowledge about over 70 species of reptiles and amphibians. 


Eventually, we concluded that Atlanta is a beautiful place with diverse adventure places. Parks, playlands, festivals, playlands make the kid’s movements memorable, which they never forget. Overall, it is full of family visiting places, whether families of Atlanta, Georgia or of tourists can find best Atlanta kid attractions.

Atlanta Nightlife

Ah, Atlanta. For all its southern charm, there’s also never any shortage of nightlife activities in a city as vibrant as this one. Atlanta manages to be one of those rare cities that is teeming with experiences while still remaining accessible and pleasant, and any trip there is sure to offer you a range of things to do, whether you are looking for shows, cocktails, or even late-night roller skating. And if you’re the kind of person who looks forward to nightlife then you will want to stay in a vacation rental located in downtown Atlanta so you are close to the action.

So put on your party pants – we’ve outlined 10 ways to enjoy Atlanta nightlife just for you.

Be dazzled at Atlanta Magic Theater

Aptly named the Magic Theater because, well, it’s all about magic! The Atlanta Magic Theater is home to magician Peter Morrison, who showcases his talent for magic and classical comedy every weekend in Atlanta. This is magic at its most authentic – no screwball tricks or over-the-top dramatics here. Just be ready for a bit of audience participation!

Hear the blues at Blind Willie’s

This self-proclaimed “Atlanta’s Greatest Blues Bar” is an infamous spot among locals who believe Blind Willie’s to be just that. Grab some booze and cajun food from their small bar menu and spend the late hours of the evening listening to the true southern blues from their rotating acts of live music.

See a show at the Fox Theater

The great thing about Atlanta nightlife is that it’s about way more than just finding a drink or two. If you’re looking to have one of those nights that will be the highlight of your trip, the Fox Theater is the place to go. Here you can catch a Broadway show, see a live taping of So You Think You Can Dance, hear comedy from the likes of Amy Schumer or Steve Martin, and even watch John Legend sing Christmas carols.

Sip spirits at Old Fourth Distillery

Located in Atlanta’s historic Old Ward district, Old Fourth Distillery still stands as the city’s first legal distillery since 1906. Old Fourth makes vodka and gin, but their specialty is called Lawn Dart, a vodka infused with fresh lemon peel, ginger juice, and sugar cane. Stop in and try one of their cocktail creations Thursday through Saturday until 12 AM.

Drink with queens Lips

Atlanta nightlife doesn’t get much more nightlifey (a word?) than a glamorous, over-the-top, rambunctious drag show hosted by some incredible queens who just want to make sure you have the night of your life (or at least your vacation). Sure, you can go to Lips for a drag brunch, but you can also indulge in a little booze and a lot of fake boobs at one of their late-night shows.

Take in the skyline at Sundial Restaurant

If you’re looking to have the kind of evening where you get to drink cocktails and eat delectable farm-to-table food all while taking in the glittering skyline, the Sundial Restaurant is the kind of Atlanta nightlife activity that will totally be your jam (or your seared sea scallops, because yes, you can get those here). The Sundial Restaurant offers a 360 degree view of Atlanta from 723 feet up, so you can fully appreciate the scope of Atlanta. You know, while eating bourbon pecan pie.

See improv at Dad’s Garage

Looking for a little comedy to spice up your night? Dad’s Garage in Atlanta is officially your destination, offering improv shows every Thursday through Saturday. Improv isn’t quite your thing? (Weird, but okay). Dad’s Garage also showcases scripted plays and special events, including hosting the elite literary event, The Moth.

Indulge in beer and views at 9 Mile Station

 Okay, so you can choose from a Plethora of restaurants in Atlanta, but we’re highlighting 9 Mile Station for two reasons: it’s located on the top floor of the incredible Ponce City Market, and it gives you great views of the city. 9 Mile Station is an elevated beer garden serving up delicious southern brews, craft cocktails, and food you can easily share with a whole table. We love 9 Mile Station because you get access to an incredible view, a beautiful atmosphere, and the Ponce City Market just below your feet.

Stroll in Virginia Highland Neighborhood 

A pit stop at the Virginia Highland Neighborhood is basically a given for anyone committed to enjoying Atlanta nightlife. Virginia Highland is a popular bungalow-lined Atlanta neighborhood established in the early 1900’s that is now home to eccentric and quaint coffee shops, stores, restaurants, and bars. It’s likely that if you stop in for a cocktail at one of the many small establishments in this area you will run into a bunch of locals who know this is the neighborhood to be.

Skate like there’s no tomorrow at Cascade Fun Center 

And you thought roller skating was just for kids. The Cascade Fun Center is a roller-skating hot spot for kids and adults alike, but Wednesday nights are reserved for adults only who want to skate the night away until 12 AM to the sounds of old school R&B and hip hop.

Okay, have you convinced you yet that Atlanta nightlife is the stuff travel dreams are made of? Well, maybe not that extreme, but at least you know that your trip to Atlanta can be packed with experiences any time of day, ones that will make your time in this city memorable.

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