A bond of love shared between two individuals is an extraordinary thing. If you have someone special in your life who loves you back, consider yourself lucky. There may be many around you searching for what you have, whether it is with your spouse or a long-term partner.

Relationships occupy a very personal corner in our heart. If you have a relationship without which your life is unimaginable to you, then you should consider cherishing every moment of it, especially anniversaries. You can choose from a myriad of options, from installing love light up letters on your lawn to taking road trips.

To help you get started, here is a list of five ideas that you can customise to fit your bill.


A Touch of Adventure

Sometimes we tend to forget or neglect what we have right in front of our eyes. The mundanity of daily life gets in the way of realising how good we have it. Simply put, we get in a rut.

In times like these, shaking things up a little is just what you might need. Spontaneity is the magic pill. Book an adventurous trip for you and your partner. You can go hiking, surfing, paragliding, bungee-jumping, safaris, etc. The options are endless.

But before deciding on anything adventurous, you should consider health issues and phobias. For instance, if you or your partner has vertigo, it will probably be best to avoid anything that involves steep heights.


Down the Memory Lane

One of the best ways to rekindle your relationship is by re-enacting a memorable moment from the past. It could also mean revisiting a particular location that is special to you both. It may be the restaurant where you had first proposed to your partner or the street where you both once would take long walks in the evenings.

Going to a different location might not be necessary. If you had moved on to a new place, such as a new city or country, recreating the site associated with the memory can be a great way to combine shared nostalgia with romanticism.


Host a Dinner Party

If you are fortunate to have a close-knit group of people as friends, then perhaps you can explore the idea of hosting a dinner party. They can be anyone close to you both as a couple, like other couples from the neighbourhood, friends and family.

If you have a lawn, put up string lights or some cool love light up letters, make necessary sitting arrangements and have dinner under the stars. It is a great way to share your special moment with people who matter the most to both of you, people who make you feel that you belong.


Take a hint

When was the last time you and your partner had a deep conversation about the things that you most want from life? Try to recall conversations with phrases like “I wish” or “I want” in them. Always make a mental or physical note of it when your partner conveys their wishes, however farfetched it may seem at the moment.

Consciously or subconsciously, we all share our deepest desires and wants with our significant other. Maybe your partner wants to adopt a dog but is doubtful of your reaction. If this is something that you find exciting, it can be an excellent gift for you both.

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4 Mind Boggling Ideas to Celebrate Your Anniversary.

When you were a boyfriend and a girlfriend, you must have celebrated that date when you first time met each other. The first kiss, the first hug, the first time when you said “I love you”. There are so many first things that you celebrated. In love, everything feels uplifted. So whatever you do it is like increasing the love more between a couple.

When a couple marries, this love doubles or four-doubles between them, that reaches to a zenith where everything seems so blissful. The day a couple marries, is special to them. Because whenever that day will come in the coming years, that will be their wedding anniversary day. Another day that gets added to your list of celebrations. There are so many ways by which you can express your love to your partner whether by giving a costly gift on the wedding anniversary, going on candlelight dinner, or doing something that you like the most, it could be merely talking also! Every type of lovebird is there in this beautiful universe. But we think romance has its own enigma, and to make it warmer, you can say the  wedding anniversary wishes to your partner making your wedding anniversary unforgettable.

You must be thinking about what you should say. It is always like this. When the time comes to express and show love, it is always one step backward and then forward means first you think you should not say whatever is in your heart. What difference it is going to create. You think that your partner already knows that you love her. So you keep your feelings deep in the heart without expressing them, while you must say them. That is the thing about romance. Saying whatever you feel to your partner creates a huge difference. Words are everything in love. And whatever you have of deep love you must say them. Because when the next time your next wedding anniversary will come, your relationship and love will be much stronger, pious and with lots of love. It is always said love is always about the celebration.

Nowadays time is such that wherever you go you always get to hear that someone has broken with someone, someone is filing for divorce etc. Nowadays couples don’t have patience. They don’t know how to express and show love. They keep everything inside their heart and more career-oriented, and their relationship also. In love, words really matter. So always say them whatever you have in your heart.

It is difficult to get out time everyday to sit with our mate and celebrate and this is why we have some special occasions when celebration is a must. Wedding anniversary is one occasion when you can celebrate love with each other in privacy or with your family and friends, the way you think will be the most. You might be confused about happy anniversary wishes and celebration so here we are with few amazing ideas that will help you in surprising your better half. Look out some quality quotes to wish over alltes.

Celebrating and vacation

The best thing you can do to surprise your mate is to take them out for a 2nd, 3rd, 4th and so on Honeymoon. This is going to create happy moments that will stay with you for lifetime.  You definitely know where your mate wishes to travel with you. This is one surprise that is going to make her week in her knees. Enjoy evenings in your loved ones arms, with beautiful, peaceful and great environment.  Do not wait any longer and book your tickets so that you get ready with the surprise when the actual day comes.

Social cause and anniversary

This is a different idea, but your mate is surely going to love it.  Make sure to keep it a surprise.  Helping orphanage or needy people on your anniversary is the best thing you can arrange.  You will get many more chances to celebrate at places, with people, but act of humanity is something we don’t think as usual. Enjoy the entire day with kids who lack love and bounding in their life.  This is also going to make your bond stronger because you get to experience something different. Don’t forget to add your own personal ideas.

How about getting married again?

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Anniversary is the best occasion when you can give another chance to start new life, new promises, and new enthusiasm if you have lost spice in your married life.  You can recreate the day and celebrate with your family and friends. This time you will also have your kids to attend your marriage, which is going to set a good example about your love, bonding and promises. You can also plan to get married again in totally another style. Think different and get married with different customs, community and religion. This is going to be seriously fun.

Celebrating at home

Home is one place where you can enjoy every tad of your moments in your complete privacy. If you are looking forward to have a complete secret and private date on your anniversary, then there is no better place than your home. Wives can take full advantage of this idea. When your husband is busy in office planning a gift for you, play some piano, you can too surprise him by making preparations like decorations, preparing his favorite food. At night watch a romantic movie holding hands, giggling and cuddling with each other.

These Happy anniversary wishes ideas are definitely going to prove mindboggling and will stay in your memories and heart forever. Do not forget to implement your own personal flavors.