Just like every moment of marriage preparation, the choice of alliances is one of the most exciting. Regardless if the choice is made only by the groom or the couple, it is important to follow some tips to choose the alliance in the correct way.

In addition to symbolize love and the union of the couple, the jewel must have elements that relate to the profile of the couple, as it is an accessory that you will use for the rest of life. They can be more discreet or traditional, with few elements or rounded, for example. If you want something more striking and modern, you can add special details or customize them.

Currently there are several models of alliances in the market. In addition to the traditional gold plated, you can find many options with different colors, sizes and applications. For men, the less detailed ones are common. For women, alliances with pedrarias are well sought after.

To help you choose, we’ve prepared some important tips. Check out!

Width of alliances

The width of the rings will vary according to the profile of the couple, but one should always try and see if the accessory was suited to your type of hand. The finer models are preferred by women as they are more delicate. They look good on thicker hands and short fingers. The wider models look better on men’s hands and on thinner, longer fingers. Before the decision, always think if the jewelry is proportional and harmonious with your hand.


Among the more traditional colors, yellow gold stands out as the most chosen metal for wedding rings. Other color options are the models made of white gold or platinum and titanium, more drawn to the silver. They are more resistant and modern metals, usually chosen by couples who want to innovate. Another option is to choose the alliance of two colors, given the preference of the two.


Alliances with stones and black diamonds are preferred by women. I see engagement ring  with black diamonds as a good option. The choice of this model will also vary according to the taste of the bride. If you prefer something discreet, only a diamond stone can be placed. If you like a more elaborate jewelery, it pays to choose shiny models around the alliance or with a different design. Another stone that is usually applied on alliances is zirconia, much like diamond.

Texture and finishing

The polished wedding bands are the brightest, worn by more traditional couples. Already if you are more basic and discreet, the option is to choose the matte alliances. Already the finish goes according to the creativity of the couple. Details like gold stripes and silver or different designs make the alliance more original and exclusive.

Aside from thinking through all these details, be sure to consider whether they are durable, made from good materials, from a reliable jewelry store and are comfortable. Internally rounded models do not bother or mark fingers.